Don’t Meme Around


  1. Amber Heard shitting on a bed will be a hard thing to live down

  2. As it has proven to be for so many others

  3. I never went to the clutch unless I knew I was going to slow down enough to need to downshift.

  4. I use the clutch more than brakes. also have original brakes at 111k miles

  5. I counted 9 Skeletors in that picture.

  6. Of course it got subpoenas

    “Build your own app” only works if they let you do it and all signs point to NOT HAPPENING

  7. mmm, the apricot peach Built Immune drink is really tasty, and 0 calories. Came as a trial with the Built bars. Might have to try some others.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. grand jury in the Southern District of New York.

    ugh, this group of assholes. Once again, Trump capitalizes on his name, turns rags to riches, lefties get pissed and try and rain on his parade.

    Guy is one hell of a salesman.


  11. Sefton is reading my mind with his AOS post. Alito writing the decision, yet lefties hammering away at Thomas. Still can’t believe the View is still on.

  12. migrants

    Even right wing sites call illegals that now.

  13. what a terrible way to die, in the back of a truck in the heat. Way to go, Brandon, this is on you.

  14. It’s on Abbott to a point to. he could build fences, that’s what West, Prather, and Huffines wanted to do. But he still got 70% of the primary vote. Stupid Texas.

  15. San Antonio is 150 miles from the border, so those people had been in that truck for a while.

  16. No word on whether the shell is gay

  17. pretty sure it’s gay

  18. twitter: Hillary lying again

    Clarence Thomas always has a smile.

  19. But brake pads are cheaper than a new clutch.

  20. is this H3 day?

  21. It’s not funny, but here’s what some leftie nutbag posted:

    Abortion is healthcare!
    Here’s another story, from an Emergency Room nurse. A Belmont is a pressure-assisted rapid-IV-infuser, to quickly get blood into a body that is bleeding out.
    ***Had a patient last weekend. Before I heard the news of Roe being overturned. Self-inflicted abortion. I live and work in a state with strict restrictions. She was bleeding out. She was gray. We all know that color. Sent to OR. My shift was over, so I don’t know outcome. If you have never sat in the ED using a Belmont or Level 1 mass transfusing blood into a grey patient due to a self-inflicted abortion, then eat shit. ***

    Things that didn’t happen, or a very, very STUPID person. You honestly have to be a special sort of stupid to attempt to give yourself an abortion. I don’t want to hear about desperation, etc. No, these people are just STUPID.

  22. Didn’t happen. It’s just like the ‘I bought a machine gun on the internet’ stories that always pop up after a media highlighted shooting.

  23. found a wasp nest inside my gardening box. They really do sleep at night, took care of that last night about 11

  24. 50% of abortions happen with a pill, in the mail. Abortion isn’t going away.

  25. Can you get too many vitamins? I think I’m gonna start with this immune drink mix, tasty. Should I drop all the others?

  26. pretty soon the boy kids will start trying to have abortions, because now the girls are getting too much attention.

  27. I see Tuesday is the new Juneteenth holiday

  28. Busy reading Makefiles. Farrier’s coming later and I need to look busy first thing in case I’m on an extended lunch break.

  29. “I live and work in a state with strict restrictions.”

    Before this week, there was no such place in America. So.

  30. Possible World Record


  31. Russel Brand loved Top Gun: Maverick.

  32. Maverick review

  33. Wife and I are pretty jazzed to watch the new Beavis and Butthead movie, but we have to wait until we can watch it without daughter.

  34. You have to admire the courage that shell movie has in accurately depicting the 60 Minutes audience as dead mollusks.

  35. twitter: Now is Her moment!

    *yes, the capital H was on purpose

  36. July is MAGA month, everyone has to change their twitter avatars to American flags and grill burgers every weekend.

  37. This is what happened at the end of 2010

  38. With all these companies paying $4K for abortion travel, seems like an easy excuse for a vacation.

  39. 3 months of maternity leave or $4k for abortion and travel…

  40. How many people will just say “need an abortion” to get the $4k? Do you need a dr note? 1K to an abortion clinic will buy one, from an unethical one.

  41. Time to open a ‘clinic’…

  42. Fauxcohontas said you can pitch a tent at a national park.

  43. “…from an unethical one.”

    If only there were such a thing.

  44. didn’t think that would be a very big stretch

  45. always open the right side of the pepper shaker!

    *really peppery salad today

  46. National parks are served by state roads.

    Just saying.

  47. 4 grand to get an abortion? There’s profit in there

  48. A gal could take a decent vacation every year on that much.

  49. I can’t believe derpy people don’t understand that your company wants you to abort to keep you working.

    Pretty soon idiots will be demanding free vasectomies.

  50. Set up an all inclusive “clinic” on the beach in Mexico. Beauty is you can just claim you need an abortion.

  51. I’m glad men can get pregnant now, because we need to get the $4,000 bonus too.

  52. Got a response back from Joni Ernst, about the Red Flag Bill:

    Dear Mr. Anderson,

    Thank you for contacting me about our kids’ safety, legislation being considered by the Senate, and the Second Amendment. It is important for me to hear from folks in Iowa on policy matters such as this.

    I am deeply saddened by the news of tragic events that occur across our country at the hands of horrific murderers and criminals, and my thoughts and prayers continue to be with the friends and families of the victims of these tragedies. The recent murders in Uvalde, Texas, Buffalo, New York, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, are heartbreaking and unconscionable. It remains important that we, as a country, review all of the surrounding evidence and specific factors that lead to these tragedies.

    As a lifelong supporter of the Second Amendment, a proud gun owner, and a combat veteran, I’m adamantly opposed to any infringement on our constitutional rights. I carefully review any proposals put forward in the Senate and I believe that much of our efforts to prevent future tragedies need to focus on enforcing current gun laws, community engagement, and advancing mental health treatment – not on restrictions to law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

    The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, led by Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), does not take away the rights of any law-abiding American. This bill addresses the specific problems that have led to horrific tragedies, including a need for additional mental health and school safety resources. This legislation provides needed investment for mental health care and necessary resources for school safety. It has no new restrictions, bans, waiting periods, or mandates for law-abiding gun owners. In addition, it requires states to provide additional due process protections, beyond what is already required, before impacting any individual who is at risk to themselves or others. I believe this is the best way to keep our kids safe and provide needed mental health resources, while also safeguarding Second Amendment rights for law abiding citizens.

    Every American wants to keep our kids and our schools safe and provide folks access to mental health treatment, and this proposal helps do that without placing new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. I have been disgusted by the radical Left’s longstanding attempts to exploit horrific tragedies to pursue their partisan agenda, pushing a false narrative that the only way to stop murderers is to infringe on law-abiding citizens’ rights. They are wrong, and this bill shows that.

    Please know that I will continue to keep your views in mind as this issue is considered by the Senate in the future. Feel free to contact my office with any further information, as I always enjoy hearing from Iowans.


    Joni K. Ernst
    United States Senator

    *leaves $20 on the table

  53. Doesn’t address the way the Feds are weaponized against conservatives and that this will be used by lefties as a tool of targeted political oppression faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin.

    Wondering if Ernst is a Con the Rubes politician? Wonder no more.

  54. Joni is a lying sack who I wouldn’t trust to feed my barn cats while I was away getting my abortion, that’s my takeaway.

  55. you got it!

  56. The min my stupid company puts abortion benefits in place I’m going to ask for it.

  57. Anyone pony up an extra 5 g’s for another 8 hours with a hooker today.

  58. WTH you need 8 hours for, let alone another 8 hours?

    Also, apparently more than one ‘Roe’ protest was ‘vaxxed only’.

    Marvel at the irony.

  59. Joni, shut your fucking RINO piehole. And take that bullshit command of a bunch of army reserve truck drivers and shove it up your ass.

    When we want your lip service we’ll unzip.

  60. jebus, now they say Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of “The Beast” when they wouldn’t take him to the Capitol on Jan 6, and threw plates against the wall.

    Um, the President is in the back of the vehicle. He couldn’t get to the steering wheel.

  61. twitter: Care to reconsider your testimony, Cassie?

    Lies lies and more lies.

  62. Presidential Limo

  63. Fauxcohontas said you can pitch a tent at a national park.
    Boston Herald had a story about the Fake Indian trying to agitate on abortion as a signal that she’s big on national issues and a possible presidential contender in ’24 because we all know Brandon’s shot.

    Separately I saw mention of “federal land”. Pretty soon, if the Dems get their way, they’ll be offering a free book of Forever stamps when you get your abortion at the local post office (no abortions on federal holidays though, please plan in advance)

  64. All of the fake conservative sites believe this testimony is gripping and true. And it’s so sloppy. How do you grab the wheel in a limo? Was he riding in front?

  65. Check the graphic J’Ames posted. SPOILER: It’s not just bullshit, it’s physically impossible bullshit.

  66. Tinfoil hat on: there is speculation she is trolling the Jan 6 committee, and was smirking the whole time.

  67. Think Ferris Bueller passing out at 31 flavors

  68. Bret Baier said her testimony was compelling.

    Please stop watching Faux News.

  69. Ernst has a Liberty Score of 62.
    Conservative Review.

  70. I’m pissy this week and the party is just starting.
    I need to find something truly brainless to poat about.

  71. Maybe I’m pms ‘ing.
    I could post about male menstrual cycles…

  72. Maybe I’m preggers.

  73. I would normally think that a male my age couldn’t become pregnant , men-pause and all- but we live in an age of wonder.

  74. *leaves $20 on the table

    In stripper singles.

  75. surprised it’s that high. She’s a D, and Grassley is lower with an F

  76. Can we talk about credible Secret Service gossip about Shrillery throwing a lamp at Clenis or FJB nearly getting punched by SS agent after groping his GF at the VP Christmas party?

  77. I drove up to camp today to meet the water treatment guy who had to service the machine and on the way out I saw a new version of the ubiquitous Ukraine flag: an old tire painted blue on top of a yellow painted one.

    Interesting 1/2 mile of road, the Ukraine tires, a house with about 50 rebuilt kids bikes for sale on the lawn and a sign with a lot of writing on it but at top is “Pray To End Abortion”. I’d say their prayers were only partially answered by SCOTUS and it’s still a valid message.

  78. This whole thing is ridiculous. Everybody knows Trump was too busy watching The Gorilla Channel to get upset about anything. Streams it right in the limo.

  79. Lumps, night before 1/6 he was watching the gorilla channel and grew angry that he lost cable. Quick thinking 23 yr old aide to MMeadows was able to get the Gorilla channel DVD playing.

  80. I have mixed feelings suggesting this to the California Sherrif who’s staff busted the fentanyl smugglers that were let out of jail on their own recognizance, but throw guns dude. Give your staff throw guns & just shoot the sons of bitches if the prosecutor & judges can’t or won’t do their jobs. They made it so.

  81. Before we were put on the DOJ watchlist, Mayor Marty, a Democrat, established $150,000 as the max payout for police shootings. Boom. My bad. Here’s your 💰. MFers challenged it and now, our cops rarely do any policing. We led the nation in cop shootings per capita, and we were better for it.

  82. Castreau had Tamara Lich, the Canadian freedom convoy organizer arrested again. She was a arrested on a ‘Canada -wide warrant,’ which is a method usually used on violent murderers on the lam, and the like. She lives and works in the same town and was at home, like usual.

  83. What Canada is doing to the peaceful protesting truckers is what the Democrats want to do to Trump voters. Red flag laws are about taking guns away from freedom loving Americans.


    This is go great. Fucking guy was trying to tase him for no fucking reason.

  85. That was awesome, lumpy.

  86. We’re getting “Riot Doors” I’ll let you guys know what that entails.

  87. Anne B’s memes:

  88. Some Hispanic guy wearing a gym tee at the Club with David Hogg arms. I was like DUDE…dude.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  90. Not loading for me, dawg

  91. That’s realistic

  92. Only Murders season 2 on Hulu. We started bingeing Fargo. Great series. My accent may have been affected. Doncha know.

  93. multiple sources saying the steering wheel story is not true

  94. wonder what Bret baiers show was like

  95. Century

  96. Vacc mandate is one reason for the military recruiting shortfall?

  97. That and most the zoomer kids I talk to are like “yeah, probably a civil war or a collapse any minute.”

  98. would you want to deploy to the midwest?

  99. I posit that it is impossible to reconcile or compromise with people who believe that:

    – killing babies is okay
    – men can get pregnant
    – sex should be taught to three year olds
    – whites are inherently evil

  100. That Straight Pride meme on the ONT is great!

  101. Propane tank was down to 9%, so had to jump. Been watching tank level, then checking oil price. Tank keeps going down and price per barrel keeps going up.
    Thanks Joe!
    Got a little over 700 gallons at $2.26/gal. More than twice what it was last year. Usually wait until Aug/Sept, but this was a very cold wet spring, so the gas-log was lit a lot…

  102. Diane earned regular promotions.

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