MMM 510

Solo dad this whole week, and I need to make lunch and breakfast pretty much now, so let’s get this done.

Pretty hair.

I hope there’s an “N” just out of view.

Pretty smile, nice eyes.

Good use of shadow and lighting here.

Must be Venezuela, look at the empty shelves. I suppose it could also be Venice Beach, these days.

I don’t think those are her real eyelashes.

She’s using the wall for balance. Cheater!

And with that, we launch into the week that will be.


  1. Launch Party

  2. wakey wakey. Busy week.

  3. Just, damn. It really is the Purge.

    Across the nation, local governments in blue areas have targetted [sic] cops and firefighters with the stiffest of penalties for not accepting the experimental jab, which has been found to be more harmful than the COVID virus itself in men under the age of 40. Publicly, many have speculated that the intense scrutiny being applied to the vaccine status of cops and firemen comes as a direct result of their more conservative political leanings and tendencies to support Republican candidates, like President Trump, who was endorsed by the largest police and firefighter organizations in America.

  4. I can’t be the only person with “God Save The Queen” by the Sex Pistols running through my head today

  5. Well I’ve never heard it, so it’s not in mine.

  6. I’ve been feeling wonderfully apathetic lately. Except in spurts for the most random things. Kinda odd even by my standards but it’s better than total apathy I guess. Well, I’m still getting done what I gotta so far, so it could be worse.

  7. listening to libertarians about how they are the answer is making my head hurt. but they have good points.

  8. Most of the libertarians I know are all about outsourcing responsibility for consequences. Yeah, no.

    I really question whether most people can live responsibly in the libertarian dream world.

  9. so true brotim so true

  10. Soooo was there actually 35 FBI raids against Trump allies on Friday?

    I haven’t really heard much.


    That we got from Point A — DeSantis is an exceptionally skilled and popular policy executive — to Point B — DeSantis as president would turn America into an authoritarian hellscape — should leave everyone reading this with severe neck pain from straining to find the logic.

    Some lefties are waking up, but the mentioned pundits are getting more and more trapped in an Orwellian quagmire of their own making. This doublespeak is happening because they can’t countenance that a conservative leader might be skilled at governance and synthesize good public policy that citizens widely approve of.

    Because the default assumption is Conservatives Are Bad People, there must be some trick or non-democratic scheme at work. Of course there is.

  12. more like 50 MJ

  13. All of the intellectuals have left the democrat party. They’re left with the nose rings, power mad, and the people who claim to have credentials but were really just ‘graduated’.

    Looking at you Jill.

  14. God save me from “intellectuals”.

  15. twitter: Are the fish biting?

  16. twitter: leon, go get the ball!

  17. twitter: lil help?

  18. I forgot about college football. Was watching F1. Lot of spicy takes from people still mad about Abu Dhabi last year. I stand by my opinion, which is that (a) Mercedes has only themselves to blame for their driver having to finish the race on fifty-some-odd-lap-old hards and (b) if Hamilton didn’t want to get passed, he shouldn’t have fallen asleep in Turn 5.

  19. Really?

  20. We had some good rains recently and as I was walking from the garden to the house I spotted some mushrooms next to the birdbath bed. A light bulb moment happened and I U-turned back to le jardin and the bed of woodchips I inoculated with winecap spawn last Fall.

    Lo, three little ruddy-headed shrooms partially hidden under a squash leaf! I took them inside. There’s some slug damage. I rinsed them off right before I remembered to take a spore print for sure ID. I chose the biggest one for that purpose.

    Leon, will it still print even though I rinsed it?

  21. I mowed the lawn this morning and saw a few random mushrooms around the yard. Even though we’ve had rain recently I managed to hit a few newly surfaced tree roots. Hit one so hard my mower came to a complete stop and shut down. Woke me right up.

  22. I don’t think they made a big deal about the Trump ally raids because they’re so commonplace now that we’re used to it. Plus the Queen is still dead and 9/11. At this point the only coverage they’ll get is from a few right wing outlets and the MSM will claim it’s old news.

  23. We have some hideous mushrooms in our front yard. They look poisonous to me.

    6yo: Mom, do you know what I am?
    Me: (with misgivings) No. What are you?
    6yo: I’m a Blast Ninja. Blast ninjas can blast things. And dogs.
    Me: Can they be quiet when their mom is working?
    6yo: They can, but only if they’re not on a mission.
    Me: What if the mission is to be quiet while Mom is working?
    6yo: Their missions are for killing monsters.

  24. The choice is obvious, death by monster or hearing Blast Ninjas at work. Choose carefully!

  25. They’re left with the nose rings, power mad, and the people who claim to have credentials but were really just ‘graduated’.

    And they’re left with the trannies. Don’t forget the trannies.

  26. Spore print may or may not work after the rinse, Lumps. I’d give it a lot longer than usual.


  28. The DOJ needs to be destroyed. Utterly and completely torn apart.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  29. Looks like Jeff Bezos’ space dildo had another less-than-stellar flight.

  30. From Twitter:

    Mike Solana
    my bf is on a plane to miami right now and a bulldog in the row next to him just had diarrhea. everyone freaked out, the dog owner began sobbing, and the dog escaped. now, covered in poo, it is running around the plane. people are lifting up their legs and screaming.

  31. …wow.

    I just…wow.

  32. The dog may be the most rational actor in that tweet.

  33. He was trying to explain what that hole is for, Mike.

  34. WTF are airlines doing allowing animals on board in the passenger compartments? That dog should have been in a crate in the pressurized cargo hold. If its owner can’t fly without it, then the owner should be in a crate next to the dog.

  35. It’s for emotional support. When your dog has diarrhea in your lap, it’s very upsetting and you need something to calm you down.

  36. That’s just what Big Emotional Support Poopy Bulldog wants you to think.

  37. And…we were hit again. $30,000 in jewelry. 3 cases of cheap stuff. Under $1500. No way it isn’t an inside job. Police were able to clear the building in under 90 minutes, but we were only there for 30 minutes.

  38. Conversation in the Condo. BTS is on Disney+. Dan “Is that the Jap boy band?” Oso “Korean” Dan “Who’s ass raping them?” Oso “I dunno.” Dan “When I was growing up, the only boy band getting ass raped was the Jackson 5, and it was their dad.” Lucky you guys, I can’t share his moronic shit anywhere else. Pray for Oso

  39. Just got my Twitter lock out for calling MLG a baby killer. Waiting for Zuckerfuck jail

  40. I was helping a rainbow guy with a food vendor situation. I’m tea GFY

  41. more ads than ever on Tucker. 5 min breaks that used to be 3.5.

  42. Fake emotional support dogs need to stop. Just carry around a blankie or a teddy bear.

  43. I have wonderful news. Hannah dumped her boyfriend. Pat and I have called him “the Dude” for a few years now. She finally got sick of his shit.

    I wanted to take the night off to celebrate, but my boss just didn’t understand that as a viable excuse.

  44. Hold off, hold off…are you SUUUUURE?

    Just remembering the times I rejoiced about someone breaking it off from their shitty partner and then swallow my tongue three weeks later when they get back together.

  45. She’s moving out. She’s trashing him in the family group chat. we don’t know what happened, but he may have cheated on her.

    Which … seriously?

    She’s a hot chick who’s in med school.

  46. Last weekend there was a music festival – she went, he was “playing” – meaning, dj-ing. She was all excited to go.

    Today matt shared a meme to the kid group chat about ADHD – and most of it was about how they were faking /exaggerating because they were hypochondriacs and lazy. Her comment was that was “for real” her ex.

    I think she’s sick of his shit.

  47. Last summer I took the two of them camping. He is SO FUCKING LAZY. matt and I did everything in so far as packing up. So he left his dad’s fishing pole in my camper. I start popping it down and part of the tip gets bent. he loses his shit. Mostly he puts the stress on Hannah who says stuff to me.

    Well GEE – maybe if your boyfriend wasn’t so fucking lazy I wouldn’t have been doing ALL THE WORK and you would have moved the pole. Which shouldn’t have been in the camper anyway.

  48. bout time she woke up. Better buy her a MAGA hat

  49. lol
    He was the biggest impediment to her personal growth.

  50. “Hannah dumped her boyfriend.”

    A heartfelt congratulations to you. So glad that my little princess will always be six and never date.

  51. Jesse Watters going the way of Tucker, he’s got quite a response to the dems calling us terrorists on 9/11

  52. do crocs wear wife beater tshirts and clean shotguns, like a redneck?

  53. Good luck with that Sobek.

  54. I’m not sure whether to believe the “executive dysfunction” crowd. I have to say, it sounds an awful lot like laziness.

  55. Dilation expanded Rodney’s pupils.

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