Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born September 12, 1997 in Spokane, WA. She stands 5‘ 3″ and measures 352433 and 110 lbs. Please give an Oscar to Miss Sydney Sweeney.


  1. Real cutie

  2. She’s a prolific actress I guess but I haven’t knowingly seen any of her stuff

    This BBF chapteris the most exposure she’s had for me

  3. I skimmed through the “Going to the Met” video and was left with a couple of impressions. The first being that there were at least a half dozen people involved in getting her into a dress and makeup/hair for the event. These people make their living doing that which is sort of crazy. And the other was seeing her in the chair before makeup was applied and seeing her appear to be just like your average young woman at the mall. As the meme goes, “This is why I have trust issues”

  4. High end hooker

  5. Nice job at the beach Pup.

  6. I think she works for Doreen.


    Kim Strassel at WSJ is always a must read

    Fifth paragraph:

    “If you have doubts about all this, you’re unhinged and lawless. The Washington Post quoted “extremism trackers,” who explained that any GOP statements “delegitimizing the government” were “nudges toward violence.” Said one: “They use events like this to feed into this fantasy they’ve co-created with their supporters.” Several outlets claimed Republicans’ criticism of Justice and the FBI was little more than an effort to “inoculate” themselves against any probes.”

  8. It’s always interesting to me how sometimes they look real and sometimes they look totally fake. This one was looking real until the last two pics.

  9. With her real hair color, she’d be a 12.

  10. clapback hits Jonah, poor fella+

  11. Finally able to open the windows again and get a nice cool morning breeze through here. We have really run up the AC bill the last coupla weeks. This is such a nice break.

  12. Still only getting two hours sleep between bathroom runs. Strangely I feel a bit less run down today. Maybe my metabolism is adjusting? No idea.

    Still want a decent night’s sleep. It’s been weeks since I’ve had it consistently.

  13. Internet research in the dark web says real Peel. And spectacularish.

  14. And the other was seeing her in the chair before makeup was applied and seeing her appear to be just like your average young woman at the mall.

    See, I go the other way. What that tells me is that the only thing between an average young woman at the mall and breathtaking imagery is glamour and photography. And I (at least used to) actually have a shot at the girl at the mall.

  15. OMG, it really was about the nuclear codes. They found the napkin:

    the walls are closing in, finally

  16. Let’s assume for the sake of absurd argument that Trump actually had “the codes!” at MAL. Why would anyone go get a piece of paper that had them rather than just, you know, change them?

    I lose a key to the house, I change the locks, why would codes meant to restrict weapons of mass destruction be tied to a bike lock?

  17. And seriously, how frequently are the nuclear codes changed? Like maybe twice a day?

    That nuclear code story is prime overloaded imagination fiction from the Leftist media. You know, the “journalist” propagandists who barely squeaked through with their communications degree and can’t change a car tire.

  18. “Glamour”. Same word can mean attractiveness (especially through clothes, makeup, and other assistance) or magic/enchantment. Either way it’s an illusion. What matters almost never comes through in the image, but it’s still fun to go over the pics.

  19. If Trump still had the nuclear codes (a) he’d probably have no way to use them as the order still has to be transmitted through very specific means and (b) if he could use them, DC would be a glowing crater by now.

    Good God, I can’t even call these people retards now, it would be an insult to retards to be compared to these dumbfucks.

  20. but it wasn’t a raid!

  21. or is that yesterday’s talking points? Car in, can you check with mom and Carrie for clarification?

  22. It wasn’t a raid. It was Christmas morning!

  23. Ace’s human centipede analogy for twitter is just so awesome.

  24. Salman Rushdie was stabbed at an appearance in upstate NY.

    “Motive unclear”

  25. I wonder how they can’t see how silly this is. How is it possible?

  26. I’ll lay down a coupla Benjamins that it weren’t a Byzantine Catholic what held the knife handle.

  27. Had an interesting conversation with MIL today about the situation in hospitals locally and the trend in medicine overall. She agreed with me that people no longer have relationships with doctors. You may think you do, but you actually have a relationship with a government/corporate template, or flowchart.

    Because of the demand for conformity, there is little difference anymore between an excellent physician and a mediocre one. They all have to follow the template to protect their careers.

  28. It’s true. You have a more intimate and wholesome relationship with your Instagram lifecoach who has a side hustle selling essential oils than you do with an MD anymore.

  29. A physician may independently understand more about general health strategies that are in opposition to the party line, and apply them in her own or her family’s life; but not with patients.

  30. Doing the right thing for someone’s health can get you canned.

  31. In most cases yes. And medicine is headed that way, broadly. Fairly soon you won’t be seeing your doctor at all. You will go to a building and see ‘a doctor’ from the group that takes your plan or you’ll call in.

    But most of medicine is pretty predictable. Something like 90% is routine and doesn’t require a doctor at all.

  32. She agreed with me that people no longer have relationships with doctors.

    Wait what? When did people have relationships with their doctors? That was never on my flowchart.

  33. I’ve been thinking about a tiered medical system for a long time. We’ll probably end up with one anyway but more cut around government vs non government employees.

    Tier 1 is for your average person. It sucks and you don’t really have a doctor or get to talk to anyone. It’s industrialized medicine on a grand scale.

    Tier 2 is for wealthy or connected people. You get basically whatever you want. My boss told me about his experience with medicine in Singapore and I thought that sounded about right. The doctors are pleasant, patient, and you can have all of your services completed quickly because you have the ability to pay or someone who will pay for you.

  34. I would not be surprised to hear that the very rich are already getting myostatin inhibition gene therapy or the “never get cavities” version of streptococcus mutans from their docs. Supposedly Peter Thiel is already getting “youthful blood” transfusions.

    Bill Gates excepted of course, he looks like he lives on Impossible bullshit.

  35. I believe the model gif is from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Jane Russell had a nice rack.

  36. THAT guy. Mr. No Meat for the Poors. Ugh. I hope he gets an insect retrovirus from eating cricket protein that causes him to grow tastebuds in his asshole.

  37. Concierge Medicine is already here although I haven’t heard much about it recently. For a while it was big news. From a provider’s perspective it sounds pretty appealing. More pain in the ass, educated patients but less stress dealing with insurance and their algorithms.

  38. The rich people I know usually have a dietician, various coaches, meal prep, and a doctor who will prescribe almost anything non addictive.

    And they do a lot of fad stuff like cryotherapy, vitamin IVs (which I’ve tried) and infrared therapy, etc.

  39. I hope he gets an insect retrovirus from eating cricket protein that causes him to grow tastebuds in his asshole.

    Stealing that one.

  40. There are a few specialties that have resisted hospital ownership like Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and a few sub specialties like Cardiology and GI. Given the state dominated reimbursement for anything pediatric it’s rare to find a private Peds practice now. My last year in private practice the state was paying 35¢ for every dollar I billed and that was with a very skilled billing specialist arguing with them as her full time job

  41. Co-worker got covid, so they sent almost everyone in the building home. The ones with 4 shots get to stay and finish the day.

    **Nelson hah-hah**

    No word on testing changes.

  42. One year they owed us for close to a year’s worth of bills and claimed it was because of a new computer system.

  43. Also, that was probably a massive violation of HIPPA.

  44. Brad Thor
    13m ·
    Anne and I were high school classmates. She was an absolutely lovely human being and I will always treasure her memory. #RIP

    Effen Never-Trumper. Chick was high on coke and could have killed how many people?

    But lovely human being. Got it.

  45. Nah, your boss can gossip and blab all around about whatever health information they got about you or anybody else. HIPAA really only applies to health professionals, about their clients.

  46. I need to put together a red-light booth/box for winter at some point, but there are other health ducks I really ought to get in a row first.

  47. If I really wanted to get serious, I’d build the red light box linked to an exercise bike so I could power it with cardio.

    I bet a YT playlist of building that sucker would make be famous, even. Too bad I’m a crap carpenter.

  48. Are you going to feel like building anything when the days get short? This is my downfall. I always have all these plans for “Winter Projects” but when Winter comes my actual motivating energy is at very low ebb.

  49. For winter, not in winter. I have the same issue, best time to make chicken tractors is Feb/March before getting birds, and I have no real urge to be in the barn cobbling at that point.

  50. I was playing a recorder at that age. (shudder)

  51. Anne Heche hung on for a few days but with that amount of burns she was probably a goner from the time they extracted her from her car. As a 4th year and an intern I spent a lot of time with the Plastic Surgeons on the burn unit. The residents and fellows pretty much let me do a lot of the day to day burn dressing changes mostly because they didn’t want to do it. The nurses were experienced and talked me through a lot of it. I think the treatment we used then is antiquated and far more advanced than serial debridements with a weck knife

  52. twitter: Derringer chambered in 45-70

    Counterpoint, I could wear 5 or 6 of those before my pants fell down.

  53. Isn’t 45-70 a giganto black powder round?


    (Imgur gallery of my people)

  55. *dons acid-wash jean jacket*

    *fluffs up the top of my perm with a big plastic comb*

    *puts comb in pants pocket with the handle sticking out just so.*

    Does anybody here remember when kids had a comb handle sticking out of their pocket as a style statement?

  56. Does anybody here remember when kids had a comb handle sticking out of their pocket as a style statement?
    I remember it but I was a kid, not teen. Any of those pictures could be my older sisters, though. They had the biggest most insane hair.

  57. Hey, boobs.

    And the BBF model has a nice rack too.

  58. Before that comb thing, the men used to tie an onion to their belt.

  59. I still have an onion on my belt. I don’t go for this new fangled bullshit.

  60. Will does that, but in summer, laura. For some reason, he doesn’t seem to want to clean out the garage or repair attic insulation when it’s 95 degrees outside.

  61. 2 things. First, per the last time I commented in here, I haven’t been able to come up with a new blog handle I’m happy with, and per J’Aymes, and I agree DiT wouldn’t have a problem, so fuck anyone else that whines about the memory, I’m sticking with DNH.

    Second, this made me shoot beer out of my nose and my sinuses are on fire right now.

    “I hope he gets an insect retrovirus from eating cricket protein that causes him to grow tastebuds in his asshole.”

    You owe me a beer, Lumps!


  63. I tore a big hole in the bench seat of dad’s Plymouth Fury station wagon with on of those big combs in my back pocket.

  64. They don’t all land but I knew that one was good when Roamy said she was yoinking it

  65. I went from Catholic HS where facial hair wasn’t allowed and hair had to be under control to college where Army ROTC had regulations about hair length too so my dreams of a mullet were dashed. I do remember the big hair on the girls and for some reason shirts with shoulder pads.

  66. I tore a big hole in the bench seat of dad’s Plymouth Fury station wagon with on of those big combs in my back pocket.

    Who was the lucky guy?

  67. serial debridements with a weck knife

    Worst band name ever.

  68. Heh. Daveonfire.

  69. Does anybody here remember when kids had a comb handle sticking out of their pocket as a style statement?

    The black guys in my high school had the combs with the black power fist on the handle sticking up out of their afros.

  70. My mom had that exact blue Florida t-shirt.

    I LOL’d at the survey taker. Animaniacs made fun of them.

    Here instead of worm grunting, it’s called fiddling for worms. Same technique.

  71. […] H2 features model Sydney Sweeney […]

  72. Anybody else having a hard time loading substack articles? I was on el gato malo and couldn’t get the next article. Then Berenson did the same thing, won’t load.

  73. Just finished my Sunday poat. I’m crushing it!

  74. Roamy, that was a great vid.

  75. nm, it’s back

  76. Jimbro, that video was fantastic.



  79. I could never have a husky. These are some mouthy little assholes.

  80. Dachshunds are the asshoes of the dog world. If you get a good one, they hate rodents. Pampered ones like the two I had, play with rabbits

  81. Wieners.

  82. They hit on 14 year old girls.

  83. This episode of AA is a good one. Did y’all know that that Mars got nuked in the distant past?

    Perhaps the Big Push to get to Mars lately is that humanity will get relegated to the Marian slum and the aliens move into the posh Martha’s Vineyard of the solar system.

  84. I’m tired of working with millennials. they suck so bad. One speed, slow, and they will stand there and wait for anyone else to do things. so fucking lazy

  85. heh
    Scott rocks!

  86. The Vallus Marinerus, Mitch, or some other big scar? I remember the Electric Universe people made a very big deal out of VM because it looks a lot like the scorch that would be left giant (indeed, planetary scale) lightning strike. And there are myths about how Mars got a huge scar that go back to before telescopes, which is pretty spooky.

  87. I am quite proud of my niece. She will not bow. A year or so ago there was a picture in the local rag of many officials bowing to BLM. She was the exception.
    Now it is a rather long story but she refused to compromise when her chief did wrong. The brown stuff has hit the rotational object, and made national news. Law suits are flying, blackballing is happening, and I am holding my breath. It appears the Police union is backing her.

  88. looks like the link is dead. Blackballing.

  89. No, they didn’t cite Vallus Marinerus Leon, but rather an unusual concentration of certain isotopes: “Mars has a high concentration of the gas isotope Xenon 129 in its atmosphere and an excess of uranium and thorium on its surface.” From Dr. John Brandenburg in his paper, “Evidence of a Massive Thermonuclear Explosion on Mars in the Past.”

  90. Dalton excavated Roger’s pool.

  91. And

  92. One

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