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It’s still August, and it’s still hot as heck here, but we’re getting rain and t-storms every few days, not the drought the rest of the continent seems to have right now. It’s going to be dicey getting the second cutting of hay for the year, and we won’t be getting a third. I hear that it’s going for $24 a square bale (50#) out in CA (drought, mostly, but the high cost of urea this year is starting to hit with this as well). Going to be a lot of horses looking for new homes at that price.

Michelle in blue.

Michelle barely contained in black and aqua.

Success story in no words.

It’s all wholesome fun until someone’s nose itches.

More modest attire.

Better or worse than duckface?

Bubbles on the beach.


  1. For those unaware, harvesting hay after about mid-September is dicey because the days are already almost too short, and Mrs C has two active duty weeks coming up around then, which leaves the operation short-handed. Might have to arrange child care while I acquire a hay allergy.

  2. Sean with an answer derp.

  3. Chubby tucker; may be a first.

  4. Worse than duckface.

  5. There’s gonna be a lot of horses going to messican processing facilities I’d guess.

  6. Yikes! I better get some more old mulch hay while I can and store it in the shed for next year’s garden.

  7. * buys Taco Bell stock *

  8. If memory serves ; didn’t the mainstream media run 24/7 coverage under bush when we had droughts or flooding. They blamed all weather cycles on him.
    I don’t purposefully watch news but I don’t seem to be hearing anything negative about the current dryness.
    Lake mead is at an all time low I think.
    We are kindling dry here.
    The Susquehanna is ankle deep.
    The chenango is gulch dry.

  9. Bubbles on the beach is cute.

  10. It’s humorous how the media ignores or accentuates depending on the season.

  11. Reaping and sowing.

  12. Three more and I get a toaster.

  13. Wife was playing scavenger looking for anyone selling a gypsy vanner out west. One the one hand, ghoulish, but on the other, if it comes here it will live and be cherished and likely have babies.

  14. wakey wakey

    I just got offered 20 bales of spoiled hay.

  15. My FiL cuts hay once, usually in early July. I think the combination of a lot of fields, lack of help and his age all add up. He’s retired from Coca-Cola as a driver for a long time so the income from the hay is a nice little extra he shares with his brother

  16. We use that as fire starter so we don’t accidentally feed it.

  17. I’m using it as deep mulch for a new garden.

  18. Do the seeds ever give you trouble?

  19. SCORE, Carin!!

  20. If you let the bales weather out for part of late Winter/ early Spring, the seeds rot pretty readily, or sprout and die.

  21. Oh man, I just watched a clip from one of the dumb weekend politics shows and a lady literally made Ace’s argument about Kamala Harris.

    She was serious, though. Kamala Harris has to be the nominee and the Biden people haven’t positioned her for success. They need to do more of that.


    I love when the blog and real life reflect each other.

  22. Bent over a desk, you mean? Or kneeling under one?

  23. I’m starting to think that she’ll be the next president.

    She was the tech oligarch’s candidate. They can get her over the line if they want to.

  24. I agree. Harris can easily be made to win by 3 points.

  25. Her second term will be even mawr amaze balls. Erry1 will love her and she will glide to victory on an electoral college landslide.

  26. Castro did it

  27. That fat POS in norklandia does it.

  28. Biden is literally the worst prez in history.
    He is selling the country to our enemies.
    It’s out in the open and no one is doing anything about it…
    Harris being installed as the next cum guzzler in chief is well within reach for the ruling class.

  29. In nicer news: I’m almost done with making part of the garage into an art studio with kiln and whatnot for lil jamette.
    Running 100 amp sub panel and wiring up the kiln was a major pain in the clay pile.
    Just finished drilling a 5” hole tru da masonry for the kiln vent.

  30. Anyone can be “positioned for success”, but it is up to them to fulfill their part of the bargain. If they don’t have what it takes, they aren’t going to truly succeed.

    Underlings may do most of the work (but Kamala’s keep quitting on her), the media may write lots of propagandist fiction (“Glorious Leader Kim Jong fill-in-the-blank is the most wonderfullest ruler ever, and we are lucky to have him”), and “adoring” crowds can be paid to make her look popular, but everyone still knows the Empress has no clothes.

    We’re turning into one of the countries I was taught to pity/despise when I was in school.

  31. This year’s garden is basically a disaster because I’ve been forced to neglect it by circumstance (Possum never wants to go outside with me to work on it so I get like 15-20 minutes now and then). Beans are growing so big they’re knocking over my tomato cages, tomatoes went nuts and uncage-able before I found cages. I got all that time at the start of the year to cover it in grass clippings, but it’s been a struggle since then. Strawberries are drowning in weeds and getting eaten, tomatoes are a jungle that I have to reach carefully through the vines to grab them out. Should be getting beans soon, but they need more support.

  32. Tried a weighted vest this weekend. Pretty interesting – basically just more worn out after a workout.

  33. I have a weighted vest, but I really don’t use it that much.

  34. Leon, grain of salt because I don’t have kids; but I don’t understand how a minor child is your boss and decides what you are going to be doing.

  35. *flips the bird to some towering clouds that are teasing me again*

  36. The part of the Britney Griner thing that really ticks me off is that the Biden admin was talking about a prisoner swap before the conviction even happened.

    Not that Griner was likely to be acquitted, but telegraphing the Russians that they can get something in trade all but guaranteed the guilty verdict.

  37. I leave her indoors and she can get up to mischief or get hurt and I can’t hear her or help, or I drag her outdoors and she complains the whole time and isn’t any help anyhow. I have to be where she is because the wife goes to work about the same time I get done at my job for the day. She’s not in charge but if I walk away she’s finding gay pride propaganda on youtube mixed in with minecraft videos and I won’t see it. Take her with me and I get nothing done anyhow. Also I understand that I’m a failed parent and a total fuckup of a human being.

    Garden also gets shafted because I have so much other yard work, too, and it’s all higher priority, like getting all the tree branches chipped or burnt. I should have just done pumpkins again.

  38. Lol, you are not a failed or fuckup of anything. I have no idea what the process is like in your life. And after abandoning shit to either overgrow or die in this heat I wouldn’t want anyone to see my property right now either, no child is required here for me to let things go to Hell. I do it by myself.

  39. And I apologize, it was a dumb statement.

  40. It was safer when I was a kid. If left alone while my mom was outside at that age, I was watching toy commercials pretending to be cartoons and building with Lego, or I was outside myself shooting my bow or playing in the sandbox.

  41. And Dana Nessel should be in Jackson doing 20 to life. Evil bitch.

  42. Leon seems down on himself lately as a dad, so let me step in.

    We all have these visions in our head on how we’ll be these perfect parents, and “Gosh, people suck at parenting because MY KIDS WILL NEVER DO ….” But kids grow up and they are their own people and all we can do is do what we do.

    And, Just because X is a struggle now doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust things. You’ve got lots of time of influencing left.

    So pull up your big boy panties and stop with the comments.

    I mean, I NEVER WOULD HAVE IMAGINED that Hannah would go to medical school . never. Ethan in the navy? Nope. And Matt was the biggest PITA, and cried, and I carried him in a back carrier for two years straight. And they ALL slept in our bed for a long freakin time.

    But you’re not at the end of the game.

    I would though tell her that keeping the garden to some semblance of order is important to you and could she please come outside while you worked.

    And there are some fantastic thing-a-ma-bobs to control internet content out there right now.

  43. I heard for years how I was spoiling him and I needed to let him cry, etc.

    He’s fantastic now. Top 5 of my kids.

  44. last comment was about matt. I must have deleted something. Or left it out.

  45. Also, Hannah ate nothing but bacon, chicken nuggets, and french fries from the age of 2 until sometime last year.

  46. Oh, my self-hatred goes a lot deeper than just my failures as a parent.

    COVID fucked us over completely, though. A whole fucking year where she couldn’t meet with other kids to just play, and too much screen time in general to compensate.

  47. Someone slap Leon.

  48. And Yea, but Covid’s in the past. Erin lost a friend during the Covid BS because he had too much time on his hands, was doing drugs and killed himself in a car accident. My sister. Everyone’s got a story, or they’re stupid /in denial.

    As I said, you’ve got plenty of time to resettle any situation.

  49. Listen to Carin, she’s pre-med. Also yannow, some of us were both hard to raise AND also actually abused as kids, and somehow only turned out to be ordinary funsize jackholes instead of really big horrible assholes.

    With you as a parent, your kid has a better foundation than the vast majority.

  50. In other news, we just had the downpour I’ve been hoping for. The 100-gal rain barrel filled up in a thrice, and I even stood in the rain filling up extra buckets from the overflow hose. Fantastic! And that was a coooold rain, ha ha haa! Felt pretty great though.

  51. Parental guilt is pretty much universal unless you’re a sociopath or psychopath. All the rest of us do is the best we can.
    My 4 kids have turned out pretty wonderful, despite my many foulups and errors. Good thing most kids are resilient.

  52. My younger was valedictorian

  53. My kid pooped his pants a few times recently. When asked, he said he just didn’t feel like getting up. I though it was funny. GND had a different opinion.

    My lazy gene is turned up to 11 in this kid sometimes.

  54. Restart.

    My younger was valedictorian of her HS class, homecoming Queen, all district bskball, went to college and graduated cum laude in 3.5 years……and then spent 5 years working in $10 an hour jobs because she wasn’t sure what she wanted do. It was heartbreaking for all of us, especially her. She finally found a sales job that she likes and pays a damned nice commission. It fits her competitiveness and personality.

    But there were sure a lot of days when her mother and I felt like we’d totally screwed the pooch.

  55. What’s up, fellow humans who are definitely not reptoids wearing human skin suits?

    I recently spent a week on a houseboat with no cell reception, and I can’t tell you how amazing that was. Also, it’s very time consuming to dig yourself out from under a stack of anvils. I’m thrilled to see my stupid Tekashi joke made the header here.

  56. I’m listening to some very pretty music right now. What music, you ask? You’ll just have to wait for next Sunday to find out.

  57. Pendejo, my older brother graduated college with a dual major in Physics and EE. He worked for a year and a half at what was supposed to be our summer job at the envelope factory. He finally got a job doing SDI research at MIT Lincoln Labs. After about 10 years there he was a bartender for about 5 years and then worked at Fidelity as a financial consultant for about 10 years before taking early retirement ahead of an upcoming company wide downsizing.

    He took inspiration from my grandfather who held a variety of blue collar jobs (fisherman, sawdust sales, custodian, security guard, parking lot attendant). Something about the quote “a wish in one hand and a bag of shit in the other” as motivation to seize the chance to do what you want to do.

  58. wait, that’s not a real contest?

    *cancels plane tickets to Czechoslovakia*

  59. Yep, I worry about the manifold ways I’m failing my kids all the time.

  60. You do the best you can for your kids.
    They find ways to succeed and also fail in spite of your best efforts or worst mistakes.

  61. Interesting, there’s a theory that Frank Zappa was actually CIA. I’m going to need a bigger tinfoil hat.

  62. So FBI is going after Trump. I guess the balloon is going up. Buckle in, it’s going to get bumpy.

  63. The increase in IRS agents are for anybody who donated to him.

  64. …at first

  65. Exactly. See also the people that voted for him. Lines have been drawn. This is not America

  66. We had a good run.

  67. Scott, yes we did. I never thought I’d be thankful that I was barren, yet here we are.

  68. The dims cannot ever let another republican or even a “republican” occupy the White House. Peaceful transition of power is gone. 8/08/2022 is another day that will live in infamy.

  69. Fuck the Biden administration and everyone involved in this witch hunt.

    Leon, you are a fine father, and Possum is going to be fine. We all know how much you love and care for her, and so does she. You are giving her all of the building blocks that she needs, as well as a stable home life. And you don’t abuse her, which is HUGE. You’re doing a wonderful job. She has a roof over her head, a full belly, and a safe place to call home. Don’t sell yourself short – those things MATTER.

  70. Witch hunt.

    DeSantis needs to announce and declare a Bitch Hunt.

    Lets raid Hillary in 2024!

  71. Gestapo bullshit. We need to burn down every letter agency in DC.

  72. So I have some thoughts.

    1. Trump might have broken the law. I don’t know one way or the other. No one here does.


    2. According to that NYP article, the basis for the raid was an allegation by National Archives that Trump had classified material in his possession. So, shall we conclude that it’s once again illegal for government types to have classified materials in their homes? Because it sure wasn’t for Hillary Clinton.

    3. And on that note, when Hillary had classified material on her server in her bathroom, Congress issued her a subpoena. In response, she used bleach bit on the computers. So she broke more than one law, including contempt of Congress. No FBI raid in that case, for some reason.

    That’s my real reason for losing faith in this country as a viable institution. The double standard is so glaring. Take lawful possession of Ashley Biden’s abandoned diary? FBI comes a’knockin’ with no legitimate law enforcement purpose whatsoever. Lie on a firearm application because you’re addicted to crack? Don’t worry, Secret Service will dispose of the evidence for you.

    4. David French is on Twitter saying “there must be a legitimate basis for the raid if they got a warrant!” Apparently he can’t remember Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who lied to the FISA Court to get an illegal wiretap on the Trump campaign. Yes, even FBI guys can just straight up lie under oath. If they’re doing it for the right cause, they won’t get any jail time or even lose their law licenses. So spare me that “they got a warrant so it must be legit!” bull crap.

  73. Hunter?

  74. They are actively protecting them.

  75. if they are going after classified material, I’ll bet the FBI is planting it.

  76. @JackPosobiec – 7m

    Cheers breaking out inside the West Wing reports WH staffer

  77. If the DC power elite and their agency minions aren’t careful, they are about to turn 50% or more of America into a no-go Indian Country for themselves. Leaving DC will be like going outside the wire.

  78. Do echidnas resemble platypuses?

  79. Sandy Burglar.

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