Cruel Meme Summer

Sous Vide Everything? Not Quite, Guga!


  1. HBD J’ames.

  2. Happy Birthday Jay!

    It is shaping up to be a cruel summer. Drought we’re having, sheesh. The heat wave took a break so the mornings are nice and cool but I’ll be emptying my rain barrel and probably using house water as well today, which I hate doing. No significant precip in the ten day forecast.

    I’m grateful for the cloudburst we had a few days ago but it’s like nothing happened. Scott drove by some big brushfires in the highway medians yesterday. Only gonna get worse.

    I hear areas in Europe are having the same kind of Summer.

  3. I’m letting the front flower garden die. Too bad, I had some veggies in there too. They’re beyond stunted, not gonna produce anything now anyway.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Yeah, I had Ben mow the lawn yesterday because the weeds were higher than the grass which is brown for the most part. I figured his usual half ass job would suffice and it was sufficient.

  6. no comments on triple cover or cooking with original sausage?

  7. whuh

  8. Your mom basted my sausage originally

  9. That’s not what these perverts are there for. They are there to humiliate and dominate women.
    This is very smart. I sometimes forget that humiliation and power are the real goals.

    Every time I’m in one of those corporate struggle sessions where we talk about racism or whatever I need to remember this. They don’t actually care about racism. They care about making you say or believe things you don’t believe.

  10. It’s almost time to sit back and let the left destroy itself over the trans issue.

  11. A spider has built a big web outside my kitchen window in a corner and it has to be one of the saddest efforts I’ve seen in the world of web design. It looked good for a day or so but it’s in a windy corner and it looks like the spider can’t give two shits about repairing its appearance.

    Redneck spider living in a trailer park down by the river

  12. I saw an article about a trending hashtag on twitface of LGBwithouttheT or something similar. Gay people fretting about the trannies burning the goodwill that the gay people have created over the past few decades

  13. Oh, I think it is about more than just fretting about goodwill.

  14. They are completely on board with the idea that men are men, women are women.

    “Namely, the inevitable clash between gay ideology and transgender theory. Transgenderism relies entirely upon the non-existence of a gender binary, assuming a sliding scale of gender identity that denies there even is such thing as truly “male” or truly “female.” Needless to say, there can be no gay man if there is no such thing as a man. There can be no lesbian if there is no such thing as a woman.”

    Trans ideology is a threat to gay identity. If gender is fluid, and a man can become a woman – it’s just some superficial body parts, etc –

    I think as the LGB folks dig deeper into this, they’re going to come to some much more cohesive points. It simply started with trans women getting upset that women wouldn’t date them . They were lesbians now, after all.

    and I have a theory – stick with me for a second – lesbian porn is pretty popular with men, right? Well, what if you could be more than just watch it? You could become Part of it ? Become a woman and a lesbian and now you’re basically living out that porn fantasy? But lesbians don’t want ex-men.

    And I don’t understand why any woman wants a trans man. I could speculate on that as well … but I’ve given you guys enough of my theories for today.

  15. If you’re a boy who has any kind of homo urges, today there’s a decent chance you’ll be told you’re actually a girl.

    ‘Trans’ is the erasure of ‘gay’. They should be worried.

  16. And, no apologies, all of it is mental illness/concupiscence. The telos of those bits isn’t the same as the telos of a tilt-a-whirl.

  17. Libs if TikTok vid today – ex female, two years into transition- poops in a bag and has zero feeling in her add-a-dick.

  18. what did the trans man think was gonna happen? Her doc lead her into $10k payments, and she thought her dick would work?

  19. I like what Blaze hosts are doing. Not using preferred pronouns. Seems so bitchy, but it’s effective.

  20. Toenail fungus is #4 in the AOS sidebar, Progress!

    Prostate health is #1 now.

  21. Nick Searcy putting the Timcast crew some knowledge about election fraud. It’s great, they all think Brandon won straight up, won’t believe fraud. They won’t classify the mail in fiasco as fraud.

  22. blaming Trump for Georgia and the Senate too. I’m not buying that, nothing he could have done.

  23. All because courts will NOT hear any evidence.

  24. Tim presents a pretty good case that Trump Derangement Syndrome actually got Brandon 81 million votes, 20 million more than Obama. I still don’t believe it, but that might be my bias speaking.

  25. Libs if TikTok vid today – ex female, two years into transition- poops in a bag and has zero feeling in her add-a-dick.
    is there a link? i don’t use twit face douche

  26. I’m surprised they left that clip up. It’s obviously true but it goes against the narrative that they’re pushing.

  27. Surgically creating a functional penis from a muscle flap requires not only the meat but skin to cover it, a urethra, sphincter control of the urethra, erectile function and sensation. Don’t get me started on testicles …

  28. from What Is A Woman, they grab skin from the forearm. Also was on another Libs of Tik Tok vid

  29. Radial forearm flap

    Safe link, no bloody pictures

  30. From another paper linked at the above one:

    “The Free Fibula Osteoseptocutaneous flap is a reliable option when used in neophalloplastic procedures. It possesses intrinsic rigidity that is sufficient for penetrative intercourse, and satisfactory sensation.”

    Sweet Mary … they transplant a bone to become your boner! That’s some mad scientist shit there and makes me concerned about the recipients and the people performing these surgeries.

  31. Yep, that sort of mutilation is totally fine and not a sign of ghouls praying on the delusions of the mentally ill.

  32. Dr. Jill has the coof.

  33. Don Jr says FBI HRT carried out the raid. Wonder if that’s true.

  34. Had to look up Hostage Rescue Team. HRT = hormone replacement therapy or human and robotic technology

  35. haha, that’s what he was calling it, shouldn’t have oso’d it.

  36. twitter: LA recall of George Gascon has failed, because of signature verification

    Tell me again how California isn’t rigging every election?

  37. twitter: AOS poster Jeff B is for Liz! Honorable Liz!

    No wonder I couldn’t stand that guy.

  38. More signature verification bs. They did this in Michigan. It’s bullshit.

  39. amazing how they can utilize that technology when it helps democrats, isn’t it?

    Poor LA has to continue dealing with their crime wave now.

  40. Every single member of the Washington Generals of Punditry has betrayed every principle they claimed to have. On abortion. On taxes. On foreign policy. Every last one. And why? Because hating Trump is more important and lucrative than those principles.

    Oh man, that is so good.

    from here: twitter: I’m gonna go off because I’m just that fed up.

  41. And when a candidate like DeSantis comes along, who is an alternative to Trump — they say he’s just like Trump because they want to go back to the McCains and Romneys and Jebs.

    News flash: we aren’t.

    love it

  42. twitter: FBI returns Trump passports that never appeared on raid inventory

    Still think they aren’t lying at every turn?

  43. Her doc lead her into $10k payments, and she thought her dick would work?

    Hell, if $10,000 will buy a working dick, Jay, you can afford this.

  44. That’s just the first month

  45. Oh.

  46. so no, I can’t afford a working dick.

  47. I saw Working Dick open for Garbage in the 90’s.

  48. I’ll spot you the first few inches. 20k for Jay’s GS.

    Anyone wanna chip in an inch or half? Let’s get him the wang of his dreams.

  49. I’m sort of fascinated by the magical thinking.

    Why would anyone think a hole or a fake dick was going to function similarly or even look like the real thing?

  50. Christina Ricci is 42, Carolyn Jones was 34 in the TV show as Morticia. It could work.

  51. Even more magical thinking is when you still have the dick, but pretend you’re a woman. What dates this sort of thing?

  52. Specifically, when they claim they are lesbians? Pretty sure that’s exactly NOT what a lesbian wants.

  53. I mean- take Elliot Page. She was a lesbian and may have even married her partner. Decides she’s a boy, etc … and breaks up with the girlfriend. Because lesbian girlfriend didn’t sign up for a pretend boy with fake abs.

  54. Why do they have elevated rates of mental illness?


  55. Because feeding the demon only emboldens it, Jay.

  56. They may have elevated rates of mental illness, but switching their external plumbing will make all the difference. It’s a magic cure.

  57. It’s the meat, Jay.

    They all crave meat.

  58. twitter: Julie Kelly breaks down trial 2 in Whitmer kidnapping

    Want to know why you don’t hear Ray Epps? Because Ray Epps = Big Dan, or someone like Ray Epps does. Same guy ran both ops.

    And yes, it was an op.

  59. It really is magical thinking to believe a surgeon can create an equivalent and functional organ out of spare parts that just happen to be laying around. Never mind the miracle that occurs during embryologic development, most of the time successfully.

    Plastic surgeons can make big tits and big butts so that must mean they can make me just like a woman or a man!

  60. I find your terms to be acceptable.

  61. Jay, thanks for the Evanescence song. I’ve never heard that song before. That girl has serious talent. They’re one of the handful of acts that has won my admiration this century.

  62. Blair White still has his dick. And he was..don’t know if he still is…dating some guy, who says he sees Blair as more female.


  63. Regardless – he still has a dick. And Blair may look very feminine all done up in makeup, but how female does he/she looks w/o it? I understand this person is more of an ally to “our” cause, but it doesn’t negate the facts that you can’t change gender, and if you attempt it – you really can’t pass upon close inspection.

    I’m guessing the boyfriend sorta likes the D. Just saying.

  64. The Conservative Case For Keeping Your Assigned Genitals

  65. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the past 45 years thinking about vaginas. However, in all that time I’ve never wanted to have one.

  66. Me too, PG. I regret not seeing them in concert years ago. Thought I would catch them on the next tour. Would have been a show to hear Amy Lee live.

  67. This was kind of eye opening.

    Totally different cultural cause, understanding, and social impact of transgenders.

  68. Heh, nice. Deace has never heard of Nerdrotic.

  69. Broke Dick Trans is a shitty band name.

  70. The Vaginas: World Tour 2022

    Coming to an intimate setting near you and doing an all acoustic set

  71. too late, we’ve already had The Vagina Monologues

  72. Guy confronts a pack of gypsy pickpockets in French train station.

  73. This is brilliant. Everybody hates those cavernous corner cabinets where stuff gets lost.

  74. We just had a 5 minute downpour. It’s all over but the petrichor unfortunately

  75. Wasn’t there an all female Russian band with “pussy” in their name a while back? I can’t remember exactly what the full band name was.

  76. Petrichor…….that’s a word I’ve never heard or read before. Thanks, Jimbro.

  77. faster pussycat?

  78. Pussy Riot?

  79. Definitely a crossword puzzle word that I see every so often and forget about within minutes of learning it for the umpteenth time. It was pretty strong today and I had to look it up to confirm the spelling

  80. New word for me, too. I guess the day is not a total loss.

    I got the latest sleep study results. I had a tachycardia event in the middle of the night, 239 beats per minute. I thought the ablation I had in 2010 was supposed to fix that permanently.

  81. Pussy Riot is correct. Great name for a band……or even a birthday party.

  82. I like the cabinet video “dun dun dun daaaaaa” and “Born to Run” in the background. Neat design.

  83. Wait, am I the only one who doesn’t like that smell?

  84. Christina Ricci is 42

    No she’s not. Stop making me feel old.

    Embrace the petrichor Peel.

  85. Yes.

  86. No she’s not. Stop making me feel old.

    She might still be 41, I only checked the year, but the year’s more than half over.

    I’m just glad that at any point I saw her in a movie after the first Addams Family I wasn’t actually a creepy old dude.

  87. So Kathoeys are common – but no mention of female to male. Which means something.

  88. Did you see that bit about women being put on a high pedestal in their culture? Inheritance passes to the daughters, men pay the dowry, etc.

  89. As I understand it, most of the mood elevation you get from petrichor is from the massive number of free negative ions in the atmosphere after a rainstorm, that you don’t really get to breathe in until the rain has mostly abated. You learn to associate that with the scent, kind of like gaining a taste for spicy food.

  90. My mom listened to ’50s music “oldies” stations in the ’80s.

    I like “classic rock”.

    My fave music now is older than the stuff she listened to then.

    Time is a trip like that.

  91. men pay the dowry

    Isn’t that a “bride price” rather than a dowry, then?

  92. Well you know what I meant. Fumbled that hard.

    I keep this up I’m getting sent back down to the minors…

  93. 1918->1970 == 1970->2022

  94. Yes, Leon, I guess so.

  95. I could afford a few spares, is there like a Craigslist for these?

  96. Thai ladyboys? Yes.


  98. Got a paywalled article to share? mwaha hahaaa

  99. The media has already stopped calling it the Inflation Reduction act, after and during the signing.

  100. that site is blocked here

  101. Car in, it’s crazy the amount of money Blair spent on plastic surgery. Most on his face.

  102. After reading about ladyboys, I’m thinking Buddhist monks may be similar to catholic priests.

  103. Ooo, nice, lumpy.

  104. Roamy, did that tachy event wake you up?

  105. Beasn, it did wake me up, at the time I thought it was just because I had to piddle. I felt weird, but then I had the sleep monitor on me, so I was sleeping on my back instead of my side. At least it corrected itself. Cardioversion suuuuuucks.

  106. I just read a story in the WSJ that described the divide between younger people who don’t tend to use a top sheet and older people who do. I never realized that was a thing except for poor college students living in their own filth.

  107. My wife is a heathen who doesn’t like them either. Insanity, pure and simple.

  108. Reservation Dogs is funny. D and I reached a bedsheet compromise years ago. Fitted sheet for both. We each have a flat sheet and blankets.

  109. D is racist. Dark Winds is Tony Hillerman legit. He thinks it is boring. He likes Reservation Dogs.

  110. We even have a sheet on top of the comforter to keep the dog hair off of it.

  111. Rosaries being labeled a symbol of “Christian Nationalism” inspired me to visit Rugged Rosaries and pick up another one before they’re outlawed

  112. Neither of my kids nor Mr. RFH use the top sheet. I make up the beds with them anyway, in hopes of eventually converting them. They all wrap up in blankets which are not tucked in. I only make up beds when company is coming over and sometimes not even then.

  113. We have duvets for the comforter

  114. Roamy could make you a rosary

  115. Reservation Dogs is better than Dark Winds

  116. So, how soon does Wyoming get called?

  117. A week ago.

  118. They gave up on getting the sweet federal construction contracts.

  119. I figured it was who would pay for it

  120. 36 point beat down.

  121. Good

  122. Of course the new one looks to be an rnc stooge near I can tell…

  123. Hola Sean

  124. Where’s chumpo?

  125. Good God. I’m sorry if you have to deal with someone who doesn’t use the top sheet. That is just wrong. You should take them to a doctor and have them tested for brain parasites.

  126. Disturbingly, Edward reconsidered patricide.

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