Let Me Sing To You The Song Of My People


  1. https://nypost.com/2022/10/25/biden-appears-to-get-lost-after-white-house-tree-planting-event/


    These are becoming more numerous and it’s becoming more difficult to recall which one everyone is cringe laughing about. I figure the plan is to gaslight America about how solid of a job Scranton Joe is doing on everything that he’s not improving until after the midterms and then pivot to how the “Not Your Father’s Republican Party” drove us into the ditch (to recycle a JEF colloquialism). We’ll know if it’s working and if Brandon’s days are numbered by the appearance of stories lionizing Kamala as preparation for her assuming the Oval Orifice.

    Isn’t it great that the first woman president was black?

  2. Scott, you’re right, I missed Zappe Time. Missed the whole game in fact. Pretty sure Bill B had cover to bench Mac because of his recent ankle injury. As he always says, he plays the guys who put the team in the best position to win. Interesting times in Foxborough …

  3. Uncle Roger had me lol’ing with that video

    “Chopping onion with a Fleshlight”

  4. I’m beginning to think astijake John, the guy or bot that is always the first to like a post but never comments here is akin to Tom on MySpace, your default first friend.

  5. I’d buy it for under $20


    and probably regret the purchase within days

  6. Good news: Container ship backlog at CA ports is down to just 4!

    Not as good news: Barely any container ships are moving goods as the reason why

    It’s not like the dockworkers magically became ultra efficient

  7. 8

  8. Everyone’s in bed with Zappe Fever …

  9. Mornings during the school week are always busy.

  10. Wakey wakey.

    Show was awesome last night. On the rail. bad side was that you couldn’t leave to get a drink. That’s also the good side. lol

  11. Jay is also a kung fu master meme lord.

  12. What shitshow did you go to this time, Carin?

    Errr… I mean, who did you see and were they good?

  13. worse part of a loaner car? no ice scraper, grr.

  14. I think I saw on one of those life hack videos that if you don’t have an ice scraper you can pour boiling hot water on a frozen windshield

    Make sure it’s really super hot as you pour it out for maximum effect

  15. that seems like it would work, imma gonna try it!

  16. Bonjour. Whose turn is it to stick gold stars all over Jay, with hotglue?

  17. I’ll do it, Lauraw.

  18. The first woman president was Isabel Martinez de Peron.

    And what a wonderful high bar she set.

  19. twitter: a sample of debates for the 24 election

    They are gonna lie their asses off

  20. I mean, among other firsts, Isabelita de Peron started the whole Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo movement.
    Granted, it was because she signed the order to allow arbitrary arrests of dissidents by the Army.

  21. Huh, she’s still alive. I’d play her in a dead pool if I ever entered one.

  22. I saw a band called Nothing More at the Machine Shop in Flint – which a pretty old-school legendary place. It was a surprise show in a tiny venue (550). They will never play a place that size again and probably did it as a favor or last time fling in a small place.

  23. I watched that Desantis/Crist dickaround last night.

    The audience was full of baying hounds, clapping seals, and laughing hyenas.

    I lost brain cells.

  24. twitter: there’s a lot here

    opening text: Video mom sent while I’m at college

  25. Took me watching it twice to fully appreciate it

  26. with cattle dogs, I can see that going sideways in your house quickly

  27. Crist is an absolute shit bag. And he needs to come out of the closet.

  28. Be a shame if someone hacked it.

  29. Ableist? Isn’t the whole goal of an election to pick the person most able to represent the voters in a governmental processes that require the ability to effectively communicate?

  30. well just remember what Fetterwoman told us

    “mmmmhthhss, thhesss hssss!”

    Or was that Young Frankenstein?

  31. The idea that the dems will successfully pin next year’s recession on the republicans midterm win is crazy.

    Everyone will blame Biden. There’s no running from blame when you’re in charge, no matter how hard you try.

  32. My mother in law was here with her husband for a few days and now they’re eating a bowl of leftover chili before they hit the road.

    Bold move for a 9 hour car trip.

  33. You put beans in the chili, didn’t you?

  34. Lots and lots

  35. beans belong in chili

  36. Testes

  37. Hmmmm…..I just had a comment completely disappear. Not in the spam nor trash. Shakes fist at WordPress. But basically, fetterman is completely unacceptable as a Senator in this country with or without the stroke.

  38. they just need the vote, not the mind. It’s how things work now, and why we have to keep defending some on our side too.

  39. Half the Senate is unacceptable, and yet, there they are.

    Bunch of whores anyway.

  40. A while back Tucker Carlson did a segment on Fetterman.

    Surprise surprise!

    The obese brain damaged wasteoid has never done a fucking thing constructive or useful in his entire life. He’s never actually had a job.

  41. So, just like Brandon

  42. Where is lumpy? Just saw this on Instagram…I know it’s NY but it’s HYOOOGE! Surely it means for ALL.

    “BREAKING: NY Supreme Court orders reinstatement of unvaccinated staff WITH backpay while acknowledging that being vaccinated does NOT prevent transmission and further acknowledging that the mandate was about COMPLIANCE.”

  43. The dam is being breached Beasn

  44. Loved my two old border collies

  45. Just in time for Hochul to take credit for it

  46. Sounds like Russia was just a few decades ahead of the US.


    “What we see is a country where people have been degraded by poverty and tyranny for decades, ruled over by an elite whose power is slipping away. ”

    Doesn’t that sound familiar, in not a good way.

  47. “BREAKING: NY Supreme Court orders reinstatement of unvaccinated staff WITH backpay while acknowledging that being vaccinated does NOT prevent transmission and further acknowledging that the mandate was about COMPLIANCE.”


    Beasnsnsns, oddly, the NY Supreme Court is not the “highest court” in NY. As I heard it explained by Buck Sexton, it will surely be appealed by the higher court and they will surely say that they had the authority to fire those people and although the reason for the firings was faulty, they had the authority therefore tough titties.

    I may have ad-libed that last line.

  48. Holy crap, that border collie video was excellent.

  49. I dont think we have anywhere close to the poverty of Russia, nor the tyranny. We invent crap to be upset about.

  50. I’m still laughing at the shark dressed man.

  51. Heh, Sara Gonzales bringing the heat

  52. Anna Navarro is an obese cunt with a phony Cuban accent.

    Just an observation.

  53. Speaking of, try to image search anything from the Red Speech.

  54. the red speech?

  55. I gotta refresh before I comment.

  56. When Biden implicitly greenlit violence against “extremist MAGA republicans” with two armed marines and a backdrop of red-lit walls.

    That never happened, apparently. If you watched it live you were hallucinating.

  57. omment by MJ (ghee/ghem) on October 25, 2022 11:38 am

    The idea that the dems will successfully pin next year’s recession on the republicans midterm win is crazy.
    Key word: successfully

    They’re already talking that up in terms of “if they win”. It’s a short step to claiming it’s all their fault. I agree it’ll be hard for Biden to dodge responsibility which makes me think if the spin on the GOP’s fault doesn’t work he’s lettuce.

    The media are already on board with the new definition of recession which was somehow modified from past recessions but you can bet your prized Pokemon card they’ll return to the old definition if, by a miracle, the blame starts to stick to the Republicans.

  58. I broke the first rule of dog fights today and tried to intervene. I gave the dogs a treat and Lola took off to the other room to eat her treat. Rowan and Ollie were near each other and Rowan finished first. He attacked Ollie for the scrap that was left and since I was standing right there I reached down to move him away. Big mistake – he was in beast mode and clamped down on my little finger as I tried to grab his collar as he was heading in for another pass at Ollie. Just a little scrape on the side of my finger but the whole thing is bruised and aches like a SOB. After I washed with soap and water and put a band aid on I came out and those bastards were lying on the floor 2 feet apart napping.

  59. Ouch, Jimbro.

  60. I had to pull a chicken out of a dog’s mouth today. Chicken did not care for that. Everyone is fine, and I gave the dogs a good lecture (after making them sit) when I explained they were not to touch the chickens.

    Actually, Otto – he SEEMS dumb, but he’s actually not. He’s goofy LOOKINg, but he went after a chicken on Sunday -got in trouble – and today he want NO part of being a bad boy.

  61. I was holding the chicken while I yelled and lectured. Hoping they’d get the idea.

  62. I had to make Ronin drop the stuffing he’d pulled out of the rocking horse (Widowmaker) today. He already chewed one of his legs off. Guess I need to duct tape the wounds closed so he’ll quit fishing out more stuffing (and pooping it out all over the back yard).

  63. (and pooping it out all over the back yard)
    That’s the reason we banned those many-stringed tug of war toys here. They last about a week before they start to tear them apart and swallow the strings. If it all came out at once that’d be fine. But watching your dog hunched over with a turd dangling from a string waiting for it to Please-God-Fall is awful to watch.

  64. JiA, get back to me in a couple of years. We’re fast on the same trajectory. And that’s not invented.

  65. Just reach over and pull it out. Be a man Jimbro.

  66. That’s the First Law of Dog Shits, let them poop on their own. You wouldn’t want me to break another dog rule, would you?

  67. Actually Paula grabbed one with a plastic grocery bag once with Rowan.

    That’s the origin of the no multi-string tug of war toy in this house policy

  68. Of course. A mom would do it.

  69. Dogs and chickens make me think of one of my attendings in residency. Dr. Ferrari, may he rest in peace, was a sports medicine guy and did 2 operations, diagnostic arthroscopy with partial menisectomies and ACL reconstructions.

    There’s a thing called a synovial plica which is a fibrous band in the joint capsule of the knee and is a remnant of embryologic development. They vary in size and there is such a thing as a symptomatic synovial plica but most times they are an incidental finding.

    When scoping knees with him he’d ask what this and that structure was and when we got to the plica he’d tell a tale about a farmer, a dog and the chickens. The dog killed a chicken so the farmer had to kill the dog because once a dog kills a chicken it’s no good to him anymore because he can’t trust it won’t kill another chicken.

    In his analogy the chicken was a synovial plica, the dog was the resident and he was the farmer. He was a tall guy and once he was finished he’d lean over and say “So Jim, don’t kill any chickens”. It was a 4 year program so I heard the story a few times along the way.

  70. 2. Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman face off in their only debate tonight.

    The neck-and-neck Pennsylvania race is the Democrats’ strongest chance to pick up a Republican-held Senate seat in a year when either party could win control of the 50-50 chamber.
    NECK AND NECK !!!!!!

  71. Looking at the first meme, If I were the son involved in the social experiment, it would have ended with the parents that love inferior cheap products dying from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a cheaply produced faulty appliance. Fix It Again Tony, GM… you’ve never had an original thought in your life, just skate by copying the work of the person in the cube next door.

  72. Ronin destroyed his last tug of war toy in less than 24 hours.

  73. Those who refuse to learn from history will get their asses kicked up between their shoulder blades. At least that’s been the pattern.

  74. My dog’s latest play toy looks like a double headed dildo and it appears impossible to destroy. Win fucking Win.

  75. Fires on the Plain. Excellent Japanese film about the Philippines in WWII. One of my profs said about the PI “Tribal politics in an Asian Country with Spanish roots”

  76. First poll came out with Ronchetti ahead of Wuhan-Grisham.

  77. Don’t get my hopes up, Osita.

  78. What about the Indian lady? Can’t remember her name.

  79. She had a viral meltdown. Bendonie.

  80. We had the double ended dildo dog toy at one point. Pretty sure it’s in the dog box because that thing was damn near indestructible.


  81. This guy’s pretty good.

  82. We took pens to the voting place. No sharpies. I watched the videos from AZ and GA. Local pol shared a meme about my cousin. Very funny. I had to DM. My cousin is chill with me not voting for him. His wife…not so much. Kamaltoe was in the Q today. All about killing the babies.

  83. Whats the problem with sharpies?

  84. Dominion machines. Maricopa and GA. Sharpie votes are sent to adjudication. Adjudication votes can be “Voted” at least 3 times. GA poll worker that got fired for releasing the info about adjudication. Maricopa twin also lost her job for refusing to certify.

  85. Dale’s experiences reassured Polly.

  86. That is untrue though. I had many dogs that killed a chicken and lost interest. never killed another. Some ate the first one they killed and some didn’t. But mostly they learned to stop “playing” with the chickens. The thrill just wasn’t there or something. Moose could care less. Puppies are always less trustworthy.

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