2022 BBF Semi-Final Round 1

Hello, and welcome to the 2022 Big Boob Friday Championships, Semi-Final Round 1.

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Your model for today was born October 9th, 1992 in Stockton, California. She stands 5′ -5″ and measures 322433 and 105 lbs. Please check the freezer for Miss Juli Annee aka Julianne Kissinger / Julianne / Juli Anne / Juli Annee / Juli.anne / Julianne K. / Julianne Klaren / Julianne Saltzman.

Comment by lumps on February 4, 2022 7:31 am
Plastic surgeon didn’t do great work on her nose job. Lips and boobs came out nice though.

Comment by MJ on February 4, 2022 7:32 am
2/10 would smash

Comment by mare on February 4, 2022 10:37 am
She has a lovely body *cough man-made cough* but she looks like she would be a really expensive divorce.


Your model for today was born on March 23rd, 2002 in Kylv, Ukraine. She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 40 3042 and 134 lbs. Please buy a salad for Miss Milada Moore.

Comment by Tex Lovera on April 8, 2022 12:03 pm
She should have “GOODYEAR” tattooed on her rack, because Picture #6 violates Newton’s Laws unless her boobs are filled with helium.

8/10 would smash and then run like Hell for Budapest.

Nice, pupster!

Comment by Jimbro on April 8, 2022 6:33 am
I bet you could obtain a sourdough starter from under her rack about 5PM on a hot summer day

Comment by formwiz on April 8, 2022 6:33 am
A real BBF. And a nice hourglass. Funny how some guys are afraid of a real woman.


Your model for today was born September 28, 1996 in Caracas, Venezuela. She stands 5‘ 7″ and measures 38 – 25 – 38 and 140 lbs. Please build a castle for Miss Francesca Larrain.

Comment by MJ on July 15, 2022 7:34 am
Doesn’t seem real. 6/10 would smash.

Comment by Jimbro on July 15, 2022 7:08 am

Comment by jam2 on July 15, 2022 6:16 am
Nice job pup!


Your model for today was born June 9th, 1996 in The United Kingdom. She stands 5′ 6″ and measure34 – 24 – 35 and 126 lbs. Please zoom in on Miss Scarlett Jones.

Comment by MJ on July 22, 2022 7:07 am
9/10 would smash

Comment by leoncaruthers on July 22, 2022 8:27 am
The bewbs smoosh like they might be real.

*checks height* Ooo, so close. 9/10 would smash.

Comment by Pupster on July 22, 2022 11:14 am

If you click the “Scarlett” link there is a YouTube feature discussing the possibility.

Internet consensus is as fake as lumpy’s vegetable seed list.

Comment by leoncaruthers on July 22, 2022 11:16 am
… but that’s real, and spectacular.

*eyes widen*

( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . )


  1. Didn’t I see Model #2 teaching a shop class earlier this week?

  2. This was interesting.

  3. wakey wakey.

    That’s just … suck a death knell for the integrity of academics.

  4. This particular one about the graphene was one I saw floated as a crazy conspiracy theory as soon as the vax rolled out. I thought it was dumb then too. This particular conspiracy theory took a bit longer to get vindicated. It’s all such a massive fucking crime.

  5. This year I’m voting for the biggest skank out of each group to change things up a bit

  6. massive fucking crime
    Agree, too big to prosecute because it involves too many of our “leaders” politically and with industry. What was once ridiculed as conspiracy will be eventually acknowledged as real but you’ll be told to move on because it was in the past and we have more important issues facing us now

  7. The question is whether the ‘junk’ in the jab was a deliberate inclusion (I don’t buy “self-assembling antennae”) or just literal junk from shoddy production runs they knew that had no liability for.

    PS you don’t need to add antennae to humans, mm-wave RADAR can already count the change in your pockets, reflects off the minerals in your bones, and every rivet in your pants.

  8. I thought the irregular menstruation stuff was just coincidences when it first got mentioned very soon after the shot rollout. Nope.

    I will say that I think the graphene stuff is a sign of poor quality control on the manufacturing line, not deliberately created structures. But the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality is about 6 months, so…

    (Anyone else remember when for a few months there a ton of people were dropping hints about ALIENS!!! all over the media? I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point. And I’d be checking them for cookbooks.)

  9. I’m waiting for the spy glasses sold at the back of comic books

  10. Maybe the aliens like their human meat bug-flavored. Like free range chickens.

  11. I vote for whoever has the least skeletons in her closet. Or maybe the most. It depends on how bad my day sucketh.

  12. Someone can steal my vote.

  13. Or I can be like Sean. CONVINCE me.

  14. Did I mention Erin’s new “friend” sent her flowers yesterday? He’s working it.

  15. Where does this guy live?

  16. If the government says “aliens” I won’t believe a word of it at this point. It’ll be a deliberate deception to move to the next WEF bullet point as well as destabilize world religion. They might even get the pope on board with it or just deceive him into helping.

  17. Those Juli Annee GIFs of her sitting squirming on beds reminds me of some dogs I’ve had scooting their butts across the carpet. She’s still the cutest of the bunch, with Scarlett a close second, IMO. Though all of them scream “painful expensive divorce.” Bet they’d all bang their divorce lawyers.

  18. I shoulda been a divorce lawyer.

  19. You’ll never run out of clients.

  20. I’m voting for the biggest tits this year.

  21. Can’t wait for Critical Drinker’s review of Hocus Pocus 2

  22. Speaking of divorce, I had an orthopedic visit with a client yesterday from about thirty years ago. Back then he had this awesome antique clock collection – I mean rooms full of clocks, all chiming at the same time, some were really rare and all were cool.

    So I asked him about his collection. He told me he got divorced in 2004 and had to sell them.

    What a sad story.

  23. His wife was a cunt.

  24. Lots of people are. I don’t doubt many divorce lawyers included.

  25. Damn it, I voted for Juli Annee but I think, like others here, I just should have gone with the largest boobs. It’s only right.

    And we don’t have any idea how many beds they’ve actually dusted.

  26. When my first wife and I got divorced we had mutually agreed on settlement, custody, visitation, assets split, etc., and put it all down on paper. We went to a lawyer and asked him to file it for us. He said he couldn’t represent both parties, he could only work for one, and preferred it be my wife.

    We told him that since we had everything all worked out we’d hire him.

    He immediately started telling my wife he could get her more in the settlement, blah, blah, blah. To her credit she told him, “No, we want it filed as is.”

    He kept pestering her until she finally said, “Do it, or we get another lawyer.”

    Hence one of the reasons I have disdain and in some cases outright contempt for the predatory fuckers.

  27. There’s a Hocus Pocus 2?

    I finally watched the first Hocus Pocus a couple of years ago and didn’t get why it’s so popular but I’m so busy shouting at clouds I don’t get a lot of things.

  28. The rooster crowing at 3:30 in the morning problem in Maui is effing horrendous. I wear silicone earplugs and I still hear those MFers.

  29. If I had gone to law school the last type of law I’d want to practice is divorce (even though I know it’s lucrative). Slimey is built into the job description.

  30. Roosters, roosters! Plural. So many. One goes off the others have to respond.

  31. A friend from Australia said he lost something like 75% of everything when he got divorced. All of it was forked over to the wife.

    I didn’t say it out loud but all I could think about was the price he paid for the 20 year younger pussy.

  32. He lives outside of Chicago near my bil.

  33. First world (island) problems Mare.

    “Oh no … the roosters are disturbing my Hawaiian vacation … “

  34. I’m SHOCKED!!!!!!!!! At the lack of adherence to the only rule of BBF…

  35. Biggest boobs win

  36. Well, to be fair to the divorce attorney, Hotspur, representing both conflicting parties is a big ethical no-no for attorneys. Particularly in divorces, where the two parties are presumed to have adverse interests. Years later, people change their minds about what they agreed to. Some situations are okay, but only with written informed consent by the client(s). Good way to lose your malpractice coverage and go bankrupt. See ABA Model Rules 1.6 and 1.7.

    Even estate planning attorneys will often only represent half of a married couple, unless the couple is willing to waive confidentiality between them. Amazing how many times where one spouse has a secret that the other one doesn’t know about, e.g. a bastard child or a mistress.

  37. Skank factor is a bonus but should be used only to break a tie…
    Skankiest big boobs win.

  38. If it weren’t for the fact that y’all are my favorite fake internet friends I’d hire leon and divorce you all over this egregious departure from protocol and social contract.

  39. Hence one of the reasons I have disdain and in some cases outright contempt for the predatory fuckers.
    My divorce was dragged out for months for no good reason other than both lawyers sucking up fees. It really boiled down to her getting half of everything but it was dragged out for months for the aforementioned reason.

  40. He lives outside of Chicago near my bil.
    Hopefully at least a second cousin

  41. Well, to be fair to the divorce attorney, Hotspur, representing both conflicting parties is a big ethical no-no for attorneys. Particularly in divorces, where the two parties are presumed to have adverse interests. Years later, people change their minds about what they agreed to. Some situations are okay, but only with written informed consent by the client(s). Good way to lose your malpractice coverage and go bankrupt. See ABA Model Rules 1.6 and 1.7.

    Just don’t. I understand why he can’t represent both. That wasn’t the issue.

    The point was that he wanted to be retained by the woman, whom he assumed he could control, badger, and cajole thereby lining his own pocket.

  42. Had to vote for Milada based on raw tonnage alone.

    Hard to believe it’s already BBF Championship season.

  43. There is plenty of sleeze and viciousness among divorce (er, I mean family law) attornies. Frankly, a lot of it is a reflection of what they get asked to handle from the clientele combined with the fact they really are supposed to advocate for their client (i.e., get as much as they can) for their client . Lots of burnout in that area.

    I chose to represent myself in my divorce, and I made some serious errors that cost me dearly. Probably should have hired someone more cutthroat. My ex’s attorney pushed the limits of what I felt was ethical. But my primary concern was that my four kids had a good roof over their heads and that I could stay involved with them, so I conceded a lot. Live and learn.

  44. My friends keep making jokes about the dude being related, and it sorta falls flat with me because both at and I have pretty small families and NOTHING extended. THe idea that a distant relative would be there is just … not in the cards.

    Pat doesn’t even know his first cousins.

  45. Hotspur, of course he wanted to represent the winning side. And in most divorces, that is the woman. Thank the family court system and its built-in sexual biases for that.

    The way to make money is not to badger your client, but to keep all the petty disagreements and contentiousness going. That drags it out. Kids and pets, antiques, large investment accounts, artwork, family vacation homes. Once a couple decides they hate each other, the skies the limit on what they’ll butt heads over. (See Jimbro’s comment above). Divorce lawyers are paid by the hour, not by the size of the settlement.

  46. My ex’s attorney died from breast cancer a few years after it was settled. No comment.

  47. Less than a year after our divorce was settled one of her friends left a message on my phone asking for me to help her with the cost of chemo for one of our 4 dogs that she took. I erased the message. I offered to take anywhere from 1 to 4 and she got them all.

  48. Commenting here – yesterday officials were saying that deaths from the storm would be (not could be) in the hundreds.

    so far: “State emergency officials announced 21 deaths as of Friday morning, however they’re not sure if all are directly related to the storm. Additionally, in Volusia County, the sheriff’s department has confirmed two storm-related deaths there.”

    I don’t know why anyone would predict such high death tolls based on feelings (yes I do). Perhaps the toll would go up, but right now … I mean, people were told to evacuate. If they did …

    We’ll see. That’s why I’m only bringing it up here.

  49. Divorce lawyers are paid by the hour, not by the size of the settlement.

    Hence the reason the lawyer wanted to reopen the negotiation thereby involving himself in settled decisions – more billable time.

  50. I read the hundreds estimate and thought it was odd to know that so early on in the process. He was probably having flashbacks to the superdome

  51. Hurricane deaths are often (definitely not always, but often) due to stupidity. E.g., waiting too long to evacuate and then driving into high, flowing water.

    Query: Why do phone keyboards not provide arrow keys for those times when your tap is only 1 letter off?

  52. This from an hour ago :

    “At least seven people died after Hurricane Ian pummeled Florida’s western coast with record storm surge flooding as high as 12 feet in some areas and intense winds, according to AP.

    Two people died in a car crash on Thursday afternoon in Putnam County, which was inundated with rain as the storm passed over the state.
    At least two people were confirmed dead on Sanibel, an island in southwest Florida that experienced major surge-related flooding during the storm.
    A person in Lake County died on Wednesday after his vehicle hydroplaned, while another person was found dead in the city of Deltona in central Florida, according to AP.”

    I mean, hundred and rising … based on what? Climate change and hate for the governor.

  53. “NHC officials warned Thursday night that many hurricane-related deaths occur days after the storm has passed while people are recovering.

    These deaths, also called “indirect deaths,” primarily arise from excessive heat and over-exertion and carbon monoxide poisoning from running generators indoors.”

  54. I was going to call bullshit on the “over a hundred” statement yesterday.

    But decided I didn’t need another Captain Obvious Award.

  55. Heh

  56. I hate my organization’s IT developers

  57. Would have been better if they MS13’d her.

  58. The fucking loser in the top story at the mothership is being reported as trans, but he has a wife, who is, you know, a real fucking woman.

    So…. is he a trans? Seems like a heterosexual to me. Or is he just a fucking rug munching lesbian?

  59. If I wanted to put an agent inside the US military right now and have nothing sketchy they do on my behalf questioned, I’d encourage trans identity too.

    Hotspur, it’s autogynephilia. Crazy fucker probably thinks he’s a lesbian.

  60. Comment by Car in on September 30, 2022 12:59 pm
    First world (island) problems Mare.

    “Oh no … the roosters are disturbing my Hawaiian vacation … “


    Yeah, it kind of sounded like that, however, 30,000 people live here and you can’t sleep well when the roosters go nuts. It’s a quality of life issue. When I say 3:30 that’s when they go off.

    Regardless, yeah, I want to sleep on my vacation.

  61. So is no one at all going to comment on Mare getting cock at 330am?

  62. And aren’t chickens running around wild third world?

    Yes, yes they are.

  63. I get cock at all hours. 3:30 is just the start.

  64. Mare, our hotel on Kauai had roosters and feral cats. The rooster that “owned” the grassy area of the hotel was noisy af. The cats would try to fight for access to the chairs on the lanai’s. Pure noise, but Kauai. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  65. Cock Fight Solutions

  66. Cock

  67. Hence the reason the lawyer wanted to reopen the negotiation thereby involving himself in settled decisions – more billable time.

    Yes. That’s called advocating for your client. If someone came to me with a contract to review, it would be my job to advise the client whether the contract was the best they could get and what terms were not favorable. The attorney has no idea whether you controlled, badgered her into agreeing to it. Nothing is “settled” until the judge signs off on the divorce decree. Caveat emptor. If you were both truly happy with your agreement, skip the attorney and do the divorce yourselves. No law says you need an attorney. Just ask the court clerk what you need to file. A lot of attorney hostility comes from people not understanding how the system works. That’s half the reason I went to law school. I wanted to understand how it worked, because I felt vulnerable otherwise.

  68. My brother handled his divorce. He was all about his kids. His ex got paid. 💰💰 The settlement was notorious in Summerlin. His ex was out with friends and one asked who her lawyer was, since she got such a great deal. My bro ended up representing quite a few wine moms in Summerlin.

  69. I knew I was gonna take a hit in my divorce. Married 22+ years and 4 kids. There was no avoiding it. My big mistake was in selling investments to pay her half in cash, instead of just signing over title. So I took 100% of the tax hit.

  70. That, and wanting full title to the farm. Which I had to sell 6 years later for about 50% of what the divorce valued it at. Should have kept joint ownership, and she would have gotten half the loss on the real estate when it sold. God, how I wanted to keep that farm!

  71. The theme for today’s poat seems to involve the high cost of accessing teh vaj.

  72. Just finished writing the Sunday poat. I might not be able to write very many more in the future, with changing life circumstances. But I had a great week listening to music.

  73. If you were both truly happy with your agreement, skip the attorney and do the divorce yourselves. No law says you need an attorney.

    Even that is no guarantee. The judge will go over the agreement with a fine-tooth comb, particularly if the wife has no legal representation. And may very well advise her to go get an attorney. Someone in the process will do a gut-check on the terms besides yourselves. Judges see a lot of financially ignorant women, emotionally manipulated women, and they look out for them. Not so much for the men. And a lot of family court judges are women.

  74. “A lot of attorney hostility comes from people not understanding how the system works. That’s half the reason I went to law school.”

    I worked with a guy who went through an ugly divorce, and the whole time he was thinking “my attorney sucks, I could do a way better job than this,” so he went to law school.

  75. And thus endeth my discussion of the process of divorce. Sorry for all those victimized by it. It almost always sucks. Very few people go through it and think, I’d like to do that again.

  76. Not a comment on the divorce process but on divorce lawyers. I know a family law attorney who ended up getting sentenced to prison for seven years for stealing from clients. At least part of the motivation was that a family law judge suckered her into a Ponzi scheme that about bankrupted her, so she thought she had to steal from clients to stay afloat. That judge got federal PMITA time.


  77. My mother would get up every morning to make fresh tortillas for my brother. He didn’t like “Old” tortillas. He would sell tortillas at school. Never gave my mom a percentage. FF. My mom had a slip and fall. Broke her ankle. My bro had his secretary, send a letter on his letterhead to the apartment complex. He signed the letter. That’s it. Complex settled. Target took a Third. My mom worked there. My mom got a third. My brother took his third. First year as a partner. 2 years after graduation.

  78. My brother has retired to play golf. His comment “Who hires a mouthpiece, when you can’t see his mouth?” Don’t cry for him. He’s still a multi-millionaire.

  79. Stealing from clients is one of the more common ethics violations for any type of attorney that is criminal and gets jail time. Usually there’s a substance abuse problem behind it all.
    Even commingling client funds without stealing will get an attorneys’ license lifted or suspended. That’s what IOLTA accounts are for, handling client money. Your state’s bar likely publishes a list at least once a year. I know the IRS puts out a list of every attorney it no longer allows to practice before the Tax Court.
    But TBH, that is a problem for any profession that handles large amounts of other people’s money.

  80. I think I poisoned myself. I thought I tossed all the green parts of the potatoes I cut up, but I think I missed at least one.

  81. Exactly. Once again, Orange Man Bad has a case.

  82. I get so angry with local ads. So much lying. Dan calms me down so my FB access isn’t suspended like my Twitter access.

  83. Balloon Fiesta. Y’all don’t know what a Cluster this is. 50 Th anniversary. 700 balloons registered. Stream. 200 balloons aloft from schools, today.

  84. News reader just said 620 balloons. Meh

  85. What’s it the anniversary of? Can’t be balloons, those are centuries old.

  86. We finally closed on our new house! It’s been in works for quite some time with significant construction delays. Had a bit of a nail-biting time getting the wire transfer done as our local bank branch was closed yesterday and was still closed this morning. Doing it online would require 24 hours. Fortunately they did actually open late and I was able to get it done. Signing was another pain since my father is legally blind I was able to sign for him with my power of attorney document. Still I had to sign my with my full name and “as attorney of fact on behalf of” and dad’s full name. Many much times. We are no longer homeless vagabonds!

  87. Congrats, Mitch.

  88. Woo hoo!

  89. Balloon Fiesta. 1972 they launched a bunch of balloons from the mall parking lot

  90. I’m getting fucked, by WordPress

  91. Symptoms, Leon?

  92. Gas, bloating. I’m basically a human balloon all ready for balloonfest.

    Well, I would be if I weren’t in the toilet every 15 min.

  93. just saw pujols hit 701!

  94. Chew on some fennel seeds or make some mint tea or cinnamon tea.

  95. Also chamomile tea. There are a lot of natural carminatives, seeds of umbelliferae tend to be good for this. I would even try celery seed, coriander or cumin seeds or a shot of anisette!

  96. Oh, and acid reflux, so I can’t expect anything I drink to make it down very far. Or stay there.

  97. Happy B’Day, Roamie & Anita!

  98. 6yo: Knock knock.
    Me: (already resigned) Who’s there.
    6yo: Elephant.
    Me: Elephant who?
    6yo: Elephant I don’t have any food or water. Can you help me find some?
    Me: I’m not sure you understand how knock-knock jokes work.
    6yo: Of course I do. Knock knock.
    Me: …
    6yo: Come on, knock knock.
    Me: Who’s there.
    6yo: Orange.
    Me: Orange who?
    6yo: Orange do you want to eat me?
    Me: *facepalm*

  99. WHAT??

    Roamy and Anita’s birthday??

    HUZZAH!!!!! I hope you both have an excellent year!

  100. When I went to Safeway this morning, gas was $5.10. That’s a $0.50 jump in 3 days…

  101. Happy birthday, Anita and Roamie!!!

  102. Oi

  103. Sean I hope alls well out west.

  104. Red Cross is begging me to deploy.
    Fires out west
    Typhoon damage in Alaska
    Florida fubar.
    Looks like I’m gonna spend heh weekend coming current on training and then deploy in a week or so.

  105. I’ll probably choose Florida.

  106. Anyone hear from Vmax yet?

  107. I’m glad Mitch and b’cock are good.

  108. Godspeed monkeyboy.

    Haven’t heard from VMax. Maybe you can find him for us.


    I’m up because reasons, also I forgot to finish the meme poat .

  109. Rememeber Meme When

  110. Double entendres rankled Priscilla.

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