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  1. WTFITS?

    wakey wakey

  2. Garmin 255 or New Apple watch?

    Been going round and round.

  3. A new low is what they call it.
    Good job, Jamster.

  4. From last night’s ONT at the mothership.

    This is what is happening to us.

    This is what happened…to me.

    And that’s why I’m a ball of seething rage in a lump of crap.

    So! Good morning, all!

  5. pjw was an always watch. Lauren southerns video expose really put him in a bad light.

  6. Tim, stop drinking sugary crap. Switch to water or seltzer or tea. Stop eating food prepared by restaurants. It’s always cooked in soy or canola oil which at the very least, inhibits the normal functioning of your cell walls and makes you ill. In addition to other effects.

    These two changes will make an incredible change in your health.

  7. I didn’t see the Southerns video and when I tried to google I just got a bunch of libs covering it and I couldn’t stand their commentary. One was an obvious incel and I didn’t make it past 30 seconds.

  8. been debating getting a real fitness watch, but not sure what it would give me past the $40 china special

  9. the parakeet at the end adds a nice harmony

  10. it’s a long one. basically going over how creepy a lot of right wing personalities are, and how focused on themselves they are. Milo does NOT come off well.

  11. youtube: Lauren Southern: The Whole Truth


  12. Anyone who makes a living on social media is going to be a bit (or a lot) self focused. This line of argument insures that the right’s most powerful voices get undercut.

    They should go after Crowder next.

  13. 3 hours?

  14. crowder is a diva, but he really does push the boundaries

  15. The Professional Right has already washed its hands over Crowder’s many battles to stay platformed. PJW uses synthwave in his videos and doesn’t hate me, so he’s not my enemy.

    Milo’s always been nuts. I get the sense that he’s legit trying to get cleaned up, but he’s been broken a long time.

  16. Chad Prather just took a week off, just posted and left. Jesse Kelly takes off days when he has something to do. Prather seems to be mailing it in, Wed seemed like a drunk rant with Sara Gonzales. Both me and Mrs Jay thinks he wants to just do his comedy and music, but he just re-upped. Crowder takes days off too.

    I get it, but advance notice would be nice. Rush used to warn people when he would take off.

  17. like car in says, creative types that take risks do tend to have a screw loose in ways. Their brains work differently.

  18. Alex Jones is supposed to be on Crowder today.

  19. As McCain’s funeral has yet to conclude, I’ll keep him out of my remarks out of respect for his family.

    heh, well played AOS

  20. I should probably plug Cate Shanahan’s Deep Nutrition (the long argument) and Food Rules (the condensed argument and direct advice).

  21. Wonder if he’ll show up on FNT tomorrow. Gary’s a big fan and they’ve become friends as the Nerdrotic star has risen.

  22. alex needs all the good exposure he can get. I’ve never been a fan, but he’s getting railroaded.

  23. Wow, Nike founder gives $1 million to the GOP in Oregon?

  24. I’m in the same camp, Jay. Whether I’m a fan or not, what’s happening to him is wrong.

    After Uvalde, I realized his real mistake (and the one they’re railroading him for). He claimed there were no kids shot because he couldn’t believe that the feebs would be so evil as to run an Op where real kids were murdered. Nope, they are that evil and the murders were just collateral damage to them.

  25. My thought on Alex Jones – what “harm” did his claims cause? I mean, you actually had to LISTEN TO HIS SHOW to hear his claims. Most people don’t hear shit about shit going on in the world, but they couldn’t shut out Alex Jones’s claims?

    You know what conspiracy theory actually caused damage? The BS about 9/11. Claims that the government knew, or the government did it. That bullshit is still peddled. WHere is my billion dollars ?

  26. I mean, you had Rosie Odonnel screaming that crap on daytime tv.

  27. 34 spam emails overnight, all Republicans with “You’re not my friend”, “I give up”, and “Your purchase” (probably a link to the merch store, not clicking it). Whoever thought this was a good idea for fundraising needs a good kick in the crotch.

  28. Milo is a troubled, smart man. What happened to him happens to celebrity culture. He got caught up. It appears a few years back he admitted as such and was trying to put things right. So I really don’t know what Southern’s expose is trying to prove.

    To me is just seems that she is trying to de-legitimize voices on the right. He’s already completely out of the spotlight. Zero money. What’s the goal?

  29. Meanwhile, Allum Bokhari is doing well.

  30. BoA cancelled Catturd’s fucking bank account.

    I really, really hope that causes a run. I’d dump then but I did that 20 years ago when they bought Standard Federal and changed the terms on my checking account.

  31. milo is on the same level as alex, as far as the left is concerned, public enemy #1. They won’t be happy until he is gone completely.

  32. Milo comes by it honest. You don’t get that broken and still come off normal and non-threatening. I feel his rage. I share it in some respects, though it’s not the same.

    Yeah, I can do things to improve my health, but right now I have a car that needs $2000 in repairs and I’m in panic mode keeping a roof over my head. Priorities. Worry about menus and exercise regimens when I’m not in danger of having to sleep in a busted-ass car.

    Really it’s all part of the same plan. Break you physically, break you economically, break you mentally, break you spiritually. The rage is how you know you’re not yet completely lost.

  33. I’m watching the Lauren Southern video. It’s pretty interesting…she’s very naive but I also wonder who is really telling the truth. Lotta drama that seems to confuse real life with online life.

  34. that was my feeling at first. But she isn’t one that just lived online. She was on the front lines too, traveling a lot. So she experienced a lot on site.

  35. PayPal account is closed. Got one thing to reroute, the rest I can do without. Surprisingly little trouble getting it done considering the trouble I’ve heard some folks have, probably because it didn’t get a lot of traffic.

  36. regarding J6:

    if they had just managed to keep inflation under control (energy would have done this), they would have been able to control the masses with J6, so they aren’t far off

  37. I liked Milo. But I also assumed he had a drug problem.

  38. Oh good lord. Biden “shaves” the truth. Trump lies about important things. Like “the election was stolen”.

  39. Funny that the primary business for my Paypal was the local farm I just cancelled.

  40. Another reason to vote Republican straight ticket:

  41. good breakdown of election 22 from Dave in Fl

    hot take: Whitmer takes Michigan, and is the dem nominee in 24

  42. that was my feeling at first. But she isn’t one that just lived online. She was on the front lines too, traveling a lot. So she experienced a lot on site.
    Yeah, agreed. But there’s this onstage/offstage thing happening with everyone, it seems.

    There are a lot of social media people who are themselves. What you see is what you get. And there are quite a few who are playing a part.

    I’m wondering if the inability to differentiate or decide which is happening creates a lot of the drama here. I’m not sure Milo knew who Milo was.

  43. Lotta drama that seems to confuse real life with online life.

    This is what women journalists do. They can’t help themselves. But for men to take them seriously they need to drop the drama.

    I watched Candace Owens program on the BLM scam last night, but after a while her female drama grated on me and in the end I was “meh”.

    She presented some interesting material but her delivery was off-putting.

  44. It’s too high strung. Everyone seems like they’ve had too much caffeine.

    Just tone it down a bit so the message doesn’t get lost in the hype.

    I also think this sort of inside baseball appeals to the total die hards. I sorta skip the posts about what national review or david french are up to at the mothership. Dunking on those grifters is fun but it’s also sort of played out. Their frauds – we get it.

  45. Whitmer got all the strongest opposing candidates DQ’d using her henchbitch Benson, meanwhile we have the elimination of parental rights (prop 3) and voter ID (prop 2) both on the ballot.

    She won’t be the ’24 nominee, though. But MI is the new PA. Our only hope is conservative muslims getting fed up with the tranny shit.

  46. candace defended Kanye’s actual anti-jewish tweets, and is getting a lot of blowback on that

  47. oh look, US Women’s Soccer lost again. And to girls, not high school boys.

  48. None of it helps. We’re all just doing water cooler talk and repeating the latest catty bullshit. We need to be networking and building our own support structures but we waste our time and effort on this bullshit? (I’m as guilty as anyone, but y’all already know I’m not giving myself a pass on this.)

  49. I mean, yeah, morale and satire and all, but it feels out of balance, y’dig?

  50. The worst part of Wretched’s campaign ads are the completely fake accent she’s affecting. She’s trying really hard to sound like she’s a Michigander and instead wraps the needle all the way to Wisconsin.

  51. I think we should dunk on National Review at every point, just like Hot Air. Loudly, and often. David French I could give a shit about.

    National Review used to be our brand. They co-opted it to force feed a view of the GOP that isn’t right. VDH saw it and left. the rest can FOAD

  52. Don’t mind me. I’m agitated and stressed and probably lashing out where I shouldn’t today. Pray for oso.

  53. Oh yeah, NR deserves more hate than HotAir, if anything. At least HotAir finally fired Charles JohnsonAllahPudpuller.

  54. And Buckley himself deserves at least some hate. Exactly what has the JBS been proven to be wrong about since he cancelled them?

  55. How to find freedom in an unfree world is a big question

  56. Got up and poked my head outside to see what the day was like and…SMOKE! Smoke everywhere! GAH! Where are the sirens???!! Then I realized it’s fog. Fog! 😀 I saw fog only once 31 years in Vegas.

    As Rush observed many times; Politics is Hollywood for ugly people. It’s the absolute truth that politics is theater. The people who actually run the show – the directors, producers and script writers are not the politicians (actors) you see on screen. Then there is the sideshow: those who comment on politics. It’s much the same deal. No doubt many who start out as commentators are genuine in their beliefs and statements but the ones who become successful are those who created and honed a compelling persona, a character that they inhabit while engaging in the theater. Then there are those who become celebrities in their own right, and that’s when things can really go off the rails.

    In Other News, my appliances get delivered and installed soon! Then I can finally start living over here tomorrow. 🙂

  57. I read Hot Air a bit yesterday and over the past week or so.

    Seems like they have new, conservative people. I’m guessing they’re trying people out because some of them have pretty good ideas but aren’t great writers.

    Ed and Jazz continue to be total simps, though. I read something yesterday where Jazz said, well it’s just not a big deal to lie on a firearms form so we shouldn’t worry about that. It’s as if he doesn’t understand anything about well, anything.

    The reason you don’t let Hunter Biden slide on that is because it immediately dials down the consequences. You’ve already removed a threat.

    By next week he’ll be saying that Hunter Biden had a drug problem and should be forgiven for grifting for 30 years. Jesus would want that.

  58. If I lie on a firearms form, they’ll nail me to a wall and maybe even Ruby Ridge me.

    But it’s fine when Hunter does it? Eat whaledick, Jazz.

  59. Lauren Southern is a total drama queen.

    This is a lot of, ‘did you see what that mean girl said on twitter????’

  60. Plus, Hunter wasn’t just an occasional drug user. He was a full blown crack hoe. He was exactly the type of person for whom that question is necessary.

    It wasn’t a white lie. It wasn’t, as the NYT says about Biden’s fibs ‘shaving’ the truth.

  61. The story about getting a hotel room from a guy she didn’t know – and a closet with a curtain – and the guy expecting sex was a bit outlandish.

  62. and the Secret Service attempted to cover up for Hunter too, so there’s government intervention

  63. Biden wants to take your gun but it’s ok for his crackhead son to buy multiple guns, lie about it, lose track of them, pose for pictures like a 15 year old hood…

    I think I’m starting to get it.

  64. I’m seeing that the jurors seem to think that Nicholas Cruz was so badly bullied by Hogg et al that he doesn’t deserve the death penalty.

  65. Cruz wasn’t right in the head. is he evil? I dunno. Does it make a difference? I”m not up for that debate right now.

    But if Dahmer didn’t deserve the death penalty, neither does Cruz.

  66. I would just find some dark irony in Hogg being the reason Cruz is still alive.

  67. The first picture I saw of Cruz, I said FAS. He was given up for adoption ’cause he was a FAS baby, would always have anger management issues, and there is nothing you can do about it. Hogg & friends abused him because it was so easy to set him off. They are sadistic little bastards and enjoyed his misery. Too damn bad he did not target them…

  68. But if Dahmer didn’t deserve the death penalty, neither does Cruz.
    Dahmer did get the death penalty, it just wasn’t meted out by state officials.

  69. L to R: Your mom, Cock

  70. Have a “Hail Mary” lead on a room near where I work. Will look at place tomorrow. Fingers crossed and praying hard.

  71. Either that or I just signed up to be a serial killer’s next victim, it was off Craigslist after all.

  72. Yeah, I can do things to improve my health, but right now I have a car that needs $2000 in repairs and I’m in panic mode keeping a roof over my head. Priorities. Worry about menus and exercise regimens when I’m not in danger of having to sleep in a busted-ass car.

    Who the fuck mentioned exercise and diet plans? Wasn’t me. I had suggested you give up drinking soda and eating takeout. Which would also save you money.

  73. PJW vid on testosterone did, Lumps. Your list is like 80% of what’s wrong with American diets, though. Processed sugar, seed oils. Take those out and you’re miles ahead even if that’s all you do.

  74. True dat, lauraw, and I’ve actually started those anyway. I got way off course this past couple of years from where I had been, and excuses excuses excuses add up to being in a shitty place, so I ain’t gonna bother and just gotta get my shit together.

  75. And what Leon said.

    This is why I post this stuff here…I need the other viewpoints as correctives and reminders. Listening to my own voice is what got me in this mess, after all.

  76. When you’re on that path, you keep reaching for the garbage to eat and drink because you have billions of gut bacteria dictating to you (through hormone secretion) what THEIR favorite foods are (the trash you’ve been eating naturally selects for trash-eating bugs). They make you want it.

    You gonna let a bunch of bugs boss you around? Okay, but yes, as you said, you’re making a bunch of excuses. You say you are prioritizing financial issues, while at the same time you’re paying several times more for every meal than you need to be.

    Which is fine, you live your life as you see fit, but when you start blaming the WEF for your life problems (evil as they truly are) I gotta roll my eyes.

  77. anyway, sorry for picking on you today.

  78. I’m not disagreeing. In fact my gut bugs have been in occasional revolt of late, which has contributed to my trying to bring things back in balance. Lack of kitchen access has been something of a complication, but mostly it’s just laziness on my part. It’s…not all in my head, but there’s a bit cluster of the clusterfuck there.

    Hopefully a new living situation might aid things, though just getting my head right is probably the bigger thing.

  79. And thanks for not playing soft on me and, erm, sugar-coating it. Like I said, I need the counterpoint to the stupid in my head.

  80. I need to do another long fast to starve the bugs out and remind them who’s in charge. It’s time.

  81. I had to people for 5+ hours on my day off. Peopling is tuff. Eye Dr, lunch, Rte 66 Casino for foosball bets, haircut, Dan choosing eyeglass frames, and finishing up with Cost Plus. I needed chopsticks and a tea pot. Ended up with ground mustard horseradish. Bonne Maman Pumpkin jam. Chopsticks, tea pot, and a DOF glass.

  82. Once again, none of you hosefockers showed up for my running class.

  83. i was there, you just didn’t see me. There were so many of us

  84. I had already had too much peopling for the day. Running class will have to wait.

  85. Possum brought home another lingering cough and I didn’t want to make everyone sick, Carin.

  86. There were so many of us

  87. Saw a great meme that I think the author intended to prove some other point:

    Denver Nuggets Mascot Annual Salary: $625k
    Highest Paid WNBA Player’s Salary: $231k

    Clearly, the guy in an uptown furry costume doing flips has the more useful skills to society. And it doesn’t even have to be a guy, it’s a costume. The ballplaying lesbo could try out if she had the skill and strength to pull it off.

  88. There were so many of us

    I think of that passage every time I see some maniac claiming they/them pronouns.

  89. a DOF glass? Double Old Fashioned?

    At work, it’s degrees of freedom.

  90. Roamy, always default to the booze. They had Mexican glass Triple old fashion. Beautiful. Dan broke a DOF. Cheaper than going to Redondo Beach to get a new DOF from Tony’s.

  91. Ronchetti defeated MLG like she was Ben Gay in the 2020 debates. Good thing NM elections are Dominion dominated and Motor Voter. We haz mail in ballots.

  92. Appliances were installed today! WOOT! We now have a fully functional home. Tomorrow I get linens washed, beds made and food in the fridge. I get to sleep in my own bed for the first time in six months.

  93. Woot woot Mitch.

  94. Officially a Florida Man.

    Make us proud.

  95. Your “Meth and Gators Starter Kit” should arrive this weekend.

  96. We forgot if we needed masks at eye Dr. We didn’t. True Story. We went to Sam’s Optical for his new frames. Indigenous optical chick didn’t recognize Dan as an associate. She just saw white guy. Dan is lit.

  97. Alex Berenson is supposed to be on Tucker in one minute. Scott is watching Mountain Men. Please let me know what happened.

  98. Omg Scott watches Mountain Men. Dan is talking MM and the trailer conversion.

  99. Dan recognizes that America is lost. He’s willing to go Mountain Man. He has never hunted. He fished with his dad. I don’t eat fish. His idea of being copacetic, is learning how to go under the radar. Set up a bug out place.

  100. It’s a fantasy to think that any of us who have been living this ordinary modern American way could instantly go ‘mountain man’ wtshtf in any realistic sense. It’s like thinking you can go from zero exercise in 20 years to running a marathon and winning. There’s just too much to know and learn, too much to do, too much new infrastructure to build to get up and running, harder especially if you’re over 45 years old.

  101. Eat fish. Your next choice is bugs.

  102. Salmon or Hoppers?

    Your choice.

  103. If I can learn how to farm sheep at 45, you can do at least some of what Tom Oar does at 70.

    And the guys on Mountain Men are mostly just hunting, trapping, and processing animals. Eustace is the only one who does any real farming or complex fabrication, excepting Tom’s flint knapping.

  104. If you can keep a dog alive, you can keep chickens for eggs. Almost none of the basic farm work is hard in the sense of needing great skill, it’s just laborious and time-consuming. Painstaking maybe, like butchering can be, but not high-skill. After 3-4 chickens, you’ve got as almost much skill as nearly anyone who’s ever put one in the freezer.

  105. My absolute best case scenario is to find some skilled and prepared community that has need of some skill I possess. Otherwise, well, the crows gotta eat too.

  106. The skill part comes in the planning. Finding efficiencies in tool and resource use. Hunting is a much higher-skill task in many ways, but the reward for time spent is a significant step up over farming the same amount of meat.

  107. Yeah, I figure my best bet is to find a community in need of someone who is aces at planning and organizing and spotting problems before they get too big to solve.

    I might not keep this dog alive much longer if he keeps chewing legs off the kids’ rocking horse (which is named Widowmaker because Sam insisted that he was “a bad, evil horse,” and bad horses are traditionally named Widowmaker).

  108. Samantha Cristoforetti, one of the astronauts on the space station, hasn’t cut her hair at all during her stay. It is a wild, magnificent mane floating in all directions now. All it needs is a bit of a twirl, and she’d look like a troll doll.

  109. Kinda like that.

  110. Leon, you chronic downer of a motherfucking eeyore, where do you get off, suddenly giving positive advice and inspiration??

    I mean, I’m like, THANK YOU!!!

    you took quite long enough to come around, man

  111. I don’t know if Pirate’s Cove lurks here or just links HHD and BBF, but the shooting in NC was close enough to his house, he had to park the car up the street and walk home, getting cleared to do so by the cops. Squishy hugs, man, for all that shit happening right in your back yard.

  112. I showed up to run, but no one was there. I ran early, you just didn’t see me

  113. Denton employed rigorous paralegals.

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