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Garbage, Run Baby Run

Run DMC, Down With the King:

Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run:

U2, Running to Stand Still:

Kate Bush, Running Up that Hill:

Happy Sunday, my friends.


  1. In answer to the question of tipping from yesterday’s poat, yes to both. I asked the waitress in Galway if I could add a tip to the bill, she just shook her head no. I said I would post a good review on Trip Advisor, and she nodded yes.
    We stayed at a fancy-schmancy hotel in Belfast where a bellhop grabbed our bags and had them waiting in our rooms. He then took a couple of minutes to show how everything in the room worked, which was good because the tea kettle and snacks were in a little closet that just looked like a mirror with the door shut. When I tipped him, he said, “You’re very kind, madam” with a little bow.

  2. Classico Pizza and Pasta. I had a mixed kebab that was really delicious.

  3. get the 4th one FREE!

  4. One of my better decisions was getting this trip reserved through a travel agent and paid for early. Inflation plus some of the hotels filling up with Ukrainian refugees means in some places, if you can find a room, it’s nearly double what it was in March.

  5. Travel blogging kilt it.

  6. MJr asked me stop in the parking lot before we go into HD.

    What is so fascinated with on the radio?

    Tool. Frontholemen and gentlemen, we have a 4 year old hostage.

  7. So those secret videos and music links I’ve been sending to MJ-jr have done their magic.

    wakey wakey

  8. Ironically, I listened to zero music the entire 34 miles.

    Trail running is sorta tricky though. The paths are bike/single track, so passing is difficult, and there are lots of roots and rocks. I really zone out to music and that would be a bad idea.


  10. LOL, Pupster. I saw yesterday’s too. Funny. I love the funny signs when i’m running. Funny t-shirts. too.

    The people who camp at the ragnar do some funny shit. Along the start, someone set up a tent with a blow up doll and called the tent their “dungeon” and they asked for your safe word as you ran by. I said “help” and they laughed and said they hadn’t heard that one yet.

    At the finish, there were they guys cheering and partying — I told them it was my last loop for an ultra (not a ton of people do the utlra) and they had me do a shot. lol. When I got back to camp – I threw up. LOL. Probably not the best idea. It was pretty funny at the time though. Totally worth it.

    A lot of campers set up ALONG the finish and when they’re not running they just sit there and cheer people on .

  11. When I see a kid holding a sign that has a “power up ” button, I hit it every time. lol

  12. So the Pentagon says that they don’t have to respect state laws. Neat.


  14. What does that mean? What does the Pentagon have to do with … this?

  15. A bunch said they would never do a Ragnar again (I just sent them the last poster). lol. I need more running friends. I mean, does it suck? YES. but doing things that suck make you feel alive. I do it because I can. Lots of people don’t have the choice.

    The problem is my running friends don’t do stupid things, and my “do stupid things” friends don’t like running.

    We should get a team with Sobek and MJ and their spouses. That would be fun.

  16. BUT, the funny thing is that the person who probably had the toughest time – is the one MOST willing to do it again. She’s about 5 years older than me, not a runner until I started making her do these things.

    She had such a tough time on one run, she fell three or four times and came back in tears. Still went out for her next run. I think she did around 20 miles.

  17. She had such a tough time on one run, she fell three or four times and came back in tears. Still went out for her next run. I think she did around 20 miles.

    Well that sounds great.

  18. VA and hospitals on bases will still do baby murders, even if they happen to be in states like MO and AZ. Whether they will suddenly decide to let civilians in for just that one thing I don’t know, probably unlikely.

  19. Oh, and Jizzlane is on Arkancide Watch. Must be really depressed about being found guilty of trafficking minors to no one.

  20. Yea, she had a rough time. She is determined to do things even if they are really hard. She is a tough broad. She hasn’t been working out all her life (like me) so crossfit and running is a bigger challenge for her than me.

    She wants to do another. This is the third she has participated in.

  21. The hate out there being spread is really ugly. The left really don’t understand … anything, do they?

  22. I’ll add, that the woman finished HER miles, while the two guys on my team did not. The one possibly got a stress fracture in his foot and the other got too sore and simply did not train enough. He used to be able to just push through with youth (I’ve heard a million times about him doing X or Y w/o training). That bill comes due at some point.

  23. I know, Carin. It just kicks it back to the states. Which…most of them will still probably allow abortion on demand, sadly. These assholes will cross the country multiple times to burn cities down but can’t handle crossing a state line to perform their hideous sacrament.

  24. Apparently my early morning comment ended up in the spam bucket. That or wordpuss isn’t a fan of high culture.

  25. The only people I see protesting are in states where abortion has no restrictions whatsoever. NY doesn’t even have parental consent for minors.

  26. Oh, okay, so they are actually retarded.
    In any case, it makes it more likely that we will be able to sell our house to some batshit lefties from a red state and move to where they came from, someday.

  27. I fished you out Will, along with a Scott and an Oso comment from last week or so.

  28. Granger’s nice, Lumpy, and I’ll let you borrow Hotspur’s wood chipper.

  29. MI is lovely. I’m a lake-loving kinda gal. A life near fresh water is superior to beachy salt water life in so many ways. Not sure politically it’s quite red enough? For sure we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

    Oh, and then there’s the cold and the shorter growing season. Hm. I can do it, it’s just harder than I’m used to.

  30. Shut your whorish moufs!!!

  31. Working out in the heat in 45 minute shots. Ridonkumous. I’m just coming in and dunking my head every time. Feel the heat rising off my skin. I can’t believe Carin runs in this shit. She craycray.

  32. Granger is Indiana, that’s why I suggested it rather than MI. I grocery shop there.

  33. oh, well, IN is nice too. Is it all flat and corn everywhere or do they also have lakes and hills and stuff in part of it? My buddy lives in the flat corn type area.

  34. My back is still not 100%. Scott pounded some tomato supports for me. I finally got them tied up. Terrible, had to cut a ton of huge suckers, I really missed the boat and they wasted a lot of energy not making fruit. Oh well. I let a few of them keep some suckers if they had small fruits on there.

    I’m staying indoors for a while.

  35. Not as many lakes as MI but some, and yeah, flat. Glaciers don’t leave hilly country behind.

    On the plus side, if you like sweet corn, it’s cheaper than food.

  36. I did the mowing this morning and the sun was definitely getting to me by the end of it. No hat or sunscreen because it’s a little over a 2 hour job and I can use the sunlight exposure. You folks from warmer climes would probably laugh at what I consider a hot day

  37. Backyard = mowed

    Lizard +1

    Now for the trimming

  38. Heading to graduation party #2

  39. Spent all morning cleaning up from yesterdays party.

  40. No one fell in the fire so I think it was a success.

  41. that’s a critical indicator

  42. Four out of five dentists recommend parties devoid of burning body parts.

  43. It was horrible running in the heat. SO lots of walking occurred. It really was a freak thing – to be SO hot up there. Today it’s a high of 75 degrees and that’s what it was the day BEFORE the race as well.

  44. Huh… that’s definitely not the video link I copied… it was supposed to be Iron Maiden Run to the Hills. Haven’t shat myself since the Great Salad Bar Calamity of ’98.

  45. Okay now WP is just fucking with me…

  46. People talking about the SCOTUS and “rights” on facebook is hurting my brain.

  47. That’s a good tune Will. Very appropriate.

  48. Private schools have entered the competition to royally fuck up children.

  49. All the leftest hailing France right now … leftest are so fucking stupid.

  50. Pay and I were just talking about this.

    I think my idea for a meme was better. In my version, you have an obviously hick/redneck woman in a walmart and you say “How do you get a leftest to are about this woman? Tell them she want an abortion”

  51. People talking about the SCOTUS and “rights” on facebook is hurting my brain.
    I heard the same thing using different words at 0600 this morning from Paula as we drank our coffee together.

  52. Front yard=trimmed and blowed

    Lizard count +1 & 7/8 , little anole lizard skittered across the front porch , missing the tip of her tail. Sorry dude, you hear powered lawn machines you better run like hell.

  53. I scrolled through Twitter last night and it was like the summer of love in 2020 with all the videos of angry leftist antifa types wrecking shit and yelling dumb stuff at the cops.

  54. Kinda glad to be missing out on all that drama.
    Plus, it’s cold and windy here.

  55. Variations on a meme. How does a woman get an abortion post Roe? Pfizer booster.

  56. Priest didn’t mention Dobbs. We did Pray for Ukraine and living wages. So, there’s that…

  57. Almost no one, and I mean no one, actually understands the ruling.

    It’s sort of hilarious.

    And the evil corporation that pays you 78 cents on the dollar wants to pay for your abortion because they care. They’re not at all interested in enslaving you.

  58. Hartford is getting exciting! Travelers whatev

  59. It’s nuts!

  60. The Stanford kid is 🔥

  61. Scott, did you see Rory “Tin Cup” the hole on Friday?

  62. No. What did he do?

  63. He went from 13 under in clear first place to 9 under. Got worse from there. Mental

  64. Granger is Indiana, that’s why I suggested it rather than MI. I grocery shop there.
    Warsaw or Syracuse in Kosioscko county would put you in lake central. But trying to get lake front property….

  65. it’s a MAN baby

  66. Twitter is full of that now. Given the upcoming midterms I expect it to continue all the way up to the Monkeypoxing Midterms

  67. Meanwhile in Ukraine (remember that place?)

    tl/dr: Ukraine is fukked

  68. Looks more like 80’s hair to me.

  69. That screaming crazy lady has changed my mind. I don’t want her reproducing. Can we provide free morning after pills? I mean on the off chance anyone ever has sex with her.

  70. We have vintage rock tees. For kids and adults. CoW likes the Kiss tee. Can’t name a single song. I told her to Google/YouTube at least 3. Fake it til you make it

  71. That beast simply cannot be a female, Carin.

  72. I’ll be making a Sam’s run tomorrow.

    What should I look for besides blue cheese slices?

  73. From Howie Carr’s paywalled column about the abortion case:

    “The wokesters were so angry that they threw some of yesterday’s heroines under the bus. Rep. Liz Cheney tweeted out her support for SCOTUS — she’s now more persona non grata than Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

    I missed that. So much for her asking Dems to switch parties and vote for her in the primary. And the final few lines of the column:

    “Tough luck, moonbats. Let me just repeat what you always tell us when you win:

    It’s settled law.”

  74. Bradshaw burgers. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Gas. Fireworks/sparklers. Plums. Watermelon.

  75. I have not even the slightest sympathy for Liz Cheney finding out that she now has no friends at all.

  76. Meat is on the list, burgers and chicken thighs are some of our go to dinners. I had apples on my list, I’ll add plums and blueberries. Eggs and egg whites, yogurt, bread are staples.

  77. RL friend lost his wife. She was awesome. Funeral is Tuesday. I’m a team player. She isn’t covered. Dan to me, we’re going. If we get points, so what. You need to be there. I’m crying. I have so many stories about how wonderful she was. I’m bereft.

  78. Condolences, Oso. Yeah, you gotta go. For him.

  79. Damn, she looks like Ragnar material.

  80. On tonight’s TOS Checkov is wearing a raccoon on his head.

  81. I saw a Billboard on I35 south of Fort Worth today that said, “Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. All other genders are pulled out of Uranus.” I giggled for about 3 miles.

  82. Condolences Oso.

  83. J’inAmes.

    I recently traveled through your state and found the hiway system to be magnificent.

    I’d have stopped by but we stayed mostly east of Ames.

  84. OHNOES

  85. should have come by ames if you were appreciating highways. we have a new flyover bridge into ames that is pretty cool, iowa standards. if you remember what the old exit was like, too!

  86. great wife prank

  87. Doubtlessly, Edwin reacted poorly.

  88. waits

  89. Working on it.

  90. she pushed her

  91. Yeah, it looks bad but I don’t really think it is. The kid was too close, partially behind her. It’s a good place to get accidentally whacked and also it doesn’t look good on camera. She probably wanted to be spread out a little more in the picture.

    On the other hand, she could have just said something instead of pushing her. Or she could have used her hand in an obviously helpful manner instead of the elbow nudge.

  92. Pelosi is a vile piece of work. It’s a travesty that she is making decisions that actually determine life or death.
    What a disgusting human being.

  93. J’brony – that was a truly sad story you posted t’other day.
    One of God’s mystery’s when the good are called early.
    That was some kid.

  94. Oso is right – it’s weird when a community gets all worked up when an animal dies due to human stupidity but we ignore the endless unnecessary deaths of our fellow man/woman/tranny/other/brony/narco-trafficker.

  95. Mega MMM 500

  96. I have today off –
    I’m going to celebrate June Twenteenth.

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