The Good Rot

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So I don’t know what’s going on here, but i imagine therapy may be in order –

leaving that rot behind – (btw skip to 3:50)

Wiser may have some splaining to do with this one….

courtesy of J’Ames

hola to the Cali contingent!



  1. Gotta be honest – didn’t click on any of the links ‘cuz they were totally creeping me out.


  3. Wakey wakey

  4. It’s me. I smell bad today.

  5. Watching Jam’s Mold Porn video taught me that I’ve probably got 4 or 5 days to eat an uncovered donut

  6. I just read an interview of Larry Summers. He’s generally a pretty decent economist but he’s so naive it’s painful.

    He admits the inflation reduction act has nothing to do with inflation but he thinks it won’t increase inflation because of the tax increases.

    Uh…there’s only so much to be gained here. The corporations will figure out how to avoid the minimum and I highly doubt the IRS can squeeze a trillion dollars out of trump voters.

    Yay high inflation for another year! This will combine with unemployment to create stagflation.

    Poor Brandon.

  7. is Sean all that’s left of the Cali contingent?

  8. I gotta listen to more amy Lee covers. wow

  9. I think that would be a top cover, amirite?

  10. I found a good cover the other day. Brb

  11. That was a beautiful rendition of Zep’s GTC

  12. I read somewhere that the Inflation Increase Act gave a $7500 credit for EV purchase which is exactly what two makers raised their list price by. It seems too convenient to be true but these days I’d believe it

  13. Is that dude singing into a blow drier?

  14. I read somewhere that the Inflation Increase Act gave a $7500 credit for EV purchase which is exactly what two makers raised their list price by. It seems too convenient to be true but these days I’d believe it
    I saw that the electric ford truck was increased by $8500 on the same day.

    They’re not even bothering to hide it or explain. But the catch is you have to owe 7500 in fed tax to get the rebate. Otherwise it’s whatever you owe. If you owe nothing you get nothing.

    The EV credits were always tax giveaways for rich people anyway. They’re pretty expensive. The tesla crossover suv thing starts at 120K. The regular model 3 is around 55-60K.

    The tax credit offsets the SALT tax increase from a few years ago if you buy a tesla, I guess.

  15. If republicans were smart, and they’re not, they’d praise Biden for solving inflation and saving the planet.

    And every time someone mentions global warming they’d just reference this boondoggle and say it’s been addressed, nothing to worry about anymore.

  16. oh man, so if your “refund” isn’t enough, they cut the rebate?

    Tim Pool is right, they aren’t going to increase your taxes. They are just going to send you a bill for something. See, no new taxes!

  17. I always owe after the taxes are done. I’d rather have them waiting for me than wait to get my money back from them. It’s painful but I always save enough in anticipation of the whammy. Which reminds me, I just got my property tax bill from the town.

  18. Have there been any pumpkin spice sightings in the wild? Halloween candy has been out for weeks but I haven’t seen any pumpkin spice creations yet. I can’t imagine we’ll make it to Labor Day without any.

  19. Yes, many pumpkin spice sightings. New one: pumpkin spice protein drinks.

  20. I’m hitting the grocery store today, I’ve been busy doing an online review course the last few weeks and have been sticking close to home. I’m sure it’ll be nonstop pumpkin bombs in the aisles.

  21. First hour of CNN’s “New Day” in closed captioning.
    Search for “Trump” — 34 mentions.
    Search for “Biden” — “No search results found”

  22. I’m following one of the data nerds on Twitter, and cancer is at a 8.9 sigma high. Holy shit.

  23. My cousin’s daughter is in actuarials. I kinda want to ask her what she’s seeing, but she’s a barking mad liberal, so…

  24. why is it wrong to get someone a vacuum for their birthday, but an outdoor griddle is cool?

    By the way, cheesesteaks this weekend.

  25. I’m getting a dishwasher for my birthday, here’s hoping I’ll get it in time. (end of Sept.)

  26. Big rocket has been rolled out to the pad, launch scheduled for August 29. Sept. 2 and 5 are the backup dates.

  27. ahead of schedule sounds promising!

  28. anyone else starting to think the Mar A Lago raid started with Trump trolling the FBI with a double agent feeding them bad information?

  29. all the people bitching about DeSatan allowing vets to teach didn’t vote against it in March. It passed with 0 opposition.

  30. I’m getting a dishwasher for my birthday, here’s hoping I’ll get it in time. (end of Sept.)

    I’d hold off on letting them pile up until at least the equinox.

  31. A bit of me hopes that whatever they were after is being held at another, undisclosed “off-site” location. And is going to get shoved up the Feds’ butts.

    Not that I think it will happen. I’m completely used to being on the losing end of everything at this stage. Why should this be any different?

    Still…would be a fun change of pace.


    Anyone within a stone’s throw of Gates could be completely forgiven for throwing stones.

  33. crowder banned from youtube again, because of what Kari Lake said. It’s free on the Blaze today, and rumble.

  34. An old man crashed his car into a very expensive automobile. The owner of the expensive automobile jumps out and confronts the old man and says “Give me $10,000 cash or I will beat you to a pulp!”
    The old man replies, “Woah wait buddy, I don’t have that much money but let me call my son, he trains dolphins.”
    The old man dials his son as he is about to speak the owner of the expensive car yanks the phone out of his hand and says “So you train dolphins, well your old man just hit and damaged my car, you bring me $10,000 or I’m gonna beat the heck outta him and you !”
    The son answers “Okay, give me 15 minutes and I’ll be there.” In exactly 15 minutes the son pulls up in a Jeep, Ten men jump out and beat the hell out of the expensive car owner.
    Meanwhile the son walks over to his father and says “Dad I train Navy Seals not dolphins”

  35. PJ is still in Cali.

  36. PJ isn’t here

  37. The bakery section at Hannaford’s grocery had an entire table devoted to pumpkin worship. I didn’t take the plunge, too soon for pumpkin flavored whoopie pies

  38. I would definitely have preferred breastfeeding. Much cheaper and more convenient. But one of them couldn’t latch and the other lost weight on my milk (later determined to be a milk allergy). Not a lot I could do about that.

    Also, all that talk about breastfeeding helping with PPD/PPOCD is true only for women who don’t have existing (prior to the pregnancy) depression or OCD. If you do have existing depression or OCD, breastfeeding can make your postpartum depression and OCD much worse. Funny how the La Leche League never mentions that little tidbit.

  39. I love punkin bread, punkin cookies, punkin coffee cake (they have it at Jason’s Deli in October, OMG it is SO good), punkin pie…

    I don’t make the pumpkin cookies every year because one can of pumpkin makes a LOT of cookies, and I make the cinnamon buttercream frosting from scratch, so it’s a lot of work. (Also, I eat the cookies almost as fast as I frost them.) This might be a pumpkin cookie year, though.

  40. I did read a recipe that sounded interesting and it involved pumpkin puree, chicken stock and browned, crumbled sausage as a soup or stew depending on how much broth you added. That was the basics of it, I’m sure there were a few more ingredients.

  41. i like pumpkin too. unfortunately I’m the only one in the house that does.

    I still have tons of pumpkin in the freezer.

  42. Dammit. I want pumpkin pie in August now, you monster.


  43. I want a fucking kitchen again so much

  44. I’m usually good for one pumpkin stuffed with ground hamburger and rice a year. In early October I’ll grab a couple of fat pumpkins at Sam’s Club for the front steps and after Thanksgiving they get tossed in the woods so the animals can eat the seeds.

  45. that sounds delicious

  46. i have many things to cook this weekend. Including steaks that were sous vide, now will be seared in the outdoor pizza oven that was on sale. Got it up to 700 degrees woo hoo! It will SCORTCH the cast iron griddle I have.

  47. Jay scortched the blog

  48. *flicks matches

  49. Stelter just got canned at CNN

  50. We have a new pumpkin cake. It’s like a tuxedo cake, but with pumpkin. Our pumpkin muffins are amazing.

  51. Whenever I grow pumpkins in the backyard behind the main garden, they get claw marks across them. Some animal at night was going around attacking the pumpkins. Wasn’t trying to eat them, apparently, just used them for sparring practice. Like those videos of animals at the zoo playing with pumpkins. Wish I had set up a wildlife camera.

  52. For some reason I’m craving roasted potatoes.

  53. twitter: rock paper scissors?

  54. Jesse Kelly interviewing Rodney Smith, the guy who mows lawns and runs the 50 yard challenge. He found out he did all his mowing with a push mower.

    Today, Rodney got his free riding lawn mower courtesy of Jesse. I can’t believe someone else hadn’t done this, yet.

    Twitter: a super big thank you to Jesse

  55. I’ll bet she gives a hell of a handy.

  56. Rock Paper Scissor Chick had a cool accent and congenital constriction band syndrome (most likely)

  57. Capitalism is alive and well

    Can you imagine how much they’d make if more than 30% of military aid actually made it to the front?

  58. Been running around all day today. Hope everyone carried on just fine w/o me.

  59. I assumed you had left the blog forever, so I went on a run in your honor (3 miles, 25:22).

  60. *shoves cardboard cutout of Carin behind door*

    We managed but it wasn’t the same.

  61. I drove a lezbaroo to work today in honor of c arin.

  62. *endeavors to honor sobek’s honor of carin’s runs with runs of own- 5 rest stops ((wonders why not 6)) 25.22 pairs of depends and 3.14 rolls of charmin. *

  63. Kinda smells in here today.

  64. I’m debating signing up for a trail run. 10 miles or 18?

    I’m thinking 10 is the wiser choice.

  65. Don’t be a pussy

    (Imgur video)

  66. I don’t want to be a pussy, but 18 trail miles straight w/o a break …

    I’m trying to be smart. Trail runs are harder than road runs. Not just the hills, but the trails are single track bike trails – which sorta suck.

  67. But Sobek is invited to join! You get a cap and a mug with registration. I mean, who could pass that up?


    (Imgur video)

  69. I’m gonna need to study that at length, Pupster.

  70. I make something similar to that pumpkin soup/stew but with butternut squash. There’s onion, heavy whipping cream, and poultry seasoning in addition to the chicken stock and sausage. Yum.

  71. Leon, my current dishwasher is sorta working. Mr. RFH and I had a discussion about what needs doing before shit goes south. I am Scottish enough that ordinarily I would wait until the damn thing finally breaks, but it’s been a piece of crap from day 1, I’ve put up with it for 7 years, and current delivery dates are around Sept. 20.

  72. Lumps or Leon probably knows the answer – will grease from uncured bacon keep?

  73. Depends what you mean by uncured bacon. Some places are selling this “uncured” bacon that actually IS cured, it’s just that instead of nitrite salt, they are using celery juice to cure the pork bellies (celery contains natural nitrite salt). It’s actually a misnomer. It’s cured and your bacon grease can be saved and used like any other bacon grease.

    If you’re using actual raw pork belly that has not been processed into bacon- had no salt or other kind of cure applied to it, naturally occurring or whatever- then the grease you make from that is lard. Lard keeps pretty well in the fridge for a long time.

  74. It’s bacon that came in the farm box, so I would guess the celery juice. Says hickory smoked, free of nitrates.

  75. If it tastes like bacon and not like a pork chop, it’s cured.

    If it says free of nitrates (not nitrites), they are laughing up their sleeves at their customers. Nitrates are for things like loooong cured sausages that hang for months. Nobody puts nitrates on bacon. It’s actually prohibited.

  76. It tastes like bacon. It’s good on a BLT, but wow, lots o’ grease.

  77. I was going to chop some of it up and make a hot bacon dressing for a spinach salad.

  78. Our dishwasher hasn’t worked in over 5 years, maybe longer. The only reason it’ll be replaced will be to sell the house someday.

  79. That sounds amazing

  80. Follow-up on the Rodney Smith story – someone just bought him a trailer for the riding mower.

  81. Our dishwasher hasn’t worked in over 5 years, maybe longer.

    That’s no way to talk about Paula.

  82. I’d say I handle 85% of the dishes and given my lack of participation in other household chores it’s a fairly even swap (that I’ll never admit to her!)

  83. There was a story in the WSJ about Liz Cheney forming an anti-trump group and I commented on it. Something to the effect of “You mean other than the one she’s currently on?” and some lefty defended her in a reply about how she’s pro-constitution, rule of law, yada yada unlike Trump and a list of other GOP senators who make waves.

    So I asked her if Liz Cheney should be counting on her support. No she said, but she had her respect, just like John McCain. So, in short, a classic lefty who loves the GOP capitulators and has no use for them outside of that role. My response, “Uhuh, got it”.

  84. seasoning a big griddle is kind of a pain. crank up the heat!

  85. I have switched from vegetable oils to beef tallow, this video is about making lard and uses leaf fat. the last time I cooked a brisket, i used this method on the trimmings and had perfect white tallow

  86. i watch that guy too, lots of good info

  87. Nice, thank you.

  88. Some weirdness going on with Russia and the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station. Not linking MSNBC or Yahoo, but sounds like the Rooskies are threatening the next Chernobyl. Fox News doesn’t have anything newer than a week ago.

  89. Interesting that we are at the hottest overnight temps in the PNW in history. The cloud deck persists and will not lrt the heat out. At the same time, we are looking at the third “La Nina” winter where we will be looking at colder, wetter fall and winter than normal. Much like the cold, wet, spring…

  90. “Deliverance” exacerbated rural prejudices.

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