1. If I locate those Muddy Bites drumstick ends it’s all over. Just refer me to My 400 Pound Life for the next season

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve visited a porta potty. They all have a similar vibe where you just want to do your business and leave as soon as possible.

  3. Had the leaves started turning yet Pendejo? Maybe 5% of our trees are even thinking of turning colors and that’s been in the last week or so.

    Burlington, VT talks a good game about diversity but I suspect they’d have a similar reaction to the folks on MV if a few busloads of brown people showed up on Church Street.

  4. Wakey wakey

  5. ZZstop got me giggling pretty good.

    Good morning.


    (Imgur video that was supposed to be a gif but it is not)

  7. I liked the diaper changing one. Truly a lifehack I could have used when the little uns were in flail mode. (Flailing is cute, but my favorite is when they are just figuring out their hands and will stare intently at their fingers moving with a “What…the…F…” expression.)

  8. I turned the heat pump off “Cool” mode and removed the AC this morning. With the windows cracked open a few inches it’s plenty cool. Fall is in the house

  9. Citizens Free Press is reporting that there’s a coup going on in China, Xi is under house arrest, and flights have been cancelled. Wonder if they have finally had enough of the lockdowns.

  10. wow

  11. Shower = Taken
    Beard = Trimmed
    Hairs = Cut
    Supplies = Gathered

    Since social justice killed sportsfan Pupster, I have a lot of free time on fall weekends. Not even 10 AM and I have nothing more on the agenda for today. Yard still looks good from last weeks cutting.

    Perhaps a nap.

  12. I just canned five pints of dilly beans, from my Bosnian vines. Looks like there will be one or two more pickable weeks, if the nights stay above 50 or so, so they can grow more betterer. What a shitty season. Between heat, drought, and quick cold, I was shorted several weeks of good picking.

  13. Zero beans for the freezer this year. At least I got a reasonably nice crop of dry soup beans. I have a patch of one I’m trying out called ‘Resilient Beefy Grex.’ I have to pull and hang the vines right before frost. Hopefully more pods will mature before then.

  14. My persimmons are starting to turn yellow.

    Not a euphemism.

  15. Actually, Burlington VT took in a whole bunch of Somali refugees back in the 2000’s. It was like importing a ghetto of barbarians and a crime wave all at once. In the running for Stupidest Thing To Do to virtue signal. They’ve done this with other groups as well over the past 30 years. Bosnians, Sudanese, Syrians, Iraq, Bhutan, Congo.

    Allowing large groups of refugees to live together to make them more “comfortable” is a serious error. It delays or prevents assimilation, which should be the ultimate goal.

  16. Pupster, with all your free time you should be here helping me put up my new greenhouse.


    (Imgur link that is supposed to be a gif but is probably a video, illustrating me not putting up a greenhouse)

  18. Maine had a similar experience with Somali refugees deposited in Lewiston. Former mill town, down on its luck (which describes at least 10 if not more towns around here), will be “revitalized” with the influx of new people. Lewiston is now synonymous with ghetto around here.

    Portland has rolled out the welcome mat to all sorts of refugees and it has increased their diversity score. And by diversity score I mean crime statistics.

  19. Next stop, Willoughby…

  20. “Resilient Beefy Grex”

    Dang it, Lumps found out my stage name.

  21. A bountiful harvest of memes today, Pupster, what a great way to start a weekend.

    I’m definitely going to need more information about this China stuff. You can’t just put the leader of a communist regime under house arrest. It’s either death, expulsion from the country, or genocide-level reprisals after he gets free.

  22. I saw part of Sobek’s “show” once.
    An accident I won’t repeat.
    Hhhaaaaaahaaaa Beefy Grex.

  23. Sitting at the DD in Geneva next door to Hobart College.
    These mother lovers could use a couple thousand most peaceful migrants to repatriate here.
    Twould be awesome.

  24. We are seeing an uptick in ppl obviously not from the area wandering around the southern tier.

  25. NY NJ CT CA WA OR DC IL VT all deserve to share the pain.

  26. MA

  27. Mr. RFH and I donate to several pro-life charities, including the crisis pregnancy centers that have been targeted by Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg. After the Dobbs decision, one center sent another fundraising letter, saying that their traffic had greatly increased, they didn’t want to turn anyone away, plus they had security issues including idiots vandalizing the place. So I sent a donation and figured the other centers could use some money, too. The timing of my donation to one in Illinois must have coincided with a patron passing away, someone who said in lieu of flowers, please donate here. I got an acknowledgment for the donation in the memory of a guy I never heard of. Ok, whatever. Then I got a thank you card from the widow and daughter. They must be wondering who the heck is this chick in Alabama and how does she know my husband/father. They included a prayer card, so that’s pretty cool.

  28. Lots of guys on motorcycles in this part of Florida. Very few wear helmets. Seems risky, I mean you’re going to get bugs in your face. But then The Fonze didn’t wear helmets either so there’s that. On the gripping hand Henry Winkler didn’t really like motorcycles.

  29. Sort of a mix of helmet / no helmet around here. Most of the commuters wear helmets and most of the guys just out for a ride skip it.

  30. I used my feet, instead of barbells, to hold down wannabe escapees during diaper changes.

  31. Hobart has a college? I guess making big dishwashers is good business.

  32. If you like resilient beefy grex you’ll love taste of wanking.

  33. **checks HHD files for Resilient Beefy Grex**

  34. Ahem, those are dumbbells.

  35. Parents: A friendly reminder that the creator of Caillou is still out there somewhere, walking around like he did nothing wrong.

  36. Answering Jimbro’s 6:56 question.

    Up north where we spent the week you could see an obvious difference from the start of the trip to the end. Yesterday, driving from Stowe to Manchester airport there was lots of gold and rust red, but still mostly green. Down south as we got closer to Manchester, not so much. Still very green near the southern border of NH.

    It was 37F and raining when we loaded up the car in Stowe Friday morn. It was 83 and muggy when we stepped out of the airport at Austin 15 hours later. I’m looking forward to some cooler weather here…………in about 2 months.

  37. There was an interesting discussion about the efficacy of vitamin B12 in fighting abnormal methylation, that taking B12 or a multivitamin helps keep that shit in check. If you had to get vaxxed, it can’t hurt to take some vitamins.

    **sets up low-hanging fruit trap under “Hotspur’s offering vitamin D”**


    (Imgur video with sound)


    (Imgur something should be a gif)


    (Imgur video with sound of Pupster on autotune)

  41. That Atlantic article was still very very tip-toeing around the idea that the covid vaccines could be causing problems. But if they are willing to step outside their propaganda bubble and listen to some of the critics, they’d know that putting cancers on speed dial is a feature of the vaccines, which can damage immune systems.


    (Imgur should be a gif but who knows for certainty what the internet will do with a grumpy porcupine and a cute blond animal handler standing too close?)

  43. what did caillou do?

  44. Thank you, ChrisP.

  45. A bunch of newspapers cancelled the “Dilbert” comic because Scott Adams introduced a black character who identifies as white.

  46. Next stop, Willoughby… PD holding cell with a couple of falls down the stairs on the way.

  47. Structure of greenhouse is up. Not covered with the plastic yet. It’s actually bigger than I thought I had purchased. Now I have room to drag all my potato pots in there plus a big tub of water, and it covers more than half the celery bed, too, which buys me a lot of time to harvest and preserve it. Who knows? If I put a cold frame over it, it may survive winter entirely.


  48. Well I wasn’t paying attention to the weather situation, seems we have a hurricane heading our general direction and likely to hit on the day we are supposed to close on the house. :-/

  49. Caillou is an annoying little shit masquerading as children’s entertainment.

  50. Caillou and Cocomelon get h8 by people that have to watch them. I only know of them, due to the secondary market of books. Licensed product. See also *NSYNC

  51. Pendejo, first time in Scottsdale. I had never seen so many white people in one place in my life. It was AZ ffs. We have foliage in New England on our bucket list. In Ruidoso they have Aspencade. The Enchanted Circle has Autumn tours. Albuquerque has balloons. 50th Anniversary of the Balloon Fiesta. We didn’t plan a vacation away. Looking forward to one week of avoiding tourists.

  52. RIP, Louise Fletcher (Nurse Ratched and Kai Wynn)

  53. LOL

  54. Since my suspension, I can’t view any links to Twitface.

  55. Weekends are trying for me, pack all the things I needed to do during the week and also find time to unwind.
    John Candy is clearly the best funny actor, except for maybe Chevy Chase.
    Currently watching Summer Rental a nd nearly peeking my pants laughing. And if you know how hard it is for this old geezer to pee, it’s an accomplishment

  56. This weekend was supposed to be about chilling in an hotel and not being home. El Paso. Chihuahua game. El Paso is 💩 Spongebrain has released thousands of illegals to the streets. No portapotties. Feces everywhere, man. Next stop, Las Cruces. Restaurants aren’t at capacity, and hotels are double. Hey, Enchanted Circle or Mountain Gods? Refuse to pay $200 for lodging in NM. Kept our weekend off. Watching sportsball on TV.

  57. My new phone is so light, my carpal tunnel is “Meh.”

  58. Wow.

    Wow wow wow.


  59. Monkeypox.

  60. I’m a jinx. Not even close to Even Steven. I’m JEF level King Mierdas.

  61. So, our local Walgreens plays classical music at eleventy to keep the homeless away. Feels like an H2 Sunday. Forgot the music. 6 homeless cart people were congregated next to the building. Next day, we could hear the music at the Club. William Tell Overture. Dan calls it The Lone Ranger. It moves the homeless.

  62. Speaking of sound at eleventy, we gave up on the school fundraiser tonight. “A Night at the Races” with betting on fake races, “owning” a winning horse, etc. Sound system was set so loud, I said after the first race, get me outta here, take me home. Bad, bad headache is finally easing up after an hour of quiet.

  63. Big hugs

  64. I was promised hot dogs. Delivered drumsticks. Content

  65. Mr. RFH made breakfast for supper when we got home. Bacon makes everything better.

  66. Non twitter link for Oso

  67. Debra enjoyed receiving praise.

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