Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born February 1st, 1997 in Romania. She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 382336 and 128 lbs. Please welcome Miss Julia Tica AKA Julia Denis / Juliatica / Teddyfleece.


  1. Man, my back hurts in sympathy just looking at her. I hope she has a strong core.

  2. She seems disproportionate

  3. and she has some kind of duck related lip condition

  4. They are, in fact, big boobs which fulfills the stated objective for this post which earns my “Like”

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Think they’re real?

  7. All is going according to plan.

  8. I felt nothing below the equator for this one. Maybe I’m sick or something.

  9. From Boston Children’s Hospital :

  10. I actually feel kinda bad for her.

    10/10 would smash

  11. This isn’t grooming.

    “HOTT (Health Outreach to Teens) is a welcoming, non-judgmental, confidential program designed specifically to meet the health & wellness needs of LGBTQ young adults aged 13-24. HOTT provides services to insured & uninsured youth regardless of ability to pay.”

  12. BIGCOCK (boys into gigantic cock) is a welcoming, non judgmental, confidential program designed specifically to turn your boy into a pedo’s plaything and to meet the needs of LGBTQ young adults aged 3-12 but mostly to turn your boy into a pedo plaything. BIGCOCK provides pedo services to gay and straight youth regardless of ability to understand what BIGCOCK is.

  13. Don’t give them ideas MJ.


    I’m dying here …

  15. This chick is amazing tits

  16. Another challenger to the balhaus dynasty.

  17. 4 monkey thumbs up.

  18. When you’re joking and laughing after you just killed a man:

    The video of afterwards – smiles on their faces, just going about their business.

  19. “Viruses do not discriminate by race, by religion or by sexual orientation,” the guidance stated. “Our caring culture reminds us that we should treat each other with respect and dignity and that bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

  20. ” 99% are men and 94% are men who recently had sex with another man”………and 5% are liars.

  21. She meets the Friday qualifications.

  22. Students, educators and parents should avoid touching objects a monkeypox patient may have used including eating utensils, bedding, towels and cups, the guidance stated. The guidance also advises the district community to wash their hands with soap and water.

    they started this, just like AIDS. Can’t tell everyone the main vector of viral spread, it’s unfair. You aren’t getting monkeypox from silverware.

  23. so the ladies aren’t picking up monkeypox from teh buttsecks. what about trans women and men? where is their outreach?

  24. Porter was charged with gang assault and theft of service while Amos was hit with theft of service, assault, gang assault and manslaughter raps for allegedly delivering the final blow that killed Gyimah, a 52-year-old father of four.

    but murder for the righties. Yeah, this is fine.

  25. So far there’s one case of transfer to a dog… owned by a gay guy…

    Who probably does abominable things with his dog.

  26. don’t forget the kids that got it. Ugh.

  27. A GIF of her on a trampoline would be amazing!

  28. I pretty much assume all kids living with gay guys are being molested anymore. That’s what their public advocates have done for them.

  29. Of U.S. monkeypox cases, 99% are men and 94% are men who recently had sex with another man.

    What are ‘men?’ Do you mean non-birthing persyns?

  30. Comment by Dave’s not here on August 19, 2022 9:13 am
    A GIF of her on a trampoline would be amazing!

    Sounds dangerous. Needs freight straps. Otherwise she’d be knocked out before the second bounce.

  31. 80% of new cases of HIV are due to male to male sex. 10% are hetero. The rest is drug use or drug use and male to male sex.

    I was told I was going to die of AIDS if I didn’t wrap it up.

    Worst 90s decade ever. At least the Victorians had cool mustaches.

  32. What are ‘men?’ Do you mean non-birthing persyns?
    Myn can have babies too!

  33. I’ve never enjoyed the trampoline bouncing. I prefer a subtler amplitude and lower frequency bounce.

  34. Jen Connoly in Career Opportunities was nearly pitch perfect.

  35. “”You aren’t getting monkeypox from silverware.””
    O contraire mon ami …
    They prolly shove it up each others myn holes.

  36. Or something

  37. I snort raffed at the 5% are liars…
    That’s funny shit.

  38. I knew someone would go the ‘fork up the keyster’ route.

  39. jam does not disappoint. kudos!

  40. Those pumpkins may be ripe.

  41. I think she’s dusted a couple of beds.

  42. It’s good to be a democrat

    Plus, now you can complain you were taken out of context! You were misunderstood! And the barking seals will believe you!

  43. twitter: now here is art I appreciate!

    I would hang that!

  44. The magnolia in a vintage jar I could see in homes around here easily. It screams “Southern” and would go over well here in Alabama.

    And honestly, I’d hang it on my wall, if I had one to hang it on.

  45. fine contemporary art kills another erudite thread at the h2

  46. Sam Harris is a douche. He’s a very smart guy that lost his mind to Trump.

    The last time I listened to his podcast he mentioned he knew for a fact that the pee tape existed and it was in a vault. And that there were tapes of Trump using racial epithets but the producer of the Apprentice had them locked up too. He was certain they existed.

    He claims rationality but is completely irrational when it comes to politics.

  47. Fortunately I have no idea who he is nor the desire to learn. Knowing him will not affect my opinion on Hunter regardless of the body count.

  48. We do have cheese in the fridge and I can’t stop thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches for some reason. Currently having a cigar so the two don’t add up to a tasty combination like Julia Tica’s left and right boobs do.

  49. Harris is one of the New Atheist types who’s really more of an aggressive anti-theist rather than a mere nonbeliever. The only thing he’s done worthy of merit is criticize Islam along with Christianity. If he’s ever criticized Judaism or anything non-Abrahamic I’d be shocked.

    He’s also a terrible debater, constant logical fallacies and huge knowledge gaps on philosophy and theology. He doesn’t debate anymore, as I understand it, too many Ls.

  50. Dammit Leon!

    I just lost my blissful ignorance!

  51. A lot of “elites” listen to Harris, so it’s worth knowing a little bit about the tune that particular piper plays for the rats, Jimbro.

  52. 5% liars, freight straps, and bed dusting all made me laugh. All we’re missing is a your mom joke this morning.

  53. twitter: im a corgo, vry low

  54. 835 navy bootcamp graduates today. But they’re back to wearing masks.

  55. Gotta stay seefe from monkeypox.

  56. I’m a corgi. 🐻❤️ J’ames. What Roamy said. This BBF reminded me of Rosetta

  57. Intimidating

  58. Watching Reservation Dogs. Everyone is a shit ass. Great show.

  59. Sounds dangerous. Needs freight straps. Otherwise she’d be knocked out before the second bounce.

    I doubt she’d be knocked out, inertia would rip them off leading to a visit to the E.R.!

  60. Pretty sure taking up jogging is out of the realm of possibilities for her too.

  61. She’d be a good lifeguard.

  62. I’m working on parts of this.

  63. You’re going to be testing the Rockwell turbo-encabulator?

  64. LOL, yep!

    Also, happy 45th birthday to Voyager. (not working on that)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  66. Dark Winds. Tony Hillerman. I’m like George Patton…I read your book. Books. Whatev. Worth the watch.

  67. Took the dog for a walk. He pulled so hard on the leash that he gagged himself to the point of vomiting. Even as he vomited, he continued to pull forward on the leash, ultimately leaving a four-foot trail of vomit on the sidewalk.

    I think he might be a little dumb.

  68. I have never trumps and morons fighting on my FB page. I love them both. Hiding

  69. Do you have a martingale style collar? All our idiot dogs have them because they’re unruly on a leash. Fortunately most of their exercise is in the yard.

  70. My ex wife tried this one about 20 years ago with our rambunctious border collie

    It looks ridiculous but it works. The harder they pull the more their head turns away from where they want to pull you to.

  71. Osita, I blocked MK a long time ago, so seeing some of the replies to him makes me glad I’m not seeing what he wrote.

  72. Though I do wonder what on earth he said to get “your wife uses a strap-on on you”. Not enough to unblock him, though.

  73. Looks like the double chin, sausage finger, fat boy, disgrace in an Army uniform, perjuring wasteoid is over in Ukraine trying to seem relevant again.

  74. *spit*

  75. Maybe Ukraine will do us a favor and keep him.

  76. You might have to be more specific, Hotspur…

  77. haha, nice one Mrs Peel!

  78. the halti helped a little with Elliot, but he still pulled way too hard on Mrs Jay. It was too hard on her to walk him, at that time. Training with a qualified trainer and a shock collar was what worked for us. The shock collar is worn all the time, to get them used to it. and a simple choke chain is used as a work collar. You can only use the shock collar when the work collar is on. Then they associate that as a “work” collar, and they have to behave when it’s on.

  79. This has been such a shitty summer. Having no vacation is the norm for us, unfortunately. But, this year, not even a single short afternoon visit to the lake. Nada. Between the biz and the weather, nothing has worked out. Hoping we can catch a break before it gets cold.

  80. sorry to hear that. I know you love those lake visits. Sometimes you just have to pick up and go. Make it happen, and stick to it. Schedule it just like work.

  81. My brother works a lot too. Farmer and construction work. He has a place at the lake, and weekends are for that. He gets to shut everything off, and sit on the pontoon.

    Your sanity is important, just like work is.

  82. That’s true.

    Jay, you are so wise. Like a tiny Buddha, covered in fur.

  83. okay, I was off by a few words

  84. haha forgot about that one

  85. Heh. Rep. Lauren Boebert: “Liz Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln last night in her concession speech. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves from the Democrats, he didn’t become a slave to the Democrats.”

  86. I need to watch Ron Burgundy again.

  87. seriously though, you have to treat yourself. And a trip to the lake isn’t a big deal, it’s just scheduling. Schedule it and enjoy it. Just another meeting/appointment!

    I mean, look at Hotspur. His outlook calendar is full of sailboat.

  88. Boebert and MTG are treasures. Along with Gaetz.

  89. I agree. That Hotspur is a lazy dude.

  90. Diamondbacks with Serpientes jerseys on for their game. I don’t hate them.

  91. Y’all know what time it is?????

    It’s derp time.


  92. Also, I can’t fucking sleep.

  93. Damon escaped. Rita perished.

  94. Weird thoughts…it has occurred to me God has, beyond all perceivable mortal logic, seen fit to keep me around for some purpose. By rights I shouldn’t be here. I’ve danced with sepsis two or three times and I’m in shit shape.

    I wonder in the wee hours…despite my feuding with God, does He actually intend some purpose for me? Is the impotent rage that fills me part of His purpose? And what terrible design requires a rage-filled wretch like me?

    I’m probably overthinking as always, but like I say, odd thoughts at early hours when I can’t sleep.

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