1. “I’ve seen every blue-eyed floozy on the way (hey)
    But their beauty and their style
    Went kind of smooth after a while
    Take me to them dirty ladies every time”

  2. Doc injected me with some stuff that keeps the eye moist.
    Do you smell cherry?


    (Imgur video with sound)

  4. Wakey wakey

  5. Chilli-Mac for breakfast because I’m an adult and can do what I want when I want.

    Moarning CARin, Jimbro.

    Who’s turn is it to run the circular saw to wake up Lumpy?

  6. I thought she woke up to the sound of the buffer warming up?

  7. It’s butter melting that does it

  8. Avocado toast here with eggs pooped by my pets.

  9. Ummmm….right.

  10. The Ashleys aren’t doing the sorority squat.

    I threatened Mini-me with bodily harm if she ever did the sorority squat for a photo, and she rolled her eyes at me. I don’t think I need to worry about that, thank God.

  11. Former co-worker now has a “daughter” instead of a son. This shit is getting out of hand, and I’m sorry he’s encouraging it.

  12. How long until it’s us, too?

  13. Slav Squat is the only acceptable one for photos.

  14. I guess I once again praise my great-grandfather for getting the hell out of that shithole country. I wavered on thanking my dad for getting the hell out of Ireland but his decision proved to be the right one when all the evidence is weighed.

  15. I also have a sudden need for a giant crochet octopus. I must find that pattern.

  16. Let me know if you find that crochet pattern, Mitch.

    I just noticed the “Live Laugh Poo” sign in the Viking attack meme. Hahahahahaaa.

  17. Nice memes. I’m going to introduce them to my family.

  18. I learned a new word today

  19. I don’t know what the sorority squat is

  20. Hands on bent knees, butt sticking out, crouch.

  21. Instead of just standing normally for a pic.

  22. I heard Texas offered the migrants a ride to Delaware, and no one took them up on it.

  23. Hahahaha! What is that real video from?

  24. My dad is an unhappy Univ. of South Carolina fan at the moment.

  25. Though the Georgia QB puked on the field.

  26. Pupster, great memes as always. I’m glad we gave you your posting privileges back.

    I was just in a mask that had a couple kiosks selling DC themed merch. There was a ton of Trump stuff. The only stuff related to The Big Guy included the word Brandon.

  27. …Am I the only one who thinks this is a story about a creepy stalker who has been escalating his behavior over time?

  28. The ham and cheese lunchable only comes with 5 crackers.

  29. I’m on a 24 hour ban at FB. They found another post from July. I don’t know if I’ll get time served, or additional time out.

  30. Rooting for Cal against The Irish.

  31. I was getting Kirsch’s substack updates but stopped a while back. I’m not sure what it was that made me unsubscribe but maybe it was something like that. Probably more than one “something like that” TBH

  32. FB deletes your comment or post. They don’t tell you what it is. Twitter tells you which comment is objectionable. You can delete or appeal. I’m not deleting anymore. Governor Wuhan can post about Reproductive Rights in NM every single day, lie about Ronchetti, and I can’t agree with her with a “Let’s kill babies, y’all”

  33. Ben used to get the lunchables with pepperoni in them. He would only eat food from home until he discovered pizza. That was a tearful experience where Paula had to force him to eat a piece. At one point he told his teacher that he was allergic to school lunch in the hopes it would end their quest to have him eat something other than PB sandwiches and potato chips from home.

  34. sql clause isn’t sorted. need the order by. *nerd

  35. CoW had a 5 year old that would only eat the pepperoni lunchable. Every single day. Until she was in the 3rd grade.

  36. Was it Lays potato chips and did he put the chips in the pb&j?

  37. That gives me a hankering for Burger King Chicken Nuggets shaped like stars and lightning bolts.

  38. That last meme is 100% for you Osoloco.

  39. Danke. We had Texas chili Mac last night. Crossed the streams. Ace posted a Fritz video, and I had to refrain from the “Ackchually”

  40. TBF, I’m blue dress Sleeping Beauty, but I get Cinderfucked.

  41. The dragon in Sleeping Beauty gave me nightmares.

  42. Ooh, Maleficent. She was awesome.

  43. Is mullet dog named “Joe Dirt?”

  44. He would fill a baggie with these chips

    Their unofficial name in this house is Fat Girl Chips. Apparently when he was a wee lad he saw a morbidly obese woman eating those BBQ chips right out of a big bag and mentioned it to Paula who hushed him because he said it kind of loudly.

  45. Heh.

    My mom used to pack peanut butter honey sandwiches and I hated them, I would beg for school lunch $$ or trade with Heather Parsons who always had deli sliced ham and butter sandwiches. I can still taste the wonder bread.

  46. Ham and butter is not common in my experience, but my ultimate favorite uncommon sandwich is ham and cream cheese, which I consider fancy to this day.

  47. My brother would only eat fresh tortillas. My mom would get up early every day to make fresh tortillas. He would sell them at lunch.

  48. I would steal pennies from my dad to get chocolate milk with my school lunch

  49. My sister would eat refried beans on tortilla with onions and velveeta. In VA. In the 60s. We were considered weird. Not quite white…

  50. I had an Evil Kniviel lunch box and a Road Runner lunch box and I was the coolest kid up to about 7th grade when EVERYTHING CHANGED.

  51. Last trip to the lake for the year is now in the books.

  52. Its kind of looking like chilli-mac nachos for dinner unless I’m reading the signs incorrectly.

  53. Will Possum paddle about in lake water?

    I always loved visiting Uncle Virg who lived on a lake and had his own dock and pontoon boat, up in your neck of the woods. Lake Wauwasee if I remember correctly.

  54. We did some lake swimming.

    Inland lake I’m omitting for OpSec, not Michigan. Lake Michigan is a much better swimming experience.

  55. If you’ve not spent a lot of time in MI, it’s easy to not know that we have lakes the way West Virginia has mountains. There are 3 I could drive to in less than 15 minutes each

  56. We had chili Mac last night. Pupslain the nachos

  57. Chili-mac taco salad? Like that.

    I was going to make chilitos but the tortillas are for some mythical future taco night apparently.

  58. West Virginia also has country roads, or so I hear. And moonshine.

  59. I don’t think we have much moonshine up here. Our Prohibition resistors were mostly French and Italian Catholics running wine in from Canada, or distributing a bunch of extra wine that was bought “for communion” to parishioners on the down low.

    We do have a big dandelion wine tradition, though, likely from the same event origins.

  60. Sobek, my VA friends are reclaiming the John Denver song as Western VA, not West VA.

  61. I just finished leftover American chop suey. Still another meal’s worth left which is good because it’s just me and the dogs until Monday afternoon when Paula gets back from NH.

  62. Just signed up for a 10 mile trail run by Hotspur. I hope he shows up to cheer me on.

    Today was all sorts of yard work and dog training and other bs.

    I got a mani and a pedi though so I have that going for me

  63. Taquitos with green Chile dip. Dan made BLTs for himself while I was at work. Sourdough bread. I like the B. No L. No T. Dans boss had BLT day. I was invited. My Bacon sammich was yummy.


    I did a few with the PRECICE nail. Personally I’d advise these people to find height compatible partners before signing up for this procedure. Becoming taller to become happier or find a romantic partner is sort of like taking your forearm muscle and moving it to your former vagina and calling it a penis to be happy.

    Super easy compared with the external devices like the Ilizarov or Taylor Spatial Frame or if you have to incorporate angular correction plus lengthening. So easy a caveman could (and did) can do it. The nails have to come out a year after lengthening which is another anesthetic and procedure.

  65. Hopefully the mani/pedi followed the yard work

  66. My grandfather with his tying weights to your legs while sitting on the pier was crazy bananapants.

  67. They should have more confidence. Once you go short, there’s no other sort.

  68. Didn’t expect this latest skin cancer treatment to have so many stitches. Dan is calling himself Tony Montana. I’m just happy he is cancer free.

  69. Short girls are the best, but they all seem to go for giants so their kids won’t be.

  70. PCOS. I’m average but I took mr 6’4” out of the gene pool.

  71. Gloves and socks/shoes jimbro. Everything’s still good. I went first thing in the morning because I hate waiting.

  72. As long as it wasn’t socks with sandals that’s okay.

    I hate waiting as well. Pretty much for anything but I’ve avoided waiting for mani/pedi days with one simple trick.

  73. There was a sandal/ sock period but I was indoors

  74. “I’ve avoided waiting for mani/pedi days with one simple trick.”

    Me too.

  75. Washing my hands with WD-40 is probably as close as I’ve gotten.

  76. You two just don’t know

  77. When I was in CO for my fellowship my ex wife worked at a massage school and one of the students needed a practice dummy for a reflexology treatment for her exam. There was no “pedi” involved but it was pretty effin’ soothing. That was 24 years ago. Every 4 or 5 years I say, “I ought to get one of those reflexology treatments again”. And I don’t.

  78. I brined some pork chops and made a fresh cucumber and tomato salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Italian dressing mix. Dad cleaned his plate.

    Mini-me is at Pyromania in St. Louis. I need to be at an event called Pyromania.

  79. Should have grilled the pork chops instead of pan-frying them, but Dad gave his grill to Rocketboy.

  80. I’ve got the kids watching The Absent-Minded Professor (Fred MacMurray, not whatever remakes there may be). They are fascinated (and laughing their asses off).

  81. As a kid I remember thoroughly enjoying that movie as well .

  82. Dasani especially refreshed Paul.

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