MMM 511

We’re back in the cycle of school days interrupted by respiratory infection because kids are all passing around fun new virii. I felt crummy yesterday but so far no cough.

She seems pert.

Blue eyeshadow does nothing for me but make my mind say “hussy” because I heard an old woman say it once. Weird, right?

Not a sorority squat.

She seems a little intense.

Monochrome puller.

That suit looks complicated.

Time to go make coffee.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. I heard an old woman say it once
    Every now and then I’ll think of some memory from my childhood or adulthood that was formed because of what someone said and try to put it in context and figure out if it was truly wisdom or someone being a wiseass. Similarly, I’ve had people come up to me out of the blue and remind me of some thing I said years before that stuck with them. With my expressions odds are higher that they were some wiseass expression I used to defuse a tense situation.

    I guess what I’m saying, is we all play the role of Leon’s old woman in other people’s lives whether we are aware of it or not.

  3. I had two early morning wake up around 0430 Friday and Saturday night. It coincided with a full bladder and once I’m up the Rowan and Ollie begin their grab ass play with biting and growling at each other. Resistance is futile. I made it to 0530 today because I made a bathroom trip way earlier in the night and they knew it was nowhere near wake up time.

  4. They should invent a bed with a built-in urinal for us old dudes.

  5. astronautbach diaperbachs

  6. It seems a shame that Americans were introduced to astronaut diapers as a result of that crazed woman driving hundreds of miles to kill someone while wearing them. In almost any other context they would have been seen as a practical, if not mildly disgusting, solution to a problem

  7. If that hadn’t happened KJP could state confidently and without prejudice that Brandon was confident during meetings with other world leaders because he was wearing astronaut diapers.

  8. He’s such dumpster fire.

    Actually, that’s not fair to dumpster fires.

  9. Dumpster fires provide light, warmth, and entertainment. Biden does none of those things.

  10. “… as a result of that crazed woman driving hundreds of miles to kill someone …”

    I first read that as driving hundreds of mules, and thought, there’s a story I haven’t heard.

  11. Oh, I would drive five hundred mules
    And I would drive five hundred more
    To be that guy that parked one thousand mules at some poor sucker’s door

  12. He’s entertaining. There’s nothing that douche won’t say if it’s on the prompter.

    We have a senile pedophile racist old coot Ron Burgandy as president.

  13. Darkly so, I suppose. I mostly reel in horror.

  14. He reminds me of a guy who didn’t used to take him self so seriously, but now does because he’s getting confirmation that he’s a fuck up.

    It’s sort of ironic that an old racist like Biden had to ride the coattails of a black man to finally achieve his goals.

  15. He accomplished that which Hillary couldn’t, so there’s that.

  16. He had a bigger fraud organization than she did, said so himself.

  17. Care to sum up 60 Minutes?

    Pelley, why don’t you just suck his balls, you stupid ignorant biased activist motherfucker

  18. I don’t think the real oligarchs think highly of Hilzebub. No telling why, though I can guess. (Though I’d probably be wrong.)

  19. Looking through that BRCC twitter thread made me realize that there is an incredibly small chance that this country is going to avoid a Bosnia-style civil war.

  20. All I see are the usual NPCs calling him a traitor and claiming his father’s about to be indicted. It’s almost like twatter is shit and can’t be used to actually have sensible interactions.

  21. I commented on the WSJ article by referencing the NYT piece as the reason I’m a former coffee subscriber at BRCC. I think the whole thing was overblown but, given the uncertainty and shifting narratives, I moved on.

    The focus of the WSJ article is how BRCC is unable to obtain financing for expansion because of icky black rifles despite employing a lot of veterans and donating to veterans’ causes/charities. This is why the parallel economy is important.

  22. Rumble completes merger, shares go public today, RUM!

  23. hmm, Greg Pollowitz passed away, cancer. Sad news.

    Not Pavlovitz. Used to mix them up, until pavlovitz went full never trump and was really agressive about it.

  24. “Beyond Meat Is Beyond Hope”

    “Of course its stock crashed. The animal kingdom already had a 95% market share”

    Plug this into that 12 or 20 foot ladder thing if you can’t get past the paywall

  25. “The question that many investors, cheerleaders or financial analysts apparently didn’t bother to ask: Who’s going to eat this?”

  26. Family friend passed about from cancer around noon today.

  27. Sorry for your loss, Carin.

  28. I should have shorted Beyond Meat, darnit.

    Sorry Carin.

  29. He was a good friend of my mom and sister. He took my wedding pictures. Mostly he was a surrogate dad to my nephew. They went out for dinner once a week almost Jack’s entire lifetime. He was a gentle soul. Colon cancer. He’d been in hospice at his ex-wife’s home.

  30. Sorry for your loss, Carin.

  31. Beyond Meat is actual garbage. When you read the LONG ingredient list of the “impossible burger” it’s wholly manufactured garbage.

    How do you tell people it’s “better for you than meat” with a straight face. You can only if you’re an assface.

  32. Sounds like the world lost a good man

  33. wholly manufactured garbage … marketed as wholesome

    Honest to fuck, if I want a veggie burger, call it a veggie burger! Even the standard veggie burgers seen in most grocery store freezers from Morningstar Farms have a lot of crap in them.

  34. Sorry for the loss, Car In. Sounds like he was one of the Good Ones.

    Sure seems like the new economic paradigm is selling substandard products and services at a premium, be it food or buildings. Or government.

  35. But good news, we get to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion!

  36. There are two kinds of people in this world who will always tell you what they are in the first five minutes of meeting – vegetarians and lawyers.

    And both are equally insufferable.

  37. Ha ha ha haaaa …

    “Hi y’all ! I’ve posted before trying to rehome my roaster Bird man. He use to be super sweet, but lately he has taken a turn of aggression toward me and my 2 year old. He did attack my son, and has tried to attack me. I am
    Able to pick him up, and he goes into
    His coop pretty easy at night. Especially with some scratch grain coaxing. I love this guy but he needs a new home. WE are looking for compensation for they guy. He’s a beautiful roo and very protective of his ladies. I am located in metamora. If interested let me know. He’s. A beautiful bird and I love him, so I want him to go to a good home with his own ladies. My children come first.”

    wait – you want me to PAY YOU to take your aggressive rooster? LOLOL

    First timers.

  38. Ethan just scored higher than the army guys for the last two tests.

    Apparently the army only sends the absolute creme of the crop to JCAC. They only get there after some other hurdles. So they usually always graduate top of the class. They get sent on to something else that’s really hard core, but I forget what.

  39. Ethan is smarter than the average bear. And grunt.

  40. That rooster’s going to be rehomed into someone’s stew pot.

  41. “There are two kinds of people in this world who will always tell you what they are in the first five minutes of meeting … ”

    I thought Harvard students/graduates were on that list. Oh, and Congressional staffers.

  42. Aggressive roosters get the axe. What’s wrong with that guy? Any animal goes after my kids and it’s seen its last sunrise.

  43. I’ve posted before trying to rehome my roaster Bird man.

    best typo ever, prophetic!

  44. Crossfit. You always know the crossfit folk.

    So a vegan crossfit lawyer from Harvard…

  45. That would be the self-regard singularity, no?

  46. Jimbro, I loved your first twitter link. The second not so much. We (as a nation) have lost our effing minds.

  47. Condolences, Carin.

  48. Sorry for your loss, Carin.

  49. Hey guys, we didn’t get burgled today!

  50. Dan gifted me with HBO Max for my birthday. Watching Boardwalk Empire.

  51. So, Dan had Mohs on his forehead Friday. Basal cell. Location has been crazy. After 3 previous Mohs, this has been the worst. Swelling, headaches, and massive itching. Skin stretched so tight. Nausea. Funny thing, for the third time his Dr sent a suture kit home for me to remove the stitches. I passed out in the office for Mohs #2.

  52. Owning the comments. Old school. Basal cell just seems so innocuous. Two family members with skin cancer. Never thought Mexicans could get skin cancer. Melanoma. I wasn’t allowed to play outside, because I was so white. Brown kids could get browner. They’re starting to get skin cancer. I’ve met black people at the Club that moved from LA and now have skin cancer. Melanin isn’t sun screen.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  54. Great video. Heads up, with my Twitter suspension, I can’t see any links to Twitter. Nada.

  55. Not even if you clear your cache and use a VPN?

  56. Nah, my account went from suspended to banned.

  57. Today was Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. It’s also Talk Like a Pirate Day.

    I snort-laughed at the possibilities.

  58. How would they know it’s you if you use a vpn and don’t sign in? I can see tweets but I don’t have a twitter account.

  59. Lumps, I don’t know. When I try to access Twitter posts at the HQ or here, I am blocked. I tried to create a lurking acct…blocked.

  60. BITD, I could read Twitter posts, even though I was in jail. I can’t access anything Twitter.

  61. In other news, got a decent flush of large winecap mushrooms from the other edge of the chip bed I inoculated last Fall. I’m delighted. It seems that though the whole bed is packed full of mycelia, the fruiting bodies are only forming at the edges of the bed where they have contact with some compost mounds or soil. Did I make the bed too deep? It’s about 8 inches of hardwood chips. Do shrooms need a little nitrogen to pop? If I don’t have more flushes all over the bed by late Spring I will see if I can infiltrate some leaf mold or grass clippings here and there and see if it helps.

  62. My brothers birthday yesterday. Family text. Everyone posting pics. Bro is friends with Santana. Yeah. That guy. Santana commenting on family pics. I may or may not have gone full Cheech & Chong. Fuck yeah I went all in with the Cheech & Chong

  63. Comment by osoloco11 on September 19, 2022 7:09 pm
    BITD, I could read Twitter posts

    I don’t have a Twitter account, but I used to be able to read tweets. Now, I can read 4 or 5 tweets from someone, then it blocks me and demands I login.

  64. I got suspended for commenting on a MLG post. I refuse to delete. Her daily anti Ronchetti post about female reproductive health. Apparently, let’s kill babies y’all.

  65. Wow WordPress, et tu.

  66. The trick is to click “log in” and then X out of the login dialogue box.

  67. Leon, that used to work. This time they are serious. I might’ve tagged Elon as a real person not a bot for his lawsuit. I did. I tagged Elon.

  68. millions of people tag Elon

  69. Anybody see anything weird about the prisoner swap we’re doing with the taliban?

    Frerichs, 60, was traded for Bashir Noorzai, a Taliban associate who spent over 17 years in US custody for drug trafficking. Monday’s exchange marks the first prisoner swap negotiated with the Taliban

    Do you really believe we had that guy for almost two decades in gitmo on just a fucking drug charge? Really?

    Stinks to high heaven. This is “please shut your brain off now” stuff, again.

  70. Without even looking, this has to be one of the terrorists helping to fund their operations with poppies. It’s not a motherfucking drug bust. That’s merely incidental to the terrorist financing and ops.

  71. Wired, me no sleepy

  72. should have done the derp, Bro tim!

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