Sounds Your Mom Made for $200 Alex

looking good!
ships horn
if you made it this far then SCORE!!!

I’ve heard fox screaming many times. It’s eerie. Lots of variations as with any vocal population. I was hunting one evening when an axe murder victim got closer and closer and closer….

Eventually a black fox jumped up on a fallen log about 15 yards in front of me: Screaming his ass off as if he was being slowly dismembered – T’was amazing – a melanistic fox in the middle of a personal crisis at twilight appeared.

Lots of wonders.

And because music is a requirement … or something

Humans Sounds –

(courtesy of Roamy et al. feat: BroTim)


  1. wakey wakey

  2. an Miles Cheong Retweeted
    Sal the Agorist
    When they drag us into this war, the ppl with Ukrainian flags in their bios should go first.

  3. Dudley is a good name for a Guinea pig.

  4. My mil named her dog Dudley

  5. “Gay Pirate Plate” story was funny

  6. I forget the name my little brother used for his guinea pig. His rabbit was Irwin and his goldfish was named Pennis (I might have helped him name it). Our childhood dog lived a long time and was named by my dad so there was no room for mischief there. Rollo, named for a king that visited Eire somewhere along the line,, either as ruler or conqueror.

  7. My mom’s youngest sister passed away yesterday morning. Early 70s. Lewy body and parkinsons. She never married or had kids. There will be no service. I guess the other siblings are in too bad of health to coordinate one and/or live put of state. My mom is a mess and I hear the brothers are in pretty bad shape, too. The aunt in FL is a year older than my mom and had sustained damage from the hurricane. She may still have her marbles as she still has an acct on FB. But 83 or 84 and doesn’t want or can’t travel so far.

    It’s just sad. Eight siblings who had little to nothing to do with each other. And, at least with my mom, the pattern repeated in the family she made…and now she’s in a pickle.

    As one ages, you realize too late important things that should have been tended decades ago.

  8. My dearly departed piggies in order of adoption…
    Bigglesworth (should have given him something more distinguished as he was such a sweet reserved boy with the most slickeriest fur.) Joshua would have been good.

  9. It’s been almost a year and I still haven’t heard anyone explain why we’re sending billions to Ukraine.

    The best I can come up with is that it hurts a country that poses precisely zero threat for a very short period of time.

  10. Btw, that aunt is the second of the six sisters diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. A late third had dementia. My mom has something going on. Their mom, my grandmother had dementia.

    Can one avoid the path of dementia or is it hardwired in the DNA? Where will this life lottery shake out?

  11. MJ, it’s being sold as “aid”.

  12. MJ, you want the real reason or the supposed reason?

    The supposed reason is to help them fight back against that evil fascist bully Putin, because they have guns that shoot dollars or something.

    The real reason is because this is how Davos Man and crime families like the Bidens and the Romneys actually get rich. It’s not like they produce fuckall.

  13. Aid. That’s hilarious.

    I’m surprised they didn’t say it was for ‘operations.’

  14. I think BB did a story on Ft Myers putting up Ukrainian flags so congress will send money by accident.

  15. Just saw a blurb on Instagram. A bus load of illegals was stopped…didn’t catch where…and it was full of teenage girls from Guatemala and Venezuela. Joebama is trafficking minors.
    Will these girls be sent back to their families or processed for Biden to sniff?

  16. Went to look up the story and this stopped me…busloads of pregnant illegals being processed in TX and handed off to effing Catholic Charities.

  17. I’m having difficulty figuring out the point of this poat.

  18. This poat is excellent. A variety of interesting things. So Hotspur can shut the hell up. But I mean that in a nice way. No, really.

  19. Now get this…my husband went to an all male Catholic high-school. It was a good school where young men got a decent education. Back when husband attended, most students came from working class families. Families that worked hard to send their sons there.
    FF, the city is total shit. Most boys attending the school are on some kind of financial aid probably because absent fathers or fathers may be illegal/working under the table. The school belongs to the archdiocese but mostly run with private funds.

    Last week, a notice went out that the school is closing. Where in hell will those at risk boys get a chance at a good education now? The archbishop is flush with government cash to house/relocate illegals and can’t use it to keep one of the last good Catholic schools in the city, open? Where will the illegal kids be taught?

  20. With all this shit going on, how does one stay centered and get sleep?


    Kamala had her arms around the driver’s neck at one point and was on his lap just before impact

  22. Maybe they need to sell the property to pay off another kiddy diddling scandal. I doubt they could get a fair offer because city = shit.

    My friend doesn’t live far from there. She owns a rental. It will remain a rental because noone qualifies for a mortgage. Oh, and then they bought two more houses…they missed the buying frenzy on the one they want to sell…and bought the third because it was next door and they want to control who moves in.
    But why keep buying when your marriage is shit because he is an abusive jerk who drinks too much?

  23. I didn’t say the poat wasn’t excellent. I just said I failed to see its point.

  24. With all this shit going on, how does one stay centered and get sleep?

    Realize you aren’t God and can’t do shit about any of this garbage and just focus on the shit you have actual ability to affect in your own life.

    Which I’m not even much good at that, but at least it keeps my stress and anxiety to levels manageable by non-chemical means.

  25. beasnsnsnsn, right there with you.

  26. Who says I sleep?

  27. I can see where the dementia may start.
    When you can only sleep four hours and them you’re hit with overwhelming anxiety because sleep deprived and then all the negative goings on…and you question your life choices…and watch your kids take too long to adult, it gets depressing as you’re too tired to get anything done.

    Mare, misery loves company but you at least have two grandbabies. I’ve got a daughter who may be listening to her dopey husband to put off having kids. Like he made her waste four years of her twenties waiting for him to make up his mind to marry her and her going along with it fearful he’d break up with her if she said “this is what I want and if you’re not on board, we should no longer waste each other’s time.”
    Or maybe it’s a weird thing she’s doing with her college friends. All entering their 30s, putting career and buying houses that require two incomes, first.
    Her high-school buddies started families 4 or so years ago…while buying first homes.

  28. On top of it, when someone asks how daughter is doing, I really don’t know because friends/job are more important at this point in her life.
    Then my parents are losing it and have done nothing but cater to every need of my disabled brother. He’s not dumb. He has the ability to do for himself but they vegetated him. It’s overwhelming thinking about this trajectory.

  29. I get that. Add what I dealt with looking after dad and you’re damned right I worry about it happening to me…hell, for a while I was convinced it was already starting. I’ve since worked out it’s probably some combo of sleep issues and crap nutrition with being stressed out for nearly a decade on the side. Not exactly the prime circumstances for clear mind. I just pray someday things calm for me enough that I can get back a little of what I feel like I’ve lost under the skull.

  30. I told my wife if I go the dementia route to take me to the train tracks and tell me to play inside the lines.

  31. Beasn, a lot of what I see tied to Alzheimer’s has to do with diabetes, so if you can control your blood sugar, I would think that would go a long way towards keeping your mind. Lewy body and vascular dementia, I don’t know. I do daily sudoku and word puzzles.

  32. I see my alligator link doesn’t work.
    That would have cleared up all of hotspots confusion about this poat.

  33. That and Aricept.

  34. Beasn, I’d suggest prayer and fasting but that never worked for me. Supposedly does for some folks, but they’re just lucky I guess.

  35. Two more people at work died in the last week, ages 62 and 64. Don’t know the causes, but both seemed sudden.

    Bivalent booster not required (yet) but they are having an on-site clinic for the shots. Those who have already had it are tediously virtue signaling.

  36. I’m in a meeting and can’t listen, but Viva Frei is talking about Nick Rikieta’s YT law channel getting nuked (on Rumble, of course).

  37. What did the sea say to the shore?

  38. I was counting on you guys keeping my mind sharp. I do like Soduku though. I’ve always sucked at crossword puzzles.

  39. The race (Japanese GP at Suzuka) is at midnight for me this week, because Japan. So what I SHOULD do is go to bed and watch the replay in the morning.

    What I am ACTUALLY going to do…you all know the answer.

    (I’m not watching qualifying at 1 am though. That can wait for when I get up on Sat)

  40. Nothing, it just waved.

  41. Carrie is being especially stupid today.

  42. That’s lame, Leon.

  43. What did the ball cap say to the stetson on game day?

  44. “you stay here, I’ll go on a head”

  45. Roamy, that’s what I heard, too, about dementia. Functional med docs are referring to it as Type lll diabetes because insulin resistance something something brain barrier, brain can’t repair itself…
    My mom has a sweet tooth and a crap diet. Could be the sisters were the same. Never saw her go for walks or do word puzzles/sudoku. Since she slid, my dad has been of no help. When I take food over, it nutritious and dairy free (she has become lactose intolerant). My dad keeps bringing her fast food and cookies.

    I have changed my diet, drastically reduced sugar, I take walks, get a little sun most days, I stretch out (trying to get into an Asian squat like I could when I was a kid), do complicated crochet projects, and crossword puzzles. Since losing 20 lbs, my knees no longer creak going up stairs and I can wear the smaller size jeans I put in the donate pile.

    It’s the sleep thing and worry thing that’s tripping me up.

  46. I want to change my diet, but I’d have to go against the entire family (would have to do my own grocery shopping, prep my own meals, put up with commentary on said meals (you should hear them when I make basil pesto), etc.). It’s just not a battle I have the energy to fight.

    Also, I eat my feelings, primarily in cookie form, and it would be difficult to stop doing that.

  47. I want to change my diet, but I’d have to go against the entire family (would have to do my own grocery shopping, prep my own meals, put up with commentary on said meals (you should hear them when I make basil pesto), etc.)

    Wait, you’re saying there’s an alternative to this?

  48. I think if you have a one on one talk with your family, they will be accepting of your wishes.

  49. I still treat myself…keep it to once a week, and I still have days where I say “fark it”. Then feel gross afterwards.

    Oo, speaking of which, I discovered a delicious strudel at Aldis. They are 2.22/box. Not overly sweet.

  50. Leon, I don’t believe you ever poated about these lovely shrooms. It’s a public post, so you should be able to see it.

  51. I’m instinctively repulsed by those beasn, great find.

    Oh, and David Attenborough is an anti-human monster who should be dragged behind horses until he stops twitching. He’s Bill Gates with less money and a better speaking voice.

  52. From a post I did on Alzheimer’s 3 years ago:

    There are a lot of factors that have been implicated in Alzheimer’s:

    Metals: iron, copper, aluminum, mercury
    Viruses (Herpes), Bacteria (the one above and Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme disease)), Fungi
    Air pollution
    Insulin resistance (“Type 3 Diabetes”)
    Leaky blood-brain barrier
    Genetics (of course)

    Those are just the ones off the top of my head. But the emerging picture is that all of these may be true. It’s starting to look like:

    Some chronic insult to the brain occurs (as in one or more of the causes listed above).
    Amyloid beta accumulates as an immune response to the invasive species, as the brain clearance mechanisms become exhausted.
    Somehow amyloid beta encourages tau proteins to get an extra phosphate group, which causes them to leave their normal stations, mess with the nucleus, and tangle up in the neuron.
    Corrupted (hyperphosphorylated) tau propagates from cell to cell, and it is the infiltration of bad tau in various brain regions that correlates with impaired function in those regions.
    Eventually inflammation occurs, accelerating the decline of neurons and brain function.


    The use of the term “germ” doesn’t sit right with me but the guy who started this effort is a smart guy so I assume it’s intentional

  54. inflammation, again

  55. It takes all the fun out of making your own (delicious, I might add) pizza to have people standing around making faces and saying “Ewwww!!” They’ve all been asked repeatedly to stop doing that, but none of them do. I don’t want to deal with that for every meal.

    Food waste is a problem as well. I can’t eat, e.g., an entire box of strawberries before they go moldy, and no one else in the house will touch strawberries.

    I know there are solutions to all these problems (e.g., freeze the strawberries and make smoothies), but they all require significant investment of time and energy, which I don’t have to spare.

    Also, I like bacon. And cheeseburgers. And bacon cheeseburgers.

  56. I tried finding a link for anyone to see but couldn’t. It’s worth finding a phone/computer that allows it.

    Babylon Bee – M & M introduces first trans character that identifies as a skittle.

  57. Srsly cute way they shopped the video.

  58. beasnsnsnss, hugs to you. The world is not how it should be and young people have warped priorities. I’ll pray it doesn’t come back to bite them.

  59. Comment by Jay in Ames on October 6, 2022 3:13 pm
    twitter: Zelensky calls on NATO to launch preemptive strikes against Russia

    Are we done yet?


    We are being played hard by this POS MFer.

  60. Thanks for posting that, Geoff. So far, that I know of, I’ve got the genetics strike against me. My mom has the genetics and insulin resistance….that I know of. She was overweight 5’0, 190 lbs…until anxiety and stomach issues made her drop 60 lbs in the past 2 years. She’s still pre-diabetic. While she doesn’t look skeletal, the weight drop sagged her into wrinkles and she looks nearly identical to her mom as I remember her.

    It’s depressing that “they” don’t know more about said brain waste.

  61. Imagine You Are an Aluminum Atom was an interesting read. I need to get some Fiji water and see if it helps the kiddo.

  62. I have changed my diet, drastically reduced sugar, I take walks, get a little sun most days, I stretch out (trying to get into an Asian squat like I could when I was a kid), do complicated crochet projects, and crossword puzzles. Since losing 20 lbs, my knees no longer creak going up stairs and I can wear the smaller size jeans I put in the donate pile.


    This is all excellent for…everything.

  63. I’ve got the genetics strike against me.

    If you’re seriously concerned, you should get your DNA sequenced and see if you have the APOE4 gene.

  64. Actually, that advice is relevant to Alzheimer’s – not sure if it applies to Lewy Body Dementia.

  65. Once again, none of you showed up to my running class. That’s why you’re going to get Alzheimers.

  66. I already know how to run.

  67. You sure?

  68. So, a band I really like is playing a TINY club about 20 miles from my house and I think my Metal concert bud is going to let me down. It’s $35. 20 miles from my house.

  69. Wow. I’ve lived here for 15 years.

  70. no not really

  71. LOL

  72. I got to use an airhorn today for the class. It was pretty fun.

  73. I had peach cobbler for breakfast. Metformin and Type II said “Fuck no!” Dan drove out to the casino to place a bet. They allowed their license to lapse. Can’t place bets until Tuesday. We’re taking a road trip to Laguna tomorrow. Mmm…Laguna Burger.

  74. I have been on Metformin since 1998. I know Metformin. Top dose since 2008. I know Metformin. CoWs are new to Diabetes. Get the Met. Have issues. I tell them how to adjust. Post COVID, people are still believing the 💩 from their primary. I think I know every 3% that decided to boost. My Tio is a Rocket Scientist. Totes Drat. On the pump. Scheduled for surgery on the 14th to update his pump. Boosted. My family is pretty much the 3%. Tested positive. Quarantine is 7 days max. I don’t math and I know this is 💩 on so many levels.

  75. Beasn, those strudels at Aldi’s are a German-week special. If you like them, better stock up, they don’t carry them all the time. There’s like two weeks out of the year they have German week, with strudel, spaetzle, bratwursts, etc.

  76. BTW I no longer go to my Dr. Any medical profession that requires masks, can not be trusted with basic medical care.

  77. German week? Hispanic Heritage is a month. Please tell me Oktoberfest gets at least 6 weeks.

  78. Germans are efficient and get it done faster.

  79. “” Comment by Car in on October 6, 2022 6:46 pm
    You sure? “”

    not sure why that made me raff…. but it did… out rawd..

  80. re: tranny skittle –
    i’d eat it

  81. One week, then anything they don’t sell gets marked down and/or moved to the Aisle of Shame.

  82. Does anyone else use the Random Book feature on Project Gutenberg to discover new (old) authors? It’s the best. I’ve read a ton of cool adventure stories and quite a few boarding school stories, plus I discovered a brand new (to me) Nesbit the other day.

  83. We’re nerds, but not Geoff, Peel, Roamy, Leon level nerds.

  84. Hotspur is a grammar nerd.

  85. Mrs. Peel, I have “Wee MacGreegor Enlists” waiting for me on Project Gutenberg, but I have three other books going at the same time and don’t want a fourth. The other three are “Waverley” by Sir Walter Scott (I feel ADHD because it’s such long sentences, I’m constantly saying “whut” and re-reading), “Black Widow of Hazel Green” (needed a better editor, lots of misspelled words), and “The Ink Black Heart” by Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling (revenge on some of the Twitter fiends).

  86. You had an opportunity to call him a grammer nerd.

    *deducts points*

  87. It takes all the fun out of making your own (delicious, I might add) pizza to have people standing around making faces and saying “Ewwww!!” They’ve all been asked repeatedly to stop doing that, but none of them do. I don’t want to deal with that for every meal.

    I really really hate that. Not sure why people do that. It’s mean and it can ruin your meal because now you’re angry and upset at your family instead of being relaxed and enjoying dinner.

  88. Not sure if any of you watched the piranha bark like dogs vid …. But you should give it a whirl.

  89. I just read some truly backwards romances by a lady named Julia Magruder, thanks to PG’s random book feature. They…were not accessible to modern readers. I don’t think I’ll be rereading them. (They weren’t terrible, just…not relatable. I usually love old stuff and have no problem relating to the characters, but not these gals.)

    I am also rereading a horrible fantasy series about battledragons. Entertaining, yes, but terrible.

    And, of course, a new Ascendance of a Bookworm came out yesterday (and the next is Nov 30!! Only a couple months!!). Oh Hartmut. All the facepalms.

  90. I will have to try the random reader thingie. Thanks Mrs. Peel!
    Soon as I get put of the tub, I’ll make a physical note of it so’s I don’t forget.

    I will also go back to Aldi to see if they have any strudel left. I bought 2 boxes earlier this week. There are no inner packaging, so I’ll be sealing them. They’d be a great quick dessert for the holidays.

  91. …there is no…

  92. Wow, of all the people to read this blog nekkid, I didn’t think it would be Beasn….

  93. Devin endured recurring pneumonia.

  94. […] H-2 has crazy animal sounds […]

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