Good Luck Out Here In The Sticks!


  1. Heading down to Houston today. Gonna leave Rebecca with Paul’s cousin and then we will be Scandinavia bound! Flight leaves on Friday afternoon and we will get back right before Labor Day.

    I plan on avoiding the news for awhile. It will still be here when we get back.

  2. Safe travels T.

  3. Don’t trust the Vikings

  4. Sen. Mike Lee on the Mar-a-Lago raid.

  5. Have fun, TiFW!

  6. wakey wakey

  7. have a great vacation Teresa!

  8. does anyone know if the Dan Bongino radio show is available on demand? I hear he was coming unglued last night.

  9. have a great time in my ancestor’s homeland, TiFW! Say hi to Aarhus DK!

  10. This is how naive our side is…

    The former head of the FBI said that he could totally understand raiding Trump’s home if it was somehow related to Jan 6 and there was evidence of treason. Then it might make sense but not for supposed documents. He was totally flummoxed.

    Uh – think you got it there, ham and egger. I think you might be on to something!

  11. Real Men of Genius™

  12. I’ll just add this from Mike Lee:

    Fifth, perhaps there’s something here we don’t know—something that, once known, will clarify the reasons for the raid. If there is, FBI needs to bring forward the justification for this unprecedented action—as soon as possible. But if there isn’t, we’ve got problems at the FBI.

    Ding ding ding! You got it dummy! Just wait hang on a second while the FBI gets that for you!

    Turns out the Obama people are playing a different game – one for all the marbles.

  13. he better get it all soon, or the next administration will crawl up his financial ass.

  14. They started it, just like judicial appointments. How did that work out, Roe?

  15. I’m not sure our side has the balls to do something like this. And they have no cover – the agencies all belong to the left now along with tech and the legacy media.

  16. I’ve been trying to see the other side of this, and what could be legitimate about it. If there were charges, we would have to know, right? Then we would know why there was a warrant.

    But there aren’t any. And I haven’t come up with a legit reason. Please clue me in.

  17. I’m afraid of that too. The civil wing of the GOP will take power, and the base will absolutely come unglued when they sit on their hands because of BiPartisan.

  18. fucking Turtle is there for 6 more years, and McCarthy will head up the House. Even with a red wave, I forsee a huge wet blanket over everything.

  19. In Iowa we face putting Grassley back in, and possibly not finishing his term, or him getting booted by a near-communist because of backlash. The junior senator is a Reserve officer that voted for Red Flag laws, and loves getting along with the other side.

  20. This raid is further confirmation of what we all know: Biden is not actually running the show. Well duh Einstein, when did you figure that out? But seriously, what competent president would allow that knowing it could potentially happen to them in less than 2 years and for more obvious reasons? This is petty bullshit designed to keep Trump on the ropes all the way to 2024.

  21. just saw that the judge who signed the warrant is linked to Epstein too.

  22. Jay, if you go to Bongino d0t com (not Bongino Report) they have a listen radio button. Live show is 12-3. If you listen at other times it’s past shows but I haven’t been able to figure out the schedule. I do know if you listen past 3 you get the day before show.

  23. Oh, you mean the FBI isn’t to be trusted, and has done this before?


  24. Steve Deace
    Here is the question on the table for the Republican Party — do you finally hate what Democrats are determined to do to the country more than you hate your own base?

  25. He’s just scared of the upcoming raid on his house, when Zeldin wins.

  26. Of course he is.

  27. They are trying to provoke the Trump base. They want something to happen so they have a pretext for criminalizing all opposition.

    Remember he said “They’re really after YOU, I’m just in the way.” Well, they’re getting him out of the way.

  28. Uh…they’ve effectively already been criminalizing all opposition.

    Hate to break it to you.

  29. What’s Jonah Goldberg doing today? Steve Hayes?

  30. Jonah is spinning away on twitter, trying not to comment on The Great Raid™

  31. he’s all about the IRS agents, because he was audited twice. And he doesn’t want to talk bad about French

  32. Nothing like making it always about yourself.

  33. So his commentary today is about his dogs. That’s it.

  34. He retweeted this:

    “Jonah Goldberg Retweeted
    Brendan Buck
    Is it fair to assume you don’t raid the home of a former president unless you’ve met some pretty high bar?”

  35. twitter, MSDNC, FBI Trained to fight off a confrontational Trump

    what color is the sky in your world?

  36. Plus, they waited until he was in NYC to execute the raid. MSDNC is so dumb, and anyone who watches it is dumb.

  37. Didn’t we seed this movie when they told us they weren’t spying on Trump’s campaign then later told us they were spying but it was a good reason for real this time I swear you guys.

    And the reason turned out to be a rumor from a guy in a bar.

    It’s the same movie from the same production crew.

  38. Right now, my FIL is in a pair of horrible cargo shorts, wearing the same t shirt he always wears, higher than you can possibly imagine, arguing with people online about how this time Trump is going down.

    And he’ll never understand that he’s the mark. The fool.

  39. Speaking of cargo shorts, my favorite pair are nearing the end of their useful life. At first it was the zipper. Every now and then when I went to take a wizz I’d discover it was at half mast. Weird, I thought, I could’ve sworn I zipped it all the way up. After a while I realized it was broken and I was not the victim of the Zipper Gnomes. A replacement was needed. The manufacturer suggested a local seamstress or tailor of which there are few in this region. Then I noticed the fabric was fraying at the edges of the leg holes. I thought I’d ask if they could reinforce the fabric when the zipper was replaced. Then last weekend I noticed a hole in the fabric near the little cell phone pocket and, at that moment, knew God was telling me to move on from this pair of shorts. I’m currently wearing my second favorite pair which will soon be my favorite pair by default.

  40. Your mom wore out the zipper in my favorite cargo shorts.

  41. Interesting read. I agree with a lot of what the guy writes but I really wonder about Taiwan. That gave me pause.

    Will China really invade this year? I think they’ll wait as long as possible. If it’s clear Biden is going to win again, they’ll wait. If not, they should invade.

  42. Zipper Gnomes

  43. Your mom is the Head Zipper Gnome

  44. Liz Cheney ‘s husband is a partner in this law firm.
    One of his partners represents guess who? Scroll to experience..

    But yeah, let’s go after our opponents who committed no crime because that’s what farkin fascists do.

  45. Jonah Goldberg is not stupid. Fucker knows what his pals are doing and loves it because he wants to date Trump.

  46. Lumpty lumps, it is cleome seed harvest time RIGHT NOW. I have noticed that if I wait until the pods turn yellow, most of the time it is too late. So I check twice a day. They are good to go with a slight change of color and many of the pods, at the bottom that are still green, have begun to split open…so those get harvested.

    I am keeping an eye on the unicorn. Only retrieved two of it’s pods.

  47. You guys think the Biden administration is already trying to distance themselves from this?

  48. No.

  49. Cool beans, beasn!

    In other news, I have a tiny throbbing girl-crush on Kari Lake.

    She says it all out loud and doesn’t give a fuck.

  50. She looks A LOT like my old boss who would see you next tuesday.

  51. I like Kari.
    I like this comment, too…
    “If Sanctuary states can protect illegals from I.C.E., then states should be able to protect its citizens from the F.B.I.”

    Has DeSantis weighed in, yet?

  52. She looks A LOT like my old boss who would see you next tuesday.

    Yeah but she’s OUR see you next Tuesday.


  54. Looks like our Muslim serial killer was a Sunni killing Shiite. So happy that Drat politicians nationwide weighed in on this tribal BS.


  56. Safe travels, TiFW. We were watching a food series on Netflix. Yadda Yadda. New Orleans. A woman sells Yaka Mein on the street. Asian/Cajun fusion. We seek out recipes. Dan makes it on Sunday. Leftovers tonight with sourdough bread.


  58. I’ve never seen the movie “Grease”. I’ve seen a few clips of singing/dancing numbers but never the whole thing. I’ll wait for the Critical Drinker review before deciding whether to watch it.

  59. We had the Broadway cast album of Grease. Watched the movie at a drive in in OH with my cousins that were embarrassed to be with us. My first the play is better to add to my book is better lineup.

  60. So, I fell while sleepwalking, again, fucked up my face and my shoulder. Dan has already blocked the stairs and the back bedroom. He is trying to figure out a way to keep me corralled in the bedroom. Funny story, when we first got married, he changed our left/right bed order. First night, I rolled thinking I was near the wall and scraped my back on the bed frame as I fell out of bed. 32 years of trying to anticipate when and how I walk

  61. Looking real good here for the primary. The establishment squish “republican” is getting her ass kicked.

    *gets ready for the naked happy dance*

  62. Osita, does the weighted blanket help with the sleepwalking?

  63. Bets as to whether the Florida Epstein judge is a pedophile?

  64. congrats, scott!

  65. Dennis enjoys reviewing products.

  66. Sounds like Oso is a good candidate for some bondage therapy.

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