Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born January 9th, 1999 in Hawaii. She stands about 5‘ 4″ and measures 362638 and 125 lbs. Please safe-search for Miss Kayley Gunner.


  1. Nice job Pup!
    This one walks the line between skank and boobs in a right fine way.

  2. Perfect BBF material.

  3. I give this poat 5 baboon asses.

  4. That’s a future fat girl, no doubt. She looks like she’s talking in all the pics. Probably ordering pizza toppings.

    *looks again*

    Yeah, she’s saying “extra cheese.”

  5. “chocolate cruller…”

  6. …”with ham…”

  7. “…grilled in butter…”

  8. Kinky af.

  9. She actually has the look of a former fat girl to me, like she’s been fighting it already. Most future fat girls have less muscle tone than I see here. Maybe she’s got the discipline to keep it off, at least for the sake of her “career”.

  10. I found my hat!!!

  11. Sturdy.

    Speaking of fat girls and pizza toppings, I stress ate a cinnamon bun yesterday, then cooked up some Korean dumplings (best by date was yesterday,..ate some, froze the rest)..then kept waking up hot all night (overnight low of 50).
    Was it due to the junk or a cycling master gland?

    Question…how does one find a good divorce attorney? Not for me. It’s for a friend who married an abusive SOB who drinks too much. Not quite sure she’s had enough even though her son asked her why she hadn’t left him yet.

  12. find the one with the nicest car, then look up the last lawyer that beat that one in court, and hire that one.

  13. ok, I’ll bite. What hat?

  14. heh, the left wing optics pic at AOS is hilarious

  15. My former company sent me one a few years ago. Best fit I’ve ever had used it for yard work extensively, and I lost it at the start of the summer.

  16. sure hope car in found her bear. but not the wrong one.

  17. Did someone resurrect Rosetta?

  18. Co-worker got the bivalent jab. Brag brag brag brag. Ugh.

  19. Roamy, not sure you saw from the last poat where I linked this…the head may need a little tweaking buy its still a good octopus pattern.

  20. I don’t normally yoink and repost from reddit, but this one…I’ll let it speak for itself.

  21. Beasn, thanks!

  22. Possum is now obsessed with axolotls because, well, they’re trendy with the kids nowadays. Her axolotl “pajamas” arrived yesterday and she wore them for about 5 hours.

    I should farm the things in a basement or something. They sell for a ton, and it’s not like MI is hurting for fresh water.

  23. Nope, nevermind, that’s a terrible idea. There’s a reason the little shits are endangered.

  24. Wakey wakey

    Bear sightings 0

  25. I remember learning how the Native Americans used the axolotl to throw their spears farther when hunting

  26. How many skinks have you spotted?

  27. Be the best spear chucker you can be

  28. 3

  29. I’ve only ever seen one black bear in all my years of being in their territory. I was driving on the Kancamangus Highway in NH and one ran across the road a good 100 yards ahead of me. By the time I got to that spot it was long gone.

  30. best spear chucker ever!

  31. I’ve walked up to two moose in the woods, both in NH. The second time I literally looked up and it was only 20 feet away on the trail eating something leafy. I backed the fuck up and stood behind a few trees until it sauntered off into the woods .

  32. 8/10 would smash

  33. twitter: want a smoothie?

  34. There’s an annual open atlatl competition (annual Northeastern Open Atlatl Championship) at Chimney Point State Park at Vermont’s Lake Champlain, across the lake from Fort St. Frederick and the British fort that was built next to its ruins.

  35. I would lose my mind.

  36. new bottle of sriracha for the salad today, and BOY HOWDY it is HOT!

  37. why don’t they hire kids to run up and down the aisles, instead?

  38. She’s third or fourth tier. But we like to cast a wide net.

  39. By the by –
    Sean’s derp was a four word masterpiece last night.

  40. who’s Dracula?

  41. I recognize ren and stimpy, but dracula?

  42. Re: this amazing bit of Friday boobery – Pup wrote she’s only 125 …
    So suck it fat shamers.

  43. Only black bears where Car in is at, I think. Of course, there are more black bear attacks on humans than grizzlies, but only because there are fewer grizzlies and they live in more remote areas. But black bears are known to stalk humans and eat them (not just kill them).

  44. black bears are native to Iowa too. Thanks!

  45. Hello?

  46. we play the Baylor Bears saturday

  47. When do you play the Spear Chuckers?

  48. I shouldn’t make a comment here about when my high school quiz bowl team beat Benton Harbor by a 3:1 points ratio.

    So I won’t.

  49. This is the article it’s referring to which is paywalled

    No need to read it, just click to look at the mask the unfortunate Vaccine Addict is wearing – supposed to be a tongue but looks like a dong

  50. 9/10 would let her smash me.

    Nice one pupster!

  51. Our favorite New Mexican restaurant has increased entree prices by $3, while cutting back on portion sizes. Only two servers at lunch yesterday. Full house. 3 large groups. They were amazing.

  52. Since we were already in the War Zone, we went to War Zone Sams Club. We usually play spot the Hooker, Tranny, Hooker/Tranny, and Drunk Indian. Drunk Indian Hooker Tranny was on an episode of COPS, but she passed. After yesterday, we’ve added panhandler and meth head. Albuquerque is done.

  53. I can’t see most of your Twitter links, since I’ve been suspended.

  54. Guys Ultimate Game Night is fun. Food Network

  55. FNT is going late tonight.

  56. Looks like we’re getting winds from Fiona tonight and tomorrow. Trees still have their leaves on them so I expect some downed trees. Nova Scotia is getting the full force of it with all the things – rain, wind, tidal surge, Justin Trudeau

  57. FNT


  58. Furry Nipple Trauma

  59. Fornicating Neurotic Twats

  60. Friday Night Tights, nerd culture for the un-woke.

  61. Winds were here earlier. Cold will probably follow.

  62. Dan had his skin cancer removed. Lots of stitches. Telling people I hit him with a frying pan. Dr gave him a stitch removal kit. Makes me sick.

  63. It was a little chilly earlier today on the porch.

  64. Temperature was okay today in the sunshine but the breeze had a sharp edge to it. I have a feeling this year we are going to have an early frost.
    Putting up the greenhouse tomorrow, hopefully. STOKED.

  65. Bunch o rain here the last couple of days.
    Now it’s windy and cold.

  66. Summer seems to have skeedaddled fast.

  67. Parent weekend at lil j college this weekend.
    Not sure what that means but we’re headed there in the morning.

  68. Pray for Oso.

  69. It’s a blue haired paradise.

  70. My wife and I just returned from spending a week in VT, NH, and western NY. I’ve never seen so many gringos in my life. I think Burlington would seriously benefit from having about 2000 MS-13 gang bangers dumped on em. I’ma call Governor Abbot tomorrow and whisper in his ear.

  71. Correction, Northeastern NY. Across the lake from VT.

  72. Dolores engaged redistricting proponents.

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