MMM 506

Kitten is being very needy and cute this morning, so I’ll be extra terse. Happy Monday.

Is crackfat still a thing? This is an old photo and I don’t hear much from the cult these days.


Pretty woods.

Playful, now pull up your pants girl.


I can’t do this. The pose, I mean.

I don’t understand long sleeves for this ensemble.

Now go get something done that needs it.


  1. Claiming Trump has dementia from the party of Ambulatory Turnip Brandon is serious Hubris.

    The time for Nemesis is past due.

  2. crackfat girl is #1 in us 2nd in world. from ames

  3. Ani Thorisdottir is the only one I know on sight anymore, is that the one with the French-sounding name?

  4. I saw a guy who uses the crackfat gym in our building, in the hallway limping and groaning in clear agony as he departed toward the exit. Face was contorted, looked like he really tore something. Young guy, too. Huh.

    *sips coffee*

    Going for a nice hike with a GF this morning, then I’m coming home and gonna see if I can get google to finally admit my business exists. Getting a biz to show up on ordinary google searches if you don’t have a storefront is ridiculously fucking hard for some reason.

  5. I hope you find some wild blueberries on your hike!

  6. When I overhear Paula’s CrossFit competition videos there’s always a chick with a -dottir name in the lead or at least in contention

  7. This woman just won the games a week or so ago for the millionth time.

  8. Pretty woods girl is a quaint remembrance of when there used to be skinny ass white girls. Now it’s all about “Dat”

  9. Yeah, in the 80’s and early 90’s nobody thought a bubblebutt or an overhanging shelf of fat was beautiful. How strange.

  10. Pretty woods girls isn’t hurting for dates. What celebrity culture celebrates is weird and not universal.

  11. I dunno. I’m sort of coming around to a lot of ‘find out’ positions.

    Corporations want to be in bed with government but get a 15% min tax? So sad.

    Girls want equity? Fight your own battles to get men out of your locker rooms.

    Leon wants to the CDC to stay out of his monkeypox spreading hobbies? Great, figure it our yourselves.

  12. Corporations pass the tax on to you.

    A lot of girls/women are not woke and are getting steamrolled by perverted men…in the lockerroom and in the political arena because creepy guys like Clinton and wiener and swalwell wish they could be in that locker room, too.
    How do girls fight that?

  13. Learn Jujitsu?

  14. A few lockerroom stabbings and a whole lotta this shit stops.

  15. Good question.

    I would guess by having a no men in the locker room policy.

    They can’t have it both ways – no men, but this person probably isn’t a man because they say so. It’s all or nothing.

    As far as corporations go, it really depends on a number of factors as to whether they can pass the tax or not. This bill is going to hit a lot of social media companies or behemoths like Amazon, which is fine.

    I like the idea of taxing people more than corporations though. Tax the lefties until there’s nothing left.

  16. The right needs to learn that the tax code is about punishment, not principles.

    The left screamed the loudest about the SALT deduction removal when Trump basically taxed the shit out of rich folks. More please.

  17. ooops was a different girl, leon. Mal O’Brien is the one I was thinking of. Must have gotten mixed up with a promo picture.

  18. those -dottir names are the misogynists Scandis who didn’t used to have last names, and just shortened it to son of or daughter of father’s name for church records. Interesting searching through them for ancestry tasks.

  19. How many women would it take to curb stomp a tranny as he’s exiting the shower? I’d say four or five if they were gonna fight fair. Maybe only two if they were willing To gouge out eyeballs and bite off noses and ears.

  20. Under MMT postmodernism, tax revenue is meaningless except as a brake on velocity, so yes, the whole code is just sticks and carrots anymore.

    The corp minimum tax though, is likely to be used to hammer a lot of small LLCs who can’t afford it rather than AMZ who will just tailor their “facts” to pay the rate in only the most nominal fashion. It’s also an excuse to do even more invasive data mining, which didn’t used to be what the tax code was for, but absolutely is now.

  21. A guy with long hair and two busted kneecaps ain’t using a lot of lockerrooms.

  22. But I’m probably wrong about all of this.

  23. Doesn’t happen much in truly “red” turf, on account of likely to wind up with a bullet in ’em with a room full of folks who saw nothing.

  24. But I’m probably wrong about all of this.
    Perhaps, but I like the willingness to look at other reactions to the left’s outrageous behavior. It feels like the right is always reacting to something the left does, never initiating the fuckery. I’m sure a lefty would disagree with me and it’s back to chicken vs. egg reasoning on who initially “caused” it.

  25. I read this recently…

    The left is basically the media, government, and big business.

    Soooo edgy and cool.

  26. The left is basically the media, government, and big business.

    Also: Art, Music, Academia, most Scientific institutions, NGOs, Medicine, Unions, Sports, and now the U.S. Military.

    But hey, the Right has Country Music and the NRA so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

  27. Satan is the lord of this world, that’s why he could offer it to Jesus in the desert.

    The Left just doesn’t know or believe (or like to admit) that it directly serves the devil.

  28. Meant to post this earlier, got sidetracked this morning.

  29. Trannies in women’s bathrooms makes me glad Mini-me passed level 2 krav maga. Kick ’em in the vaginoplasty.

  30. As I understand it, most of the bathroom tranny issues are with dudes who still have their original equipment and insist that they are nonetheless “women”.

  31. WTG Canada/socialized medicine:

  32. Trans women present a parody of womanhood.

  33. The teacher covers crotch kicks enough that they are nicknamed “krav handshakes”.

    One of the better tests was a simulated attack where Mini-me was in her school uniform and backpack, getting into the car. It’s one thing to attempt moves in workout clothes, it’s another in street clothes. If nothing else, the exercise gets you from “what do I do?” to “if this, then this” mode of thinking.

  34. Someone who genuinely has body dysmorphia or dysphoria or whatever the term is probably just wants to use the bathroom and get out. That’s fine, I don’t care about them. They’ve never been the problem. The problem is perverts who are willing to use our consideration for the mentally ill as shields for their perverted or otherwise antisocial behavior (e.g., stealing women’s sports records because you cant compete with men). And unfortunately, perverts and attention seekers outnumber actual transgender people AT LEAST 10-1. I think it might be closer to 100-1 now.

    I’m no longer willing to tolerate perverts and attention seekers for the sake of the handful of genuinely mentally ill people.

  35. Women are not going to regain women-only spaces until they are willing to personally sacrifice. Women need to lose, deliberately, with the larger goal in mind. They need to alter the course of their life, they need to lose what is important to them, yes, in order to preserve what is important to them.

    They need to boycott, vacate, leave these spaces to trannies entirely, they need to lose scholarships and entire sports seasons, loss of the businesses that used to cater to them but went woke, etc.

    Effecting change is going to take ‘womens’ sports teams and ‘womens’ locker rooms totally empty of real women. Field a bunch of trannies, let them turn the locker room into a sausage fest. That’s not what these perverts are there for. They are there to humiliate and dominate women. Don’t give it to them.

    Only then will this vulgar pantomime be seen for what it is.

  36. Carin, that guy is giving the Warby Parker ad guy competition in fabulousness. (ew)

  37. It’s a great day, everyone!

  38. You can get women-only spaces by being Muslim. (Source: the salon where I get my eyebrows done is Muslim-owned and -operated and no males older than 12 are allowed in)

    Comes with a few downsides, though.

  39. It is a great day. Happy birthday, Jay!

  40. They gay screams gay man, not woman. At all. Sorry sis, it’s not working for me. My girlfriends aren’t “fabulous” in that way.

  41. gay -guy. First one, not second.

  42. I’m not going back to ace until those toe fungus ads are gone. WTF?

  43. re: Fetterman in PA? Is it time for Gabby Giffords jokes, in this campaign?

  44. Carin, Adblock Plus allows you to block those ads. There is an option for “block specific item on this webpage”, so I block all the gross ones. I let the coffee one slide because I recognize Ace needs $.

  45. Pfizer CEO has the coof.

  46. So does SecDef Austin, for the second time.

  47. Didn’t the Pfizer CEO at one point say he wasn’t jabbed and had no plans to be?

  48. guess not, leon

  49. Good to know, Jay. Given that he’s not an octogenerian fattybobatty he’ll likely be fine, just like basically everyone else.

  50. Assuming of course that
    a) he’s telling the truth about doses
    ii) the jabs didn’t give him AIDS

  51. I thought I had heard that fake news too.

  52. well, THOSE jabs probably didn’t give him AIDS. Other jabs did.

  53. I didn’t say which jabs…

  54. The FBI took Trump’s passports?

  55. no males older than 12 are allowed in)

    Comes with a few downsides, though
    Like no fabulous gay hairdressers to gossip about Hollywood celebrities

  56. My barber asks if I want them to get my eyebrows and I usually say yes. It involves a comb and the shaver on the few super long ones that are out of control and annoy me by poking around my eyes and me thinking I’ve got a hair in my eye.

  57. I have this one random eyebrow hair that is half dark brown and half bright, reflective blond. I pluck that thing as soon as I spot it, but it grows back the same way every time. So my right eyebrow looks mostly brown except for this one bright spot that reflects light, right in the middle of my brow. It’s so weird.

  58. I have scars under both eyebrows and one had to be stitched back together after I split it open as a child. This makes my already whispy eyebrows grow kinda crazy, and my wife insists on noticing this as I’m trying to hug her or get a kiss which she rejects while looking like she just stepped on a dog turd, then makes me trim them with scissors.

    I feel so loved, really.

  59. hmm, thinking I should make Jesse Kelly burger for supper, since i’m on my own, and I have onion buns left over.

  60. My lip got sutured by the ER doc when I was a kid. No idea if it was a resident or attending because I wasn’t even in elementary school at the time. Whoever did the suturing used some type of suture beneath the skin (vicryl, chromic gut, unknown other) that resulted in a pea sized nodule in my lower lip for decades before it completely resorbed and the reaction to it ended. I can barely feel it now and forget it ever happened but there were years of biting my lip when chewing as a result.

  61. I suspect most men would be gallantly willing to evacuate the men’s room in order for a lady concerned about what whackjob is hanging out in the women’s bathroom to use it unmolested. They might even stop the whackjob in the women’s room and have an attitude readjustment session with him.

    As I get older, the eyebrows get wllder. Leon, my old GF’s pet peeve is nose hairs. We’ve had more arguments over trimming nose hairs than I’d like to remember. And it didn’t take much to get her started. I think she had a real mental tic about it. It also made me feel less than affectionate towards her for a day or two. Since moving away from DC when I retired, and not having seen her in at least a year. we get along much better. Well, so long as she doesn’t bring up politics. She is also a covid-holic and mask authoritarian, so my decision to not get vaxxed kept her at a distance.

  62. They need to boycott, vacate, leave these spaces to trannies entirely, they need to lose scholarships and entire sports seasons, loss of the businesses that used to cater to them but went woke, etc.

    I’ve thought exactly this same thing. How powerful would it be if 7 girls and some asshole tucker pretending to be a girl all got in their blocks and when the gun fired all 7 girls stepped out of the blocks and walked off the track arm and arm. Meanwhile asshole tucker is the only one running down the track. Same at a swim meet at UPenn. Only participate if it’s all girls and if not, walk off. It would cost them scholarships and other bennies probably but they might end up being the next Rosa Parks.

  63. the media would project hate upon the girls that stood up. they would present them as intolerant bigots who wouldn’t tolerate.

  64. Why see you next Tuesday? Why not Thursday? Though to be honest my schedule works better for Tuesdays anyway. Forget I asked.

  65. The 80 year old lady banned by the YMCA for objecting to ladies with cocks in the dressing room with little girls

  66. Happy Birthday, J’Ames!

  67. I accidently bought fake chicken nuggets once. It didn’t gross me out, I eat plants. I will never eat anything from that brand again, ever. If I ate that cheese puff shit I’d be calling every lawyer in town!

  68. I’ve never heard of this stuff before today

    Pupster could drive 5 minutes and grab a bottle. Closest place to me that has it is the Air Guard Base in Bangor and I’m sure they’d frown on me waltzing in to try a soda I read about online.

  69. Happy Birthday J-in-A! I’m going to the store… ?

    (Imgur video with sound)

  70. I just read an article in the last week or so written by a vegan who was calling that fake meat stuff an abomination. From his perspective, eating vegetables that are manufactured to be like real meat is abhorrent to someone who doesn’t want to eat meat.

    That was his main point but I’d prefer less processing and bullshit additives in my veggie burger if I actually wanted to have one. Most of them are soy bombs but a few are made with quinoa, millet, mushrooms and actual veggies. Eh, I’ll stick with ground up beef muscle.

  71. Cheerwine is awesome! Pairs well with:

  72. Double Cherry Madness!!

  73. Cheer wine is awesome.

  74. thanks everyone

  75. Happy birthday, Jay!

    Happy birthday, Lipstick!


  77. Happy Birthday J’AMES!!!!

  78. If we’re wishing Lipstick a happy birthday, then happy birthday, Michael.

  79. Cheerwine is yummy, we also get Big Red around here.

  80. Gutfeld with all the Toobin jokes is making me LOL.

  81. Daniel enthusiastically rehired Patricia.

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