I Didn’t Meme It


  1. I often play Refrigerator Jenga while muttering to myself and asking who the fuck thought putting shit away like that was acceptable

  2. Got bacon in the oven. Need to do two packs because Jimmy Dean’s great price last week was actually shrinkflation. I thought it was on sale. Nooope. Usually I can barely fit all the raw bacon on a 1/2 sheet pan, but I had much room to spare today. Fuckers. I didn’t check the weight on the package.

  3. Guys…we’re doing this again. The walls are closing in, the wheels are coming off, and any moment now DJT is going to jail.

    The idiot left, after taking a day off when the story got so fucky they wanted to forget it, is back to picking an outfit for the hanging.

    I was pretty conflicted about DJT running in 2024 but now I’m in the broken glass camp.

  4. A BLT sounds pretty good right now. I don’t have a tomato though. Or lettuce. Bacon sandwich it is!

  5. Temp on the thermometer sensor under the magnolia tree this morning was 58 degrees. What a change in the air! Gonna have to start watching my chips bed full of winecap mushroom spawn. Should probably try to give it a soak with some of my rainbarrel water and see if it inspires some shrooms to pop up.

  6. There was a restaurant back in Ohio that had a sandwich called “The Thing”, basically a grilled cheese with bacon and a thick slice of white onion. It was pretty good, but I just checked the menu and they don’t make it anymore.

  7. The damage in all the kids from the fake vax their parents and the government forced on them is — no pun intended — heartbreaking. I feel like we’re reliving the book of Judges.

  8. Also…real estate market update.

    In my area, where things got a bit crazy over the past year or so, the market completely stopped. Our agent was here yesterday and she said she had to drop prices on her listings and had three houses appraise way under the sale price.

    Gird your sausages appropriately.

  9. a sandwich called “The Thing”
    Ben got takeout from Woodman’s Grill in Orono a couple of weekends ago and I went with the one pound burger.


    A wiser man would have gone with the half pound burger which was not on the website menu.

  10. It was only a matter of time with the real estate market and I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I don’t remember if I mentioned we were thinking of selling camp in the spring and Paula dragged her feet on it. She wants it to be available for the grandbaby and get togethers. I sort of knew she didn’t want to sell after we had the discussion about it when she made no moves to contact the agent. From my point of view it’s a little late to make the move now.

  11. Neighbors house just listed for $340,000. He bought it for $225,000 in 2017.

  12. The past couple of months, every house in my neighborhood that went up for sale, sold within days…half didn’t even make it to zillow.

  13. Re: coworkers bringing donuts..

    While working early morning shift at the Walmart, I watched some guy picking out a couple of dozen donuts for his office. (He was dressed business casual and looked bright-eyed and bushy tailed…so not for family).
    Anyway, he’d lick his fingers after every couple of donuts he’d place in the box. Then he changed his mind a couple of times, and switched a few out…lick fingers, rinse/repeat.

    I ran out and tossed the ones he put back in.

  14. ^Was that wrong? I mean, he didn’t lick the donuts, just his fingers?

    I’m not seeing the problem here.

  15. Spacesuit one will get circulated at work (kinda surprised it hasn’t already).

    Efficient work meme is me.

    Indoor fins submitted for the dad joke list.

    Good job, Pupster!

  16. Sold my townhouse just a stone’s throw outside the Beltway this past February. Bought it in 2012 for 298K. Sold for $424K in one weekend on the market. Factor in the agent’s fees, inflation, the property taxes paid over the past decade … I figure I broke even.

  17. Another fine batch of Saturday memes to start the weekend!

  18. Slobbering over food that’s communal is just plain wrong.

  19. “” The idiot left, after taking a day off when the story got so fucky they wanted to forget it, is back to picking an outfit for the hanging. “”

  20. Not sure how this can end any way but poorly.

  21. Social compact and governance by moral men… that shit left the building.

  22. Redfin estimate for our place has dropped a lot since I last checked, I’m surprised.

  23. Andrea Junker
    Here’s the deal: If a president violated the Espionage Act, all of his Supreme Court picks should automatically be removed and replaced.

  24. I agree. KBJ should absolutely not be on SCOTUS.

  25. Funny Urologist names: there was a guy who used to be in practice in my hometown called Dr. Smallwood. I’d see him at the gym near my college and during med school every year when I picked up my scholarship check at the local medical society meeting. $1000 bucks was worth an application, an hour drive and a rubber chicken dinner. My detective cousin used a certain tone of voice when he mentioned someone who he had insight into their bad behavior but couldn’t share it. He used that tone with Smallwood. The other one was a guy my age in practice here when I first moved to this area. Richard Long. He went by Rich for obvious reasons. He and his spine surgeon wife moved to CA about 10 years ago. I think they’ve moved since.

  26. Has anyone (besides Sobek) read “The Satanic Verses”?

  27. I don’t think even Rushdie himself ever actually read the book.

  28. In Other News, I’m Today Years Old when I learned that there were lyrics to the Bridge On the River Kwai whistle song:

  29. These memes ended with a bang.

    I mean your mom.

  30. I read Satanic Verses, but I was unchurched at the time and didn’t really get why it was so controversial until later. It’s basically “what if this lulz thing were how Mohammed thought he talked to the ‘Archangel Gibreel’ who was really just a time-travelling actor from the 20th century”. Irreverent fan-fiction, basically, like “Battle Pope” or “The Gospel According to Biff”, stuff a Christian would scoff at but Islam beheads you for.

  31. Sold my townhouse just a stone’s throw outside the Beltway this past February.
    So is or was the council referring to the Beltway 8 in Houston? I admit I miss living in Houston.

  32. I’ve never read The Satanic Verses. All I know is what happens on the first page.

  33. There are also lyrics to the Star Trek TOS theme song! Roddenberry scribbled some nonsense to steal a co-writing credit. The guy who actually wrote the song didn’t work for Star Trek again.

  34. Colder ‘n a witch’s titty in a brass bra.

    Windy too.

  35. Spent about an hour dragging branches to burn pile, which re-ignited with a single blow of air at the smokey bit. Then I spent another 2 hours cutting up the dead parts of a flowering tree by the minis pen that split back in May. Then Reconciliation, now a celebretory Reisling. It’s a pretty good day so far.

  36. https://is.gd/0FULo4

    (Imgur video)

  37. Simultaneous vehicle explosions at multiple points of entry. Mexico is activating La Guardia in TJ. Cartel related.

  38. Vmaximus … no, the DC Beltway.

  39. Counsel I know there are many, I guess I was a little nostalgic for Houston

  40. Today I drove through Climax, Minnesota. It was a bit of a let down.

  41. Driving back from my parents’ house to my place near Detroit I’d always pass Climax, Michigan and still have another 2 hours to go.

  42. Yeah, it’s like your really looking forward to getting there, but afterwards you’re just like, eh, whatever. It’s all downhill from there.

  43. In Michigan we have Climax, Hell, and Paradise.

    You choose.

  44. I’ve been to past Climax and got married in Hell, never been to Paradise.

  45. It’s called the Colonel Bogey March, Mitch. I didn’t follow your link but I assume those are the classic lyrics related to a certain German dictator’s monorchism.

  46. …and now it’s stuck in my head

  47. Give it a listen Peel! Guy gives a great rendition! The whole clip is funny actually.
    There’s even more verses beyond this apparently. Looking into it, they were originally going to use the words in the movie, but felt it a bit inappropriate. They used the whistle version knowing that most watching it at the time would get the reference.

  48. Do elks really prance?

  49. Heh-heh-heh. I like that one Jimbro.

  50. Last one is perfect for the caption, “A Young Carin”

  51. Or, L to R: H2, Carin

  52. Super cute! Love it.

  53. Ha!

    wakey wakey

  54. Went golfing yesterday with Ethan’s girlfriend I am enjoying it.

  55. That was jimbro when he was a little girl.

  56. Your mom’s cullen skinks


  57. Today’s insanity: Trump was selling nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia in exchange for golf contracts because his hotels are losing money.

    Russia Russia Russia 2 isn’t going so well. They need a sex scene to spice things up. Melania’s panties or some sort of leak about their sex lives will probably happen this week.

  58. I’m sure the “Trump sold nuclear secrets HANG HIM” crowd get kinda quiet when asked if the Clintons should also hang for selling them to China…

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