Either Him or Meme


  1. Sweet memes bruh

  2. Leon, great bug video last night. Not new information for me or anyone paying attention but it was presented well and gave it more context

  3. I really miss custom paper match books. I remember a time when just about every imaginable establishment had its own set of matches sitting in a bowl on the the counter. Now you have to buy a Bic lighter for your smokes. (I’m assuming, maybe the clerk has a box of generic paper matches under the counter if you ask for them).


    We really are in a knockoff of the Fallout universe, aren’t we?

  5. *looks up from tinkering with cryolator*

    No idea what you’re on about, Brother Tim.

  6. Current obsessions on the left:

    Alex Jones- I don’t really know what this is about other than all of cancel culture could have been prevented if he wasn’t fed to the wolves in hopes of being eaten last.

    The FBI is corrupt because they didn’t really investigate Brett Kavanaugh who is probably a serial rapist and drug dealer.

    The economy is actually fantastic because we just passed a trillion dollar stimulus bill for wealthy people and unemployment remains low. That’ll stop runaway inflation.

    Student loan forgiveness is coming!!! It’s good that working people should pay for white women to go to expensive colleges. They deserve it.

  7. Alex reported what others were telling him, never named anyone specific. If we held WaPo and NYT to the same standard, they’d both be smoking craters by now. Plus the judge ordered a lot of flatly illegal things, like Alex couldn’t publicly assert his innocence or defend himself about the case to the press. It should be a layup for an appeal, but this is clown world shit.

  8. Nobody’s paid one dime on a student loan in 2.5 years now, have they? Get ready for more Cantillon effect if those asswipes all get their accounts zeroed.

  9. The really fun thing about student loan forgiveness is that a lot of people with large loan balances also have high salaries.

    I’m opposed to the whole concept anyway – if I could figure out at 17 that graduating school owing 160% of my best possible gross starting salary before I’d even drawn my first paycheck was a bad idea and decide to go to state school instead, so could anyone else – but I’m even more opposed to it for someone who’s making six figures at a relatively young age and doesn’t want to live within their income and pay off their obligation. Suck it up, buttercup.

  10. That bitch living in the LinkedIn adult day care in Chicago?

    She’s got 200k in student debt and is all for this.

  11. It’s just so silly.

    We are asking the 50% of the population who pay tax to pay for the education of 12% of student loan holders.

    And of that 12%, 67% of the debt is held by women.

    It’s all so fair.

  12. The only real constituency left for the dems is women who believe themselves victims because they are terrible at managing their own lives, so it makes perfect sense.

  13. They still routinely pull 90% of the black vote, which increasingly doesn’t matter. They’re just written off and placated because it works.

    I’m curious to see how the Latinxerxes vote this election. If it’s anywhere near 50-50 you’ll be able to see the wall from space by 2023.

  14. funny group of memes Pup –
    that turd… wow

  15. Wakey wakey

    Remember how they sued folks over the 9/11 conspiracy shit that still gets pushed out there?

  16. No, actually. Don’t recall that, but that’s when GWB was the enemy and the press liked the conspiracy because it made him look bad.

    The only thing Alex got wrong was believing that the Feds wouldn’t actually urge a groomed kid to kill a bunch of people to make a spectacle, and had faked it without killing anyone. His naivete on that particular is actually sort of charming.

  17. I’m even more opposed to it for someone who’s making six figures at a relatively young age and doesn’t want to live within their income and pay off their obligation.

    This. Got one of these at work, not six figures but high five, buys $1000 iPhones for his 9-year-old (who breaks or loses them on a regular basis) and assorted other madness, hasn’t made a loan payment since the hold started.

  18. Moby Dick and Booze Clues are my favorites. Which reminds me that Mini-me owes me a drink.

  19. My new favorite local business is a dumpster rental company, “Bin There Dump That”.

  20. A buttload of dildos is just one dildo made me giggle like a retard.

  21. It’s a lazy August day here on my porch. The rhubarb is nearly all wilted and that marks about 10 years since I’ve actually done anything with it except occasionally add a bag of manure in the fall. A yearling deer walked through the yard earlier, oblivious to my presence. Thankfully Ollie was napping and missed it too or I’d still be looking for him.

  22. These memes were fantastic and somehow made this day better and it was already kickass.

  23. It is super hot and uncomfortable outside today.

  24. Got skunked on the promise of rain again today. It was supposed to be a washout but all the precip is disappearing again. Hot and grody, plants suffering. I’m watering thoroughly with the hose tonight or tomorrow morning. Hope the weather breaks soon.

    I might buckle and wash my car, Roamy. I might.

  25. I love the corn kid. Corntastic memes today, puppers

  26. https://tinyurl.com/Pepe-theres-no-water-pressure

    (Imgur video)

  27. https://tinyurl.com/54tscymn

    (Imgur video with sound)

  28. Listening to Trump at CPAC. The guy knows how to work a crowd.

  29. Mr. RFH and I met at an Indian restaurant. I asked him to order butter chicken for me, which he did. And because he’s been married to me for 34 years, he also ordered a side of naan bread. (This is also his regular sabotage of my low-carb diet.) But for some unknown reason, instead of the regular naan that I love, he ordered some abominable version of naan where it has fruit jelly and nuts on the inside. On the outside, it looks the same, but when you dip it into the savory butter chicken sauce with all the cumin, turmeric, and coriander then bite into sickly sweet fruit and nuts, it is vile. He doesn’t understand why I’m mad at him.

    My 10th grade English teacher, Miss Mean Jean, would have thrown an eraser at me for starting two sentences with conjunctions, but I’m leaving it.

  30. Lots of shooty.

  31. Elijah Schaffer’s interview with Lauren Boebert for Slightly Offensive is good. Shes just adorable.

  32. Dumpy edifices ringed Portland.

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