Saturday memes 07-30-22

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Secret’s out about James Webb.

Ok, let’s get all the current event memes out of the way.


Too rude?


Looks about right.


(psst, for the new visitors, don’t do this.)

I rate this as true.


Somewhere in Colorado…


Mini-me sang this in karaoke with her flatmates.

Speaking of Scotland…

For Oso.

For Hotspur.

For Leon.

For Pupster.

For me. (I was a librarian once.)

For Scott, Jimbro, and Jay.

For Jam2 (teasing about the vote, I know better).

This made me think of BroTim (sorry, man, it’s just your kind of luck lately).

For MJ.

Also for me.


Name that Hostage.



Leon, would this work? Also, I would think a can of white spray paint would be much faster.


Squishy hugs, and y’all have a good day.


  1. A new day dawns, let’s hope Brandon doesn’t do any irreversible damage to America or the world today

  2. For j’brony only

  3. J’bro what if Brandon shits his biker spats¿

  4. I like the Bizarro cartoon and sometime last year signed up for the weekly newsletter from the lead guy. Every Sunday it comes out with the past week’s comics with brief commentary from Piraro and a few inside baseball jokes and obscure trivia facts. There’s a link to Wayno’s blog, the guy that does the daily comics, which is similar in nature.

    I almost canceled it because the commentary from Piraro after Uvalde and RvW being overturned was typical uber lefty drivel. They allow comments on the site and a few brave folks pushed back on his hysterics. The other guy is smart enough to realize conservatives read comics (“Conservatives buy sneakers too” MJ) and his comments were more muted.

  5. Brandon shitting himself is a perfect example of hyperlocal damage and I’m sure a federal employee is tasked with maintaining a somewhat sterile environment in his drawers

  6. Two girls 1 cup and the woods…
    Theme day for the monkey.

  7. Clifton Duncan speech at the Mises Institute.

  8. Microwave lasagna dude clearly did not read and follow the fucking instructions.

    Also, I now want lasagna. Dammit.

  9. I bought lottery tickets for the first time in over twenty years, because I forgot about math. Anyway, am probably about to win the mega-millions in a few minutes (seems extremely likely). Just wanted to let you guys know that if I win a billion dollars, all of you will receive twenty to fifty dollars, depending on your entertainment value over the years.
    Bout to be 28 dollars richer.

  10. Not going to give CNN the click, but 43 abortion clinics have closed their doors since Dobbs. Says a lot about the 3% business bullshit.

  11. Yes, the line would work on most of the AIs I’m aware of, solid white lines may not be crossed without manual override.

    And I would put up with a pretty substantial amount of her shit, but there are still limits, I’ve got my dignity.

  12. Not a single number. Not even one. On both tickets.

  13. there are still limits, I’ve got my dignity.

    Means she’s not quite hot enough.

  14. I have never bought a lottery ticket.

  15. If I wanted to throw away my money I’d just give it to your mom.

  16. Who’s the dude halfway between trump and buttplug on the monkey pox scale?

  17. She’s not hot enough for 18 years of child support.

  18. Yeah but it might just be the best 43 seconds of your life

  19. Pendejo, he’s Adam Kinzinger, the Illinois congressman who cried and cried in the Jan. 6 hearings. Voted for Trump’s impeachment, was rewarded by his district being eliminated in redistricting.

  20. MA passed a voter referendum in 1986 that returns excess tax revenue to the citizens of the state (notice I didn’t say “taxpayers”). In all the years since it hasn’t been an issue. However this year there is close to 3 billion in excess revenue and the Democrat uniparty in MA is having conniptions about the possibility of returning money from the coffers.

  21. TX is projected to end the fiscal year with $27B in excess revenue. I haven’t heard yet what they’re planning on blowing it on. Sniper teams down in the valley maybe?

  22. Jimbro, I’m almost positive that the best 43 seconds of my life is in my past rather than my future. But….it’s nice to dream.

  23. I bet I could go 90, but yeah, still wouldn’t be the best 90, that’s in the past.

  24. Talked to my dad this morning. 3 weeks of heart monitoring, and his doc finally took him off of Eliquis. I hate that stuff, I sincerely think it’s done more harm than good, and that will save Dad over $400 a month.

  25. When I buy lottery tickets, I treat it as coming out of the entertainment budget paying for a few days of daydreams. But I make sure it is never more than one ticket (so $2). Better than a $10 movie ticket.

  26. im bummed out that teh lumps didn’t win… i had already dreamed of impressive ways to squander my 22 cents.

  27. i betcha Tee Roy is out partying like a rock star even as we speak…

  28. Tee Roy is laying in more 80% AR builds and buying more beans and bullets

  29. I’m on the same program as you ruralcounsel. I buy both a Powerball and Mega Millions ticket about once a month. I check them with the scanner at the store every so often before recycling them.

  30. Why is.Nazi Pelosi trying to start WW 3 with China? What is the point of this trip?

  31. Meanwhile China is going through their tiktok data and looking at videos like this:

  32. Could you blame them if they got the notion that “Hell yeah, we can totally take these guys”?

  33. Tee Roy is laying in more 80% AR builds and buying more beans and bullets

    As so should we all.

  34. Or it’s all just political theater to distract everyone from some other terrible things they are doing.

  35. for thos interested rainier has a good deal on 45 ammo

  36. 75 bucks for the lone wolf frames

  37. i got out to the range last weekend and shot the latest 300 build.
    it seems to group much better than the first one.
    one of the boys had a new p320 rxp x full size.
    handles nice

  38. mitch have you rassled a gator yet?

  39. i see 2 repubes voted with pelosi for the firearm ban.
    chris whats-is-face from buffalo –
    i’m surprised that scumbag katco from syracuse didn’t buttfuque us on it

  40. 6

  41. 7

  42. 8

  43. 9

  44. 10

  45. Thanks, Romacita. One of the best Oso memes. Cranston and Paul were over an hour late. People had been in line since 5AM. Signed for a little over 40 minutes and we sold almost 300 bottles of tequila at $45 a pop.

  46. No gator rasslin’ for me. Just crocheting stuff and thumb twiddling waiting for the house to get built. It’s coming along but we were told there are problems getting tile and carpet at the moment. Not that we’re at that stage yet, but it could be a stumbling block. Also trying to improve my pool game, but it seems the more “improve your game” videos I watch the worse it gets. I stopped watching those videos.

  47. Biden’s covid rebounded. No word on his monkeypox.

  48. Kung Flu didn’t rebound, Spongebrain Shitpants needs an excuse to hide and recuperate from the drugs they’re propping him up with.

  49. Maybe he’ll make another video where he doesn’t blink for a minute and a half.

    Now Pelosi will test positive for covid, and that will be the excuse to not fly to Taiwan.

  50. She’s second in the order of succession if he croaks, she can’t leave the country now!

  51. It would be irresponsible.

  52. When it all feels like everything is coming apart at the seams and it’s all going to collapse I just remind myself it’s all just temporary. The arrogant princes who deem they rule the earth and all its people are as dust in the wind before what is coming.

    The Alien Invasion of course. And I, for one, WELCOME our alien insect overlords! I would like to remind them as an advanced crocheter and knitter I can be useful in creating large nets to round up others to toil in your underground sugar caves.

  53. How does she get her 10% for the Big Gal if she doesn’t talk to the Taiwanese chip makers to arrange payments to DUI Paul?

  54. I had similar — but not the same — thoughts when I went to a park on the St Joseph River recently.

    That river was a highway, a water source, and a grave for many. It’s run red with the blood of English, French, Indian, and Americans who’d consider themselves none of those. It’s been there since the glaciers melted, and it’ll still be there when today’s princes are dust.

  55. Mini-me’s 2nd flight of 3 is an hour and a half late, so she will probably miss her connection. Hoping she can catch a ride on the last flight of the day.

  56. Hoping for safe travels.

  57. We bought 10$ in Megamillions. We got 1 number. CoW won $150 on last drawing.

  58. 3 flights? Where is she flying from?

  59. I’ve found my new political philosophy: techno-dystopian utilitarian monarchism. The goal is to use invasive mass surveillance to find the ideal ruler and make that person king whether they like it or not.

  60. Sorry, Leon. Not feeling it.

  61. Has your candidate been chipped? What is their social score? Can we scan their QR code?

  62. We just made a tiny pork cushion roast on one of our smallest grills- the diminutive Weber Smokey Joe. Scott showed me that trick where you make a horseshoe of coals, four briquettes deep, stacked all against the inside wall of the grill, and then just light one end of it. Closed down the air until we got a reasonable low temp. The meat cooked on indirect heat in the open space away from the horseshoe. Cooked slowly for several hours between 225- 275 degrees and worked a treat! We didn’t even use all the charcoal, looks like maybe only a couple dozen briquettes got burned. Amazing. I’m going to see if I can do some little chickens like that. Only problem is the lid is too low, I need some kind of high bubble for taller stuff like chix.

  63. We have that grill. Showing Dan. Illegal in Burque to have a grill within 10 ft of buildings. We illegally use our Lodge hibachi on our lanai. Smokey Joe is our favorite tailgate grill.

  64. *sits tiny pork ass on tiny pork cushion*

    Aaaah …. now that’s living in luxury!

  65. I asked Dan if he wanted to get rid of his grills that are no longer legal. Apparently, I married an outlaw. We’re getting rid of our camping gear, because OLD.

  66. I have some sort of covid like flu. Body aches, nasty cough, slight fever, but it isn’t covid.

    Going to see if HCQ and zinc will kill it.

  67. Praying for a full recovery, Scott.

  68. Jam, can you tell me what the deal is on the 300 blackout? What niche does it fill?

  69. Has your candidate been chipped? What is their social score? Can we scan their QR code?

    And this is how we find him, he’s none of that.

    But yeah, mostly a joke I read that I though y’all might giggle at.

  70. I would giggle about it, but it is too real to me.

  71. My understanding is .300 BLK was designed to perform like a .308 in the AR platform, bigger bullet than .223 .556 and capable of subsonic suppressed performance as well.

  72. Thanks, Oso.

  73. thanks pups!

  74. Asian Murder Hornets are getting a new name, because racism.

  75. Scott’s got the Great White Honey Badger Murder Hornet variant!

  76. Ok. Let’s say Pelosi goes to Taiwan and the Chicoms shoot down her plane.

    In prior years, I would say that it doesn’t matter the politics or who the American is, politics ends at the waters edge and we do not stand for this kind of shit, no matter who.

    Now…? I am having a hard time identifying some of our oligarchs in government as Americans, frankly. I don’t feel the same way about this issue as I did twelve years ago.

  77. What a stupid time to be alive.

  78. Watching Hunt for Red October tonight because nothing else is on. Everyone is so young. Baldwin isn’t known to be a raging asshole yet and everyone is smoking indoors.

    Get well soon Scott!

  79. Question: How many times can I watch Hunt for the Red October?

    Answer: Yes.

  80. Leon, you’re overthinking. Just go full “Last Starfighter” and use Civ-type games to find your new maximum rulers.

  81. I’d want revenge for her flight crew.

  82. I want my Taiwan peeps to go Highlander on the CCP infrastructure. I DGAF about a few Billion civilians that the CCP could GAS about.

  83. Hot supersonic 300AAC loads just nip at the heels of the old 30-30 in terms of energy. Still well short of .308 Winchester or 7.62×51 NATO. Special forces wanted something they could subsonic suppress while giving up as little downrange energy as possible within the M4 platform. With velocity constrained, the only solution is heavier bullets (~220gr).

    8.3 Blackout takes that a step further and uses 300gr .338 bullets.

  84. My Mandarin has a Taiwan accent.

  85. Dan, let’s go to lunch. Oso, ok, I want Panda on the Westside. Dan wants local fam Rising Star. I don’t get corporate Chinese food.

  86. I don’t have a chance in hell of learning a tonal language. I did think about doing Japanese next, but while I could handle written Japanese, I don’t think I could handle spoken Japanese. I might do Dutch instead.

    BTW, summary of my language learning experiences so far:

    -The big challenge with German is just the sheer amount of CRAP you have to memorize. The genders of every noun, the past participles of every verb, the 8 different words for “the” and when to use which one, etc. BUT once you have that shit memorized, German is easy. It has strict grammatical rules about how sentences are constructed that are easy for an English speaker who’s accustomed to subject verb object order to grasp, and if you don’t know the German word for something, just say the English word for it in a German accent and chances are you’ll be right. (Das Baby, der Computer, etc.) Plus, the adjectives come before the noun, AS GOD INTENDED.

    -Speaking of adjectives coming after the noun, OMG WELSH IS SO HARD. It’s verb subject object, which is hard to get used to, and it doesn’t have an indefinite article. And there is no single word for yes or no. The answer to a yes/no question depends on the subject, the verb, the verb tense, and whether Capricorn is in the third quadrant. Similarly, Cardiff may be spelled Caerdydd, Gaerdydd, or Nghaerdydd depending on the other words in the sentence. And if you want to say a man was shot, what you say literally means “Had a man his shooting.” FUCK YOU, WELSH!

    -I just started with Italian. So far, I’m finding the vocabulary very easy, because the Italian word for something is almost always similar to an English word with the same Latin root (e.g., hunger = fame – same root as famine or famished), a Spanish word that I know (e.g., bathroom = bagno) (I don’t speak Spanish but growing up in Texas means you pick some up), or both (e.g., horse = cavallo – same root as cavalier and caballero). I haven’t gotten far enough to have a good feel for the grammar yet.

    I do get tripped up by false cognates, though. I had to translate “La donna ha il burro” and confidently typed “The woman has the donkey” before remembering that burro is butter in Italian!

  87. Tushar, Mini-me has spent the last month in an international studies program in Scotland. 6 hours of credit towards her degree earned in four weeks, plus side tours and cultural stuff. We went over early, toured Ireland, Wales, and London before moving her into her “flat” (dorm with ~15 people). Program’s over, so she had to be out of the flat by 9 AM. The school arranged the dropoff at the Edinburgh airport. This is the first time she’s flown by herself that wasn’t a school trip.

    She did miss the 3rd flight, and there’s no flight until 10 AM tomorrow. She got two meal vouchers and a hotel room (with shuttle ride) from the airline, so she’s adulting well.

  88. Hope you feel better very soon, Scott.

  89. I lived near Panama City when the “Toy Yoda” suit came up. She won.

  90. Vmax –
    what Pups and Will said re: 300blk

    Here’s a little more detail (it’s a nice short rundown)

    one of the really neat things for the AR platform enthusiast is if you already have a 223/556 you can literally swap the upper assemblies in the field to 300 blk (and of course change ammo).

    Lowers, mags, and bcg’s are interchangeable.

    There is a potential safety issue –
    223/556 will chamber in a 300 and the bcg (bolt carrier group) will go into battery – that may not be so good to send a 223 round down the barrel of a 300.
    My guess is you would banana peel the case and it would probably not cycle afterwards.

    I don’t think the 300 in a 223 mix-up will go into battery; i could be wrong – i wouldn’t want to find out because that combo would most likely send chamber pressures wildly out of spec.


    223 = ~1300 ft-lbs muzzle
    300 = wide variation based on bullet weight but 1950 to 2300 ft-lbs

    the 300 can be shot out of a short barrel (10 – 12″), that’s not the case with 223/556

  91. thanks Jam

  92. 300blk will chamber in a 5.56/223, and it’s incredibly destructive. That’s why it’s imperative to keep mags for the cartridges distinct with visual and tactile cues. The .308 bullet will not go down the .223 barrel, and the only other way for the pressure to go is out through the chamber walls and back of the case and bolt face.

    5.56 starts to lose a lot of velocity once the barrel drops below 14-16 inches, but there are people who still put it in AR pistols. Tends to be a concussive flamethrower.

    300blk uses smaller and faster burning powder charges, which is what allows the use of short barrels offseting the length of a suppressor. That’s not to say you can’t use longer barrels, but if you do, subsonic use kinda goes away. CVA chambers a cool little break-action in 300blk. With no moving parts but the hammer, a suppressor, and the right ammo, it’s spooky quiet.

  93. Defying expectations, Rodney persisted.

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