Speaking of Hookers – Where’s Aggie?

Kinda funny – a band named Texas – by way of Glasgow.


a little secret look into my stunning success

as a prolific blog artist….

I never have any idea what I’m going to post.


This poat-able was going to be about Mare and her side hustle

I’m an hour and a half into this and I’ve totally forgot where i was going

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I think Rosetta would give this post a rating of Mostly True


  1. Ramon has teh butt botulism.
    It’s wildly contagious to specific demographics.

  2. https://tinyurl.com/New-Jam-poat-yaaay !!!

    (Imgur video)

  3. … the traditional Tio de Nadal song:

    “Shit log,
    Shit nougats,
    Hazelnuts and mató cheese,
    If you don’t shit well,
    I’ll hit you with a stick,
    Shit log!”
    I cannot think of a more worthy tradition for us, as a blog, to adopt

  4. *firmly pushes Ramon’s plate of paella away*

    No, thank you. I am not hungry.

  5. Another especially vivid derp last night. Probably because it was crafted in the form of a warning. That’s a derp intensifier for sure.

    I had to quit watching the squirrel vid jammy but I love the dancing Mares.

  6. The Trump raid has completely disappeared from all of the sites that were collectively orgasming just a few days ago.

    Totally and completely memory holed. I keep telling GND that a mid level FBI stooge in Toledo is about to learn what it feels like to be the fall guy.

    And I fully expect that the left will start believing Trump somehow got the FBI to raid him to boost his chances at winning in 2024.

  7. Seriously MJ?? I saw yesterday that Ace said they were all trying to say they had nothing to do with it but I thought that must be an exaggeration, since the day before they were so triumphant. That’s hilarious.

  8. I am not using yoo toob all that much recently because of all the ads. For years I only had ads in the sidebar and the occasional bubble in the lower third of the video that I could click on the tiny x to disappear it.

    Now every video I watch is preceded by a short political ad (state takeover of electric company ad in my instance) and then a vrbo ad that I can stop after 5 seconds at the beginning. Then during any video lasting longer than 5 minutes or so I get vrbo’d again. And again.

  9. wakey wakey

    Tank Abrahams tested every day? I suppose she checks a few of those “vulnerable” boxes.

  10. I still get updates from the DPH in my emails. Now they’re talking about polio detected in Rockland county, NY state. Found in wastewater samples as well as in an individual who contracted the disease.

    “A case of polio caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 was reported in an unvaccinated individual…”

    …and they go on to say that this strain is related to the weakened live polio virus in oral polio vaccine, which has not been used in the US since 2000.

    WTF, over?

  11. I don’t get ads on youboob. Is it because I use Brave? Not sure.

  12. Blegh in metalcore.

  13. I’m waiting to go in to the dentist to get my tooth cleaned and scanning the radio. I learned from NPR that Prime is doing a remake series of “A League Of Their Own”. It sounds like a home run of wokeness. Gays, race, questioning sexuality, more gays, more race and a little baseball for good measure.

  14. I’m waiting to go in to the dentist to get my tooth cleaned and scanning the radio. I learned from NPR that Prime is doing a remake series of “A League Of Their Own”. It sounds like a home run of wokeness. Gays, race, questioning sexuality, more gays, more race and a little baseball for good measure.
    It’s hilarious. GNDs great aunt actually played in the league.

    Aunt Goldie, which is the best aunt who played in the all girls league name of all time.

    Wonder what she’d think.

  15. twitter: let’s play pool!

  16. The Trump raid has completely disappeared from all of the sites that were collectively orgasming just a few days ago.

    Colbert announced it on his show, and the barking seals clapped and clapped. He called it Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, atheist lefty scumbag, now open the package.

  17. My dentist office is still screening for Covid. Must have not got the monkeypox memo.

  18. would be cool play catch with Aunt Goldie. She’d probably throw too hard though.

  19. I’m sure Aunt Goldie knew a few dykes and quietly accepted them because they weren’t telling her to bake the cake

  20. At least some of them just realized that line they just sauntered across was actually the Rubicon.

    The die, as they say, is cast.

  21. twitter: Now we need to exhume Ivana Trump, because he might have buried documents with her

    Yes, you read that correctly. Donald Trump couldn’t just burn documents in his fireplace, he buried them with his ex wife. BlueAnon ex soap opera star says what?

  22. Kari lake on crowder today

  23. Is this shit for real?

  24. Jimbro, you need uBlock Origin in your browser.

  25. Jimbro,

    Use Brave as your web browser. You won’t see any ads on youtube. Haven’t seen a add in years.

  26. Yesterday I had my initial ophthalmology visit to prepare for cataract surgery in my right eye.

    Today I received a survey which included among other woke jackassery whether I am heterosexual, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and some other shit I can’t remember. I had the option to pick ONE, which confused me because I thought I might be several, or all of them. Then it asked me to make another set of choices that I can’t remember, except one which was “Two Spirit”.

    I neglected to answer these and commented that I thought their proper mission was to treat ALL patients equally, and that this is a bunch of woke bullshit (exact words).

    I’ll probably get a call declining to treat me.

  27. Jimbro, you should use the Bullwhips Up The Ass™ browser. You’ll still see ads, but it would give us a better chance to laugh at you.

  28. lumps, I read that immigrants from Africa take the other polio treatment and the area in NY has a large percentage of Jewish people that don’t vaccinate for religious reasons.

  29. Bullwhips Up The Ass™ browser isn’t accepting new members currently. It finally happened — they’re at full capacity

  30. the other polio treatment



    There was some talk about it being protective for Covid but that’s sort of died down. Also used for bladder cancer oddly enough

  31. Lumps the horse dancing thing was kinda neat.
    The New Orleans horse actually seemed to be having a good time.

  32. I made it about 20 seconds into the squirrel thing…

  33. Then I had to beat the shit log.

  34. Jam, you’re a lying dog-face pony soldier.

  35. The shit log song is funny

  36. …little dick-nibbler of a twink…

  37. People who back this already own Notorious RBG and Doctor Fauci “action figures”

  38. Oh lawdie, I read the comments to see if anyone questioned the hero worship of Zelensky and came across this gem:

    “Will we have an opportunity to purchase the Stacey Abrams figure as an add-on to this once the surveys hit?”


  39. ^^^ and that was an earnest inquiry, not sarcasm!

  40. they need bigger boxes

  41. I don’t think they come with bigger boxes than Abrams (Jizm Tank).

  42. There’s got to be a lot of heat in DC at the moment


  43. I was today years old when I learned Merrick Garland was a Jew.

    This has had zero effect on my deep-seated and longstanding loathing of the man.

  44. What does him being a jew have to do with anything?

    Is he claiming some kind of protected class status?

  45. It’s the new thing going around. Antisemitism is the only reason we appose him.

  46. You only hate him because you’re a nazi antisemite, Hotspur.

    The party of Linda Sarsour is actually floating this theory.

  47. The Old Man on FX is pretty good. The Rotties are amazing canine actors. Almost as good as the Belgians in John Wick III

  48. oppose.

    Sorry googling how to change the belt on my steam cleaner. Multi-tasking.

  49. “” Comment by Car in on August 11, 2022 8:28 am “”
    carin nice link – just read it

  50. everyone must be “” changing the belt.. “”

  51. Belgian Malinois not whistles.

  52. I’m fixing a special dinner for Mini-me, she heads back to MO tomorrow. Seems like I just got her home from Scotland, off she goes again.

  53. Big squishy hugs, Romacita

  54. We cooked 7 pizzas on the BGE.


  55. “” Pizzapalooza. “”
    banana pizza?
    no invite?
    im bummed

  56. I love how Ace has embraced the left’s own use of the term ‘shitlib’ to describe…those people.

    Apparently there are still principled Americans who believe in protecting civil rights and do not pursue power for power’s sake, and call themselves of the Left. Mainly because they are serious critics of capitalism; but are not murderous commie looters.

    Rarer than hen’s teeth, they are, these days. But they live. Apparently.

  57. We did a big pizza night because I’m cycling stuff out of the freezers. Especially things that are not meat. Got rid of 7 dough balls and a couple bags of mozz today. Shared the pizzas with the fam. Sis came to pick them up. Everything worked out. Only took one hour to make them, after the grill was hot.

  58. We bought sourdough boules from the Club and made chili bowls.

  59. Let me know if Dan wants to make homemade sourdough, which is trivially easy. I can share some nice starter.

  60. So far, he is happy with retail purchasing. I have a friend with 40 year old starter who has offered.

  61. Just made me realize I haven’t used mine since last Winter. Yoinked it out of the fridge and fed it with rye to revive it. Might take a couple cycles but it should be fine.

  62. And now Dan wants to start making rye bread. My friend made the best sourdough pancakes. Mom of my roomie in college. She was recently held hostage in her home by a brown bear.

  63. https://tinyurl.com/yfaj9765

    (Imgur video with sound)

  64. Coffee vendor told me that his job was to make sure he didn’t spill the beans. I called him an asshoe

  65. Brown bears must really like them pancakes

  66. Yep, when I lived in her cabin with her daughter while she lived in AZ, raccoons and skunks loved the pet door. I blocked the pet door. Raccoon was knocking on the door seriously put out that he couldn’t come in.

  67. Finally got feta and balsamic for my salad.

  68. Gross.

    Antibiotics might clear that up.

  69. she’s a little thing. love the hat

  70. The CDC now says that due to breakthrough infections and natural immunity there is no reason to treat vaccinated and unvaccinated people differently. I hope this means I don’t have to get tested every week in order to go to work.

  71. Doreen employs rehabilitated prostitutes.

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