We all have them.

Some people have a hobby of not having a hobby.

So –

The List:

Fern Collecting

An illustration for The Illustrated London News, July 1871.

An illustration – The Illustrated London News, July 1871.

19th century fern fever caught England by storm – it was almost as tramatic as teh Rona.

Official name: pteridomania. The phenomenon took off in 1829 when a British botanist named Nathaniel Bagshaw (Bugphuquer) Ward started cultivating the plants in glass cases (later known as Wardian cases; today we call them MJ’s office). Soon enough, Victorians around the country were hunting desirable ferns to grow in their own homes. The hobby was especially popular among women, perhaps because it offered them a socially acceptable excuse to be outdoors unsupervised. Bitches be crazy…


Choose different types of beetles to fight against each other. Beetle fighting enthusiasts of course are extremely interested in watching beetles breed breeding different species of beetles for fighting.


Yes it’s exactly that. The current record holder managed 51 –

Diatom Arranging

Victorian era biologists arranged diatoms on glass slides using strands of hair. Check it – elaborate kaleidoscopes . Some microscopic designs—which often included butterfly scales and insect scales as well as algae—incorporated thousands of individual components onto a single slide. They had excess time.


This consists of appearing as a bystander in the background of television shows.  It takes resolve, planning skills, and perfect star-alignment to call this a hobby and not just stalking.  The great newsraider, Paul Yarrow, from the UK has appeared in lotsa broadcasts.


This hobby is destined to become a Hostage favorite –

(btw – XBrad makes a cameo in this one)

Roamy featured a song about chlamydia yesterday… so i’ll just add to it:

btw – if you don’t like this song you’re obviously raciss.



  1. wakey wakey

  2. Geoff has a post up for leon and the rest of you transcaveppl.

  3. Border Collies are my #2 dog breed behind the ACD’s.

  4. hahahahaha, That last video. Society is dead.

  5. Geoff has a blog?

  6. His nom de plume is Evil Lord Tofranil @ IBs

  7. “Twitter’s Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Looks Like a Loser” is the title of an article in the WSJ today.

    I haven’t read it yet but I wanted to contrast with a headline or blurb I saw in my skimming of Twitter that mentioned Elon Musk could face jail time for backing out of the deal.

    I remember the headline because I laughed to myself and mentally filed it under the “Walls Are Closing In” reporting of the Trump years.

  8. When did you first come to the realization that society is dead?

    For me it was sometime back in the eighties when I was riding in the car with my brother in law and he was listening to some group called The Butthole Surfers.

    It’s pretty much been downhill from there.

  9. Here is further evidence.

  10. I decided western civilization was in decline the day your mom made me do all the work.

  11. Where the Red Fern Grows

  12. twitter: hehe, Alex Stein strikes again.

    AOC supports protesting Kavanaugh in a restaurant, yet REEEEEEE about this.

  13. Alli 🍎 @SalmonCzar
    11h Replying to @Olivia_Beavers

    @AOC and @RepBowman

    And just like that, “harassing” public officials was bad again.

  14. Jordan Rachel
    Replying to
    Lmfao “I was walking over to deck him” just like you “almost died” on January 6 and you weren’t even there 🥴

  15. For me it was in the 1990s, when I realized that the success of a business had nothing to do with what it produced or actually did. It took me another ten years to put all the pieces together, but the process began.

    Also, I saw we were already on the road to woke back then. Thought it had faded back later, but it was just biding its time.

  16. For me it was in 1975 during 6th grade math class when the heretofore attractive Marylou Carey was so stressed out by Sister Mary’s interrogation of her math problem while she was standing at the blackboard that she lost control of her bladder and peed a bucket on the floor in front of the entire class.

    It really focused me on man’s inhumanity to man and led me to pay prostitutes to pee on beds in expensive hotels all over the world

  17. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the Butthole Surfers at a Lollapalooza at some point. back in the day.

  18. HS, the song is called Pepper, it’s meh, and from what I hear, the dinner sounds like he has genuine untreated mental illness that he turned into a singing career.

  19. https://tinyurl.com/3dese7rf

    I’ll know it’s just an amazing coincidence and solely due to bad luck that all those food production facilities are burning to the ground when the bug factories start burning too

  20. I think Erik Estrada is in the video. Huh. I guess he didn’t have a lot else going on in the early 90s.

  21. The Butthole Surfers guy also did the vocals on a Ministry song:

  22. The Dripping song is, uh, well apparently I’m a racist now.

  23. Jimbro, possibly the same Sister Mary slapped me across the face when I couldn’t make my m’s right.

    I didn’t tinkle though.

  24. *Crochets a chlamydia fern*

  25. https://tinyurl.com/5f5b3mwd

  26. I’ll be serious this time…..concerning the beginning of the decline of our civilization.

    I saw a guy on TV one time, and I can’t remember who he was, but probably a Thomas Sewell type or a VDH type and his quote to the group of folks he was talking to was as follows. “Do you know the difference between us and Latin America, the difference between us and Africa, between us and much of Asia? I can spell it out for you in five words: FREE TRADE, RULE OF LAW.” He then went on to give a detailed explanation on why folks who wouldn’t engage in free trade and folks who couldn’t or wouldn’t guarantee the security of both parties in a trade via the law, would never rise above poverty. I remember thinking “that’s it……that’s all there is to it.” If you’re a serf and your reward for busting your ass and producing something of value and producing an excess of what you need is to have some strong man confiscate it for his benefit, then the you’re not motivated to do more than the absolute minimum it takes to subsist. Multiply that time millions of cases and you’ve got most of human history summed up.

    Fast forward to 97 or 98 and Slick Willie is obviously guilty of perjury and it’s obvious that he perjured himself in an effort to keep a tsunami of sexual misconduct cases from cascading down on his ass, and all the democrats in congress and the press can say is that “everybody cheats and everybody lies about it……no biggie…..he lied to protect his wife…….same as any honorable man would do.” And America bought that hogshit and let him off the hook. That’s when it occurred to me that we’d taken a huge fucking chunk out of whatever was supporting the rule of law. Fast forward 18 years and his bitch has 30K top secret emails on a private server and same same. No harm no fowl. We no longer have rule of law and therefore I don’t believe we can be prosperous.

    We’re all mini-trust fund babies right now living off the wealth of the past.

  27. Sobek didn’t you die of rona a couple months ago ?

  28. I like Mitch ‘ez can do attitude.

  29. No, this is my first time dying. It’s not as interesting of an experience as I would have assumed.

  30. OMG, Novavax approved. Wait for the CDC now. Could be next week. I’m kind of afraid of this one too, because it’s still full of spike protein, but it’s gotta be way safer than the mRNA hijacking cells all over the body.

  31. wow, battery problem with my aftershokz, they are just sending another pair out. Great warranty! bought them last march

  32. I read that this morning Roamy. Good summary of where we are now.

  33. “I am the science!”

    Deace says that’s demonic. He’s got a point.

  34. That reminds me of the line that stuck with me from Terminal List, “ I am justice”

  35. Outstanding article. Faster, please.

  36. Judge Dredd really was the law.

  37. Thank GOD that violent criminal is locked up.

    I can sleep save at night.

  38. I’m stealing Helana Handbasket.

    And now they are discussing Judge Dredd in the comments at the mothership.

  39. Ugh. My trusted sources are taking a big ol’ dump all over Novavax.

  40. They are anticipating she will appeal. Because of course she will.


  41. her chipmunk teeth bother me

  42. So with BMW charging monthly for seat warming, I would expect the BMW sales to take a dive, but then I don’t get buying a BMW anyway. We had one as a rental, and it wasn’t all that.

  43. So if Hispanics are breakfast tacos, what am I?

  44. Wiener Schnitzel.

  45. Meaning I would prefer you any day.

    Tacos are bullshit food. I don’t eat them.

  46. Heh, I’ll buy that.

  47. Holy shit. Latest on the 10-year-old:
    “The mother didn’t take her child to Indiana to get an abortion.

    The mother took her child to Indiana to hide an abortion because the mother’s boyfriend is the father.”

  48. Ivana Trump has passed. 72.

  49. Sorry, 73

  50. I thought that was a pretty classy announcement from Trump about Ivana. Be nice to the mother of your children.

  51. I know too many guys who’d be “ding, dong, the witch is dead” about their ex-wives. Some rightfully so, but it doesn’t help at this point.

  52. BMWs really are fun to drive.

  53. haven’t seen that one, roamy, where did you hear about the 10 y/o?

  54. I’d be careful, that one doesn’t have sources, just speculation. I only saw a tweet.

  55. Lauren Boebert’s restaurant closes in Rifle, landlord not renewing the lease.

  56. That sounds like a worthy lawsuit, Jay.

  57. Why would any rational person trust any vaccine from now until…well, forever?

  58. Mamacita was interviewed on Univision and says the boyfriend isn’t the father.

  59. Victoria Martens trial just started. Roamy has the right angle on the OH 10 yr old.

  60. Fireworks at MJ’s.

  61. Pfft, these were MJ’s fireworks


  62. I knew there was more to the story.

  63. The point the author I think is trying to make is that the mother shopped around for an abortionist who wouldn’t report the boyfriend for rape. Indianapolis and Pittsburgh are pretty much the same distance from Columbus, OH.

  64. The story was shifty. I knew there was something

  65. If I know one thing, its that pro-choice women while cry WHAT ABOUT RAPE VICTIMS for show, in private conversations they are perfectly comfortable with underage sex with older men. It’s crazy. I think leftists are mentally defective.

  66. THE MOM WAS A VICTIM TOO!! Don’t you people see? WHy are you making her a villian in this story?
    They’re going to turn themselves into pretzels over this story.

  67. I live in an abortion destination city that is well known for illegals impregnating young girls. The mom usually offers up her daughters to the illegal “Boyfriend”

  68. https://tinyurl.com/yc5w5hht

    (Imgur video with sound)

  69. Thunder around here is crazy the last couple days. The house is actually shaking sometimes .

  70. SpaceX Dragon launch in about 20 minutes with my stuff on board. Go, baby, go!

  71. Watching The Godfather to fact check The Offer.

  72. Congratulations Roamy, looks like it made it to orbit. I hope the rest of the deployment goes as planned.

  73. I don’t get what the point is of the 10 year old girl story.

    The left says 10 year olds should be taught about sex.

    The girl gets knocked up.

  74. How common is it for a 10 year old to even be able to get pregnant?

  75. Pepe, from what i’ve read, what with all the hormones injected in our food, not uncommon that 10 year olds begin menstruating, hence they are fertile.

  76. I was thinking the same thing, but then looked it up. I was surprised how many cases there were.

  77. And why the selective outrage at the messican? Wasn’t Bill Clinton probably doing the same thing at Pedo Island?

  78. Allegedly!

  79. Depends on the definition of at.

  80. Day #4 of our visit to see DD#1, SIL, and adorable grandson.

    I went to bed early last night, as I wasn’t feeling well – I had been coughing all night. Had a fever of 99.9°, which went up to 101.3° later on in the evening.

    Been in bed ever since. Fever is controlled with Tylenol, but as soon as it starts wearing off, the temperature goes up again. I’ve got body aches, coughing, burning eyes, and the aforementioned temperature.

    No, I am NOT going to test for COVID unless things get worse. No point borrowing trouble in California…..

  81. TiFW, don’t test. Take the Z Pack. If it’s not available, zinc, D, C, and Q.

  82. We have quite a few cases in NM. Usually younger than 12. Mostly Mexican with a few Guatemalan guys.

  83. What Osita said – zinc, D, C, and quercetin, if you can find it.

  84. And prayers up that you feel better soon. The cough is a bitch.

  85. Why not test? We did, had Rona in early Feburary. Ate Pony Paste for three days, tested negative. Have natural immunity, Not Vaxxed so our immune systems are intact, Fuck Covid, We are not scared…

  86. Daniel emphatically rejected psychiatry.

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