Memes Killed the Blogging Star



  2. Fightin’ words ^^^

  3. I’ve always been fortunate enough to live in areas with good tap water. “Good” meaning not smelling or tasting gross other than the occasional chlorine smell or hiccup from a busted delivery pipe somewhere between the facility and my tap. Camp is on a well and we have a water treatment device with a filter and UV light of some sort that needs me to pay the company about $200 a year to massage it and proclaim it fit for human consumption.

  4. A lot of bottled water is just municipal tap water that’s been re-filtered and bottled for sale to the rubes, not strictly speaking, spring water. Probably not new news to anyone here but maybe to members of the community at large

    EPA (tap) vs FDA (bottled) regulations of water were new to me from Mitch and mentioned again in the link

  5. I used giphy for a while, I like their interface but they got pretty random about deleting boob gifs for violating community standards, so yeah fuck them with a cactus. I hope they take meta down with them to the bottom of the SJW trash heap.

    The gif business has evolved to .mp4 with sound for short funny clips, but many sites don’t allow them like a .gif graphic file to be linked and shown. Vine is dead, TikTok is ruling the roost now.

    Imgur is kind of weird with how they display gifs as video and video as gifs and I’m still figuring it out. Where the cool kids hang out is always a moving target.

  6. That’s a lot of pies.

  7. It’s too bad about Vine. There was some funny stuff there and it seemed like it was here and then gone in a flash. Twitter bought it and then killed it because they couldn’t figure out how to make money on it or so I’ve been lead to believe.

    When Orange Man was sounding the warning about TikTok a new app called Byte surfaced from the guy who first developed Vine. I vaguely remember it coming around and with the promise of “the new Vine” I downloaded it and didn’t open the app for a couple of years. Somewhere along the way Byte became Clash.

    I opened it up a couple of months ago and wondered wtf it was and why I downloaded something called Clash. It took some forensic research to uncover the evolution. It is no Vine and will probably be deleted eventually.

  8. I wonder what the elapsed time was on the piemageddon? A day’s worth of sales? The store must have been too busy to do anything but add more pies until their supply was exhausted. Thanksgiving rush?

  9. I find it interesting that I have the option to reject all cookies on websites when my VPN is through Netherlands, but not when it is through a USA pipe. So USA users have to accept cookies to see sites but the Dutch can opt out entirely and still see the site.

    We’re always getting hosed.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. I left off from the wedding story – Erin met a man.

  12. bookmark this:

  13. /rejects Laura’s cookies.

  14. That idiot troll bragged that she got her omicron booster yesterday. LOL

  15. but, Erin has a man?

  16. Erin dumped that man. That’s what you get for skimming. Or didn’t I mention it? I think I did. The navy dude graduated from his bad-ass school a bit ago. But in July She decided 1) she didn’t want to do 20 years as a navy wife/away from her family and 2) decided their temperments didn’t jive and 3) he hated football.

    He had said he’d get out /not make a career of it for her, but she wouldn’t change her mind.

  17. She has to trust her gut.

  18. Hated football?

  19. I could stand to watch it before the kneeling and the woke crap and the masks, but I didn’t love it.

    If watching it is a big part of your life and you want me to give a shit and watch it with you, sorry, not in the cards.

  20. bookmark this:

    That’s why yer classroom’s got no supplies, yo.

    Eating out our substance, indeed.

  21. IIRC Detroit Public schools has something like 1 employee per 8 students or something ridiculous.

  22. Back half of the week’s gonna suck in Florida. Still keeping an eye on it because I’ve seen hurricanes pull some pretty hinky crap.

  23. “…when I was taking a shit in my neighbor’s garden.




  24. heh, I liked that one

  25. My daughter married a guy she met at a wedding.

    Biggest fucking mistake ever. Nice guy, but a loser.

    They met at a wedding in FL. She was the bride’s best buddy in HS. He was the groom’s best buddy in CA where he lived.

    So they start “dating” via long distance phone calls, and occasional vacations in the same town. He lived in CA, she in Ann Arbor.

    Then they started getting “serious” and he was going to move to Ann Arbor (this was 18 years ago).

    She had a good job working as an audio and speech therapist, had her own apartment, etc. He was a painter, and had a pickup truck.

    So on a visit just prior to moving here I take him out to dinner one night and say, “I’m happy you and Jilly are engaged, and happy you are moving here, but I don’t want you moving in with my daughter.”

    He says, “Why?”

    And I say, “Because a man needs to demonstrate that he is stable, independent, and has means of his own. If you move in with Jilly you will show that you are weak. You should move here, get your own apartment, and live independently for a while. Once you’ve done that – then get married.”

    What did he do? Yep. Moved in immediately with my daughter.

    17 years of financial struggle later, they’re divorced, she lives with a trans man, my grandson thinks he’s a girl, son-in-law works at Ace hardware because his knees are so bad he can’t paint anymore, she walks people’s dogs and feeds their cats, his life revolves around AA and his B’Hai (fake religion) faith, and they’re both broke.

    I hope Erin finds a “real” man. Otherwise it’s heartbreaking watching people make stupid life choices.

  26. ugh, that sounds painful. My condolences.

  27. I don’t know enough about him but my bil/nephew say he’s a great guy.

    we’ll see . too early yet.

  28. make sure you sit him down and have a man to man talk with him, car in

  29. Give me his number. I’ll take him out to dinner.

  30. twitter: school walkout in Virginia

    you CAN’T let parents know about pronouns and life altering surgery to change gender, people! CANT!

  31. twitter: should i get my anti-vax friend’s baby vaccinated without telling him?

    more uses for the 2nd amendment

  32. My mom had more anxiety over her four children’s choice in spouses than she did over anything else I know of in her life. She loved my older brother’s wife because her family made big time oil money. Until she met the family at the wedding and realized what totally selfish and hedonistic people they were. My brother filed for divorce 4 months after the wedding. His second wife was almost as bad but his third and fourth were and are good women.

    She hated my wife because her daddy was a career nco in the army and a postman after retiring. That simply wasn’t good enough for the son of a rotc 1st Ltnt who owned his own farm.

    She loved my younger brother’s wife because her father was an ordained Disciples of Christ minister. Until they got married and found out that she registered 0 degrees Kelvin on the frigidity scale. Then she hated her.

    My younger sister married the son of a career army officer who retired as a lieutenant colonel which looked good to my mom on paper. After watching this army brat try to treat her daughter like his staff aide and raise their children as if they were in a boot camp moms not too high on him these days.

    Bottom line, I’ve got the only truly happy marriage of the four of us, and in my mom’s eyes she wasn’t good enough for her baby. In my eyes she was too good for me.

  33. heh, your father in law had the same path as my dad, except he retired as LTC before carrying mail.

  34. Whelp. Looks like it’s headin’ right for us and we’ll start getting rain tonight. Time to go stock up on booze and cigarettes. Pray for Oso.

  35. I’m slightly confused by your daughter living with a trans man. Is this a woman who tries to look like a man?

    But that doesn’t that make your daughter gay? Or a lesbian?

    And the grandson…he thinks he’s a girl because of the trans man, right? Or he’s gay?

    It seems odd to me that there are clusters of this kind of stuff in families but I guess that’s why some families all watch football. They kind of do the same stuff.

  36. Mitch take pics of the gators that swim down the street.

  37. Red Cross is looking for volunteers to head to PR.

  38. Comment by Jay in Ames on September 27, 2022 11:49 am
    twitter: fun when you live next to a golf course

    I live on a golf course but I ain’t doing that shit. I was out in the back yard about 6 months ago splitting firewood and a ball sailed by my head so close I heard it. I never saw it coming. So I guess that shit could’ve played out for real.

  39. Transman in this case is a lesbo with a beard and a higher T level than the cumulative staff at The Dispatch.

  40. I just want my kids to be happy. /they all say that.

    There is a lot that goes into that idea though.

  41. /crosses Leon off of list of future suitors for Erin

  42. I already took myself off the list, Car in. Being old enough to be her dad is enough reason on its own.

  43. ridicule will cure these silly notions

  44. so, did we sabotage the Nordstream pipeline? I doubt it.

  45. Honestly, who knows? I just reflexively assume the would-be Global Aristocrats wanted it to happen and found a way.

  46. Who benefits from the pipeline being damaged? That’s what I can’t figure out.

  47. The better question is: Who thinks they would benefit? We’re dealing with people who are very clever at making things happen and not so clever at figuring out whether or not it’s a good idea to do so.

  48. Gaia benefits, Peel, because Yoorop will be forced to wean itself off that awful Russian petrol.

    Also it hits Russia in the pocket harder than the sanctions have, so I assume it’s a GloboHomo* hit job possibly by our own Navy.

    *Global Homogenization, of course. The predilection of the WEF heavies for sodomy is merely incidental. Merely.

  49. “I try not to drink water. Fish fuck in it.”

    Ahem. They make sweet love in it.

  50. I’m slightly confused by your daughter living with a trans man. Is this a woman who tries to look like a man?

    But that doesn’t that make your daughter gay? Or a lesbian?

    And the grandson…he thinks he’s a girl because of the trans man, right? Or he’s gay?

    Yes – woman who tries to look like a man.

    I once said to HotBride, “Doesn’t this make Jilly a lesbian?” And she responded, “Lalalalalalalala…I don’t want to think about it.”

    And our grandson thinks he’s a girl because that’s what the modern public school system does to kids. Especially ones whose dad’s a moron that never exemplified what a man actually is.

  51. As a one-time incidental breeder of guppies, I assure you that fish do not do anything at all “sweetly”.

  52. Cue bono? That is the question. What is the obvious, first result of this action: permanent disruption of gas supplies from Russia to Western European countries. Now Russia can’t turn that back on even if they wanted to – that limits their options and makes any peace negotiations much more unlikely. So, whoever did it wants ensure this war keeps going and if anyone in NATO was getting cold feet about the coming winter, well that’s moot now. We know that Boris Johnson destroyed any chance of peace talks last April, so U.K. is all in, even if Boris is out. Likewise, the Biden junta is very keen on keeping this going as well, as is Zelenskyy. So are weapon manufacturers. China is buying Russian gas and re-selling it back to Europe at a significant mark-up. They would like to see that keep going too.

    German newspaper is now reporting that CIA warned Germany that this was possibly in the works last summer. Well, if it’s a CIA Op then they would certainly be the ones to know. I think the likely answer is whoever controls the Biden junta ordered it.

  53. Question:

    What online site should I use to sell my car?

    I’ve never sold a used car.

  54. So list of beneficiaries:
    1) Chy Na
    2) RTN
    3) Zhou Bai Den
    4) WEF

    The idea that they didn’t use our Navy assets to do it actually seems far-fetched.

  55. twitter: really good ad, Gov Lake!

  56. These guys were reportedly over-paying for used not too long ago, Hotspur.

    They’ll make you an offer in exchange for your info. I’ve only ever used craigslist to sell, but there are a lot of cranks on those sites.

  57. twitter: Brandon is a petty, little man

    Hasn’t called DeSantis, about Ian preparations, even though he’s called several mayors.

  58. Oh right. I forgot whoever did this had evil motives. I was stuck on why any decent person would think it was remotely beneficial to blow up a natural gas pipeline.

  59. No decent person would.

  60. Sadly, global leadership seems to lack decent people.

  61. Lack of decency seems to be a prerequisite for anyone on the “global stage.” Until aliens show up, I don’t see the need for global anything.

  62. Coast Guard HH-65 and HH-60 helo hoist capacity both 600 lbs. But there’s always a cargo sling.

  63. Hey, this is a good test for all those Floridians with EV’s. How far will they get? How long will they have to sit in line at a recharging station? And how many recharging stations will there be?

  64. phew, I’m SAFE!

    Bring more Hostess!

  65. I see a post where Auburn has the first confirmed case of Monkeypox. Posted by a Bama fan with a caption of “Auburn first in the SEC.” I had to look for the story. Yep. It’s real.

  66. I sold my mom’s car through carvana. It was painless and she got great money for it.

  67. On Friday I bought a generator, the store was packed but mostly in the lumber section. After putting the generator on the cart I went to lumber thinking I’d get something for the windows. Nope all plywood gone!
    Went to 3 more lumber yards Saturday to no avail, I also tried to pick up some gas cans to fill my new generator. Nope.
    So I am sipping whisky and enjoying being unprepared.

  68. Which cartel does she represent? Remember when JEF was rocking the tan suit and AZ passed a law where AZ would control their border? Feds struck down AZ law, because FEDS control the border no matter what, even when they choose not to control. Oso remembers.

  69. Anyone who noticed the tan suit was a racist

  70. It was a dog whistle

    Remember those?

    Jimbro remembers!

  71. I’m known for my K9 ears. I still have to have the Drats clue me into dog whistles.

  72. I H8 what I hear sometimes. Really good restaurants talking shit about white people. Comments questioning what I heard from the kitchen in real time. I get bored easy. Stop commenting and block.


    (Imgur video with no moose)

  74. “As a one-time incidental breeder of guppies…”

    Well not guppies, obviously. I can’t believe I have to even say that.

  75. Sorry Pups, no moose, no click.

  76. imgur is really starting to disgust me.

  77. I was all set to make a moose knuckle joke until my image search yielded a whole page of people wearing jackets

  78. Fellow employee (I never worked with her, so I can’t/won’t say co-worker) died of covid. 33 years old.

    So co-worker who I thought was reasonably intelligent went and got the bivalent booster. I said you know they only tested that on eight mice before trying to give it to 170 million people. He said he looked forward to growing a second head.

  79. 33? Booster status?

  80. If you go to, you can see the view from Earth of DART hitting the asteroid. I’d link it here, but it loops continuously rather than playing once.

  81. Former CoW took a job with a local hospital. Forced booster. Miscarriage number 5.

  82. No idea, Osita. I assume she had at least the first one, we were over 90% vaxed when they were threatening our jobs. I’ve also seen 94% but can’t find it now to verify.

  83. They are not forcing the boosters on us at all, for which I am grateful.

  84. wow, so a polish pipeline just happens to be in the same area as Nordstream?

  85. so glad Iowa has 2 GOP senators voting Yea on every spending bill. GAH!

  86. Finally caught up on the whole thread.

    should i get my anti-vax friend’s baby vaccinated without telling him?

    To quote “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”, that’s one body that’ll never be found.

    My aunt once invited my sister to stay with her for a long weekend and play with her cousins. Sis returned home with her hair chopped off. “She wanted it short.” (she didn’t) Years later, I’m scanning family photos, including one of sis shortly after this fiasco. Dad’s still mad about it.

  87. Dumbbell exercises regained popularity.

  88. […] H-2 has all kinds of good stuff here! […]

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