Saturday memes 06-18-22

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.

(Though I should be somewhere between Dublin and Galway.)

Ok, let’s get all the current event memes out of the way.


How was your Friday night?



Budget cuts?


This one made Mr. RFH laugh.

My state.

But at least Bama didn’t do this.


Also true.

Need Mothra.


This would be me.


Could see Beasn doing this.


I’m a jerk like that.

Y’all have a good day.


  1. My NeverEverAgain was MD 20/20. I was 14.
    Houston and Houston…you have no idea how correct your assessment is.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. peppermint schnapps.

  4. Red flag laws won’t pass. They disproportionately affect people of color.

    I expect the far left to do the bidding dems and kill this thing off. No one actually wants it except for dolts like Romney.

  5. They disproportionately affect people of color.
    AOC gave it away when she said reviewing juvenile records for the increased scrutiny of those 18-21 would harm minorities especially


    No other countries are vaccinating kids under the age of two, and NONE other than US are using mRNA vaccines on kids. We are the only country doing this insane bullshit. I agree with the commenter that the purpose is to eliminate the control group.

  7. My NeverAgain didn’t make the list.

    Tequila shots

    I can have tequila mixed in a drink but after a roughly 24 hour, self-imposed bout of nausea, vomiting and prayer following my college graduation the mere sight of a tequila bottle was sufficient to cause me to clutch my stomach.

  8. What I am truly shocked at are the supposedly educated parents who freak out about pesticides on the fruit and vegetables their kids eat are lining up for these mRNA jabs.

    Our country’s future, in terms of the health of our youth, would have been brighter had Trump won and the libs rejected the vaccine because it was the “Trump Vaccine”.

    The same naturally hesitant people would have been magnified by their numbers and this nightmare would have ended sooner.

  9. Biden’s been at the beach house since noon yesterday.

  10. Mine is margaritas. At the age of 19 I thought it was a swell idea to drink about ten of them one night on liberty visiting my older cousin outside San Fransicko.

    She on the other hand thought it was hilarious.

  11. after a roughly 24 hour, self-imposed bout

    That should have been “self-induced”

  12. Our parents should have warned us not to do these things.

    Worst parents ever.

  13. I’m going to have to slightly modify my routine because of Juneteenth. I mailed a package to my sister and on the way out the guy said “Enjoy the long weekend!” Sure enough, as I exited I looked at the holiday schedule and they’re closed Monday. Which means the dump is probably closed Monday as well. And the bank. So dump run Sunday and bank visit Tuesday.

    Did anyone really think this thing all the way through? How many federal holidays are we up to now? Add state holidays and the “public servants” are hardly working!

  14. My favorite is Suffolk County in MA (Boston and a few surrounding cities) having Evacuation Day off to commemorate the British leaving the harbor. It just so happens to fall around the time of St. Patrick’s Day. And that’s on top of Patriot’s Day, aka Marathon Monday. What a scam.

  15. I forgot Bunker Hill Day

    Some places have Election Day off as well

  16. Rolled in to UT at 2AM, left the house at 6AM previous day. Family pictures scheduled in one hour. This one’s not going to turn out.

  17. The Ashley Biden diary is in the news again.

    In case you’re wondering, she’s a dirty, dirty girl.

  18. “What would an operation be — either a pornography investigation or predator operation or human trafficking operation — without a Disney employee? We always have a Disney employee,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd told WKMG-TV.

  19. Pulled my lower back two days ago, I could work through it. Has been hurting off an on since. Just did some weeding and REALLY pulled it now. Now I’m getting the spasms and I’m done for today. Fucking shame, such a nice day to work outside. Cool and pleasant. Took two magnesiums. I moved my laptop from the living room (can’t sit in the recliner) and now I’m stationed in the dining room sitting on the edge of a hard back chair. I need a pillow and some flexeril. Both upstairs. I can’t raise my left leg high enough to get up the stairs without making spasms. I texted Scott. Hope he gets home soon.

  20. Glad you made it to Utah and are not still stuck in NY. Maybe they can add your digital likeness to the photos.

  21. Stairsa suck when you’re ailing

  22. stairs

  23. she’s a dirty, dirty girl

    Are there pictures?

  24. 81 million votes

  25. Totally the reporter’s fault for distracting him from maintaining both his balance and his continence by her questions.

  26. He was roundly but politely booed at the republican state convention in Houston yesterday.

    You can bet Lumps link is damage control and never happened

  27. Now that we have the Juneteenth holiday shouldn’t we cancel July 4, since the country was founded on racism?

  28. busy day!

  29. TWIP:

    The DoD gave the Ukies Harpoon Anti-Ship Missiles, for some reason. They each cost US Taxpayers $1.2 million.
    The Ukies used one to sink a Russian Tugboat…

  30. I got a GPS tracking device for Lucy. It’s pretty cool.

  31. Biden’s been at the beach house since noon yesterday

    After spending $115 this morning to fill my truck for the week I’d support his resigning and spending the rest of his life beach combing.

  32. Oh, my mistake, the Ukies used TWO $1.2 million dollar Harpoons to sink a tugboat. Our tax dollars well spent…

  33. tug boats are tough

  34. have there been any new insurrections since colbert tried taking down democracy?

  35. Hotspur?

  36. No. That was the worst – worse than the entire Civil War, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, MLK, and the day Elvis died.

    It can never be topped.


  37. Do you even Tide Table?

  38. Hotspur’s Law: Whenever you drop something gooey, like a little ketchup container or buttered toast, it will ALWAYS land upside down.


  40. It also applies to packing material when you are using hot glue.

  41. It was the bike’s fault. Ban them now.

  42. So getting back up after you fall is where the bar is located. Pussy nation.

  43. Hope you feel better, Lumps.

    I am truly sorry that the dipshits approved the vax for little kids. I guess I still hoped they would see the numbers and not be stupid. Tour guide here mentioned that they are getting the reward of a bank holiday for a better than 90% vax rate. He got his booster shot in January, caught covid in February. Derp.

    My phone won’t update for some reason, it says it’s 10:03, and I know it’s either 3 or 4 am. So I’m still jet-lagged.

  44. heh, hope roamy got to sleep!

  45. Daniel’s epidermis remained pockmarked.

  46. How is everyone celebrating Juneteenth?

  47. besides sleeping in, obviously.

  48. Made it to 0600 today with shushing Ollie twice. Paula worked an odd shift, 11-11, to help a friend who also picks up shifts for her. She slept on the couch since she likes to watch youtoob to wind down. That may have been the difference in them not continuing to bark and wrestle.

  49. For Juneteenth I’ll be sure to smoke a maduro cigar

  50. I’m gonna work in the field for no money and sing spirituals.

  51. That’s the spirit Leon.

  52. June teeth is coincidental to my parents 60th anniversary, which we are celebrating with them and my sisters family in Utah. We spent yesterday at my sisters, today will be at Dad’s, Monday I will be treating them to a dinner out, Tuesday We are flying back home. I got to hold my newest grand niece Nora for a nice long while yesterday and I played with her older sister and brother which is pretty much the highlight of 2022 for me.

  53. Someone go into wordpickle and hit publish on my poat.


    Now do St. Patrick’s Day you clueless fuckwits

  55. I got you Sobek gimme a second. Also

    deletes photo

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