Rememeber Meme When




    (Imgur video of Mr Mare meeting Mare)


    I hope your day goes a little something like this:

    (Imgur video of combo birthday party)

  3. Pupster, these memes are freaking wonderful. This is a wonderful way to start the weekend. There is literally only one way this post could possibly have been better, and that is if it included an extended discussion of the life and work of famed composer Igor Stravinsky.

    I laughed super hard at the phosphorous thing.

  4. Igor Stravinsky can bite me.

    I emailed Vmax, I don’t know how to get a hold of him. He hasn’t posted on Facebook since January-ish.

    Sobek, I wish you well on your changes that may prevent your Sunday extravaganzas. If I may suggest that you write one of your posts and then break it up into 4 mini-posts. You have a lot of content every post and I know it takes a lot of time. Also I have a short attention span.

  5. in re last night’s derp, Priscilla sounds like a humorless prude.
    OK, off to view the memes now. bbl

  6. actually, candy corn ranch might b- *pukes*

    wrt the cowboy feeding lo mein to Mare; I don’t need to read the fortune cookie to know where that’s going, bow chicka bow bow

  7. Pretty nifty views in this piece.

  8. Last night’s ONT at mothership was pretty good. The thing with the deaf kids and the video of taking the old dude to Disneyland were fun.
    We have to work this morning but I’m all memed up. Overdosed and buzzed from memery. It’s really never too much.

  9. who am i kidding that’s not a thing

  10. wakey weky

  11. Where exactly does V-max live?

  12. Happy belated birthday to Anita!

    I’m in West Virginia, niece’s wedding later today. Yesterday was nice, happy family reunion. The political shit-talker isn’t here, and everyone else stayed on safe subjects. BIL got a birthday cake for my nephew whose birthday was a week ago, so we shared.

  13. “You gotta wonder what he was expecting to get.”

    The solids in the urine, duh. It’s a volatile liquid, sterile in a healthy person, and functions as an antiseptic, and if you want to know why any of that is true you have to experiment with it. This questioner is an incurious sort with a dull intellect, I’d wager.

  14. Mr. RFH is that uncle. He pointed out the big mug o’ beer.

  15. Happy belated birthday Roamy, I hadn’t known.

  16. His faceblook city is on the south side of Tampa Bay near Bradenton.

  17. So maybe just busy and out of power/internet? They reported a lot of internet suppliers were down.

  18. Have fun at the wedding Roamster. I grew up in WV where the Ohio and Little Kanawha rivers come together.

  19. So maybe just busy and out of power/internet?

    Most likely.

    Hurricane fizzled out before it reached me here in the Queen City, just a day of rain and some wind. My office is in a bit of a flood plain so I worked from home yesterday and was surprisingly productive. I hope my lizards are OK, the temperature dropped into the 50s.

  20. Happy birthday Roamie and Anita!

  21. I grew up in WV where the Ohio and Little Kanawha rivers come together.

    I think I know that song …

  22. In ancient Rome they used urine for tanning hides. Also, it was used as a tooth whitener. It was a subtle insult to compliment a person on his/her white teeth.

  23. I’ve watched a few videos of brain tanning, which sounded like witchcraft to me, but it’s surprisingly simple, just labor-intensive.

  24. I should have been a chemist, or a farmer, or literally anything but a software engineer.

  25. We were talking about Buc-ees and truck stops in general, apparently there’s one near St. Louis with a billboard that says “so much jerky, you’ll go blind.”

  26. Cock soup – someone alert Mare.

  27. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I have all my kids here and lots of family I haven’t seen in two years or more, so it’s been great.

  28. HBD roamy and Anita!

  29. Priscilla has alway been prickly. I think it’s her mom’s influence.

  30. Happy birthday Jam, Roamy and Anita. It’s a beautiful fall day here, slightly overcast and a little cool. I took the plunge on two giant pumpkins for the front stoop so it’s officially fall here. They were $2 cheaper at Hannaford’s than at Sam’s but the ones at Sam’s were definitely larger which I noticed when I was there earlier today.

  31. Free chicken strips.

    I love that somebody actually took one.

  32. Ha ha haaaa … that’s funny Roamy.

    happy BIRTHDAY

  33. The Rona hit Paula harder than me (if I actually have it). She feels like crap but went for an easy bike ride to get her circulation and breathing revved up. I feel mildly ill, just a minor headache and a little fatigue but nowhere as drug out as she is feeling.

    She’s had the Pfizer vaccine and I think work made her have one booster so I don’t know if that’s a factor. If I don’t have Rona then the world’s most communicable and deadly disease must not have access to my immune system because we’ve been around each other for days.

  34. Not only is the mascot a badass, he can dance! This video changed his life:

  35. Mr. Mare’s response upon seeing Pup’s first comment: “Nailed it! *cough* so to speak.”

  36. Happy belated birthdays, ladies 🙂

    Nice memes, Pups.

  37. I’m just walking around in the new house like we own the place. OH WAIT WE DO.

    Cell phone signal is terrible here though. I have no gees.

    Now Im thinking about all the stuff that I need to get. Gonna spend a lot of Dad’s money the next several days…


  39. I wonder if the signal is affected at all by the hurricane. Regardless of your proximity to the actual damage I wonder if towers being wiped out or compromised by the storm can throw the whole regional network off — I’m asking, not telling here!

  40. Wow, this Cosmo the Cougar has left big paw tracks to fill for whoever the next dude that dons the fur suit

  41. Mitch, welcome to Florida!!!

  42. Nice state you have here. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

  43. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    We have a shipload of dragonflies around here. Which is nice because I like those bugs. They eat other bugs I don’t like.

    Re: cell phone signal, Verizon just sucks in this town. Once we get cable and Wi-Fi set up it should be fine.

  44. Lol, Hotspur!

  45. Wow, watching OU at TCU. TCU was whipping OU, then all of a sudden, the refs are absolutely killing TCU. Absolutely insane how they are calling the game.

  46. My power is back!

  47. Thanks for checking in Vmax!

  48. Howdy, VMan!!! HBD Romacita and AnitaP

  49. I just found my retirement plan.

  50. This is CRAZY.

    Hotspur, practice this on Mare and tell me how it works.

  51. Great news, VMax.

  52. Thanks everyone.
    Pups I did not see an email from you.
    I had hurricane force winds for several hours but it was not the eyewall winds that cause so much damage.

    Aside form no power for 3 days and a ton of leaf litter, palm fronds, etc in my yard I had no real damage

  53. Hotspur, practice this on Mare and tell me how it works.

    It worked fine when I did it to her. But then we traded places, and when I came to my pants were off.


    Like Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. The other interesting aspect of this is the new deal with the NCAA allowing student athletes to earn money from “NIL” (Name, Image, Likeness). I had previously viewed this as football and basketball players doing ads for local car dealerships and autographing shirts at conferences but this brings up a whole other cheesecake/OnlyFans aspect to the deal.

  55. Fall is finally here, my glass of iced fizzy water isn’t sweating.

  56. Simping for an OF girl is a beta move.

  57. I have a yahoo address that you used years ago VMax, not sure what you are using now, thanks for checking in. Send me an email pupstersez at Gmail and I’ll update my contacts.

  58. Sling and Disney are fighting.

    ESPN is gone. I’ll give them a week to fix this.

  59. Is Disney trying to take all content to Disney +, ESPN +, and Hulu?

  60. I don’t know.

  61. MIL got Hulu so now I got Hulu.

  62. Sling was a pretty good streaming service. All of the content providers are jacking prices. We watch, and then cancel, until they have more content we want to watch. Just cancelled Hulu after finishing Reservation Dogs. Waiting for the next season of Mythic Quest to reactivate Apple+. Almost finished with Netflix. We had Paramount + to watch The Offer, Mayor of Kingstown, and 1883.

  63. Just saw an ad about Sling TV. Streaming wars are heating up as people ditch cable.

  64. Pups, we like Fargo, Only Murders in the Building, and Reservation Dogs on Hulu.

  65. I’ll check them out, thanks.

  66. I watched the second The Old Man this morning. Monica looks so old.

  67. We liked The Old Man.

  68. I’m actually rooting for the autumn leaves to fall sooner rather than later. Getting lowering shadows on the new greenhouse from the trees on the south side of the property. As soon as they fall, we will witness the firepower of this fully operational growing station.

  69. Vmax – glad you’re good friend.

  70. Lumps, we’re rooting for early leaves as well.

  71. Ohio man.

  72. Pups, I just remembered Letterkenny and Shoresy. I remembered, because Uncle Facts just tagged me with a hard no on FB.

  73. Aspens are already turning up on the mountain behind us.

  74. Got our new living room furniture – you know it was time to get new stuff when nobody wants to “sidewalk acquisition” your old couch….

    And somebody grazed the side of our brand new van yesterday while we were driving. It’s very minor damage, unlike their car’s windshield. It looked like someone had thrown something straight into it – don’t know what happened and neither did they. They were all okay, thankfully.

    Our insurance will probably take the hit, though – Paul didn’t get the driver’s license number or call the police to do an accident report, and he only took a picture of their insurance card. The car was insured to two guys named Jesus and expired in August. Oh, well.

  75. Overall, it was a nice wedding. I’ll admit my feelings are hurt, though. They used a wedding venue with the ceremony and the reception in the same place. So after the ceremony, we went to the reception hall, had drinks, and waited. After a while, Mr. RFH, the kids, and I were summoned to the front steps for photos. Or so we thought. When we got there, the kids and all our nieces, nephews, and their spouses were lined up for a photograph. Mr. RFH and I stood out of the way. Some other family photos were taken, then some more. We kept waiting for our turn. Finally I asked the bride (our niece) if we were going to be in any of the photos, and with kind of a nasty look on her face, she very bluntly told me no, she only wanted the cousins. Well, that was a slap in the face. I don’t know why I got pulled outside for that, but damn. Mr. RFH is the only uncle left on that side, and she didn’t need to be that ugly about it. I’m having a difficult time with that right now. First world problems.

  76. Dopamine enabled Rosemary’s positivity.

  77. Reasons to wait until after the wedding/reception to decide what gift to send.

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