MMM 514

Still dark here at 730am, but I’m about as far west as “east” gets in timezone terms. Another couple of weeks and the kids will be going to school in the dark.

Looks sunny there.

There too. Daddario eyes on this one.

Is Hawaii still insane and masked or did everyone die (but it would have been worse without) after boosters?


Such a tidy room! Maybe it’s a hotel.

I miss deadlifts. You shouldn’t turn your dead during them though.

The ides of October are coming on fast.


  1. So far this Monday sucks. Left eustachian tube is as blocked as the Beltway at about this time. Still coughing.

    Oh, and I woke up again, which is a perpetual mistake.

  2. I’ve had some mild sciatic aching for the past few days that’s really bumming me out. I think I must have a compressed nerve somewhere. Made sleep last night pretty rough.
    I’m gonna go hang from the bar in the basement and see if it helps at all. Maybe some stretching? Dunno, gotta look it up and see if there are any helpful moves.

  3. I’m going to try my xylitol nasal rinse.

  4. There are helpful moves! I had sciatic pain with one pregnancy, and it was so bad. I made an appointment, and they scheduled PT. While waiting for the day to arrive, I did some stretching, and sorta solved it myself. I kept the appointment, and they had me do basically what I had done at home.

  5. I’m in a pretty grumpy mood today.

  6. what did paypal do now?

  7. $2500 fines, per instance, for misinformation? Fuck paypal

  8. Answer: Paypal has instituted a new policy that begins as of November 3rd, in their ToS. This policy allows them to fine your account in the amount of $2,500 per violation if you are found to be spreading misinformation via social media, posts, etc. A lot of people are upset as the definition of what constitutes misinformation tends to be nebulous, and as protest they are withdrawing and closing their accounts and encouraging others to do the same.

    EDIT: PayPal appears to have changed course and reverted this announcement/change.

  9. Maybe someone pointed out that “we will steal from you” might actually not stand up in court, especially since you’d have to, you know, prove that the information being spread was actually false. Twitter kicking you off is already trouble enough, but it’s like getting kicked out of a bar. Paypal was going mug patrons without kicking them out.

  10. The fact remains that they really want to do this and the world still needs a payment processor that doesn’t.

  11. bongino is getting close, with a lot of projects. Companies better wake up soon out of their woke phase. It’s gonna get ugly, once the left finally sees this for what it is.

  12. alexthechick nails it

  13. 38 degrees here this morning, a bit brisk.

    No sciatica, but I did aggravate the muscle that runs from my hip over the top edge of the pelvis, so I’ve got that going for me.

  14. had 29 on Friday night

  15. Alex’s avatard reminds me of something the wife and I realized a while ago: there are no pandas. The big black and white ones are just another species of bear that sucks at survival and breeding. Red pandas are just some oddball raccoon relative similar to tanookis. “Panda” is just a bullshit Chinese brand name.

  16. We had our first frost a week ago, but I still got a strawberry and some cherry tomatoes from the garden.

  17. Today’s “looks sunny there” could be a BBF contender.

  18. Pretty sure those are aftermarket accessories, Dave.

  19. Today’s “looks sunny there” could be a BBF contender. Even with the C section scar.

  20. Oops. It took a few minutes to show up, sorry about the double post.

  21. When can I turn my dead?

  22. 3 emails from the Wicked Witch of Lansing abusing her office’s list of email addresses again, all touting purported accomplishments (aka kickbacks to her buddies).


    Video explaining how the dems are doing everything to make the economy look better for the midterms, and once they are over, everything is going to really crash.

  24. Happy Columbus Day!

  25. Anybody got any flu blankets?

  26. Columbus indirectly saved countless non-Aztec and non-Olmec lives, and only God knows how many souls.

  27. twitter: Ricky Gervais is funny

  28. And the Olmecs and Aztecs Had. It. Coming.

  29. Everybody says the Spanish conquered the Aztecs. Nope, it was a coalition of other tribes sick of their shit with the assistance of capable and technologically advanced cadres from a faraway land that did ’em in.

    If the Aztecs weren’t such azholes the Spaniards wouldn’t have got much of anywhere.

  30. Lauren can live rent free in my lap.

  31. Sticks and stones might break your bones but they don’t defend very well against cannons.

  32. I should take advantage of the day off and do something productive, but all I’ve done so far is catch up on email and drink coffee.

  33. Or flu blankets.

  34. There is no evidence that the flu (or any disease) was deliberately spread by Europeans to the local populations, you are repeating a bullshit lefty talking point.

    Given that Columbus hit Brazil in 1492 and the earliest written form of Germ Theory was in 1546, it’s especially stupid to claim that Columbus did it personally.

  35. Idiot Dems are going nuts over Casey DeSantis wearing a teal dress. It’s supposedly a dog whistle that The Handmaid’s Tale will be ushered in. Once again, only a dog whistle they hear. Someone found a pic of Jill Biden wearing a teal dress, so there ya go.

    I like teal, I think it’s a good color for me.

  36. I saw an article about a teal deer but it was really long so I skipped it.

  37. How on earth can the dems make anything look better at this point? You’re not seeing an improvement at the grocery and gas is still high while we wait for nukes to fly. Even my parents are wtf?

  38. Even my parents are wtf?

    Wow! That’s saying something.

  39. I exercised and will do a little housecleaning and a little stitching with my day off. Tomorrow (and Wednesday, and Thursday) I am sitting on a safety review panel. The software engineers won’t like me because I have some Comments on their approach. Too bad so sad, bring a better rationale next time. “That’s not a credible failure mode” doesn’t cut it when decades of experience suggest it damn well is credible.

  40. There is no evidence that the flu (or any disease) was deliberately spread by Europeans to the local populations, you are repeating a bullshit lefty talking point.

    You need to charge the battery in your sarcasm detector.

  41. Sorry, you lived in Ann Arbor so long I can’t tell if the infection set in.

    And I don’t get a day off today because I’m no longer a fed and by the grace of almighty God I’m not Canadian.

  42. Schools aren’t closed here either, which means the Teacher’s Union gave up a holiday, and frankly I find that shocking and a deeper commitment to hating Columbus and Italian-Americans than I thought them capable of.

  43. It is a floating holiday for Mr. RFH, so he is working today and will take the day after Thanksgiving off. Pretty sure the schools here are closed, but Mini-me’s isn’t.

  44. Pretty sure those are aftermarket accessories, Dave.

    As with most of the contenders. This one, though, doesn’t appear to buy into the rumor that jizz is good for the complexion.

    Network is excruciatingly slow today, I feel like I need to drive stakes in the ground to see if it’s moving.

  45. It is a day off for me, owing to my employer having some vestige (however fading) of American values.

    Which works great, I don’t have to worry about killing my vehicle getting there before I can get it to the shop tomorrow.

  46. This one, though, doesn’t appear to buy into the rumor that jizz is good for the complexion.

    This is a scientifically proven superfact, settled science, and I won’t have you here spreading misinformation.

  47. Oh goody, another IRA statement, another 8% loss.

  48. Randi Weingarten (head of American Federation of Teachers) is headed to Ukraine because of course she is.

    Look, if anything bad happens to her over there, it’d just be a darn tragedy. The sort of tragedy that you commemorate with a good cigar and aged single malt.

  49. I didn’t realize that the US teachers unions were getting Ukrainian kickback money too. I wonder how that works?

  50. Big thanks to Roamy for covering for me yesterday. You’re the best.

  51. I quit looking at my 401K201K, Leon. I honestly don’t know what to do, whether to hang on or sell stuff and take the loss. The stock market dip in March 2020, I knew we’d recover from.

    Sobek, you’re welcome. Looking forward to seeing your poat finished.

  52. Paypal only kinda walks back their first announcement. Sorta of. Well, not really.

  53. I’m expecting a major crash after the election, which is why I haven’t put any new money in this year. I might buy in December, tough call.

  54. I missed it, but winning the pushup contest on a base full of operators seems like a big deal.

  55. I moved a decent chunk over to the G fund back in Feb or March, I forget which. Left the rest alone because I have a pretty long time horizon for using the money in question. Still, ouch.

  56. twitter: 4000 suicide deaths on Sanibel Island, sources say!

    wonder if there’s a paypal fine coming up for that one.

  57. This reply is funny:
    Replying to
    Yes, because the press fears conservative governors and typically back away from bombshells like this because there are so few sources willing to go on the record.

  58. This is a scientifically proven superfact, settled science, and I won’t have you here spreading misinformation.

    I’ve just been notified by PayPal that I’ve accumulated over $2.5 million in fines since posting that misinformation.

  59. twitter: quite a DeSatan ad!

  60. I’ve just been notified by PayPal that I’ve accumulated over $2.5 million in fines since posting that misinformation.



  61. Why does Casey DeSantis assume the gender of her children?

    Isn’t that best left up to their kindergarten teachers?

  62. Rates on CDs are going up. We took some cash laying around making less than squat in the bank, and bought several staggered…9 months..3.9%, 18 months…4.15%, and 2 years…4.5%. Waiting on a 12 month to come up (son got one thru Vanguard for 4.2).

  63. Beasn, the Series I savings bonds are at 9.62% through the end of the month, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes up in November. There’s a cap on how much you can buy, but you can buy some as gifts, that’s its own cap.

  64. The “bad maintenance” explanation for the Nord pipelines is disintegrating.

    According to Le Monde:
    On Thursday, October 6, the Swedish security service (Säpo) issued a statement saying that the first inspections at the site of the leaks, which began over the weekend, had “increased the suspicion of aggravated sabotage.” Although Säpo did not specify what type of information it had, the investigators were able to establish that the detonations had occurred near the gas pipelines, and not above or inside them, as had been suggested for a time. They also indicated that they had seized some items for analysis.

  65. That’s a variable rate, but it holds for six months at a time.

  66. “Bad Maintenance” is a project team at the Culinary Institute of America.

  67. which is why I haven’t put any new money in this year.

    I’d still put it in, just park it in money market where it doesn’t gain but also doesn’t lose, take the tax write off. When the market is ready to come back, and some day it will, it’ll come back with a vengeance, and you’ll have a war chest ready to invest.
    Just my 2 cents, that have devalued since Brandon was foisted upon us.

  68. Oh, my cash is already sitting in a MM, it’s just not been put into an IRA/401k at all this last year because I was working on contract and didn’t want the hassle of Yet Another Retirement Account, and I wanted to choose when and how much to put into the Biden Market.

    Neighbor’s barn is burning down, friends of ours. Pray for safe animals and people if you have a moment. We might be boarding some goats for the night.

  69. I won’t put anything into new investments with the mess Biden has created, I make my contributions to the IRA and 401 strictly as MM, as far as the IRA, it’s traditional, so I get to claim it when I file in the spring. Too late in life to take the hit converting it to a Roth. When the market indicates it’s time I’ll invest it and take the 3-4xprofits, maybe more depending on Brandon’s management of the economy.

  70. 5 goats in the barn.

    Leon in 2045:

    “And that’s how I became a goat farmer.”

  71. I hope you made them put down a deposit so they have to come get their goats back someday. Otherwise, I think that’s how most people end up with goats … abandonment.

  72. These are good breeding meat goats, like Youth Fair ribbon winners. You can only gift me with such things, not abandon them. The only burden is how fast I’ll need to get fencing set up.

  73. That’s what everybody says, until they get to know the goats’ personalities.

  74. Oh, I’m well aware that goats are the real-life basis for the Gremlins franchise. I have no illusions about being friends with them. I am certain I can fit them in the freezer in a few months, though.

  75. The best way to keep goats inside fencing is to chain them to a couple of cinder blocks. They can climb out of almost everything.

  76. Cabrito. Never name your goats. Tio bought a goat. I told his son to name her. Gertie the Goat. No cabrito for Tio.

  77. I let our kids name our Irish Dexter bull calves. They (the calves) were delicious. The kids thought so too.

  78. I’ll have you know that 91% of the bewbs I post on Fridays are real.

    *takes off oven-mit, backhands DnH with it*

  79. The sheep got names sort of by necessity so we could talk about them easily. I working my way through “Cookie” right now. Pretty sure I already ate all of “Brokeneck”. “Majestic” will be last and “Riblet” was Easter dinner for my hay guy’s family.

  80. Did they save the barn’s basement, Leon? How’s Ricardo reacting to the new barn mates?

  81. “Legolamb” is on the middle shelf iirc, so he’ll be in line before Majestic.

  82. RC, my cousins would name their calves. Step-dad hated it. Cousins would exhibit calves at Fairs. Step-dad would take all of their money. Cousins stopped showing calves. Stopped naming them.

  83. Ricardo Grande and his donkey friend are in their own paddock outdoors unless we have a blizzard, so they are fine thus far. I promised them no more sheep roommates and I don’t think they’d like goats any better.

    Pole barn, no basement. That’s bank barns, which I haven’t seen a new one of in decades.

  84. Carin, what moves did you try? I didn’t have time to research what to do before I had to go to work this morning. But right before I left, I did a few deadhangs from an overhead bar, and some floor stretches. Cat stretch, knees-to-chest etc. Having less pain right now. I did another hang just now. Every time I do it, after a few seconds I feel a little crack of relief in my midback and some pain way down at the base of my spine just above the sacrum.

  85. I didn’t think girls had sacrums.

    Up until recently, I guess.

  86. Can confirm. One of my relatives does the books for a local restaurant and he told me that X amount of potatoes that used to run $22 not very long ago is now over $60.

  87. It is getting ridiculous in retail world.

  88. why is Christopher Columbus viewed as such a bad person? The guy landed in Cuba!

  89. One of our local accounts sold his restaurant. He is enjoying retirement. He won Best Restaurant in Albuquerque for a few years. His restaurant was in Rio Rancho.

  90. Sorry, Haiti

  91. He led the way to North American colonization. Blah blah

  92. Fetterman in Pa, I think I’d be more concerned about the lump of fat on the lower part of the base of the back of his skull than his ability to dress like a professional. The Reaper is patiently waiting to swing his scythe on this dude.

  93. There will be a shortage of potatoes coming up. This year’s crop was poor I read somewhere.

    Pool League Lady was not able to come by today as she had a double family emergency last night.

    Goats remind me of an episode of Car Talk – guy wanted to know if there was a way he could safely electrify his car so that his girlfriend’s goats would get shocked when they climbed on his car.

  94. lockdown killed supply of taters, since they couldn’t be shipped, they rotted. Same with livestock, had to kill in place, it was horrible.

  95. Someone was talking about butter being $6 a pound. Even the Kerrygold wasn’t that high before.

  96. *cues up bow-chicka-wow-wow music

  97. Green Chile harvest was light. We didn’t roast. Stores carry the Young Guns. Stores don’t have the Young Guns. Going tomorrow store to store. We only have the Extra Hot.

  98. Avian Flu BS. They forced lots of farms to kill their chickens. Destroy their eggs.

  99. twitter: Dollar Toothbrush boy ties up child abuse hotlines over twitter disagreements

    mom says she teaches real history, Leavitt goes on a tirade about enslavement et al. This was the source of the Columbus question. Other instances cited too.

  100. Humans are okay. Barn is a total loss, one car lost, two pigs dead, no human injuries.

  101. Already bought 15# of ground beef and 30 links of Hot Italian sausage for Lasagne cook fest weekend to stock the freezer with winter comfort food.
    All of your mom’s are pissed at me for taking hot Italian sausage off the market!

  102. Italian sausage in meatloaf is legit

  103. That reminds me, I need to wheel a few still-growing potato pots into the greenhouse before frost.

  104. I refuse to see Drs that require me to mask. I’m down to one prescription. DFC. Dan is starting to freak out.

  105. “Italian” sausage is a lie. Columbus stole sausage technology from the Noble Native Americans. Then he gave them smallpox pizzas.

  106. holy bad roughing call batman

  107. FBI arresting more christians protesting abortion, at gunpoint. Surely this has to have some backlash, at some point. Someone has to stand up for these people, facing 11 years in prison.

  108. Lauraw – standing up, hands on counter. Push hips back and out and rotate them around. Put weight on one foot and exaggerate a stretch OUTWARD from the hip. Working around in that movement.

    Back is straight, but bent over a bit.

  109. dads can multitask

  110. OMG, the baby is chewing on the sponge. LOL

  111. Carin, that sounds a lot like what my cat stretches and side-to side reclining stretches were trying to accomplish! It’s like we just know where the trouble is.

  112. What if the baby pees in the water? Yuk!

  113. Dwight, exhausted, remained prone.

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