To Be or not Tubbie…

This is for the Florida Crew….


-Stay Safe is my Wish –

see you all after power is restored


  1. The story for the next week will be


    Seriously, Bongino showed a few clips of them doing that before the hurricane even hit land

  2. wakey wakey

  3. The narrative is already written. No matter how well Florida weathers this, DeSantis’ response will be worse than Bush’s Katrina. Forces the defenders to make icky arguments with numbers that clearly show otherwise, and Dems rely on the innumerate as their primary base.

  4. **chortles at Sean’s reaction last night**

    **squishy hugs**

  5. Based on the track I saw this morning Florida got t-boned by that phuquer.
    If the predicted path holds the river systems up the coast are going to get challenged again.
    Didn’t this happen a few years back with Lee or some other one.
    Flooded all the way up through Maine?

  6. My memory for that stuff is shitty.

  7. FMEA is probably busy dismantling the super dome, to be moved to Ft Myers so they can stuff it with people and claim that babies are being eaten.

  8. Will we be aiding Florida to rebuild? Or should the residents find safer places to live?

    (This is always asked up here when a community gets flooded along a river or the Great Lakes shoreline.)

  9. If you’re in a USGS designated flood risk area, they make you buy flood insurance from the Feds. If those folks were made to pay, they should get the payout, but that’s my limit.

  10. mandated insurance? that wouldn’t ever happen, come on!

  11. That’s the major lefty thing today.

    Those stupid republicans sure do love socialism when a hurricane hits. Find a new place to live racists, and stop taking my money.

  12. How many blue state locusts re-evaluate their plans to move to Florida and continue the habits that made their old homes into the shitholes they are now? That’s my question.

  13. They literally won’t let you buy the property without committing to it. I had to talk to 2 Michigan .gov people and correspond with the feds for our last farm because the land included part of the county drain system. They finally let me buy it without getting flood insurance, but they really wanted me on a permanent subscription plan for that house (along with all future owners).

  14. Seems like every part of the country has its own set of potential natural disasters. Earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, floods, forest/brush fires, tidal waves, nor’easters. Anyone who complains about one for a part of the country they don’t live in is sure to scream loudest for help when the ones that impact them occurs.
    And then some have their habitual man-made disasters … urban crime, financial profligacy, corrupt politics.
    I’m sure I’m missing some, but you get the idea.

  15. I’m time-traveling while I work today. It’s a better time.

    The opening soliloquy is better writing than anything in Disney-Marvel or Rangs of Power.

  16. Ian passed us by to the south, ultimately we didn’t get much here in Zephyrhills. There was considerably less rain than I was expecting certainly. Heck we didn’t even lose power.

  17. Every place has potential for crisis. Some handle them better than others. Compare/contrast: NOLA and Mobile, Alabama during Hurricane Katrina.

  18. In retrospect, the show is really a metaphor for our own time. The beautiful dream of 1980s America destroyed by monsters who seek to devour humanity.

  19. The whole federal flood insurance thing is bullshit. Private insurers who use actuarials and assess real risk won’t touch you, so let the taxpayers bail you out so you can live in a high-risk zone. It’s bullshit.

  20. RC I like the whole drought theme for those that build cities in the fucking desert.

  21. Evidently Coolio died.

    (Another “celebrity” of some sort I’d never heard of until he was dead.)

    RIP, Coolio.

  22. Good to hear, mitch! I know vmax was having generator issues, so maybe we’re just waiting to hear from him.

  23. I paid my camp mortgage about 10 years early just to get out from buying flood insurance. The premium for one year of flood insurance was close to a year’s worth of mortgage payments. Once I owned it and not the bank I got to say FU to the flood insurance people who were practically begging me to continue.

    The camp is built on a slab with concrete blocks for a foundation that’s about 4 feet high. The water would need to rise to biblical levels to flood the house.

  24. I knew Coolio mostly from Weird Al and his attempts to break into acting via some schlocky horror movies.

    He was far from the worst actor in those movies, so I give him credit for that. RIP sir.

  25. you are the premium that makes up for everyone that built in a hole. You provide the funds.

  26. A couple of days ago I was listening to the Howie Carr Show and he mentioned that the Jan6 committee decided to delay the scheduled hearing in DC due to the hurricane in Florida.

    A delay lets it creep closer to the midterms and allows for fewer distractions from Trump bashing to allow Desantis bashing hurricane coverage.

    Win Win for Liz et al

  27. twitter: Fort Myers, before and after


  28. they delayed it because the ratings would suffer

  29. That was my exact thought Jay. The premium went from a couple thousand for the first few years to over six grand with no increase in coverage

  30. Did you see there’s a new State Dept envoy to plants and animals? (twitter)

    It’s Ron Klain’s wife. Glenn Kessler neglected to point that out.

  31. We learned about feather bedding in grade school …
    Of course that was before common core.

  32. In other news:
    Kamelhead Harris voices the undying US support of North Korea and Joe-Joe the clown gives a shutout to a dead congress critter.

  33. GDP and GDI estimates were revised downward.

  34. Life is golden.
    And Pup is the luckiest dawg alive.

  35. I am glad that Mitch is bueno.

  36. Hopefully Vmax and B’cock check in.

  37. I made curried chicken for lunch.

  38. twitter: Bcoch checked in

    Hey y’all! So I’m hearing a few folks have asked about me and mine. Incredibly kind. We’re good here at Casa de Cochran. The storm is going to pass off the coast to east of us. We are not going to need to evac; we are not near water where storm surge is an issue;

    we have snacks and food and plenty of propane and batteries and portable chargers and gas in the cars. We thank you for your concern and love. Send those well wishes south! Our friends to the southwest got HAMMERED.

  39. Afternoon, y’all. The Cochran Clan is doing fine. Power keeps blipping but so far we still have power. Lots of flooding in the general area, but none really by us. More along the beach and downtown along the river. My parents are in a 5th floor condo on the beach. They’re saying the water is all the way over the dunes but not over the bulkhead and on the property. Sis is an hour or so south of us near World Golf Village. Some water got in via a damaged window. Not sure how much. We’ve still got plenty of wind and rain to come, but looks like we’ll be fine.

    I’ve got several full tanks of propane and plenty of stuff I can cook on the griddle in the garage. Both cars fueled up. Plenty of pet food. We’re pretty set even if it gets uncomfortable for a bit.

  40. thanks bcoch!

  41. For the record, DeSantis has been out effing standing on this hurricane. 2 days before it hit land he had 42 thousand trucks/crews for electric work waiting in staging areas to go to the places most needed. Evac notices were given early. All tolls and truck limitations were lifted a week ago.

    EFF OFF dems, this is a leader, not the bullshit artists you’re used to foisting on us.

  42. My daughter was going to have a direct hit and after it turned south to Ft Meyers and literally sucked the water out of the Tampa Bay area due to counter-clockwise southern movement of wind, she did not flood at all. Such a HUGE blessing to them expecting their second child in December.

    All prayers and empathy to Ft. Meyers. Horrible and devastating.

  43. GrandMare

  44. Yeah, Tampa Bay and environs dodged a HUGE bullet. Sorry Ft. Meyers and Naples. 😦

  45. Yeah. Like I said, these storms do hinky things. Cheers to the folks who dodged a bullet and prayers for the folks who got swamped.

  46. Looks like it’s the Carolinas’ turn tomorrow. Ain’t over yet.

  47. ^^^ Some people have all the luck

  48. meh, 7.62 is expensive

  49. Just sell a couple of AR’s and you’ll be laughing all the way to the ammo store. Were they 7.62 or 5.56?

  50. hush now, I’m rationalizing

  51. So Paula was feeling off at work today and after 3 negative home Covid tests had the PCR done at work. Her supervisor gave it as she was eating her lunch and telling Paula not to be such a hypochondriac. Came back positive. Five day paid vacation ahead.

  52. Huh, I had no idea (not kidding) it still mattered if you have covid or not. Ridiculous.

  53. No longer paid if we have COVID. Everyone has stopped testing.

  54. Yeah, it’s only a matter of time before they drop that given the financial hole the hospitals are in. She doesn’t even feel all that bad and mentioned her plans for a bike ride tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

    I’m feeling much better than I did yesterday and the day before that. I’m still calling mine a cold despite the fact we sleep in the same bed and live in the same house. Next blood donation is in November, maybe I’ll find out then.

  55. I’ve mentioned this before, not sure what prompted this recent tweet

  56. Yep, yep, yep. We need to know who the pilots are when we fly. This equity shit is garbage.

  57. Refugees have been an issue in the Que since Vietnamese boat people. Catholic Charities. We always called that area of Albuquerque, the War Zone. It is now called The International District. True Story, they do drive bys on cop cars.

  58. I no longer believe in refugees, at least in the US. It’s just invaders invited by the Junta.

    And I stopped giving to anything but my local parish and St Vincent De Paul years ago.

  59. Yah, we no longer donate to Catholic Charities. True story. I donated quality furniture that I became bored with. Ethan Allen. Lane. Dinnerware. Cutlery. 450 thread count bedding.

  60. I just watched a movie called The Hunt, in which Mads Mikkelsen was the protagonist. He’s falsely accused of child molestation, and almost the entire community turns on him. It was one of the most physically uncomfortable things I’ve ever seen – how badly all the “responsible” adults screwed up dealing with the situation. I wanted to throw something at the screen and yell “that’s not how to do a child forensic interview, you fools!” My guts are still feeling all twisted up.

    But the movie was very well done. Mads seems like a genuinely nice person, which doesn’t jive well with having watched him crush James Bond’s balls with a knotted rope.

  61. Don’t want your help.

  62. He’s Grindelwald in the movie I just turned off because of how much it sucks. Top 10 creepy hollywood actor guy. Nothing could have saved The Crimes of Grindelwald, it’s unwatchable.

  63. Someone get CARin some salve.

  64. All out of salve. Will a poultice do?

  65. Dude. 50th anniversary of balloons. Just trying to pack lunch for work and avoid the influx of balloon enthusiasts.

  66. I’m wearing a wrist brace. My left hand. Ambidextrous. My handwriting sucks. Never realized how dominant my left hand was/is

  67. They haven’t switched over to zero emission balloons yet?

  68. Why isn’t Tesla making balloons?

    This is bullshit!

  69. Actors are some of the stupidest, band-wagon-jumpingest people in society, part 7,901,088,625:

    Inject her again. She still doesn’t get it.

  70. Screw it, I will do it.

    Battery Ballooning Solutions.

    The Feds will give me billions.

  71. I am such an idiot for carrying garden produce to the house, like a chump.

  72. So beautiful to see the watermelons migrating.

  73. Waterbackmelons green on the outside but communist red on the inside illegally invading is not “beautiful” Mr. Reptoid.

  74. Did everyone reconcile politely?

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