MMM 503

Prayers for everyone able to attend Dave’s services today, and for his family and friends unknown to the rest of us who also mourn. If a more timely post needs to displace this, go for it.

Tired, or not tired?

Michelle bathroom selfie.

This week, on Tiger King…

Michelle again, but with an assistant this time.

Good morning wave.

Evening wear.

Must not have been Monday in this gym. No one’s on the bench.

I think this is the ineverwannawalkagain pose.


  1. Sad Puppy is sticky and will stay up top a bit longer just like well you know.

  2. Right. I don’t go to the main page much so I checked after I wrote this.

  3. wakey wakey

    As you can imagine it was all about Anti-Trump, Jan6/Insurrection, guns being the sole reason crime is high, etc. In short, it was a visual representation of Carin’s mom’s Facebook page meant to cause liberals to reaffirm their thinking and feel better about the catastrophe unfolding before the nation.

    Yep, guns are our society’s problem.

    look away:

  4. I really dig the morning wave gif Leon. Good jerb.

  5. Thanks. Slow morning today so far. Wimmenfolk are still asleep and new kitten wants beard nuzzles so I can’t type much.

  6. Is that officially MMM gif #1?

  7. I had another one at some point. Some browsers go off the rails if you have too many in a poat so I generally avoid them. There are some great ones out there, but this is mostly a chatroom and gets a lot of phone comments so I try to just keep posts static and fast-loading.

  8. If you like your cheesecake less SFW this guy has several tasteful-but-with-occasional-nudity posts per week with various themes. Dat posts are my favorite. His politics are very Hostage based on his memery.

  9. My favorite on the link was the tanned peach in a bathtub full of peaches

  10. He also has extensive posts of nothing but redheads. Appreciate this endangered breed while they are still with us.

  11. The one I have (similar design, not MPP) doesn’t have the integrated ignitor, that looks way handier.

    On that note, I tried using my pressurized pump sprayer with just vinegar from the hardware store, not even the high-concentration stuff, and it worked on the weeds in my driveway almost as well as RoundUp.

  12. That was not cheesecake.

  13. ba haaaa haaaa haaaa …

    So somehow I ended up on this NYT article about cannibalism – someone suggested it was being seriously discussed (it was not) but the piece ended with this bit about a show that features it and how to play it out for the camera:

    “The prop team on “Yellowjackets” had a similarly unnerving task in determining what to use as faux human flesh in the show’s pilot episode.

    Should it be the lab-grown human steak made from stem cells that spurred outrage at a London museum? The animal-free chicken, beef, salmon and dairy substitutes that some companies are creating using similar technology?

    Ultimately, the prop team went with venison.

    But they’ll have to find an alternative for future episodes, Ms. Lyle and Mr. Nickerson said, because many in its cast are vegan.”

    ba ahaaa haaaaa haaaaa …

    They’re all vegan. Matt’s girlfriend is vegan, and I overlook it because she’s nice. But of all the stupid … of COURSE all the actors are vegan.

  14. True, that was mostly hotassery.

    This is primarily (strawberry) cheesecake.

  15. Really? I’m thinking of big patches of overgrowth near the water. We’re trying to turn it to grass, but I need to get rid of all the crap that is there.

  16. Flame would be better for that. The vinegar is more of a spot thing, like grass in the sidewalk.

  17. twitter: medical care will no longer be free of politics

    You will be made to care.

  18. Jay, this is pervasive now.

    Medical care allocation is going to be determined by race. Just like college admissions, hiring, etc.

    Oddly enough, race is hard to determine from data but everyone is trying to get it. And insurance companies really, really want that data.

  19. i’m sure data companies have algorithms to determine race.

  20. they just don’t advertise, because that would be racist.

  21. You need a lot of biometrics for it, especially in the US where most “blacks” are a quarter white and “hispanic” is purely a political distinction. Chances are they are just having doctors document it directly in the patient records.

  22. haha, the morning report picture at AOS

    “Show them plate”

  23. twitter: Black Rifle Coffee on Tucker Carlson Today, and Don Jr promoting it

    Ok, Tucker has to talk to all sides, so it will depend on the questions. I would predict plenty of softballs, and no mention of blasting Jan 6 and Rittenhouse. But Don Jr has to pick better allies.

  24. i’m sure data companies have algorithms to determine race
    We really don’t. There’s a race to get good at it for ‘equity’ reasons. That’s going to determine the resources – we saw a bit of it during covid, prioritizing blacks over hispanics over whites. But that was crude and based on how the patient presented.

    The data will allow the government and insurance companies to do it more quietly and to deny it’s happening.

    Just like college admissions.

  25. i figured you would have “secret” ways to get that information.

  26. Did yall listen to Lauren Southern’s The Truth? She has a followup. Burns the house down around Milo and company (shocker, all about him), and also Paul Joseph Watson (less surprising)

  27. Race categorization via trained neural net of patient data + photographs seems like an easy one, but it’s just a ‘guess’ without human confirmation.

  28. You know what’s totally crazy? The insurance companies, medical groups, pharma, etc, all expect unbelievable precision in their data suppliers but are sloppy as hell with outputs.

    My boss lost her shit and freaked out when a customer discovered we had 9 incorrect records out of 3 million (it’s actually closer to billions but whatever).

    Those records affected nothing but they all lost their shit anyway.

  29. That’s a phenominal ratio. Netflow data is less perfect than that just because of server clock issues and whatnot, and that’s nothing but machines keeping records of talking to other machines.

  30. There are other errors, to be sure. This is just what they noticed. We publicly state that we’re like 7 sigma or some bullshit. It’s not true because we measure our obviously stacked deck – just like Twitter!

  31. The algorithms tend to work like this:

    Multiple sources of data – think of a lake
    What is the accuracy of those sources, then rank them – think of the rivers feeding the lake and how dirty they might be
    Weight the sources – what is the size of the river
    Use those weights to determine scores or probabilities – determine the composition of the lake based on the river size and cleanliness
    Link the sources to the right unique profile (person)
    Hope its right

  32. That’s pretty much what our fedspace datalake looked like. Some of the contributors had crap data quality, others were great. The spark jobs didn’t know or care unless we told them to exclude some sources.

  33. vaccine special on TheBlaze tomorrow. Behind the paywall, because otherwise it would get banned.

  34. oh man, Liz Cheney on The View? That would be a hoot.

  35. Even from Rumble?

  36. That’s what they are going with. I thought the same about Rumble, but then they wouldn’t sell subcriptions.

  37. Just saw it’s Murph Monday. Car in is gonna be a bad mood.

  38. That’s fair, gotta pay the bills somehow.

  39. think of a lake
    I’m on a unicorn float, sipping my ice tea

    Now what?

  40. Data lakes are never so placid. More like Lake Michigan in a thunderstorm most of the time.

  41. I’ve got one of these for flame weeding

    It’s at least 10 years old and cost a little more than half of what they sell for now.

    US made

  42. I have several varieties of green beans and soup beans growing in the garden. So far only ‘Qing Bian,’ a long flat romano-style green bean, has set fruit in this heat wave. The rest will start producing when it cools down a little. Happens every year. Wonder if planting half a crop on the shady side of the garden would help get me more food sooner.

  43. That’s the one I have, Jimbro. I feel like it would really benefit from an inline igniter.

  44. RIP David Warner. Fantastic actor who did basically everything over the years.

  45. Jay, did you see the same before that image link or was that just a spoopy coincidence, because that’s David Warner.

  46. Do blondes never get fit?

  47. the real disease killing many

  48. I saw he passed earlier, but this was linked to another type of post.

  49. My heart feels like an alligator

  50. No, Hotspur. Blondes get married then get fat.

    That or none of them take pics when they get fit. Most of the “blondes” in the binders are bottle type.

  51. Bongino says they’re going to change the definition of a recession in order to deny we’re in a recession.

    Then the fact checkers will ban discussion on the actual recession occurring by saying it’s misinformation.

  52. Its a sad day when a guy can’t have sex with multiple other guys over a weekend, and not have quicker diagnostic tests for what diseases they picked up.

  53. I mean, some would advocate caution, but the dick wants what the dick wants. amiright?

  54. I did not do the murph today. I went to a front squat heavy (175 – failed at a 182 attempt twice) and ran 7 miles.

  55. ha ha haaaaaa


    How did he get the chain through in the first place?

  57. Just. Wow.

  58. “I made the educated risk of attending the orgy…”

  59. But they’re just like you and me. THey should be educators and leaders.

  60. “I was expecting a gay guy to have sex when I read this and he just got monkey pox as a result.
    I wasn’t expecting to read the diary of a literal cumdumpster.
    What the fuck.”

    Also – it appears it isn’t gay men who get monkey pox. It is gay men WHORES who have multiple partners a day.

    Honestly, what is up with this? Are gay men really just … hyper sex addicts?

  61. I’m sitting here all by my lonesome with THIS in my head. and no one here to help me make sense of it. Whatever.

  62. If you’re expecting one of us to help you make sense out of what gay guys want, and why they do what they do, I think you came to the wrong chat room.

    You should visit

  63. I can’t speak to it, I can only imagine that chasing the boost you seek with the deviant behavior gets harder and harder to achieve without delving deeper into the deviancy.

  64. Kind of like Crossfit.

  65. Not all gays are like that, h8r, and it’s totally fine and praiseworthy if they are. So stunning, so brave.

  66. That thread was basically Marvel Phase 4 but slightly less masculine.

  67. Monkey Pox!
    Monk-eeeey Poooox!
    Why do gays keep getting youuuuu?
    Monkey Pox!
    Monk-eeeey Poooox!
    It’s not their fauuuuult!

  68. Forced masking, distancing, quarantines, school shutdowns, travel restrictions, mandatory testing, mandatory vaccinations, business shutdowns causing permanent closures ==> all fine.

    But asking folk to slow down on the gay orgies . . .

  69. “broke down BTFO whoreclown”

    Ace hits a grand slam.

  70. Bongino says they’re going to change the definition of a recession in order to deny we’re in a recession.
    Then the fact checkers will ban discussion on the actual recession occurring by saying it’s misinformation.
    I rate this as true.

  71. Honestly, what is up with this? Are gay men really just … hyper sex addicts?
    The Pete Bootyjudge types are very few and far between. The entire gay scene is built around having sex with many, many people.

    Every gay guy I’ve ever known except for one was a total slut. One guy I went to HS with had well over a hundred male and female partners in about 3 years. That’s a new person every week or so. I mean, it’s just hard to meet that many people let alone have sex with them. I was truly impressed.

  72. Did he wait until the other person’s cum had drained out?

  73. Bugs for viewing, not eating

  74. Did he wait until the other person’s cum had drained out?
    Not sure but let me smell your breath just in case.


  76. Things I didn’t know: There is a Bulwark+

  77. Dear sweet jeebus. Repulsive. Why, Carin? WHY?

    Tangential palate cleanser.

  78. All this buttseks talk and s not what I signed up for!!! Gag me!!

    So, who else doesn’t have a fucking garden left because it’s been >100 for about 30 straight days?

  79. haha, is this true, leon?

  80. Jay, you can stop them with a literal stop sign, too. Doesn’t even have to be full-sized.

    But yes, they can be contained in the same fashion as faeries in myth.

  81. My garden’s just completely overgrown with weeds, it’s still there.

  82. 2 Cardinals not being allowed to make the trip to Toronto, due to being unvaccinated. Arenado and Goldschmitt. Not bench players.

    And there are fans that are mad at them, because they won’t just take it.

  83. That even grossed me out. Sorry everyone. Sorry.

  84. Is there still such a thing as ‘living the Ace of Spades lifestyle’? Because this woman is living it.

  85. I thought Mare was in Hawaii?

  86. Well Pendejo, I did have a bunch of recently planted seedlings scorch up and die even though I kept watering them.

  87. “got fingered in “the street”

    The Street

  88. those ballplayers just aren’t very smart, not getting the vaccine.

    This is an uphill battle, and we are still at the bottom of the hill.

  89. KC Royals have 10 unvaccinated players. Beat the Jays. Jays just destroyed the Red Sux.

  90. Dan just called mi familia “Rio Grande Body Surfers.” I’d never heard that one. We’re watching 1883, so it was in historical context.

  91. I thought Mare was in Hawaii?

    I LOL’d.

  92. Hoping Beasn and Mr. Beasn are feeling better.

  93. One of the vax drones at work posted data on vaxed vs. unvaxed rates of hospitalization and death. Funny that the data cuts off in mid-April.

  94. NHS is still tracking Vax v unvaxxed. CDC stooped it BITD. As DiT would say “Anecdote is not Data” I have lots of anecdotes.

  95. The plural of anecdote is broscience. Broscience got us bodybuilding and high protein diets for weight training way before science ‘proved’ it.

  96. And there are still plenty of broscience deniers.

    You can tell them by their lack of gainzzz.

  97. Thanks, Leon. I never knew how to respond.

  98. You can deduce that plants need sunlight to thrive without understanding the QED of photosynthesis, too. An anecdote is a datapoint, and one is enough to form a theory. If a multitude of anecdotes fit the theory, it’s strengthened.

    A single anecdote refutes a bad theory, there’s some science for ya. “You can’t get it if you take the shot” is falsified at the first vaxxed patient.

  99. You are way smarter than I am.

  100. Victoria Martens trial. We saw the silent response on the day she died. We saw the jury site visit on our way home from work. Evil. NM has evil and demons in our presence.

  101. I am an overeducated dipshit, I just understand science in its proper context.

    N = 1 is still science, it’s just limited sample size. Black powder was invented at least 4 different,separate times that we know of, and none of those people were organic chemists. This did not stop the development of cannons or fireworks. Doesn’t matter if the cannon has only fired twice if you’re killed by the second shot from it.

  102. Are you mathing me?

  103. Gently, very gently.

    Basic science, the kind humans do by instinct, doesn’t work in Ns of 10 billion or even 10 thousand. It’s “I just got a strike, how do I do exactly that again!” or “I missed by an inch to the left, I need to adjust ever so slightly to hit the center” after maybe a dozen tries. Is it rigorous to the point of universal applicability? No, it’s “lore”, it’s a heuristic you can pass on, and the next generation will refine it. Tradition is the science of generations, and the beautiful part is that you don’t have to understand it to benefit therefrom.

    If something makes your aunt sick, you tell your whole extended family, and your tribe never eats it again, and they flourish. Meanwhile the tribe on the island east of you takes the Baptism of Faucism and suffers a lost generation.

  104. I realized something while talking with the wife on the car ride out to see the poo flinger we’re buying.

    I hate the phrase “not all heroes wear capes”. I’m sick to death of hearing it and seeing the garbage leftist f-tards they always apply it to. I hate all the “de-constructions” of heroes and superheroes everywhere. It’s tiresome and nihilistic and it’s left us a generation of people who look up to no one worthy.

    What does a “re-construction” look like? I’m not sure yet, but the motto for it in my head is “some heroes DO wear capes”.

  105. Analyzing my pain with his digits
    Graphing my life with his slopes
    Mathing me gently with his sums
    Mathing me gently with his sums
    Deducing my whole life with his heuristics
    Mathing me gently with his suuuuummms!

  106. MATH! Huh! Good God, y’all
    What is it good for? Lots of shit, no kidding, tell ya again
    MATH! Whoa! Good God, y’all
    What is it good for? Anything worth doing!

  107. good stuff

  108. I learned the truth at seventeen,
    Of averages, median and mean
    And high school teachers with papers piled
    Who gave up and then retired.
    The eigenvalues I never knew
    Times the square root of two
    All the equations of my youth
    At seventeen I learned the truth.

  109. I feel out of place in this lyrical poetry slam.

    Final thought for the day, three people can eat well with a Cracker Barrel Sampler, each taking one meat and one side. Beat that at today’s prices.

    G’night y’all. My regards and condolences to those attending tomorrow.

  110. Didn’t put in a veggie garden this year because reasons, but did start sweet peppers and banana peppers, in pots. In this scorching sun, I placed them in spots where they only get 4 to 5 hours of it, directly…then may have to water 2x/day on the 100+ days. They’re doing okay.

    The flower pots are fine…the zinnias in the front garden have dropped seeds and begun to spread.

    Ooo, and the cleomes are doing marvelously. They are taller than me and I was surprised that one stalk can sprout 4 to 5 branches of more flowers.
    White, deep and light fuchias…but there is only one that blooms a light pinky coral then turns white. That one is my favorite and I will most definitely be collecting the seeds on that one.

  111. The cleomes are getting pampered since they get the most sun.

  112. How are you feeling, Beasn?

  113. My garden is doing well, but the rabbits are enjoying most of it.

  114. OMG that rare color, it’s almost a figment of the imagination. I love it when it happens here too. Usually only one, funny that you spotted the same thing. I don’t have any here this year, I may need you to send me some seeds back, because my whole bank of cleomes got killed back by my mulch drive in the late Spring.

  115. I still have a lot of the seeds you sent me, lumps. I can send some of those back and some from that light coral colored one once I figure out when/how to collect them.

    They make me so happy, I may turn another spot in the yard over to them.

  116. Roamy, as of RIGHT NOW, I almost feel normal. Temp was 99.4 an hour ago, so headed in the right direction. Headache and nausea gone, appetite better, weird body pains were minimal today….but occasionally will feel like crap when the sinuses start throbbing. It’s like they’re on fire and inflamed with no snot. I feel better when I can sneeze and get some mucus flowing. Only cough I get is from drainage. Won’t complain too much about it as J. is miserable with head congestion. His fevers following the same path as mine.

    He won’t use the other covid test because the thought of putting it up his nose makes him queasy. I’m like you put your finger up your nose, farther than what is required here, all the time. Men.

    Thanks for asking!
    How are you doing besides the hair loss? Do you still have a cough?

  117. Just wanna point out that wiser repeatedly lost to me at pool and that Tushar almost got us kicked out of a bar.

    Also, that’s a lot of dicks and tits pics.

  118. Dr. Ellsworth rehabilitated patients.

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