Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born June 9th, 1996 in The United Kingdom. She stands 5′ 6″ and measures 342435 and 126 lbs. Please zoom in on Miss Scarlett Jones.



    (Imgur video with sound)

  2. Her hair color is a mystery

  3. 9/10 would smash

  4. The bewbs smoosh like they might be real.

    *checks height* Ooo, so close. 9/10 would smash.

  5. Blood donation at 11 today. I am shaved, showered and freshly attired with both clean underwear and t-shirt. The Red Cross phlebotomist damn well better appreciate my efforts at making myself presentable.

  6. Nancy and her husband have a lot of money, they’ve cheated, and insider traded to get a lot of their money. They are white trash. They look like it and act like it.

    I read several times about his infidelity, and she ignored it. One of the questions about his DUI was who was in the car with him, or who was he at the restaurant with?

    They are utter trash.

  7. How clean are your cargo shorts, Jimbro?

  8. There’s more of us over on the Sad Puppy thread than here, isn’t there?

  9. J’brony tuck your junk in this time. The staff was complaining last outing.

  10. Cargo shorts are on Day #3 but I haven’t done any manual labor in them. So, “technically” not exactly fresh.

  11. The talking point today is “187 Minutes”. That’s the amount of time Trump spent watching the Gorilla Channel before asking his supporters to stand down. I learned that from NPR which is hyperventilating about last night’s breathtaking episode of the Jan6 Show.


  12. They’re off TV until September when they broadcast OMB again. I guess I don’t see the actual point of the committee other than smearing Trump and the GOP by extension. That’s obvious. What was the official justification for this? Justification is probably the wrong word … what did they expect to gain?

  13. I am proud Jimbro is representing the H2 so nicely while giving blood. Jimbro is NOT white trash.

  14. The bewbs smoosh like they might be real.

    If you click the “Scarlett” link there is a YouTube feature discussing the possibility.

    Internet consensus is as fake as lumpy’s vegetable seed list.

  15. … but that’s real, and spectacular.

    *eyes widen*

  16. I’m convinced Biden is near death.

    They’re doing so much to say he’s fine that it must mean he’s a goner.


    Reminds me of this

    MJ said:
    There is no statistical difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated getting covid.

    In about 30 days there will be no difference between vax and no vax for hospitalizations.

    A few months after that, there will be no differences in deaths.

    The narratives will be:

    1. Get vaxxed! It protects you from covid.
    2. Get vaxxed! It protects you from getting really sick.
    3. Get vaxxed! It protects you from winding up in the hospital.
    4. Get vaxxed! It protects you from being in the ICU.
    5. Get vaxxed! It protects you from dying with covid.
    6. Get vaxxed! It protects you from dying of covid without comorbidities.
    7. Don’t get vaxxed! Trump killed everyone.

    We’re at 5 now?

    You called it, MJ.

  18. Well, I was coming home from the office at lunch listening to fox business and their doctor said you need to think of vaccines differently. They don’t prevent infection, they’re more like medicine.

    You need a booster every 3 months.

    He said that the first wave vaccine gave you 12 months of protection.

    The next wave was 9.

    The next was 5.

    And the latest, you only get 3 months of protection.

    So following this rationale, at some point you’ll be getting a daily or hourly vaccine?

    No thanks for now.

  19. IV drip of pure spike protein slurry.

  20. Been doing some reading on how the MLB draft works because reasons. Man, talk about a scam within a scam within a scam.

  21. No thanks for now.


    That’s foolish. Never is the right answer. Watch Tucker Carlson’s latest on the LANCET’s analysis of what the vaccines do. They LOWER your immune response.

    ProTip: Your cancer cells are quelled by your immune response.

  22. I’ll be traveling and whatnot. You all take good care of yourselves. We need to keep the H2 strong and healthy.

  23. Safe travels Mare

    Watch out for Raul so he don’t wipe your windshield with a greasy rag looking for a handout

  24. Bannon guilty of contempt.

    Throw him in the DC Gulag and toss the key in the Potomac

  25. Maybe Dave will smoke out Cyn in an odd sort of way.

    I really miss her.

  26. Honestly, who DOESN’T have contempt for Congress…

  27. Maybe Dave will smoke out Cyn in an odd sort of way.

    I really miss her.
    As do I

  28. Justice/Count Dankula is on FNT.

  29. I’ll be traveling and whatnot. You all take good care of yourselves.

  30. I’m too big to sit on anyone’s lap.

  31. Watching vids of dog owners teaching their pups to sit on laps…hilarity ensues. Huskies and Mastiffs. A few Great Danes.

  32. I just looked back at last weeks obituaries. Out of 141, 20 of them were under 65.

    16 were less than 60.
    8 were less than 40.

    Pretty sure this isn’t normal.

  33. With Biden having covid, how can they tell if he has brain fog?

  34. We had okonomi-yaki, a kind of Japanese pancake with cabbage in London. I recreated it tonight except with shrimp instead of pork belly. It was good, but I need to cut the cabbage with a mandolin or a food processor, needs to be much thinner, and I need to find a place in town that sells pork belly.

  35. Dirk’s employees received payouts.

  36. Beth sydd i fyny bagiau caws?

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