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  1. *scrolling hand cramp*

    Good boy, Pupster! Yes you are! Yes you ARE!!!

    ‘mernin erryberdy

  2. Fine smelling memes today Pups!

  3. Fire weather warning in effect because of low humidity and continued drought. After that we have the potential for wetting rains on Monday and Tuesday. Bah! Oh please. I’ve heard that one before, several times this Summer. Not buyin’ it. They’ll come tantalizingly close then the Whammy will make it disappear right off the radar. Boooo!

  4. We had a good day and a half of steady rain midweek. Supposed to get some more early next week. It’s unusual for us to have such a prolonged drought here. I mean August is usually hot and dry anyway but this started a while ago

  5. Wow, nice selection today.

    I’m hoping for rain to wash the dog puke off the sidewalk. I still can’t believe he was that desperate to pull on the leash. I saw he was gagging (choke chain) and was trying to give him slack, but the second he got any slack, he took up all of it and pulled harder. So I consider that whole incident to be his own fault.

  6. Lots o funny Pup.

  7. I’m now happy enough to clamp my ham.

  8. Poor Wyoming.
    Some great fishing out there btw.
    And speaking of Wyoming – anyone know if Jewstin is still above ground and ambulatory?


  10. What I should do today: Get up, clean the house, finish prepping the kids for school, knock a few other items off my to do list

    What I’d like to do today: Lounge around in pj’s reading and cross stitching, ideally with no human interaction (and no more dog slobber on my elbow, RONIN)

    What will actually happen today: TBD…

  11. My family is coming out from Utah, I’ve got to clean this place up so they don’t see how we are living.

  12. Also pancakes.

  13. We host Paula’s parents a couple of times a year and that’s always my cue to organize my shit.

  14. No idea on Jewstin, he’s been blog-awol for at least a few years if not longer.

  15. Since 2017. That’s when we went to Colorado and were supposed to meet up with him.

  16. Good afternoon from Brussels my lovely toy horse stuffers!

  17. I’m gonna make a big batch of zucchini butter this weekend, for freezing. Probably gonna supplant my usual bags of frozen zucch concentrate that I put in Winter soups. So much more tasty.

  18. UPDATE: There is more dog slobber on my elbow.

  19. Beasn, are you still looking for a vit D supplement that agrees with you?
    Dr Berg’s multivitamin has D from shiitake mushroom in it. This one, look at the ingredients:
    It also has some good b vitamins in there that don’t bother my stomach the way some others do.

  20. …and yeah, pricy. I don’t take them every day. But I don’t adhere to my other supplements daily either.

  21. Everyone must be off taking their supplements

  22. The toppled heavy equipment is in way south Alabama, given the 251 area code on the garbage bin.

    I rate kids’ summer schedule as true.

    Rocketboy’s in-laws are coming for dinner tomorrow, so grocery shopping and cleaning house today.

  23. Going to offer an Italian bar
    – three kinds of sauces – marinara with Italian sausage, alfredo, and pesto
    – three kinds of “noodles” – regular pasta, zucchini, and spaghetti squash. Aldis has some low carb pasta if I can’t find the spaghetti squash.
    – wine
    – individual trifles with pound cake, strawberries and blueberries, and whipped cream

  24. Don’t forget to take the cannoli

  25. Got 2lb of cherry tomatoes out of the jungle today. Critters keep getting the strawberries, but the plants are doing great. I should try transplanting some into pots to try and grow them indoors.

  26. Wow, that sounds like a sweet spread. Lucky guests!

  27. at the state fair, eating fair food

  28. Yaaay! Sounds fun J. Don’t forget to purge on the Tilt-O- Wheel.

  29. I overcame the severe adversity of a spotty internet connection this week to write a music poat. Hope you’re grateful.

  30. Fantastic memes today.

  31. Larry elder cooking pork

  32. What’s the “It” fried food this year?

  33. I had deep fried haddock last night…so good

  34. Mini-me is going to the MO state fair today. She asked why we never go to the state fair here. I basically said, “people”.

  35. Ho-lee-shit:

  36. Unknown Cause of Death > Megadeth

  37. This is wild, too. I guess I gotta get her book.

  38. Great memes. Nice drenching rains last night and today. 66 and breezy.

  39. Stay out of Alberta.

  40. By rights I shouldn’t be here. I’ve danced with sepsis two or three times and I’m in shit shape.

    God’s giving you chances to fix your nutrition, to get out of shit shape, and save yourself. Shit shape = sepsis, my friend.
    Look on youtubes for Dr. Berg for starters. Get as close to keto if your not totes on board. Good gut biome = better health.

    At the very least, cut out all processed foods, sugary snacks, and reduce carbs to bare minimum, which includes fruit. Fructose ^ insulin resistance. Increase green leafy and cruciferous veggies, good fats, meat…yes, bacon is allowed.
    Then do intermittent fasting. Add those all together = leaner, meaner BroTim. who will find his purpose.

  41. Dr. Ken Berry is another one you can tweak ideas from.

    Then get out and start moving. Start slow but make it a habit either before work, at lunchtime, or after dinner.

    I’m trying to get a walk in every morning. I aim for over 8k steps but I won’t kick my ass if I only do 4000.

  42. Tiny bit of rain this afternoon.

  43. I don’t remember the rivers ever this low.
    Bummer situation for the troutsez.
    There will be a large die off due to this.

  44. Holy carp, it took awhile to get thru the memes.

    Lumpy, yes I am looking for a Vit D still. Think I might give that a try. That’s a crazy amount of B1, though. Think I’d only do one pill a day..or every other day.
    I get my nutritional yeast, and turmeric, from Sari Foods. Berg actually recommended Sari’s brand because non-fortified.

  45. Last week and two weeks before, we got good rain. This past week, the weather has been in the 80s, low humidity, and beautiful.
    My cleome seed gathering continues. Those things put out a lot of seed. Unicorn one is slow and steady…only one branch off it.

  46. Thanks, beasn!

    Another data point indicating some percentage of vegans are actually about a personality disorder, not about ethical eating.

  47. Vegans as a whole fit that description. My nephew John is exceedingly mellow and he follows a vegan diet for his Crohn’s Disease. There’s some evidence it helps. He knows what works for him and I’m not going to tell him any different.

    My older brother is a vegetarian but makes an exception for fish because he likes sushi! He’s also a very large guy who has Type 2 DM which he’s pretty good at controlling with meds but sadly not diet.

  48. My friend stopped by and gifted me what feels like 30lbs of apples, 3 lbs of Roma tomatoes, and fresh basil/thyme/rosemary, from her garden. The herbs smell divine.
    What am I going to do with that many apples? I didn’t expect that many

  49. My MIL controlled her type 2 with diet, for years. She still treated herself but kept her weight down. Later, her numbers started creeping up as her snackage crept up and she was put back on meds…probably in the 2nd year she lived here.

  50. My friend is 82 yrs & a big woman. I don’t know if that’s why her face doesn’t have a crap ton of wrinkles or if it’s her Lebanese heritage, or the fact her beauty routine is her daily use of olive oil on her face with a one a week deep scrub with baking soda.

  51. I may be doomed to age like the ass end of a raisin.

  52. I feel pretty happy with the tomato harvest this year, considering how few plants I grew this time. My girlfriend who lives in an apartment told me she bought two tomatoes at the farm stand…$7. Astonishing. Of course I’ve loaded her down with toms the couple times she’s visited. Sheesh.

  53. Apple butter, beasn. That will be a nice treat in Winter.

  54. What lumps said, apple butter. My grandparents had an apple orchard/roadside stand. We had apple butter, apple cider, apples, applesauce, empanadas, apple pie. We were the Bubba Gump of apples. I can’t eat apples. Unless they are in a tasty salad or Sammy.

  55. I think apples can also be canned without a pressure canner, but check.

  56. That is what my friend recommended. Said they started a batch in the crock pot before leaving the house today. Think I’ll do a batch of that and some regular apple sauce. Maybe an apple pie. Either make it for my bday treat or freeze it for Thanksgiving.

  57. Ooo, apple empanadas sound good.

  58. Been to Menards twice today. How’s everyone else’s day going?

  59. Htf is this even allowed?

  60. They’re going to try to eliminate home schooling next. Guaranteed.

  61. CoWs grandparents had apple and peach trees. She’s more anti apple than I am. Grandparents had pear and cherry trees. We weren’t allowed to eat pears or cherries. Just windfall apples. Before I worked retail, my mom was all about the different types of apples and what the best uses were. I really H8 that I know apples.

  62. Lumps, they have been trying to eliminate home schooling for years. The teacher unions have demonstrated how much power they have. CDC and LA health director.

  63. Yeah, but now they can politically classify parents as white supremacist homegrown terrorists.

  64. We had an apple tree when I was a kid. Yeah, it’s a rare day when I can go for eating an apple or its derivatives. Although we had cherries and I still love those. Go figure.

  65. Homeschool=Domestic terror FTW. Cherry prices have been ridiculous this year. Bing. Rainier. Chilean. 🐻❤️🍒

  66. My grandparents had an apple orchard/roadside stand.
    That’s funny, I don’t think of apples being in New Mexico, more like chiles. A quick search confirms there are a lot of orchards in NM. Johnny Appleseed was busy!

  67. I’ve got at least a dozen apple trees around my yard. One big one in the field and the rest are on the edges of the fields and in the woods. The crabapple tree beside the driveway is dropping fruit already, probably drought related.

  68. Dixon apples are famous. Jimbro, we attended a baseball game in Ft Wayne, IN. Johnny Appleseed country

  69. This article linked at Ace’s is on point. Depressingly.

    Privilege, extremism, supremacism—it’s all spun as the same, and all spun as an evil on par with Islamic terrorism that must be stamped out, in the same ways by the same people. When it comes to their fellow Americans, for many of our supposed counterterrorism elite, the imperative to separate the actions of a handful of ‘extremists” from the beliefs of large percentages of the populace has totally disappeared. While claiming to use lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, in fact what these counterinsurgents propose for their fellow citizens is the one thing they dared not countenance against foreigners.


    Pretty big shark to be that close to the shore!

  71. Of Mongols and dumplings.

  72. Lumps,
    What is Zucchini Butter? Never heard those 2 words together.

  73. There are many similar recipes online. Basically, you saute some onions or shallots and garlic in oil or butter or a mixture, then add grated zucchini and salt and pepper and cook it down to a thick bread-spread consistency. You can add herbs like thyme or whatever. It is delish spread thick on toast or used as an adjunct soup base. Great bruschetta type appetizer.

  74. My parents had a fig tree, and I never liked figs. Mom made strawberry-fig preserves, which I always thought was a terrible waste of strawberries.

    The farm box had Figgee Chai, which is some kind of drink to be brewed in the coffeepot. I like chai, so I’m hoping it’s more chai than fig.

  75. Apparently some people toss it with garlicky buttered pasta and then sprinkle with parmesan but I have never tried this so cannot vouch for *drool tidal wave *aaaarrrgggh

  76. Mr. RFH thought I was crazy for getting homeschooling stuff when our youngest was in high school. No grandchildren in sight. But I am ready.

  77. Oooh, that sounds good. Add eggs, ricotta and mozzarella, and it’s what I stuff manicotti with.

  78. this is a good simple version

  79. Dennis evaded rabid pitbulls.

  80. Imma gonna post Sobek’s draft, it looks done to me. Sorry if I’m premature again.

  81. Rock Around the Croc: Dynamics

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