MMM 504

I know we like memes around here, so I got one to kick off the work week.

Cute socks.

Pretty smile.


I can’t do this, and that’s fine with me.

I can hear this picture. It’s simultaneously “poink” and “pow”.

She’s going to rip that shirt if she isn’t careful.

Open floorplan.

Looks warm there.

Cute bike.

Oh man, the watermark says it’s from Tumblr. Back before the Tumblrpocalypse. Good times, those were.

Okay, get cracking on the first week of August, folks.


  1. Tumblr is taking the MySpace path

  2. Good morning. We seem to have finally gotten a little rain, in the wee hours apparently. I’m psyched to go check out the rain gauge in a bit. I actually caved yesterday and watered with the hose for the second time this Summer. Stuff was getting wilty. Up until the last week or two, I was doing fine with deep mulch + a little rain barrel water here and there but it just got too dry for too long.

  3. We’re going to be getting rain sometime in the next hour or two. Weekend was fairly productive. Got our burn pile down to mostly ash and cooked up a lot of the scrap maple in the process, scythed down a bunch of weeds in the mini equine pen, got a lot of maple chips into the garden for future soil.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. I know this was posted over the weekend, but this little bit is funny:

  6. Busy weekend here. Saturday I judged a crossfit comp at a nearby farm. The people were originally from the famous gym in Ohio, and have links still there, so they’ve started a comp – this was the third year. I judged last year too. The final workout was painful to watch, I can’t imagine doing it. Two of the girls from my gym (two different teams) basically had to be talked into finishing it. it was horrible.

    Yesterday lots of my kids were up. I did some yard work (tearing down trees for a fence) then lake time, dinner out and ice cream.

  7. Dang Leon, you shoulda built a retort and made that all into charcoal. Free fuel plus you can incorporate the little bits in the soil to improve it.

  8. Sounds nice Carin. I wasn’t as productive as I would like, got sidetracked.

  9. I’ve got piles of leafy brush from tree trimming, not ideal for charcoal. Just trying to get it out of the yard and I can only grind so much into chips. I may try to save ash for lye-making practice, and I do still have some nice logs that might make decent charcoal if I split them down.

  10. Listen to my nonsense. Leon, are there any other things I can tell you to do today?

  11. That one does have a pretty smile.

  12. Listen to my nonsense. Leon, are there any other things I can tell you to do today?

    Just don’t tell me to do the dishes, I’m already on that.

  13. Yay. Monday. I’m so happy. I can’t stand it.

  14. grown ass leon, does what he wants

  15. Do the dishes you retort !!!!

  16. I always giggle at old school retorts.

  17. *secretly switches jam’s regular coffee for Folger’s crystals*

    *and crack*

  18. I do want to try and make charcoal at some point. For now I really need to get something to store ashes in after a big burn.

  19. Jam’s actual tactical shorts

  20. Haha, found Hotspur’s shirt

    Must be popular, it looks like it’s sold out

  21. can’t you just leave the ashes out in the wind?

  22. should have Your Mom on the bomb

  23. and $30 for short shorts? wow

  24. When I hit the grocery store earlier I was horrified to see the Halloween candy out already.

    It’s way too early to buy any “just in case we get Trick or Treaters this year”

  25. I’m going to guess actual Rangers on active duty buy their Ranger Panties at a base clothing store for about 5 or 10 bucks in olive drab with no logo or funny sayings

  26. i should wear those walking elliot. That would cause a stir

  27. saw Mr Reagan’s latest vid on ESG and black rock. Seems like they were just trying to corner the market, and the wokesters really took off with it. Seems like all of Wall Street jumped in with both feet, and now Black Rock is trying to back off. their CEO isn’t quite the leftist goon I thought he was. Too bad, he started it.

    Now Klaus is running off with it.

  28. I’m in a critical design review, and the contractor’s chief engineer just gave a testimonial about Jesus. Surprising but in a good way.

  29. crowder is back, and the comments are way too plentiful to read any of them. You thought AOS comments were bad?

  30. hmm, that sort of thing would get complaints in a meeting here.

  31. I’m sure there will be complaints. He did say his key point was to try to be part of something bigger than yourself and not to be selfish, but he was also pretty clear that for him, Christianity was how he achieved that.

  32. He’d be in the clear if the thing that was bigger than himself was the drag queen lifestyle

  33. THIS, is CNN

    They found 2 Cheney supporters. And then extropolated the finding that Cheney doesn’t appear likely to win. 2 out of many many more that aren’t supporters.

    CNN is a different world from the real one. No wonder people are so messed up.

  34. I LOL’d on the stupid ‘federal agent” getting tased. EVERYONE who has one of these assholes come to their home needs to call the police.

    That would shut this shit down fast.

  35. Another great picture

    This one might have been manipulated.

  36. fake but truthy.

  37. I made egg drop soup with sausage and cherry tomatoes. It’s not bad.

  38. What would Uncle Roger say, leon.

  39. Haiyaa

  40. He ain’t eating it. He would though, and he’d sob in the corner with the camera off that it was better than his.

  41. twitter: Old fashioned, anyone?

  42. Industrial auger company texted me and asked if I was still interested.

  43. I don’t get what that drinks recipe guy was freaking out about.

  44. Too much fruit and sugar.

  45. I’d made that with one lime wedge and a bit more bourbon.

  46. And she was using her fingers and not utensils.

  47. +2 Big Skinks on the patio just now.

  48. and half a bottle of bourbon for one drink

  49. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a shot at Janae after she finishes that.

  50. That was a pretty heavy pour

  51. I had never heard of comedian Jo Koy before that movie trailer. He’s pretty good in this video

  52. Something is definitely eating my strawberries straight off the vines.

  53. We’ve watched his standup live, twice now. This last standup, he was pretty woke. He lectured us for more than half of his set.

  54. Sorry Leon. I really like strawberries.

  55. What? The CIA killed Zawahiri over the weekend? I thought he died of old age during the Obama years.
    Apparently fucking goats prolongs male longevity.

  56. Sam Donaldson owns a ranch in the Hondo Valley. There are stories.

  57. What kind of stories? Is he a drunk? A pervert?

  58. He covered for his ranch manager who beat the shit out of his son. Son killed his whole family after smoking dope with my family. Huge wildfire started on his ranch after he followed BLM best practices. He’s alienated most of the ranchers in the valley with his GND 💩

  59. Not really about him, but what he ignored. In addition to the teachers in the area.

  60. cattle dog
    note the intelligent eyes as it crashes into you
    “I see you. We’re crashing, DGAF. Hi.”

  61. This poor dog with the Fail

  62. Dog doesn’t care. Fun is had with humans. No fail there.

  63. blerg.

  64. what time is the derp showing up tonight.

  65. Is that Kevin Costner?

  66. Disrespectfully, Eddie razzed Patricia.

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