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Something for everyone

hopefully that link works. And PROLLY SHOULDN’T OPEN @ WORK.

Mare seemed unsure of her abilities to get the word out for her next career. Ideas for Post apocalyptic Mare.

BTW, Wiser makes a showing in this… about a minute and a half in… XBrad @ 2:40.

While i may not have actually phoned this one in, it was close.

Blame it on a genetic disorder

Pupster sent me the links.


  1. Pro diver gif

  2. Jam curdled my cheese

  3. Watching/Listening to Deace on Rumble this morning and noticed a RBG sticker on his laptop cover and one of his co-hosts wearing a similar shirt with that design on it. I can’t read what it says but I think it’s just RUTH in a Sheperd Fairey design similar to the Obama Hope poster.

    Why the Ruth love? Is it because she held out on retirement and allowed Trump to appoint a judge to overturn RvW?

    Jay will know.

  4. they are thanking rbg because overturning roe would not have been possible without her

  5. Thanks for confirming my suspicions!

  6. wakey wakey

  7. That last pic reminds me – one of my co-workers had a baby recently. His announcement included a naked picture of his wife. It was artfully done, she has her arm and the baby covering up her breasts and the hospital sheet between her legs, but it’s still a whole lotta skin showing, and I was really uncomfortable seeing it.

  8. Those can be lovely photos, but I don’t think the audience should be the whole wide world.

  9. Immodesty is a plague of the modern age.

  10. Thanks for the tips (shut your whore mouths), Jam!

    But remember everyone, I was going to be a spy hooker for our side during the new civil war. That means I’d have to sleep with a left/cuck/wimp so naturally I should be considered a hero. A hero whore if you will. And you probably will.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  11. RE: Car in’s observation of the crying capitol police officers…

    There are nut jobs in every profession. I would wager you’ll find more in jobs where there’s really nothing to do.

    But this guy is a particular brand. Delusional, willing to gift the system because of an ‘injury’, fame hungry, etc.

    I also sort of subscribe to the Hotspur / police theory…most of them seem a bit off to me. Jerks who love the authority. But I was damn near stalked by a police officer for about 6 months so I’m totally biased.

  12. A whore-o.

  13. I was going t bring up the capitol cop. Thanks for reminding me, MJ.

    That motherfucker is a liar, a fraud, and a disgrace. Anyone who believed his story is retarded.

  14. Did he get promoted yet?

  15. I feel safer already.

  16. The Capitol Police have disgraced themselves with their participation in this whole J6 farce. They may be “heroes” to the Leftist congresscritters, but to me, they’ll always be sell-outs, brown-nosers, and ass-kissers.

  17. there have been only a few active participants in J6, but not speaking out has hurt any credibility anyone else has.

    Those guys in the trial, wow. Car in is right, here’s a tissue, let me know when you are done crying, and we can begin again.

  18. Paid actors just doing their jobs.

  19. How many suicides among Capitol Cops after Jan6?

    4 or 5 right?

    Guilty conscience, stress, Arkancides?

  20. NPR still reports it as “The Deadly January 6 Riots”.

    I always scream, “Only one person died, and she was unarmed, and shot in the neck, by a black cop.”

  21. twitter: Carjacking? Oh no, I’m unarmed!

    Wait, no I’m not.

  22. Actually, Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland were assassinated in cold blood by law enforcement on J6.

    Babbitt shot inside the Capitol, and Boyland beaten to death outside the Capitol.

  23. Oh, and a couple of J6 folks outside the Capitol died from heart attacks after being flashbanged by the Capitol police.

  24. I’m sitting in a homicide class right now (how to investigate them, not how to commit them), and feeling sad about the world.

  25. got a replacement set of Shokz headphones (battery problem, 2 year warranty) and the pairing voice is new!

  26. Its all so silly.

    On the one hand, lefties are cheering for the death of a dangerous, seditious, insurrectionist 65 year old woman with cancer that wandered the halls of congress cuz democracy.

    While simultaneously throwing fits when the SC tells them to get to work on democracy with their pet issues. They should die too.

  27. everyone forgets Boyland, even though that is more horrific than Babbitt. Absolutely no coverage of that.

  28. Eyewitnesses reported that a female black Capitol police was beating Boyland’s unconscious prone body with a riot baton.

  29. twitter: yesterday, Cancer, today, Covid

    Poor Brandon, he just can’t buy a break!

  30. When you guzzle as much cum as he does, you sort of stay in a permanent state of ill health.

  31. savanna hernandez, hotter than aoc

  32. Every time I see something like this ^ I’m happy I’ve never been to NYC.

  33. GND went to Columbia – all she can talk about is the stench. Garbage and homeless folks urrywhere.

  34. Brandon is taking Paxlovid, which is just remanufactured ivermectin, designed to be less effective (according to Daniel Horowitz research)

  35. the garbage is stunning. Bags and bags everywhere in the video.

    And the guy from Ohio, when he goes home it’s so CLEAN!

  36. Union Garbage workers.

    Dirty Jobs did an episode on garbage collectors, can’t remember if it was NYC. That guy was a hoot.

  37. maybe Brandon just needed a break.

  38. no, the garbage episode was for Chinatown in San Fransicko.

  39. The greatest typo ever!

  40. Maybe this will be Brandon’s exit.

  41. gas down to 3.85 today. Way to go, Brandon!

  42. I just read something hilarious:

    If you are unvaccinated and over 50 you have a 5 in 100,000 chance of dying of covid.

    If you have gotten one shot it’s 1/100K, if you have 2 shots its 1/100K and if you have 3 shots its 1/100K.

    This is madness. It’s all just noise. The statistical difference between 5/100000 and 1/100000 is 0.

  43. read something similar, but it was weighted a lot more to the unvax crowd. So both sides play the numbers game.

  44. haha, Deace show is on the old You Are Here set

  45. Dick Morris is predicting She Who Shall Not Be Named will run for president again. Yay.

    In totally unrelated news the milk in my fridge went sour.

  46. That was a great video. And yes, savanna is hotter than aoc

  47. I saw a tweet yesterday that showed a guy with a cowboy hat on yelling at smash and grab robbers while holding what looked like a pistol of some sort while they ran for their lives

  48. Brandon will die of Covid just in time for the country to lock down and fuck up Nov elections again. Masking forever everywhere.

  49. NYC is okay to visit briefly with someone who knows their way around. All my trips there have been that way. I dated a woman from Jackson Heights in Queens and we visited her parents there. That was an eye opening experience

  50. “It’s what Joe would have wanted”

  51. The first rule of being a spy hooker is not talking about being a spy hooker.

  52. Spying on hookers.
    I assume there’s a website for that.

  53. Isn’t sobek a zombie?

  54. No one wants to wish death on Brandon?

    Jeez, we’re really mellowing out in our late 20s.

  55. Why would he need pointers on how to murder?

  56. NYC – filthy nasty place.
    I’ve spent way too much time there.
    The upside is the food is pretty good.

  57. The number of times I’ve been to NYC is less than a dozen, and upon reflection, every time but once, it was because of a girlfriend or wife.
    The most memorable was New Year’s Eve 1979; a GF and I were watching the skaters at Rockefeller Plaza, and some sleazeball degenerate came up behind her and rubbed up against her. By the time she let me know what was happening, the sleaze was scuttling off through the crowd. Yeah, that is what I remember most about NYC.

  58. This was coved on Epoch TV by Paul Alexander who is an epidemiologist.

    “The data shows that Pfizer and Moderna only give you a few weeks of 40% reduction in your chance of getting coof. 4 months after being boosted, it INCREASES your chances. By 6 months it is -30%. You have to get boosted every 2 months in order to maintain 40% protection.”

    You are playing with immune suppression fire if you keep getting these dumbass vaccines.

  59. In college I visited with my friend from ROTC. He lived in the Bronx off of Jerome Avenue. Only his mom lived at home and the place was locked up like Fort Knox. The common theme among the people I visited with was their desire to get their parents out of there. Another buddy’s mom lived in a nice brick building with a doorman and before too long she was living in CT. The woman from Jackson Heights was a doctor and she got her parents out to South Carolina where her sister was a surgeon.

  60. Mare, shit like that makes me wonder why they’re still all in on the shots

  61. The fine art of frottage.

  62. How about this theory: Our government hates us. The shots had very little to do with stopping a pandemic (though there was a strong push to test out mRNA treatment on a large population) and a lot more to do with command & control measures on the population and transferring a large chunk of money to pharmaceutical companies that are aligned/associated with the WEF/Davos crowd. And somewhat surprisingly (or maybe not), also the CCCP. I understand that Pfizer is connected to a German outfit (BioNTech) that is affiliated with Chinese entities (Fosun Pharmaceuticals).

    “Fosun Pharmaceuticals does not just partner with Pfizer/BioNTech to
    make the COVID-19 vaccines: they make, as noted, the PCR tests that are the one primary metric that determine the scale of the pandemic in North America and Western Europe and thus the “lockdowns” of whole countries, whole industrial sectors.”

  63. Comment by Jimbro on July 21, 2022 1:00 pm
    Mare, shit like that makes me wonder why they’re still all in on the shots


    I agree, Jimbro. It’s just nuts.

    Also, the masks. Rand Paul was just interviewed stating how the data shows MASKS DON’T WORK.

    But they love that bullshit too.

    Control and fear.

  64. Comment by ruralcounsel on July 21, 2022 1:17 pm


    Not only do I want your newsletter, I’d like to give to your campaign,.

  65. No one wants to wish death on Brandon?

    I genuinely, sincerely, do not want him dead.

    I absolutely want him in a severely penitential amount of pain.

  66. “Isn’t sobek a zombie?”

    Of course I am. I caught the most infectious and lethal disease known to all of human history. No way I could have survived that without all fifteen boosters.

  67. she is not smart, and goes off script as often as Brandon


  68. bet they went to Red Lobster

  69. My double vaxxed friend who had Bell’s Palsy currently has Covid along with his wife. He thinks they got it at a wedding they attended. Should have sent their regrets and stayed home

  70. Either he is tall or his wife is a shawty

  71. “examples of the damage an AR 15 round can do”

    Those killed me and now I’m dead.

  72. More dead, I mean.

  73. We’re about to get whaled with a big T storm. Losing power in weather like this would suuuuuu…

  74. jesse is 6’8″

  75. I bet that’s not what Mrs Kelly was expecting, but I also suspect that stuff like that is why she’s Mrs Kelly.

  76. Comment by Jimbro on July 21, 2022 2:49 pm
    My double vaxxed friend who had Bell’s Palsy currently has Covid along with his wife. He thinks they got it at a wedding they attended. Should have sent their regrets and stayed home


    How bad a case does he have?

    If he simply “tested positive” who cares?

    WTF do people test anyway?

  77. I didn’t ask. He was giving me crap about not getting vaxxed last year. He’s a diehard liberal so that tells you all you need to know. I’ve known him since 1987 when we were partners in the gross anatomy lab so we go way back. At this point we value our friendship more than politics.

  78. Well I hope his oily windshield gets wiped by a homeless man a stoplight named Raul.

    Raul McDeathgrimreaper.

  79. GND went to a conference last week. Everyone was shipped a covid test and they were supposed to take it when they got there.

    She forgot. No one cared or even checked.

  80. My GF has MS and declined to get vaxxed because she was afraid it might interfere with the treatment she gets. Her physician who is a much beloved local neuro/MS doc, who himself has MS, told her that he is on the same treatment and he got vaccinated but that he would not pressure her and the choice is up to her.

    So, anyway, he died.

  81. Brandon has covid, and kids all over rejoice!

  82. well at least the choice was hers. too bad about him

  83. Poor Brandon, he just can’t buy a break!

    When I saw that, my first thought was he’s trying the old sympathy sex routine hoping it would give him a boost in the polls.

  84. ^ also an ominous warning of what’s to come as November approaches. Lock the country down, everyone that wants to vote has to do it by mail in ballot.

  85. ^ OTOH, this is a historical moment for Bandon, the first positive thing he can claim during his Presidency!

  86. Sigh. Trying to force myself to go to support group tonight despite crappy sleep (AGAIN)…and a severe thunderstorm watch for where I stay comes out.

    Why this shit happens when I try to do the right thing…

  87. Ya gotta go. Especially when it’s the hardest. Go.

  88. BT, are you a tea drinker? I ask because age creeping up on me leaves me beat when I get home from work, so I’ve taken up drinking tea when I get home. I can still fall asleep at 8, but 4 hours later I wake up, then go back to sleep, but it’s not a restful sleep. Sometimes I don’t even know if indeed I did go back to sleep because my mind is firing on all 8 cylinders, other than the nonsensical BS I remember in the morning.

  89. I know. And I will. I’m just getting sick of the predictable malignity of it.

  90. And the new antihistimine seems to be doing what the old one did: Clamp on the cough, but get up to pee ever two hours.

    I get my choice of bad and that’s it.

    I’d be guzzling chamomile on getting home if I had a kitchen to work with.

    Just deleted a lot of typing. Gotta quit whining and do what I can regardless.

  91. Hero in Indiana has me rethinking my whole carry caliber. 8 of 10 9mm on the button. How many if it was .380? Target was still crawling away with 8 in the box. Second look at .40 cal?

  92. .45 LC will get it done in 6.

  93. Rippaverse due to hit 3M in preorders in the next hour.

  94. 44 mag revolver, with Glaser safety slugs, Pup. It’s a .410 deer slug until it penetrates and becomes a hand grenade. S&W model 29 or 629 with the 8-3/8″ barrel for the distance, but it’s hard to conceal. Maybe 6 ” barrel.

  95. I don’t have anymore room in my pants for another dang hand cannon. WE ARE FULL UP HOMBRE.

  96. 3M and counting.

  97. In other news. In France, Macron is challenged to hit a free throw on a basketball court. He rises to the challenge, If Lebron James can successfully perform this challenge, so can I. And nails it. So now the Chicoms will be sucking up to France for basketball player genetic material to build their master race in the midget basketball league.

  98. My sinuses are making me want to gak.
    Started sneezing for a bit yesterday, which triggered a scratchy throat. Couldn’t sleep because it kept me constantly having to swallow. I thought maybe the HVAC guy didn’t properly clean our units.
    But today…my head!
    Oxygen level normal.
    Just took temperature..100.3.
    Feeling really puny.

    Is Tylenol a no no if it’s the coof?

  99. Might just be a sinus infection. Push fluids.

    A brief history of “nobody wants to work anymore”

  100. Interesting thread, Lumps. I’d attribute that to a) there are lazy people in all generations, b) people have false memories of how hard they and other people worked when they were younger, and c) no one notices hard workers (people who leave a bad impression for whatever reason tend to stick in your memory longer).

  101. Zoo members get early entry on Thursdays. Not all of the animals are out, but it’s a nice walk in a safe space. We were at the wolves and a woman asked her little girl which animal she wanted to see next. Little girl answered “Goose.” Mom asked again…little girl responded with “Goose.” We have Canadian Geese that hang out at our zoo. They are poop machines.

  102. “They are poop machines.”

    I am prepared to believe this.

  103. Mr. B went out and bought a covid test. It’s positive. Had to come from that fucker at the grocery store who was sneezing.

    I’ve got quercetin, zinc, and melatonin. And no appetite. I usually have to eat something whenever I take supplements.

  104. Best of luck, beasn. I still have this persistent cough that doesn’t want to go away, although it’s a bit improved.

  105. I don’t want to work anymore, but that’s only because I want to do different work.

  106. BiW just posted that DiT passed away.

  107. Oh no, I didn’t even know he’d been sick.

  108. what???

  109. His sister posted on FB that he passed on Tuesday. BiW shared it in our private H2 group.

  110. He tweeted on the 18th. I wonder what happened. Was it unexpected?

  111. It seems so.

  112. “BiW just posted that DiT passed away.”

    Oh no! That is horrible!

  113. Damn. Prayers for the family, and for him, wherever he’s bound.

  114. Hey long lost Hostage friends. I just got a text about DiT and just wanted to come by and check in and say I miss you all, take care of yourselves.

  115. I have a link to all the info about funeral etc. Don’t want to post it publicly, but I can email it if anyone needs/wants it.

  116. Damn.

    Just. Damn.

  117. Dammit, now reading The Crap Tree is going to make me cry instead of laugh.

    Y’all remember this one?

  118. I would like to get the funeral details. Send to willhilt at the emerald green g-string thing .com.

  119. Dammit, Roamy. I hadn’t thought that far ahead.

  120. Fuck

  121. Fuck fuck fuck.

    Fucking fuck fuckity fuck.



  122. Oh, how did I forget about the emerald green thong? Crying and laughing at the same time…

  123. fuck.

  124. *points*

    What wiser said.

  125. Full disclosure, no idea what the “emerald green g string thing” is. Little help, Will?

  126. He meant Gmail. Dave’s hometown is driving distance from us, but I don’t know yet if my parents can keep the kids. Depends on the day, I guess.

  127. You SUNUVABITCH! You were supposed to outlive me and marry my wife after I was gone!!!



  128. Too soon?

  129. Tuesday at 10am, Peelie.

  130. Not gonna go into detail, but Dave was literally the greatest person you ever wanted to talk with when dealing with daughter issues.

    Also not gonna go into details, but goddamit if he didn’t check out when I need him the most.

    But that conversation is for another day.

  131. Well fuck. My parents can’t take off work.

    I’m not okay with any of this.

  132. There’s a better than 50% chance I’ll be there. Dealing with some issues with our boy right now that are the only thing holding me back.

    Dave loved that kid. Always made sure to check in on him.

  133. July 31 would have been their 40th anniversary.

  134. Man, I hope his daughters have read The Crap Tree.

  135. such sad news.

  136. Sidebar, but I expect a post. I don’t know who will write it, but DiT deserves the full Ewok.

  137. I don’t think I can make it out. Question, if flowers were sent/signed by “BCoch” are any of his people going to be offended?

  138. Oso, I just got off the phone with WeirdDave. He wanted something up asap and figured it would be pinned in the sidebar for a while. I’m sure there’s more to come.

  139. Me, too. Morons around social media bonding over such said news. Even Gabe.

  140. Something funny for you all and I’m sure Dave would smile….the Eldest Drunken Midget is now 15. The wife and I will be having lunch on Sat with the potential boyfriend. The first ever potential boyfriend. God help me.

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