yeah whatever karen

check this shit out:

No Scute for You

Love this guy – been watching his vids for a while

if you have the time – kick back in front of the teevee and watch this from start to finish… it’s oddly relaxing.



  1. Good morning to all you lovely people who don’t feel like garbage right now. Must be nice.

  2. One man’s trash is another man’s camel dung or something like that

  3. The “Your camel is cooked!” Tag ought to drive a lot of traffic here

  4. wakey wakey

    WHy does Sobek feel like garbage?

    And does Roamy have the coof? I must have missed something. I caught that she wasn’t feeling well.

    Also, stupid iPhone thing now won’t load Ace the same way. Loads the start of the page and then nothing.

  5. Also, stupid iPhone thing now won’t load Ace the same way. Loads the start of the page and then nothing.
    I’m having the same problem. I put in a ticket.

  6. One of my kids had a hacking cough, and he decided to share with me.

  7. I fee like my immune system won’t be as challenged as it was when I was exposed to every round of kid colds passing through the office these days

  8. The cool thing about the hacking cough is once you make it to the other side you become a qualified white hat.

  9. Roamy, you’re taking horse paste? I can stop worrying. Roamy’s on the wormer. She’s gonna be fine.

  10. So, is this happening with NEWER iPhones as well? Mine isn’t new, but I wondered.

  11. I have a 10 (“X” in Apple parlance). I upgrade my phones when Paula gets her new one and her discarded phone becomes my “new” phone. Pretty sure it was a 7 before the X.

    And it’s happening on the X with the newest software update

  12. Picked up a pork shoulder picnic on sale yesterday.

    PBC has gotten no use this Summer yet. It’s gonna be on this weekend, I think. Gonna do a twist on the cochinita pibil recipe and smoke it.

    Hmmm, maybe hang some chickens in there too…

  13. I think I foxy.

  14. Test

  15. I think I fixed?

  16. Now I have to log in again.

  17. Definitely not Boxxy.

  18. Ok, go to settings, safari, clear history. That seems to have fixed it.

  19. Yep. Everything is working again.

  20. do a twist on the cochinita pibil
    That sounds like something you see down in Tijuana

  21. Looks like it worked for me too

  22. Wonder what that was all about

  23. Probably Klaus Schwab installed some sort of tracker on us. It glitched.

  24. “down in Tijuana” is the name of that thing your mom does for an extra twenty bucks

  25. After clearing everything I can read today’s post but yesterday’s post still hangs up.

  26. I’ve not had any trouble, but I’ve been in either Chromium or Brave and on Linux or Android all week.

    Because Apple sucks.

  27. wait, the Guidestones were known as America’s Stonehenge? By who?

  28. Huh. Google blacklisted GOP fundraising emails. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that.

  29. The guidestones seem like a) silly nonsense and b) not worth committing a felony over.

  30. they have been doing that all along, brotim. All GOP emails go to spam here, always have. Barack’s emails did not.

  31. The guidestones seem like a) silly nonsense and b) not worth committing a felony over.
    I live near this…thing. Never heard of it.

  32. This is the podcast I’m pretty sure I linked here. It was over a year ago so it won’t have any Current Moment hysteria in it:

  33. All GOP emails go to my spam too. I don’t get any Dem ones aside from the occasional email that tries to open the door a crack and see if I’m willing to donate to save abortion, sorry, “women’s healthcare”.

    Some time last year I replied STOP to the endless Trump text messages. Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting bombarded with texts from various GOP candidates and I hit the Block Contact on all of them. They must have hundreds of numbers available to them because they keep on coming.

  34. I hadn’t heard about the assplosion at the guidestones until you mentioned it here. I found a NY Post story simply by searching guidestones.

    I’m sure they’ll be Built Back Better now

  35. I don’t think they will, actually. They’d cost millions to replace, and I think the original funder is long dead.

    Gates might, though, just to be an asshole. I think a Wal-Mart or Waffle House is more likely.

  36. Huh. The Powers That Be went ahead and knocked the rest of the thing down.

  37. The stones were over 10 tons each, precisely placed. Not surprising they’d be ‘unsafe’ after a kaboom.

  38. I bet the guy operating that digger had some fun

  39. They absolutely had to finish the job, and quickly. Half the state of Georgia is guys with pickup trucks saying, “Yeah, I bet I can get the rest of it down with my truck/ winch/ black powder/ running start.”

  40. *points at Jimbro*


  41. I will be curious to see what becomes of the stones themselves. That’s a lot of granite countertops and floor tiles for whoever owns them now.

  42. I think Aaron Rogers is probably a looney tune.

  43. I think a lot of people are reading the UN global hunger thing wrong. It’s a Johnathan Swift “A Modest Proposal” type satire that’s really just another condemnation of the horrors and evil of western civ.

  44. He is an interesting guy with some unorthodox ideas from what I can tell. Other than the big stories ( no vaccine, serial dating of actresses) I don’t read too much about him since I’m not a Packers fan. Did he get traded or stay on another year?

  45. He’s still there I think. His choice of women is … interesting. As in batshit crazy.

  46. Look, there’s a reason we have to tell guys not to stick their dicks in crazy, and it’s absolutely not because no one wants to do it, or that crazy chicks don’t basically ask you to grab them by the pussy.

  47. “Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed…”


    “Don’t stick your dick in crazy.”

    This is why men get in trouble.

  48. twitter: 3 texas counties declare an invasion, kick it up to Abbott

    Is this a solution, or will they just ignore this too?

  49. I laid out in the sunshine for a little while today and I feel amazing. Forgot how healthy it is to do that (in small installments).

  50. so you’re saying you got some D?

  51. Speaking of getting some D, where’s Mare?

  52. Mare popped in for a single comment about a week ago.

  53. Hope everything is okay with her.

  54. AUGH

  55. Oops. I did what Carin and J’Ames suggested on Facedouche, nothing. My comment thanking them didn’t post. I go full Charlie Brown…it posts. I still can’t view yesterdays post or comments. Headed to the HQ

  56. that was all Car in, I was just relaying it to where everyone would see it.

  57. Poor Ben Smith. Not hard to get your ass handed to you when you’re all ass.

  58. just blatantly talking over Tucker, and he was just laughing at him

  59. the guy at the end just acting like a murder hadn’t been executed just a minute earlier was classic

  60. Mare’s just discovered she’s trans and is afraid to come out to us.

  61. Really? I didn’t get a ‘mannish’ vibe off her him. Is she he getting an insta-schwanz (going ‘whole hog,’ pun intended) or just doing the T?

  62. Hmmm….so 10% off the top for the big guy buys a front row seat for the POTUS spawn to watch Presidential Medals of Freedom being handed out to those that did nothing to earn them. Interesting.

  63. No no, she’s trans-autistic. It’s super trendy now.

  64. Pretty sure she’s also attracted to men, so she’s a homosexual.

  65. Can a trans man then become a drag queen?

    Layers upon layers.

  66. The New York bagota thing is bullshit.
    Clearly self defense.
    I did the same and was out on my own recognizance 24 hours later while the investigation continued. DA needs to be disbarred. Lead poisoning would be better, but having been through that shit and having my life destroyed, I suppose you could say I have a bias.

  67. WTF is a bodega anyhow?

  68. Expensive shop in NY because of the food desert.

  69. NY DA May be worse than Gascon.

  70. Old couple bought a big rack of ribs. Exit door “Wow, that’s a lot of meat” Elderly Member “That’s What She Said” Exit CoW is my age. She could not get over the quick response by the Crypt Keeper

  71. So Fox’s Jesse Watters is a guilty until proven innocent conservative, claiming parent’s are guilty for their spawns actions.
    The far right is as insane as the squad.

  72. Supposedly the dad in this case signed off on the kid’s FOID (and lied on the application to do it) and bought the guns. He didn’t commit the murders, but he did break multiple laws if that’s the case and should be prosecuted for them.

  73. if he lied on an affidavit, yes. but the comparisons to sponsoring AQ or ISIS terrorists are over the top and have no place in the discussion. Period.

  74. Maybe Mare has the POS apple phone and can’t access the site and isn’t FACEDOUCHE friends with Jay and Carin. HS do you have RL contact with Mare?

  75. ^ also. at what point does the government take responsibility for not following & enforcing existing statutes? WE. NEED. MORE. LAWS. TO. PREVENT. THIS.

  76. …there’s something in the bible about the so not being guilty of the sins of the father….or vice versa. Amiright?

  77. No, agreed. He didn’t pull the trigger, but he failed as a father and broke the law for his kid, and every government official that didn’t do their job and enforce the laws being broken by the shooter over the years should be in just as much trouble if not more.

  78. son…. dammit….

  79. THAT I can agree with, Leon!

  80. HS do you have RL contact with Mare?

    Yeah, I texted her a few weeks ago. She’s fine. Or at least she was then.

  81. Does she have Apple products? Carin had to tell me how to comment here and at the HQ again after the last update.

  82. I’m not trying to be insensitive, or an ass about it, but I’ve been through this. The kid is pretty much fucked, and appears to be the perp. I doubt his family raised him to do that. Until there’s evidence proving the family caused him to act the benefit of the doubt applies. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not public opinion.

  83. DNH his family has been providing cover for years. Synagogue with armed security should have taken him out a few weeks ago. His history with local law enforcement is why we have Commie Red Flag laws, yet his family covered. San Antonio cheese bag wasn’t outed by family…CoW. Illegals in Richmond…hablo in front of an Espanol.

  84. not caring about Bodegas

  85. Bodega dude kills a pos and NYC DA is fucking with the hero

  86. Time to go read an e-book about starting a knife-sharpening business.

  87. leon could be a blacksmith

  88. Starts out slow but turns pretty interesting toward the end.

  89. Today sucked. At least I got OT

  90. Occupational therapy kicks ass.

  91. I figure the sharpening skills will be useful in the burning times. After that I just need to practice hammering machetes out of leaf springs.

  92. Thinking about my own issues…things keep pointing me back to Jeremiah. I’m not taking care of things I should be that I actually can. Anxiety? Maybe. Don’t know. Need to get myself back in motion. The rest, I can only hope taking care of business opens other paths too.

    Funny thing, I could say the same about the world at large. Nobody’s taking care of what needs doing and so it all falls apart. I can’t do anything about that right now though. Gotta start at square one.

  93. I plan to trade my delicious smoked meats of unknown origin and beers

  94. Jay wins.

  95. I would gladly trade you tomorrow for some smoked meats and beers today.

  96. Seeing tweets that former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has been either assassinated or collapsed during a speech. Um.

    Also, Sri Lanka is f’d up.

  97. I am so glad that I had ivermectin here. I packed vitamin C, D, and zinc on the trip, and maybe it helped, but ivermectin kicked the shit out of this bug. I still have a bit of the croupy cough but nowhere near as bad as it was on Monday.

  98. Wow.
    Seems to be a lot going on in the world.

  99. I get my news from you all tho.
    Being checked out is more better.

  100. I am kind of curious about Sri Lanka tho.

  101. In short, the Sri Lankan gov’t is corrupt, they are bankrupt, and they have food and fuel shortages.

  102. Their inflation rate is officially 54%, but there’s economists who say it’s double that.

  103. Some cuteness overload to counteract the bad news.

  104. Thanks for the update.

  105. 22 million ppl hosed.

  106. Now I’m off to find out what a pibil is.

  107. Sean – the derps have been great.
    I put a spot award request in for you with the main office ….
    Hopefully they send you a check.

  108. Nitetall.

  109. Thanks, jamjam. Glad you’re enjoying them.

    Decades elapsed, Rodney persisted.

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