MMM 502

July is now more than half over. Possum has developed a weird tic where she sort of grunt-hums at seemingly random times, can’t tell us why she does it, and gets very angry when we ask her about it. She also still only eats like 5 things. I have failed as a father and a human being. So let’s move on and look at some pictures.

Perfect amount of “glisten”.

Are those plants fake?

I can’t do this, but I wish your mom could.

I believe this is Michelle Lewin. Whoever she is she can pull off this outfit.

Looks warm there.

I wish she’d just passed on the bolt-ons, but she’s still pretty.

What’s that curtain for?

And that’s all I’ve got for this morning. Time to go pour a cup of coffee and put on pants.


  1. And we were reminded that foghorn leghorn is a dick.

    Spend basically any amount of time in the presence of most roosters and you’ll realize they dialed it back for Looney Tunes.

  2. One of jammette’s little pals had a vocal tic when she was about 10 or so.
    She out grew it
    Her parents never got an answer as to what it was about.

  3. Downstairs toilet in the half bath apparently suffered an unscheduled kinetic disassembly yesterday. Not my doing, I use it rarely and not for a week or more. Quite the mess, now drying.

  4. A commenter at Ace’s linked this: (excellent read)

  5. Leon, these gals seem normal and some very pretty.

    Very low body fat but they worked hard for that lack of menstruation.

  6. Here are all the things MJr transitioned into this weekend.

    Target worker
    Sand farm worker
    Home depot worker
    Someone named Booba
    And a T Rex

  7. Oh and Biden finally lost his last constituency…the media.


    No one cares about this story but the media do of course Joe effed it up by fist bumping the guy who killed their boyfriend.

  8. ugh, can’t imagine being alone in the house with a bear scratching around outside.

  9. Epoch TV had Dr. Harvey Risch, a Yale epidemiologist, talking about covid vaccine BY THE DATA, and guess what? Getting the vaccines makes you more susceptible to getting covid and its derivatives again and again. It’s not good for your immune response.

  10. I’m going to be creating a business website. I purchased the domain name. Anybody got hosting recommendations? I need a place that has international + US servers.

  11. i need a plant person to ID this

    this plant hasn’t been watered in a long time, yet it continues to grow. is it getting water for air and humidity? or is someone breaking in to water it?

  12. Our site will be information and contact only, really. Doesn’t need any interactive features.

  13. why do you need international servers? or do you mean access? the only reason to spread out servers is if there will be downtime, and the load will go to another server. Also if it’s busy, load balancing comes into play. Just look at what their uptime is, and support a local company. everybody can get to your site, worldwide.

  14. I don’t know, I just heard that if you have international customers, and we do, this would be better for them.

  15. Okay

  16. We used to sell that houseplant at the big box store. I think most houseplants sold there are hard to kill. No idea what its called. It’s not a vegetable or garden plant so its not in my wheelhouse. I don’t keep houseplants.

  17. Anyway, any recommendations? I’m totally new at this and I don’t want to get hosed. I just need a plain template for some basic info and pics, with an email “ask us a question” type of button. That’s it.

  18. Everybody’s pushing bluehost.

  19. My GF says that $300/yr is not a bad price for hosting a simple site. I dunno, that seems high to me.

  20. Here is Hostinger’s menu for WordPress hosting. I literally cannot tell the difference between these things. What does it mean, “100 websites”?

  21. local place here, sounds like you need basic hosting. less than $50 a year.

  22. OMG that sounds great. Are there templates I can use to throw the thing together?

  23. are you hosting a WordPress site, or html/generated? Did you write this yourself or have someone do it, or did WordPress generate it?

  24. no templates, but they can help you with design, or I guess I can too, depending on what you want.

  25. I don’t know if MLDS is international, but I used to buy beef from the owner’s family farm and I trust the guy.

  26. Besides memes, Jay has many other uses.

  27. Dude I didn’t even know that there was a difference between design and hosting, until two days ago. I will not ask you to work for me. I can throw together a site I just need a beginner-easy template that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I probably would benefit from paying a little more for a host that provides them out of convenience.

  28. Wait, it looks like he has a website builder there? I will check it out Jay. Is this guy family?

  29. you can use any site online, and copy the code. Most of the time it will work elsewhere too.

  30. no, I just looked up local web hosting to give an example. You probably have local people too. Then you could collaborate if needed. I don’t even know this guy.

  31. And Thank you!!! I was about to drop stupid money on these places with fifty million tricky small prints to navigate. Why do they have to be that way??

  32. Oh. Crap. And when you say ‘copy the code’ I don’t know how to do that.

  33. no problem, just gotta speak the language sometimes.

    you can all stop your eyes from glazing over in boredom now.

  34. there will be a button, or a window, where the code appears. I find it useful when fine tuning stuff.

  35. Is that what happens when I accidentally right click here and hit ‘view page source’?

  36. Chrissie Mayr’s Simpcast is quite spicy. Tuned in to hear what Alex Stein had to say.

  37. Chrissie couldn’t make FNT last week because she had an early show, so they just had a pfp up the whole stream of Chrissie Mayr’s Boobs.

  38. I watched a little of FNT too. They have the best theme music and video.

  39. Oh, man. I haven’t designed a web page since I took my current job. I should brush up on the current lay of the digital land sometime.

  40. yes laura, that is the code. notice all the crap on the screen. lots of it is not necessary, but will break everything if left out.

  41. It’s all crap to me. I love learning new things but I’m maxing out my daily level of interest because of the anxiety this is all causing.

  42. its really simple, once you get past the first couple of topics. You’ll be able to update it yourself in no time.

  43. I mean, I can do this, so how hard can it be?

  44. Website design is like plumbing. If you’re at all unsure of what you’re doing, pay a pro or use a template.

    I know what everything on the page is doing and I’d use a template.

  45. template generates most of the code for you, so yeah

  46. I’m sending a request to that guy in Iowa. He’s probably going to ask me who referred me and I’m going to tell him the name of a complete stranger.

  47. I would go with bluehost, but they fucking piss me off with this small-print “We are going to auto-renew at some rate we can’t tell you right now” bullshit.

  48. Jay,

    That plant is being watered. The pink/purple globe is filled with water and automatically watering the plant.

  49. haha, no it isn’t usually filled. I haven’t been doing that, I was waiting to see how long it will last. But it keeps growing! Finally felt guilty last night and watered it, so that’s why it was filled then.

  50. Yeah, templates are smart. Not reinventing the wheel and all that. Also makes it simpler when someone else has to come in and maintain the page at a later date.

  51. OK I just found all the free themes on wordpress dot org, *not* dot com. Game changer. Now I just need content, hahahaaa

  52. Rippaverse over 2 million now? wow what a rollout!

  53. I wonder if he needs writers. I’ve got a concept for a novel that would/might be better as a graphic novel.

  54. I’d pitch it to him

  55. I stopped in Honolulu for a few hours on my way to New Zealand back in ‘92. Nice airport, went outside in order to claim I had been in Hawaii. I’m kicking myself for not doing a rotation at Tripler Army Hospital as a 4th year student which would have been a paid gig.

    I have heard that story about CAH buying the island before. I want to say a lot of people own micro shares of it, like one foot square lots. Liberty is in my county and I’ve driven through it before but that’s it.

    I tried reading that article but it was poorly written

  56. Laura, doesn’t Wiser have a tech guy on his show? I wonder if he’d be a good local source of info.

  57. lw:

    My daughter recommends Square

  58. Jay,

    The plant looks like a Prayer Plant. They do like their moisture, so I’m not quite sure how it is surviving if it is being that badly neglected.

  59. I’d pitch it to him

    Yeah, I’m sure me and 10M others have the same thought, I’d need to prove myself as an author first I think, and I’d hate to have him say yes to me and the idea not pan out.


    A lot of these are “on an island” not the whole island

  61. This is on our lake

    I bet it’s prone to vandalism especially in the winter when people can take their snow sleds out there

  62. My pitch:

    I want a guitar, but like one of those double guitars.

  63. I’m a golfer now.

  64. ok that wordpress shit did NOT help

  65. Subaru, golfing, flannel.

    These all point to something. What are your pronouns, car in?

  66. You said that on the last thread, when you were taking off your shoes to count to forty. I have questions about where you get your shoes.

  67. What Swifty said – prayer plant.

  68. It’s roots are drawing nutrients from the great beyond.

  69. I gave up. I can’t wait for this guy to get back to me. I need to get this job done.
    On bluehost. Do I need ‘codeguard basic’ and ‘sitelock security essential’ for an additional annual fee of about 70.00 for both?

  70. Probably not if you aren’t handling transactions or hosting any customer data.

    Also, we’re this close to someone dropping “Trump Vaccines!” for maximum political effect.

  71. You might want to check out Squarespace for your website. Basic package is a little under $200 / year. Tons of easy templates and whatnot. No coding required.

  72. awww, homeless shelters in DC are filling up with illegals. Shipped in from TX, and the mayor don’t like it.

    Tough shit.

  73. Plymouth Rock, 1620 at sea level

    Just look at it now!

  74. I was raised to not talk over other people or jump in when they started to say something and walk all over whatever they were trying to say. Was that actually the norm once? Because I came very close to trying to throttle someone ten minutes ago for doing exactly that and I want to know if I’m a freak for thinking that was incredibly rude and disrespectful.

  75. There’s some debate as to whether that’s “The Rock” but otherwise I agree with you.

    What is more impressive is the statue of Massasoit across the street from the rock

  76. Part of the Pilgrim lore

    Our Boy Scout camp was Camp Squanto. We learned about him in Order Of The Arrow a little but by then I was aging out of scouts and didn’t pay as much attention as I ought to have.

  77. “”Just look at it now!””

  78. I was taught the same, TimBro, but I see the offense all the time now in fiction as a depiction of “strength” and “assertiveness” because modern writers are shit and equate assholery with power.

  79. Apparently folks see it like that in the real world, too. No wonder I hate people.

  80. Tree guy and gal came today and trimmed the heck out of a bunch of my silver maples. Should get a chance to put Hotspur’s former wood chipper to good use later tonight.

  81. i’m trying to get rid of some old branches here, too. gotta find out if someone can pick them up, or if I have to do it.

  82. Just found out my younger nephew who was a serious baseball pitcher in college got drafted by the Dodgers. Pretty cool. Too bad it’s the Dodgers… 😉

  83. He warned that all the foliage left on the branches would attract bugs, so I’m planning to pile the chips up next to the manure pile. The logs would all make good firewood or mushroom farming fodder, but I don’t need firewood really. I might try to get some plug spawn for reishi or something.

  84. can’t you let the branches sit for a bit, and lose the leaves? shake them off, then use the leaves somewhere and then wood chips for mulch.

  85. more hugulkulture!

  86. I could, but the bugs will come to whereever they sit while the foliage decays, and I’ve got leafy branches in a lot more places than I want bugs. I’d like to have a stockpile of composting woodchips somewhere safely away from structures and fenceposts.

  87. I’ve also already got serious woodchuck issues, and I don’t want to give them any more hiding places.

  88. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

  89. Surprisingly little, but they’ll burrow and nest under any leafy pile I make. Piles of logs seem to be okay, but brushpiles are apparently low-income housing for them.

  90. ‘Sup, buggerers of boys?

  91. Ramial woodchip (smaller branches and twigs with leaves) makes the most choice garden mulch and compost.

  92. Happy for your nephew, BroTim.

  93. Yep, that’s what I want to use it most for, Lumps. I don’t think I can lump it into this year’s garden, but I can definitely have a huge pile ready for next year.

  94. Yeah, let it sit off and rot for a while, and incorporate the carcasses of your woodchucks as you deal with them.

  95. Did Scott eradicate Fat Bastard and his family?

  96. I like to make piles of that shit in the woods. Now that I have Trump that task is easier.

  97. Yeah, we’re just going to point the chipper spout into the bucket of Big Orange Unnamed Tractor.

  98. Mrs. Pupster said:

    Not Go Daddy
    Not Host Gator

    Without an Online Store: Bluehost, Hostwinds (2nd)

    With an Online Store: Squarespace


    (Imgur video with sound)

  100. Mrs hasn’t been watering the plant either. we are curious as to how it’s surviving

  101. done it

  102. Oso, over the years Scott has killed 3 FBs and ‘likely’ killed or just peppered a few more.

    Once the den was found and properly filled in he hasn’t had to deal with any more. We have hard clay with rocks, they don’t dig new dens so easily around here. Where my mom lives it’s all soft sand and they run riot.

    I saw a little one this Spring but he ran into the neighbor’s yard and never came back.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  104. lumps, I miss Fat Bastard stories. Nice for you guys to not have a varmint.

  105. We should have smoked him.

  106. We still have varmints. Just not blogging them. Lotsa bunnies buried in the garden this spring. Still room for many more. Currently we have two squirrels in particular that have a taste for slightly reddening tomatoes and need to join the Squirrel Choir Eternal.

  107. I have a “friend” who had a blue jay family nesting in her window. Some sparrows attacked and killed the hatchlings. Instead of flying monkeys she released her “cats”. This spring the hatchlings did quite well and have flown the nest.

  108. “I’m a golfer now.”

    Congratulations and you have my sympathy. It’s a hard damn game.

  109. Don expertly repaired PlayStations.

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