Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born December 9th, 1992 in Seattle, Washington. She stands 5′ 3″ and measures 322536 and 108 lbs. Please grab an EpiPen for Miss Sofi Ryan AKA Hailey Lynzz.


  1. Oi

  2. Roamy mentioned last night Jap PM Abe – news this am saying he was shot and killed.

  3. Not to be too big a dick about it but this is what happens when trump and his 2a sycophants are allowed unfettered access to bazookas and fully automatic 9mm cannon

  4. I see Bidens schedule is packed.
    Morning briefing at 930 then change his depends then talk about supporting child murder then toddle on down to DE for pudding and weekend nap.

  5. What a fucking putz.

  6. I want a bazooka.

  7. Recent comments aren’t updating when I open the page. WordPress seems to be a-bed-shitting.

    Mrs. Pupster said she found an App or plug-in or service or something that can do a full transfer of a WP site, I’ll talk to her about it again.

    I can buy hosting service and a domain and give it a try.

  8. I feel like I need to wash with soap and scalding hot water and get a dose of Ceftriaxone after viewing this puta’s portfolio

  9. “portfolio”

    Yeah she’s a pistol. My favorite gif is the 1992 link. She looks so happy, joyful, playful and carefree, and then…

  10. Initially I thought she was holding some sort of phallus substitute but then I realized it was a bubble making phallus substitute

  11. Abe being assassinated by an apparently homemade weapon by a Japanese citizen obviously means Americans can’t be trusted with firearms and we need even more laws restricting lawful people from owning them

  12. Lumps, I had that Left/Right Divide article in a tab for a few days and finally closed it without reading it. You’ve inspired me to leave it as an open tab again. I need to update my Firefox soon so hopefully I’m motivated to read it before then

  13. Today’s model reminds me of one of the Sex and the City actresses.

  14. **watching the model gif for the fifth time**

  15. the “normal” Sex and the City actress, not one of the annoying ones. Yeah, I see it.

  16. twitter: I’m having a BBQ!

  17. ah, jam’s cochinita pibil article has my favorite spanish word for pig: puerco. It was a common insult in our house growing up between brothers. Yes, our Scandi Iceback igloo in the north.

  18. Ugh. I read that left-right divide piece. To have so much of the truth unfold before you and still be so willfully blind to who the left is…

  19. hmm, seems that recipe could be a kick ass version of pork burnt ends done on the smoker.

  20. I had the same takeaway, Tim. He’s a generous soul who just wants to feed people, but his whole worldview tells him that Leftist politics is the only way to do that.

    Not to be trite, but that guy needs Jesus.

  21. I’d eat the rams no problem. Big pass on the gator and puma.

  22. twitter: Terminal List is #1, we did not make this series for the critics!

    Look at the rotten tomatoes ratio, wow.

  23. Yeah, other than bashing that guy daily with “If you are pro-freedom you aren’t really a lefty,” I see him and people like him as an opportunity for cooperation in building our parallel structures.

  24. Agreed. I think he and I would get on fine talking about regenerative agriculture and keeping government out of the affairs of small farmers, and we’d really shake hands over private exchange of goods and services without government surveillance via things like digital passports and programmable money.

  25. 10/10 WS

  26. Today’s model reminds me of one of the Sex and the City actresses.
    I couldn’t place it! Thank you RFH, please feel better and have a coke and a smile but also please feel better.

  27. Agreed, fella’s heart is in the right place on so many things, he even understands a lot of the places things have gone wrong and the nature of what we’re up against. He just doesn’t understand the extent to which he contributed to it by his completely ass-backwards understanding of so, so many things. I suspect if he did it would break him.

  28. She seems to have an extensive body of work on tittyweb jenkins where she’s not wearing any clothing. I may not get much done today.

  29. twitter: at 6:15 central (God’s time) 99% of the world’s population was in the sun

    Seems early, would have to be a little later. Maybe they mean 6:15 Pacific.

  30. Listen. This is important.

    Cochinita pibil: I think what I’ll do is get it marinating today, then over the weekend I will smoke it just for a couple hours, then wrap in banana leaves and finish it crutched, with more marinade enclosed.

    This is a good opportunity to use up the rest of my achiote seeds and half a bottle of naranja agria that has been hanging around the fridge.

    I also just harvested some shallots that I will make into a decent facsimile of pickled onions for the taco toppers.

  31. pickled red onions are a staple in my diet now. so good on salads! Along with pepperoncinis, but they have gotten expensive.

    Probably should stock up on more sriracha, before it goes out of stock.

  32. Saw a diagram of the assassin’s weapon for the attack on Abe. Near as I can tell it was an electric flintlock.

  33. Oh man.

    There’s a thread at AoS that’s hilarious.

    This is the gist…

    Maybe the CIA killed Abe.
    How can you be sure?
    He’s dead, isn’t he?


  34. The Question of the Day is: who was behind the assassination of Abe: CIA, CCP or embrace the power of “and”?

  35. I can only assume that if our CIA was involved it was a complete disaster from their perspective as the shooter was supposed to kill the current PM or something like that.

  36. I’m pretty sure it’s just a crazy lefty nutjob. He basically said it was a politically motivated assassination.

    I didn’t know Abe was a conservative because his party is called the liberal democratic party.

  37. Yeah, by our standards Abe was pretty good dude, party names are weird as heck elsewhere because the context is so different.

    “Liberal” can mean you think people shouldn’t be assigned jobs by diktat but be allowed to choose.
    “Democratic” can mean you think there should be voting that matters rather than hereditary rule.

  38. The words “liberal” and “conservative” are relative. Our Founding Fathers were extremely liberal, whereas the conservatives of the time were monarchists. The terms “right” and “left” come from the time of the French revolution (1st) IIRC – those of the faction that held Liberty as the highest standard sat on the right side of the parliament, those that held Equality as the highest were on the left.

  39. The “Fraternity” part of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” went out the window pretty quickly.

  40. wow, looks like there were 2 blasts at Abe assassination. Security didn’t protect him after the first. Their gun laws probably make them a little more hesitant in an actual attack. Our guys expect guns blazing, theirs don’t.

  41. twitter: Abe assassination

    not graphic or bloody

  42. wakey wakey

  43. They barely even reacted to the first shot. Odd.

  44. Why are you guys talking about Abe Lincoln? He was assassinated 157 years ago.

  45. twitter: lots of “guns” in the assassin’s apartment

    leon called it, electrically fired

  46. Guns don’t kill people. Electricity kills people.

  47. He built a double-barreled fireworks mortar, then. Perfectly legal here in most cases (it’s effectively a cannon), even if dangerous. Not sure about there. They’ll have to ban some weird stuff if they want to make that impossible to build…

    Wait, is that what the Dutch ban on N fertilizer is really for?

  48. I saw a Video of a dutch farmer who backed his manure spreader up to the doors of a government building and unloaded it. Real Men of Genius.

  49. Must be PTO-driven.

  50. heh, saw that one too, PG, awesome.

    Guess the rural euros aren’t much different than ours are!

  51. How long until they start doing mass arrests of farmers for “sedition” and “insurrection”?

  52. An essay that needs to be written. Perhaps by H2 committee.

    How Progressive/woke education is creating the foot soldiers for tyranny.

    Young people have always been liberal – or more so. But they were taught to think for themselves. Anymore though – they just swallow the pap they’re fed and then refuse to see anything else because they are so committed to the cause. See the Covid bs.

    Teachers may as well just admit that their major theme in education is “Question Nothing” .

  53. a cousin of mine was selected in the first round of the NHL draft

    14 th overall.

  54. Guess the rural euros aren’t much different than ours are!

    There are rednecks everywhere.

  55. Why is the racial makeup always the same? Always. I don’t see Mexican immigrants doing this . Or other “underprivileged “ groups braving with this time of assholery.

  56. Behaving

  57. Why is the racial makeup always the same?

    Imma let Thomas Sowell break it down for you:

  58. What’s too bad is that guy is probably fired now for defending himself and his coworkers.

  59. The comments are GOLD

  60. hmm, that showed up as deleted for me earlier today

  61. Oh yeah, he’s totally fired. Our Corporate Overlords much like our Government Overlords frown upon the peasantry defending themselves.

  62. That stupid bitch at the end screaming makes me wish the employee jumped the counter in the other direction.

  63. in europe, many countries are now contra-indicating (or outright barring) covid vaccines for the young and healthy.

    this graph (with links to sources) from OS may give us a sense as to why.

    Go look.

  64. In Other News I was deemed to be of suitable moosian material and my application to the lodge was accepted. The initiation is next Monday.

  65. The initiation is next Monday.

  66. Indeed, I installed a cornhole cam Pups. I have a highly secured sphincter.

  67. *clicks away from blog*

  68. twitter: somebody finally did it

    If you put it on the teleprompter, Burgundy will read it!

  69. A380 pilot to A350 pilot: “Hey meester, move your keister!”

  70. I sent that one to my budding pilot Ben. He sent me a picture of him at work posing with a Gulfstream jet earlier today.


    Best Of The Web may not be paywalled, I read it for years before subscribing to the WSJ. It may have changed in the interim.

    UCLA joining the Big 10 will require some waivers if they’re going to travel to the long list of banned deplorable states for games and/or bowls

  72. I just want to say I love you guys. (Cousin posting pics with his brother. Funeral arrangements in SF next week)

  73. Love you too, sweetie.


    *sound of door kicked in*

  75. Center: Oso, edges: H2 pals

  76. I can only wish for a party as thrilling as that one

  77. The skies opened up with a massive downpour with thunder & lightning. I got the dogs out for an after dinner pee just in time. Currently my thunder buddy Rowan is under the desk at my feet, Lola is hiding behind the sofa and Ollie is wondering WTF all the fuss is about

  78. ❤️ I want to thank you guys for posting VAERS. Thank you, lumps. ❤️🙏🏼 CoW is facing pressure from MIL to poison her children. I steer her to links that you guys post. She is standing strong. Her husband is weakening.

  79. Jealous, we could use a good rain right now. Nothing in the forecast.


  81. Check your yahoo lumpy


    (Imgur video with sound)

  83. I started reading “Rabbitskin” by Catturd, and I can’t decide if it’s a brilliant piece of fiction or one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. There’s no middle ground. Bigfoot just showed up.

  84. If Catturd had a restaurant, would you eat there?

  85. He’s funny on Twitter. I thought the book would be funny.

  86. More help for your friend, Oso:

    * 75%+ children are known to already be immune. Most of them experienced covid as barely any symptoms or a mild cold and incorporated it into their immune system like every other cold they get as kids. They are simply not susceptible to it the way old people are.

    * Many European countries have banned or contraindicated these exact same mRNA vaccines for kids or even anybody under the age of thirty, due to the known risk profile of increased episodes of cardiac and blood problems. But our government is pushing them on babies who don’t even get sick. Something is very wrong.

  87. Roamy, if you’re up for a gardening action comedy suspense thriller, this was so funny my face hurt while reading it:

  88. Do I want to buy 100 10mm rounds of bear load for $100.00?
    I do not have a bear problem but you never know.

  89. never mind, not a good deal

  90. Hi Vmax
    Hope is all well with you

  91. Hi Lumpy
    Doing well, thanks,
    I am gearing up for my fall/winter garden. If I plant tomato seeds 8/1, they should be flowering about the time the nights get cool enough for the fruit to set.

  92. I’m gonna get a steer and name it Bugz.

  93. That’s amazing, such a different climate. Tomatoes in Winter!

    Related, I clipped small suckers off a few of my tomato plants a couple days ago for rooting. I have a 10×20 greenhouse I’m going to put up in the garden and I have this idea that I might start some rooted cuttings where the greenhouse will be this Fall, and extend my tomato season that way. They will eventually be killed by the cold but I’ll probably still get some good ones to ripen in a cupboard for serving at Thanksgiving.

    One of these days I have to get some true storage tomato seeds. You’re supposed to be able to harvest them mostly green and still get them to ripen slowly over the winter. More research needed.

  94. Although- roasting them on the grill with a little smoke until they are reduced but not quite leathery has proven so far to me to be the most delicious thing to do with extra garden tomatoes, and will probably even beat having perfectly fresh ones for slicing with the family meal.

  95. that’s terrifying

  96. Klaus is smiling.

  97. Dennis enjoyed reuniting people.

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