Mega MMM 500

I can’t believe it either. This means that BBF must be old enough to vote.

She fills that dress nicely.

She looks happy. Dude back there can’t look away either.


Redhead bonus points.

Dramatic pose. Must be like a bodybuilder ballet thing. Not the right shoes for that, though.


Carpet in a locker room seems like a mistake.

More happiness.

Pose held for roughly 0.7s.

Leg warmers or thigh-highs?

There is… so much to like here. Plus the weather looks pleasant.


  1. I hereby declare this day national jamteenth day…..
    Let’s celebrate bishes!!!

  2. Leon stuck the landing….
    9 tuckers – 2 wimminz.
    Great jerb leon!

  3. wakey wakey

  4. In other news – the rain just rolled thru.
    It’s nice right now.
    Was humid yesterday.

  5. Someone in me fam decided they wanted to put the keys to their car on the top of the car and take pics and generally not pay attention and then drive off from the graduation ceremony.
    General announcement : jeep renegades do not shut down when the key fob and all of your shit that that you have clipped on the enormous lanyard including drivers license , bank card, school id, and whatever other shit a teenage girl has stuffed in her wallet falls off somewhere between school and home.

  6. Today I get to change the locks on the house.

  7. I may have mentioned to my fam member to not get too attached to her vehicle as now someone has the keys and address of where said vehicle resides and there is a low likely that this monkey would be paying for the dealership to change the lock and reprogram whatever needs to be reprogrammed.

  8. One more reason why car insurance is high.

  9. They sure as heck don’t start again after that until you find another fob.

    I really wish they’d keep the physical key interlock and just stop having you twist it to start. Too many stories of people driving off without their keys.

  10. She’s using the spare.

  11. How ya feeling car in?

  12. Either way, sorry to hear it, Jam. Sounds like a small disaster.

  13. I’m seriously annoyed. Not at leaving it on the roof – but at waiting two days to figure out that she couldn’t find them in the car. We most likely would have found them if we had gone back and retraced the trip.
    Now I’m guessing the chances that they will be returned are extremely low.
    We spent a number of hours yesterday looking.

  14. I’m feeling just fine. Ready to go running today in fact 🙂 I have a lot to do, and i work, so not sure it will happen.

    Jam – Pay left his PHONE on his car. Then we went to dinner about 20 minuets away. Some nice person called and had found it. They actually met me halfway. The phone still pretty much works. The screen protector did it’s job. But the lens to the camera (other side) was pretty smashed and there is a dent. But it still works.

    I found a phone on one of my trail runs – complete with all the credit cards attached to the back with one of those little holder things. I ran it out for them.

  15. I’m hoping a nice person picked it up and turns it in to the school.
    I found a wallet last spring. I handed it to a cop and he looked at me with the “wtf do you want me to do with this” look.

  16. If it fell into the hands of a scummer, I hope they steal the car sooner rather than later. That way I can move on.

  17. Today I also get to upgrade my outside video surveillance.
    I currently have just the ring doorbell monitors. They won’t work for the driveway layout or back yard.

  18. twitter: doc says you’re a republican, so no viagra for you!

    These people are stupid. You don’t say this on social media, you will be found out.

  19. Knew a guy at work whose wife was a stripper and went to work in FL for some event. Drove off with her Dayplanner full of cash on the roof. Several grand’s worth of stripping gone in 6 seconds.

  20. He married a stripper, so, you know, not the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

  21. I need to read the dissents in these cases, to know what mumbo jumbo the 3 are coming up with. I know in Dobbs they didn’t even refer to the law.

  22. (J. Sotomayor, dissent) – “Today’s decision is particularly misguided because it elevates the religious rights of a school official, who voluntarily accepted public employment and the limits that public employment entails, over those of his students who are required to attend school and who this Court has long recognized are particularly vulnerable and deserving of protection.”

  23. You should read the racism coming from the left against Thomas.

    Hoo boy.

  24. 4 hours of interviews for a job I won’t take unless they pay me ridiculous amounts of money.

    It’s a total waste of time, probably.

  25. Thomas is catching all the flak, and Alito wrote the opinion.

    Tell me you’re racist without telling me you’re racist.

  26. do you have to lift up big sacks of money?

  27. I’ve been wondering about that. Sam wrote it, Clarence just concurred. So did Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett.

    But Thomas is a race traitor for… *checks notes* …wanting black children to be born.

  28. People are going to DIE! They already are!

    Consider this: in a state where abortion is illegal, when there is an emergency exception, who will perform the life saving procedure? Surely a state that bans abortion won’t have abortion doctors on standby to save that patient. So many people are going to die, it’s sick.

    it’s not an abortion doctor performing this. In fact this type of thing couldn’t be done at an abortion center, it would take place at a hospital.

    So you’re saying that at the hospital, where they don’t allow abortions (hence the need for a clinic) they will have doctors trained in providing abortion care services? You realize that most medical schools don’t teach this treatment?

    You can’t argue with these people

  29. David Church
    What if Roe vs Wade was reversed during the Trump presidency?

    Oh man, it would be so much worse.

  30. I’m pretty sure that a D&C and an abortion are identical other than in one case the fetus is already dead and needs to be removed, and in the other case you have to kill the fetus first before removing it.

    I wouldn’t expect an abortion advocate to know shit like that though.

  31. We almost had to do an emergency D&C for a retained placenta.

  32. Keys and ID’s, dayplanners full of cash … small potatoes

  33. I think that was a skit on Jackass the movie

  34. I can’t believe that happened way back in ’92 … 30 freakin’ years ago! I was still living in Worcester at the time and drove on those roads all the time. Good thing it was Mother’s Day and not a weekday or he would have been aborted by a semi

  35. I couldn’t find the blue cheese slices Oso, I probably didn’t look long enough. Still bought an Imperial Shitton of stuff we needed and a few things we absolutely did not need.

  36. hmm, Aaron Lewis at CY Stephens on July 15, 68 a piece.

  37. I’ve never seen the blue cheese slices.

  38. heh, Deace is interviewing Margaret Sanger today.

  39. Abortion ghouls are just really stupid. And they stay stupid shit, and no one even questions it.

    Someone posted that a woman had an ectopic pregnancy rupture this weekend because the doctor was afraid to perform the procedure (which, I’m pretty sure is chemical now-a-days in most cases). I wanted to claim SO MUCH BULLSHIT, but decided it wasn’t worth it.

    But completely – things that didn’t happen for $500.

  40. As I was running through the radio stations while driving around I heard a snippet of an NPR interview with an OB/GYN who was talking about ectopic pregnancies. It’s all about rape, incest, ectopic and “endangers the life of the woman” now which completely ignores those constitute less than 10% of all abortions.

  41. I’ve said it about five times today. If the left didn’t lie so much, we’d probably be in a compromise of some sort.

  42. I’m going to see Puscifer this friday. YEA. I don’t have anything else in line after this.

    That isn’t going to work. There really isn’t any tour that I have to see. I wouldn’t mind seeing Northlane, but I don’t know anyone who would go to it with me.

  43. Apparently suicides and murders are going to go up now too since abortion is illegal everywhere in the United states.

    Dark times folks. We live in Dark. Times.

  44. Sobek – did you see the new Porcupine Tree album came out?

  45. I’m sure the number of deaths from ectopic pregnancies due to rape by a family member are going to skyrocket.

  46. That too. We should start saving money for a memorial.

  47. No one wants to be in the military with Biden at the helm. Ethan’s class was over 900. The last few months, it’s been MUCH small.

  48. 507 in June. I just checked.

  49. 417 June 10th.

  50. Sorry about that, Jimbro. Dan put them on a Deli endcap and sold everything except for two cases.

  51. wow, numbers are half?

  52. Yep

  53. “”Keys and ID’s, dayplanners full of cash … small potatoes””

    Holy shit.

  54. Today’s travel tidbit is that the latest trend in British hotels is the rainfall or monsoon shower. Big spray overhead, usually in a tiny shower stall so you can’t shave your legs. If you don’t want to wash your hair, they provide a little plastic shower cap.

    This one is labeled in both English and French, so it says “douche bonnet”. This is my new favorite insult after “stay fresh, cheesebags”.

  55. Do we really need to be importing foreign insults when we have so many American insults out of work?

  56. “Douche” (pronounced “doosh-uh”) was the same in German. Just meant “shower”. It’s weird that it only shows up as a loan word in English for flushing out the love canal.

  57. BroTim, yes, because you can use either pronunciation of bonnet. An outrageous French accent does nicely, but we can call Biden a douche bonnet and an asshat.

  58. I occasionally pronounce Day twah as its founders intended.

    And Dearbornistan as its future inhabitants will.

  59. Rocket City Trash Pandas have a spot in the playoffs. Still partial to Stay Fresh, cheesebags

  60. Honestly though, “douche bonnet” certainly has a certain, je ne sais quoi…

  61. For anyone who’s wondering, either I lost count at some point or had enough ‘bye’ weeks that we actually passed the 10 year mark for MMM way back in January.

  62. Roamie, did you get caught up in the mess at Heathrow?

  63. Y’all remember when one of the under-age Bush twins had a beer?

    Good times.

  64. No, Pepe, I did not. I had a fresh shirt, undies, and socks plus a week’s worth of meds in my carryon, so no problem with the luggage. We fly out of Edinburgh, and I am thankful for that.
    Before then, we’ll be on trains twice but both rides are reserved seats and before the planned railway strike Saturday. That’s going to be chaos.

  65. WSJ headline

    “CVS, Walmart Limit Purchases of Plan B Pills After Surge in Demand”

    This is the female half (presumably) of the people who gave us crap about wanting ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

  66. Much ado about nothing.
    Media reporting Pelosi shoved the Texas republicans daughter. I can’t stand Pelosi and maybe I haven’t seen the right video, but from what I saw a kid had the fidgets and she bumped her with her elbow telling her to settle down. Both sides need to quit telling lies.

  67. Pepe, I think that was Jenna. Barbara had a margarita. Vice versa. Obama daughters were smoking pot, but leave Democrat children alone.

  68. Okay. Business showed a different video where the kid seems more settled down. So, who’s lying?

  69. Pelosi hasn’t told the truth since before I could drive a car.

  70. But did anybody’s hair get sniffed?

  71. Nancy Pelosi – hardwood floors or bleach blonde drapes?

  72. Which would Joe prefer?

  73. Somebody get her a wig.

  74. insert [but why] ? gif here

  75. I’m home!

  76. All the chicks stocking up on morning after pills may want to stroll down the condom isle.

  77. This has been an ‘interesting’ Juneuary. The whole month, up to now, has been rainy and 50s – 60s. The soil temperature actually started back down. The Seattle Times garden guy said;
    All you folks planning on a big tomato year better start looking up recipies for green tomatoes, ’cause big ripe tomatoes are not happening in the time we’ve got left.
    Then…, this is the third day at 90+ degrees. What is funny about that is thet one year ago, these three days were the hottest days in June in the recorded history of temperatures, 104, 106, and 108. The power was out and the phones, and things were on fire (houses, power lines, trees).
    Yesterday we were talking about; “Well, at least this year we have power.” The UPS alarms all went off and the ceiling fans slowed to a stop…It looks like tomorrow we will be back to 60s – 70s and occaisonal rain.. It’s 84 in here at 2045…

  78. Daniel exports rare plants.

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