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And just because we need a south american counterpoint to sobek’s music knowledge… I proffer Paulo’s muse:


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Crazy is as Leftist Does

Causes of a Psychotic Break 

It’s not entirely understood why psychosis happens. There’s no single cause for a psychotic break. Several factors or conditions could be responsible for a person’s psychotic break. However, to treat the phenomenon efficiently, it’s essential to first understand what caused it. The most likely causes of a psychotic break include:2

  • Genetics: Genetics sometimes plays a role in causing psychotic breaks. Suppose you have a family history of psychosis or conditions that have been linked to psychosis, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In that case, you are more likely to have a psychotic break. However, having a family history of psychosis doesn’t guarantee that you will develop the condition.3
  • Physical or emotional trauma: Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event could trigger a psychotic break, especially in people who are already genetically predisposed to developing psychotic breaks. 
  • Drug abuseAbusing certain drugs such as amphetamines or alcohol can increase your risk of developing psychosis. 
  • Brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries can trigger psychosis in certain people. After a traumatic brain injury, it’s essential to be on the lookout for early signs of psychosis. 
  • Medical conditions: A psychotic break is sometimes a sign of a mental health condition, like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Other medical conditions that have been linked to psychosis include depression, schizoaffective disorder, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Stress: A psychotic episode can be triggered by severe stress in some instances. This becomes even more likely if there are other factors in place that could lead to a psychotic break, such as being genetically predisposed. 
It’s an incredible disconnect – dissonance really

Bring on the Meds

Fighting Psychosis Since March 2009


  1. The whole twitter response to Desantis shipping 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard is hilarious. It was 90% “we’re better than them because we’re accepting, etc” with only a few retorts from conservatives. Continue accepting 50 a week for even a few months and I’m sure most of them would change their tune. Most communities in America would help settle 50 unexpected migrants into their towns as a one time thing but it gets old when they start shitting in your hollyhocks and raping your chickens while demanding free shit.

  2. One of the things I read just yesterday about psychosis is that we have a new drug problem that is causing a lot of new psychosis problems. The biggest problem is that it is an old drug that big Corporations are now investing in hopes of it being the next big Tobacco Profit crop. The biggest problem society faces is that everyone thinks of this drug as being the same one from the 60’s and 70’s…Mostly harmless with some benefits. The problem is the new drug is NOT the same as the old, and it is most definitely NOT harmless…

  3. Speaking for the “crazy and bitter” contingent, PHHHHHBT.

  4. Great article Sarge. Alex Berenson was all over this before Covid hit and he dedicated the majority of his writing to that. He’s recently picked up the mentions of it in his Substack.


    A caller on local talk radio summed it up nicely, “The city council banned flavored tobacco for the children but they allow marijuana dispensaries seemingly on every corner”

  5. My neighboring town has 3 marijuana shops and not 1 tobacconist.

  6. A caller on local talk radio summed it up nicely, “The city council banned flavored tobacco for the children but they allow marijuana dispensaries seemingly on every corner”
    Boomers like to smoke pot but gave up cigarettes for good.

  7. Wretched Bitchmer went on a tear against vapes after riding the coattails of legal recreational weed into office.

  8. It’s sort of a weird thing. I personally don’t like smoking anymore but weed is everywhere now. Edibles are very popular in my town – the wine moms.

  9. Here’s your “why”:


    Everything everywhere all the time is trying to crush masculinity in the ‘peasant class’ on the fucking molecular level. A pothead soyboy is a threat to no one but the Taco Bell drive thru.

  10. That link has sketchy ads, apologies, but there is at least one study linking men smoking tobacco to a higher T level.

    Weed dunks it in the toilet and gives it a swirlie.

  11. Weed killed it.

    Just like a young man’s ambition.

  12. I wonder if higher T makes you more likely to take up smoking, rather than smoking raising your T.

  13. These look pretty good:


    I’ve made the first and third recipes so far, and they were both good.

  14. Tobacco use is a filthy habit, no matter how one partakes, but cigarettes particularly. Visiting with my brother and his wife with my Dad this week and I’m the only non-smoker here. Ugh. I smell like an ashtray at the end of every day. Nicotine is a vile damaging drug too.

    In Other News, professional Degenerate and criminal Hunter Bribe Him claims he can’t afford child support payments. Because he’s so poor.

  15. “No, your honor, I don’t still have the money from selling my artwork to shady Chinese front groups, I spent it all on crack and hookers.”

    Things I Would Love to Read in a Court Filing But Probably Never Will, Vol. 1

  16. I had the same thought, Sobek. It’s a question that doesn’t get enough attention. Even the arrow of causality on exercise might not be so straightforward.

    I should take up pipe smoking as a once-a-week thing. Just in case.

  17. Deace makes a great argument that this vote for gay marriage going on right now will open up federal government’s war against the church.

    I say let them marry, but I don’t want the govt to have ammo against religion.

  18. I just mix my protein powder with fairlife milk water. I’m not that fancy Sobek.

  19. wakey wakey

  20. The “illegal immigrant resettlement” dick-measuring contest between Abbot and DeSantis is pretty much the only time I’ve ever been keen on such a thing.

  21. “I’m not that fancy Sobek.”

    I like trying new recipes. This morning I had the third shake on that list, the citrus wave or whatever it’s called. Yummy stuff, but I prefer the oatmeal one.

  22. heh, AOC recall

  23. We have a large old Oak, just South of the house. It’s a great shade tree, but Anita has picked up 52 gallons of acorns, so far…
    The loader on the Kubota holds 32 gallons.

  24. Paula is doing this tri this weekend


    She wants her hair a little shorter and thinned out because it “feels heavy”. Given the short length of my own hair I’m unfamiliar with this concept. Either way, her usual stylists were busy and unable to get her in so she called one of the chains like Great Cuts or Super Cuts. She texted me to let me know that the person cutting her hair had a beard and boobs. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume they weren’t moobs for her to remark on it.

  25. 52 gallons of acorns could feed at least a dozen illegal immigrant squirrels

  26. Nonsense. They would wind up buried in my planter boxes.

  27. so, which way is the gender train traveling?

  28. No idea, I didn’t ask or want to know. She did text after that it was a good haircut. I could have said it gave her a good haircut but I’m not a meanie.

  29. Ze gave her a good haircut.

  30. Mitch, I enjoy cigars for about 8 months of the year. Why 8 months? Because I don’t smoke them indoors. If I did, any enjoyment of them would be offset by the stink in my house. You need to be creative at the beginning and end of the cigar season because hypothermia definitely decreases the enjoyment factor as well.

    Pipes are enjoyable too but require more fussing around to keep them lit.

  31. Ze! That’s it lol

  32. well, the/she/it is a resident expert on both sides of haircuts. Were there any drag show posters nearby?

  33. 52 gallons of acorns could have fed a couple of pigs to market weight, methinks.

  34. The Toledo gun buyback was a success!

  35. twitter: have you noticed it’s peak hurricane season?

    Yeah, me neither. Putin did it.

  36. People are really stupid if they are young mothers and join the navy. Honestly, what did they think would happen? Stupid stupid stupid.

  37. Ok, I think the bussing of illegal aliens to various sanctuary cities is hilarious and I don’t care who knows it.

  38. preachin to the choir here!

  39. there were 50 people sent to Martha’s Vineyard. There are 6 island towns (6! according to their own emergency notice).

    Del Rio got more than that as I typed this comment.

  40. Am I the only one who finds Steve Kirsch a bit…off-putting? I wouldn’t want to “debate” him either.

  41. Time has not been kind to Bridgette Fonda.

  42. I suspect that it’s more Weinstein and her surgeon, but YMMV, TimBro.

  43. She was in a car accident that fucked her face. The fat was all on her.

  44. I love how they were bragging how SO MANY PEOPLE where there to help the immigrants, and they would get them settled easy peasy. Awesome. We’ll just keep the pipeline going. You know, since they’re so good at it.

  45. Wow, you aren’t kidding. Most of those “YOU WOULDN’T RECOGNIZE THEM NOW” things are exaggerated. Not this one.

  46. Danny elfman puts off a gay vibe to me.

  47. the car accident isn’t responsible for that. She apparently only got minor cuts and scratches. Stayed one night in the hospital.

  48. She married Danny Elfman. When the paparazzi started circulating the unflattering photos of her, family and friends started shaming the media that was attacking a woman who luckily survived a serious car crash.

  49. 2009 – after the accident – she still looked like herself.


  50. accident was in 2003. That picture I just linked was 6 years later.

  51. She’s been out of acting for what, twenty years? Kinda ends the incentive to stick with the usual regimen of exercise, binge/purge, and surgery.

  52. I just … am flabbergasted. I missed the story when it came out. You guys got to give me a few minutes to digest this.

  53. Either the photos are misidentified or something medical went horribly wrong with her.

  54. She had serious back injuries. Lots of therapy. She’s retired, Pierce Brosnan has a fat wife. Why is she subject to media? People get fat. I’m fat. I don’t have people engaging in before and after pics of me being judgmental on media. That’s reserved for family.

  55. I’m not advocating that she should be rail thin. but she looks like she ATE the former Bridgett Fonda. There is so much unhappiness in that face and body, it oozes from her. It’s not just the weight. cripes. She’s got oodles of money, and she’s even dressed as if she’s completely given up.

  56. I mean, take Pierce bronson’s wife – she was once super trim and glamorous. now she’s got extra weight, but STILL pretty glamorous.

    I’m telling you, her husband is gay. He had a few kids, and now he’s just done. That’s what it does to a woman.

  57. I’m guessing some depression in there as well. It’s not like that kind of dysfunction doesn’t run rampant in those circles.

  58. Does anyone else, or would anyone else if their kids were the right age, passive-aggressively write notes to the teacher in their best flowing cursive because you know full well that fresh-faced twenty-something can’t read cursive?

  59. (I was actually going to mention Bronson’s wife already – I did before I saw your comment/ refreshed)

  60. Yes, next question.

  61. Also, not getting car back today. Usual excuses from “service” department.

  62. I just can’t get over those pants she’s wearing. those are straight up, I’ve given up, fat pants. I expect that at the grocery store in lapeer. not from someone with as much money as she has.

    I don’t mean to assign money to glamor – but if you are of big means, you really can afford to look good pretty much no matter what your size. Someone will buy your clothes that will flatter, so even if you don’t fuss over yourself (Wash and wear kind of person), you will look “put together” in public.

  63. Fat shaming is my thing. Brendan Fraser getting fat shamed for years? Acts in a movie called “The Whale.” TBF watching Hollywood Fat shame a male actor was pretty novel. Having him win a potential Oscar, is bullshit when you see what getting fat does to female actors.

  64. Yeah, Car in, that’s why I suspect depression or the like. She doesn’t care any more if that’s her.

    I’m a big dude, OK? I mean “cosplay as the Death Star” big. I know something about the mental part of how you bloat up like that. She is Not Right In The Head, and not in the fun ways.

  65. As I said, it’s not just the weight. I mean, that is sorta shocking, because just a few years ago she still was trim (after having a baby – that’s often when women put on weight they never lose). There’s just something very sad about her appearance. She doesn’t look happy.

    She was never a very good actress though. She was famous because of her name and her looks.

    And brendan Fraser was NOT happy. He was very troubled, and has been very open about it. The weight was an result of being troubled. As I imagine it was for Fonda as well.

  66. Carin, my biggest problem with Oprah and Rachel Ray is the fact they have access to chefs, nutritionists, and personal trainers. Oink oink.

  67. Carin, being troubled and thin is celebratory. Being fat is the biggest sin.

  68. I’m always really jealous of bigger women who can put themselves together really well. I think much of it is attitude. I mean, they’re not “happy” about being bigger, but they’re happy with themselves, and probably didn’t gain the weight from a depression issue.

  69. As I said – I know many heavier women who don’t look like that (fonda). They may have a 100 pounds on me, and they look better on the daily bases.

    And you’re right – those wealthy women have every opportunity not only to have someone feed them the best … but they also have the $$$ to afford clothing that compliments them. Oprah and Rachel still look glamorous. That’s mostly my point with Bridgette. She just looks really unhappy.

  70. My experience with the eating disorder community is different than most. When I was in treatment, I discovered that 80% of eating disorders had origins in sexual abuse. Not a single percent had anything to do with movies or magazines. The getting fat and eating your feelings was the other side of the not eating or eating and purging coin.

  71. She seriously looks like I give up. Ties in with the latest episode of She Hulk. I see fatter women than I, find clothes.I really have a hard time finding clothes. I wear a Boys Husky 18. My boobs are too big for ladies clothes. Not in a BBF way, but adipose tissue AKA fat.

  72. I’d give up if I was married to … whatever it is that she’s married to. He looks like a freak.

  73. Just great. Trying to find a way home.

  74. I’m not the greatest dresser, but I don’t have her money.

  75. Melissa McCarthy dresses well. Just sayin

  76. Ree Drummond had to reimagine her brand, once she got fat.

  77. Patrick Mahomes married a butter face. His wife is constantly attacked on social media. She’s an ass. Like his brother. Her looks aren’t in question. Her character is. Yet, 9 out of 10 make it about her looks.

  78. Getting fat is the worst thing ever.

  79. Wound up using Uber for the first time. Great experience, great driver, 25% and five stars earned.

  80. Ignore me. I have fat issues. I have fat stories. I have a mirror that was diagnosed for my eating disorder. I am denied my scale. Denied my tape measure. I’m still fat. I was beating diabetes. Eating disorder came face to face with diabetes in 2011. This conversation is old. You do you. Carin is walking the walk. Inspiration to my lazy ass.

  81. Mahomes wife gets attacked because she’s a piece of work.

    Getting fat? meh. I mean, I’m a fitness person and I always just want to help people. But some people get fat because they have issues, some are depressed, some don’t care. There are challenges with each of those situations. But your life will be better if you feel better. For some that’s just a mental thing. For others, being able to move easier is the deal.

    I could lose weight to look better, but I know I’m healthy and can meet a lot of physical goals. It doesn’t limit me in any way. That’s the thing.

  82. I’ve always had good Uber experiences. Only done it a a handful of times.

  83. Going from what she (fonda) was a few years ago to now … that screams depression. Or some major unhappiness. I always want to see people live to their fullest, that’s just my deal. I see weight (on her) that is limiting her life.

  84. SOMEONE (I know who it is. Not mad at him) is apparently telling tales out of school. Logged onto my computer this morning to find Teams messages from my customer letting me know that multiple opportunities will be opening soon, including in her org, that I’m on the shortlist for. (No guarantees, obviously, but a couple of the options put me back on the career path I want.) So there’s that.

  85. I’m currently a POS with a sore throat. Dan isn’t kissing me or sleeping with me. Not COVID + , but symptomatic. So over this BS.

  86. chargers March right down the field ugh

  87. good for you Mrs peel

  88. I can’t access my Twitter account. No links. Blah blah blah My cheering on MLG with “Let’s kill babies, y’all “ is hidden. Forbidden. True Story. Reading comments at the HQ are envigorating. Battle cry

  89. Cheers for Peel. I’m just thrilled she’s back.

  90. Who is MLG?

    I just had a killer app idea: “Skinner Box”. You play a lab rat who is being trained with various actual lab rat experiments (so the game is fun AND educational). The object of the game is to escape the lab, preferably killing the scientist on the way. But in order to get the tools you need to escape, you have to play the Skinner box…and it just so happens you can buy extra pulls on the lever for the low, low price of 99 cents each.

    This is genius, I’m telling you. Geeen yee oos.

  91. So yesterday I met for the first time a guy I’ve being doing business with for almost 20 years. He had some interesting stories of what has been going on for the last few years. He used to run this specialty glass company over near Seattle. They got bought Ceradyne in around 2011. Then in 2012 3M bought Ceradyne. 3M management ran Ceradyne into the ground and sold it for a huge loss. They also ran the glass company into the ground and then decided to just shut it down. He and several others tried to buy it back and keep it open. 3M wouldn’t sell it to anyone. However some of the people trying to buy it owned the land 3M was leasing. Well they needed an extension on their lease and these guys got them to give them the equipment for an extension. The whole business is getting moved down to Rolla Mo since one of the investors was a little glass company there call MoSci. That company was founded by my one of my teachers when I was there in school.

  92. Cool! What kind of glass? It’s really hard to get good quality optical glass with the right coatings on it for spacecraft windows.

  93. It was just really interesting to me how terrible 3M management was and yet they never paid a price for how bad they were. Some of the things they did made no practical sense. It was like they had a script of how they thought things should work, but didn’t adjust until it blew up in their face and sometimes not even then. To the guy I met the glass company was something he had put effort into for 20-30 years and he didn’t want it to just go away. He’s basically retired. He also want to keep the people there employed, but the 3M guys didn’t care about any of it. It was just a problem they wanted to go away.

  94. Peel, They mostly make glass frit. So for like resistors and glass seals. They were also making some bio-glass that is used in toothpaste in Europe. That was getting to be a big part of their product line. The company name was Viox, but I think they will be going under the MoSci name now, but I don’t know for sure. They are still setting up the equipment in Missouri. MoSci makes small glass beads that get radiated for insertion in cancer tumors and some other products. Viox made a glass seal frit I had a patent on for sealing SOFC’s and I had to have Schott start making it for me.

  95. RIP Fred Franzia, the pioneer of box wine. Died Tuesday at 79…

  96. Denmark expropriated Rurik’s property.

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