MMM 499

I really should plan something significant for next week.

Glistening with pretty eyes.

She seems fun.

Ugh, Nike.

I’m sure the two hats thing made sense at the time to someone, but it just looks like derp to me.

Pretty hair, must be hoping for a modeling contract. Or already have one.

Tasteful monochrome.

Strong thighs.

Scorpion pose, I think.

Good strike to know and practice.

This is easier when you’re <100 lb, I guess.


  1. Now to make coffee while we can still afford it.

  2. CBT today on COI.

  3. Heh, what happened to Gab? gonna check that out. I’m sure H2 commented.

  4. Good!

    Probably wasn’t Proud Boys either. Everything the left disagrees with now is Proud Boys and QAnon.

  5. Five or six children had shown up to the story hour, part of the library’s Pride Month celebrations, along with parents and other community members. Dulce, a founding member of the Drag Queen Story Hour events that now take place at libraries in multiple states, told BuzzFeed News that the librarians and children were singing the “welcome song” together, which is “as wholesome as you can imagine.”

    Led by a guy in drag. Uh huh, wholesome as hell.

  6. 5 kids of the most left wing members of the library. Makes it sound like the whole community is affected. No, it’s just your crazy cat ladies screeching again.

  7. that last gal must have a really flat head

  8. Is today the day? I guess the SC thing is going to happen. I expect assassinations.

  9. I’m sure it will die down, quickly. Dems will come to their senses.

  10. Hahahahahahaha

  11. Nope *goes all in

  12. twitter: all in against DeSantis

    he’s broken, what the hell?

  13. The most alarming thing in the whole SCOTUS kerfuffle is the abortion zealot group “Ruth Sent Us” singled out ACB and mentioned that her kids attend a specific school.

  14. the most alarming thing is that Ruth Sent Us knew of an actual attack on Kavanaugh, and still thought it was a good idea to show up at his house, that day. It’s frakkin illegal, and the DOJ should be ashamed of itself with not squashing that.

  15. The guy that was going to kill Kavanaugh got the address from Ruth Sent Us. The same day they protested at his house. A few days later they sent details of ACB family and location.

    And there are no consequences for them. Quite the opposite.

  16. yes, that’s scary. and it’s getting worse since they aren’t getting slapped down. At some point someone else will step in. Proud Boys moment coming.

  17. there are no consequences for them.
    The two tier justice system just becomes more obvious and flagrant over time. Except for a few of our elected representatives (MTG for example) it is accepted by our surrender party

  18. Get ready, Red Flag laws are going to pass

    twitter: 10 republican senators to sign on to gun control legislation

  19. wholesome as hell

    This was an excellent turn of phrase in context, whether or not it was intended.

  20. yes

  21. Wait, most everyone is triple jabbed in NY and they are afraid of one non jabbed? How does that even compute in their heads?

  22. If it were the lefty judges being threatened, the dem brown shirts a.k.a. FBI, would have rounded up the perps and raided their families homes ten minutes before they took action.

  23. of course, otherwise this would be Jan 6’d

  24. Now I find out that beasn is into them…what’s the deal? Is this a certain-age lady type of thing?

    In the west, their fan base spans all ages. Me? Not totally into them. I like dance. Theirs caught my eye. Then I started paying attention. They are entertaining in their goofiness when they do their reality “shows”…as are the youtube cooking channels of Koreans I follow. Most other stuff on TV, is crap.

    My attention can turn on a dime when/if they start spouting stupid shit like many celebrities feel they need to do.

  25. Crap, Africa heat is here with a vengeance and will be for the next week. Time to water some plants…

  26. yah, 90’s here too. Just had rain, so it feels like you’re walking around in the shower all day.

  27. 6/8 headlines at HotAir are about Jan 6. What a bunch of cucks.

  28. HotAir is still on? Huh.

  29. I wonder what Michelle Malkin thinks of her former creation. So much promise back in the early days of the web, all for naught seemingly.

  30. heh, speaking of someone that was silenced, wow.

  31. I wonder if that last chick’s head is flat enough that you could set your beer up there while she’s blowing you.

  32. I’ve never understood that image.

    I want enthusiasm and I don’t want to spill my drink, darn it.

  33. Supposed to get to 100, today. Pretty sure it’s already there and it’s overcast. Rest if the week will be high 90s.

  34. Re: fbi purging conservatives. I was told the story was just someone trying to cause mischief and mistrust.


  35. Comment by Jay in Ames on June 13, 2022 10:50 am
    yah, 90’s here too. Just had rain, so it feels like you’re walking around in the shower all day.

    put some clothes on!

  36. no, it’s hot and i’m sweaty

  37. HA!! Finally got that fly that’s been terrorizing me for several days. Vengeance is sweet.

  38. nice work, Mr Miyagi. Back to wax on, wax off.

  39. Could we get some sort of … therapy group rate for these people:

  40. They all seem to be working so hard to out-do each other.

    I only like the one dude who said he was “gay as fuck”. there you go. Be decisive. SURE of yourself. No, it’s not so cool anymore, but these trends are SO hard to stay on top of.

  41. hahaha, been complaining to BlazeTV about their streaming issues over and over. Because they just say “we’re working on it” and ignore me, I have entered a support ticket every day, and pasted every copy of the support ticket in the new one. I know that these get ignored, but multiples do not. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Just now, Deace said that one of the VP’s asked him to say on the air that they are working on the difficulty, and they are really sorry.

    I claim complete credit for this.

  42. you know they would get all the attention they crave if they went to church. Self affirmation, confidence.

    But no, Tik Tok is their God now.

  43. Wow.

    Just saw a picture of one of my ultra lib friends taking his daughter on her first roller coaster ride (she loved it). He’s not wearing a mask, she is, in the roller coaster seat. And her mask is pulled down now so you can see her smile.

    This shit will get out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it.

  44. I read a study somewhere that showed that somewhere around 20% of young people identify as bi but only 4% acted on it.

    It’s a fad.

  45. I think that was 4% or less acted on it, so 4% of the 20%. Less than 1%.

    Oh look, the actual rate.

  46. 31 “PF” and 2 of them are named “Buster”, because of course.

  47. um, wha?

  48. Some names of the purported arrestees have leaked. 2 of them are “Buster” and the rest are a bunch of AI-generated WASP names, by the looks of it. No link handy I was seeing it in comments at HQ.

  49. “twitter: next up in clown world, trans sponsored by tampax”

    Neither of them look very convincing as females, incidentally.

  50. ah, Patriot Front. got it now.

    Maybe you should yell it through the FBI bullhorn that was confiscated.

  51. Someone put up on twitter what was supposedly the list of names. I have no idea how accurate it was.

  52. No weapons found. But they were super dangerous because they were going to “riot”. Not protest. “Riot”.

    Here’s an idea – stop any random car in an inner city hood on a friday night … and see how many contain zero weapons. Then accuse them of planning a riot.

  53. The MI county that’s saying they’ve blown their fuel budget and now they won’t respond to calls?

    We need to know if there’s a millage on the ballot, because that’s the sort of shit that comes out to try and get votes for higher taxes.

  54. because that’s the sort of shit that comes out to try and get votes for higher taxes.
    That and closing libraries, swimming pools (especially useful in the heat of the summer) and athletic fields

  55. don’t forget laying off teachers, as we add more and more administrators and diversity coordinators.

  56. Double masker at work got covid. Two others also with the coof. Everyone vaxed and boosted. I was told I’m supposed to test negative before I am allowed back in.

  57. pretty sure it will be blamed on you, roamy

  58. I was amused that one of the contractors is refusing to make their unvaxed employees test or stay home. Said it’s not part of their contract and NASA isn’t reimbursing them for it, so they’re not playing that game any more.

  59. Morning receptionist’s kids tested positive after getting exposed at daycare. She’s out for the week as a precaution so my mornings will be sitting in up front, which this is a super slow time for me so it’s no big issue.

    Friend was planning trip to GenCon with is kids. Apparently didn’t check to see what the COVID policy was…if you guessed “mask and shots required” you’d be correct. His ex has nixed getting the kids the jabs, which is possibly the sanest sentiment most of us have heard from her. So that vacation plan is spoiled and he’s bummed. (To be fair he should have checked that shit when he set this up months ago..)

    The COVID crazy is still real, yo.

  60. Cons and fandoms aren’t going to survive the combo of plandemics and wokery.

  61. My con-going days are long ended, I don’t have the stamina or patience for it any longer. I think smaller regional cons will take over from the big ones that have basically killed themselves off, probably rotating ones as they start, attract crowds, attract woketards, flame out, and are reborn later. Well, at least until there’s a reckoning of some sort, but there’s no telling when or how that will happen, or what things would look like beyond.

  62. It doesn’t help that WotC basically consolidated everything. D&D 5e has wokery woven into it top to bottom, and all things White Wolf are even worse.

  63. LOL

    Gabe certainly has beclowned himself.

    I guess being a lawyer in DC is bound to turn you sooner or later. If you’re a conservative, maybe you can remain sane, but if you’re gay and conservative you eventually have to sell out or starve.

  64. SNABU: “Situation Normal All Bidened Up!”

  65. How worried should you be?

    My grocery store had giant bulk supplies of Pool Shock in the breezeway. Not many pools here.

  66. What is Pool Shock?


    I suppose it could be mostly for wells, there are a lot of those here.

  68. Pool shock is a huge dose that arrests bacteria and algae and helps you bring your chlorine and pH back in balance.

    It’s basically a concentrated dose of chlorine.

  69. And yes, wells need to be shocked if they test positive for bacteria.

  70. If we are going to affirm that people between the ages of 18 and 21 do not have the self control to drink alcohol or own a gun, how about we go ahead and take the logical next step and take away their voting privilege?

  71. No drafts or taking out loans, either. Too risky.

  72. And the old standby, “If they’re old enough to serve their country, they’re old enough to vote.”

    Okay, no military service until the age of 21.

  73. “But we won’t be able to fill the ranks.”

    Then re-instate the fucking draft.

    Age 21 – eligible, no deferments, no gender discrimination.

  74. but let them change their gender

  75. I know lots of capable 18 yo. but I’m not in a city

  76. Oh, I just want to destroy the student loan machine along the way. I’ll meet halfway and say they can serve at 18 if they get full rights after commissioning/enlistment.

  77. Got a cord of wood stacked in the garage today. Another cord to go but that will require moving a lot of crap that has gradually filled in where the wood was before it was used up like tire rims, snow tires and a couple of pieces of furniture and other assorted random bric a brac before it’s stacked.

    Heat pump is being installed tomorrow. It took over 3 weeks for them to come out to do an assessment and get a quote and only a day after we said we wanted it to get an appointment for it to be installed.

  78. Tonight’s TOS is the one where McCoy declares that he is a doctor, not a bricklayer.

  79. How do heat pumps work?

  80. Temperature below ground is a steady 60F year-round. Heat pump is basically heat exchange with that temp to ease the burden of heating the house in winter or cooling it in summer.

  81. A reservoir, some tubes, a fan, and two heat exchangers.

  82. Keeping in mind the principle that you cannot make cold. You can only remove heat.:

    You remove the heat from your heat sink (air, ground, or water). When the refrigerant has cooled by removing it’s heat, you put it back in contact with your heat sink, rewarm it, then cycle it back and extract more btuhs.

  83. Or put more simply.


  84. So once your mom leaves, it gets hot.

  85. No, the exact opposite.

  86. Leon could do a far better and more scientific job of explaining.

  87. “You remove the heat from your heat sink (air, ground, or water). When the refrigerant has cooled by removing it’s heat, you put it back in contact with your heat sink, rewarm it, then cycle it back and extract more btuhs.”

    Dude, if you don’t know the answer you can just say so.

  88. Even the Democrats should know that the nicest people on earth have their limits.
    They should not try to reach their limits because the nicest people on earth are the scariest people on earth when they have had enough.

  89. If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither the judge or jury. Therefore he must be taut to fear his victim.
    _Jeff Cooper USMC

  90. Dragonfruit enjoyed renewed popularity.

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