MMM 498

It’s June already? Where did the time go?


Looks warm there.

I bet this looks better from stage left. Because I could see her face, duh.

“What do you do for a living?”
“I make ladders from randoms sticks and sell them at trendy furniture stores.”

She looks friendly.

She’d better walk really slowly in there or she’s going to wish she’d worn coveralls.

That eye makeup ain’t gonna make it through a full set of curls.

I feel like I saw her in a B movie on Netflix at some point.

I love everything I see here. She might want to work on the form on that right wrist, though, it’ll add up over time.

Solo dad all week. Hopefully the scheduled posting works.


  1. Fine folio of fitness females friend

  2. That’s hardly all the F’s I can give

  3. Ben sold me his less than one year old iPad and apple pen for $300. He needs to get one with a cellular connection for flying. My iPad is at least 5 or 6 years old and it works fine but the battery dies within 6 hours which really isn’t a problem for me since I rarely use it for more than a couple of hours. After I set up the new one I’ll wipe my old one and he can have it to trade in for his new model. They won’t give him much for it but we don’t need it here.

  4. We’re going to start putting Ollie back in a crate at night. He gets going as soon as the sun is barely peeking over the horizon which is shortly after 4 AM these days. He gets all up in Rowan’s grill and the next thing you know there’s dogs running, barking and growling at each other and using the bed as a platform to launch an attack on the other guy. It’s mainly for Paula who needs more sleep than me because she works so hard between work and training all the time.

  5. I wonder how many lungs were blown clear out with 9 millimeter guns in Chicago over the weekend?

  6. Mare, you better be in Hawaii or some other glamorous spot because I’ll be crushed if you’re ghosting us.

  7. Wakey wakey

    She’s probably hanging with Cyn. And CoAlex.

  8. Biden has the emptiest of empty schedules today. After a weekend at the beach.

    Probably working on the cocktail to get him through his “performance” on Jimmy Kimmel.

  9. Watched The Big Short last night.


  10. Feminists being forced to accept trans women as lesbians is one of the funniest things ever. I mean, sorry that you FINALLY get it. You were part of the problem for so long.

  11. Jimmy Kimmel has roughly the same audience numbers as Ace.

  12. Great link, Carin. Still partway through. I just stopped and went to watch the video of the Germans laughing at Trump when he said this would happen. So smug, so contemptuous. HA-HA! /Nelson Muntz

  13. It’s a strange thing. You’re a dude, then want to be a girl. So you dress up like a girl, get tits, and make everyone pretend you’re a girl.

    Then you end up wanting to date girls, so you’re a lesbian. And now girls have to put up with a man with tits who dresses like a girl who wants to date them in their locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.

    The sowing. Does it relate to the reaping? LOLGFY

  14. What’s terrible is that the libs are creating these gender confused young girls who are then being preyed upon by older men dressed as women. It’s a pedo pipeline.

  15. There’s a high level of transphobia in today’s selection of models for MMM. Where are the Stunning and Brave ones? This is the enforced celebration of LBGQVMNZXWTGDRHO+%#}{€£¥*= Pride month! Be better Hot Sausages. Be better.

  16. Reason # 199,999 why we lose.

    This is the conservative over at Hot Air talking about some formerly important basketball coach’s comments:

    “It’s unfortunate that Coach K took the side of those looking to demonize gun owners by calling owning a gun “disgusting”, even if he did conflate his wording by referencing automatic weapons. It’s also a little unnerving to hear such conflation coming from the coach, given the fact he was commissioned from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and spent five years in the Army as a Field Artillery officer. Shouldn’t he be a little more careful in his language?”

    So this retard has no idea what he’s talking about and she’s worried that he conflated some words. It’s unnerving cuz he should know better.

    My god. 98% of the right are total fucking pussies. The most basic human rights are under attack; the right to free speech and self defense, and we’re worried about phrasing.

  17. Yes, he needs to be more careful with his language. That’s the issue.

  18. because so many of us own fully automatic weapons.

    These idiots, sometimes…

  19. Kimmel is still on?

  20. Mitch, I have been informed repeatedly that MMM has never had any actual women in it, thus the categorizations.

  21. It’s so strange. No one on the left every thinks, hey, maybe I should learn about this and make an informed decision.

    They just start saying things like…we need to ban the bullet clip shroud on the upper so the fully automatic handgun only has 7 bump stocks.

  22. We all ultimately choose the form of our own destructor. The fact that by placing “female” on top of the heap feminists made theirs dudes in dresses who figured out you could beat ’em by “joining” them is so far beyond hilarious I can’t even.

  23. The average leftist spends more time weighing their options for cottage cheese than they do researching facts.

    This is another gift of the internet. When the facts are just a gulag search away, there’s no need to actually know them.

  24. oh come on, we shouldn’t have to worry about those things. That’s the government’s job. Then we can just live our best life.

    Live Laugh Love

  25. Saving all my pee in jars doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

  26. I spent a few mins looking at a reddit thread about Mayor Pete saying there was nothing the government could do about gas prices.

    99.999999999999% agreed with him. They would have the opposite opinion if Trump didn’t get robbed but whatever.

    Almost all of the comments thought the oil companies were price gouging because they’re making good profits. And precisely zero of the commenters understand that when inflation is high, profits increase – especially when you’re in a business with high fixed costs.

    It’s all so derpy.


    You make one widget. Your fixed costs are $50 and your variable costs are $50. You sell your dildo, er, I mean widget for $120.

    You make 20% profit, or $20.

    Now what is the same scenario in a 20% inflation environment?

    Show your dildo. I mean work. Show your work.

  27. oh, wear orange for gun control now. gag

  28. why don’t we go to communism, where there is no profit. Win win!

  29. So they’ve chosen the Color for the Revolution, then.

    Wear green, erin go bragh. Works for Irish Democracy too.

  30. Wasn’t the Ukraine color revolution orange?

    Where is Putin when you need him?


    That was actually the previous color rev in Ukraine. The current puppet government was installed via a subsequent one in 2014.

  32. Thanks.

    I’m going to wear orange and carry around my big scary rifle.

  33. What shooting?

  34. This one:

  35. NRA members and lobbyist, obviously.

  36. No one cares about black people killing black people.

  37. oh wait, you think you can live and let live, they can have their celebrations, and we can all get along? no, you will participate!

    twitter: 5 Tampa Bay Rays won’t wear pride logo on their uniform, released statement

  38. No one cares about black people killing black people

    Agreed. But you left out the “except when we can use it as an excuse to enforce gun bans” clause

  39. In honor of Pride month!

  40. … weighing their options for cottage cheese …

    I went to the grocery this morning after the dump run and earlier when we were running through what we needed I thought I might look for that cottage cheese that has the pineapple already mixed in. That stuff is good. At least I hope I’d still like it, it’s been many years since I bought it. Completely spaced on it when I got to the dairy aisle.

  41. They sorta care when the “killer” is black police officer.

  42. Democrats don’t want to disarm black people. They want to disarm republicans.

    If you axe them, they will say that black people don’t commit mass shootings, white people do. Then they will tell you there were over 250 mass shooting this year alone. And when you point our 90% of those mass shootings and committed by our rowdy friends linked above, they will tell you those don’t count.

    And then they will tell you there were over 250 mass shootings this year alone.

    They’re just NPC drones saying the same things over and over.

  43. you know what’s wrong with San Fransicko? Republicans ran it too long. (twitter and twitchy)

  44. I know that MJ. My job is to point out THAT FUCKING LIE every time I can.

  45. Oh no, Rear Admiral Buttgig has Covid!

  46. well, time for internet to start flaking out, Crowder streamed fine, now Deace will cut out over and over.

  47. Good thing he got vaxxed and boosted so he wouldn’t catch it, right?

    Or he just gave a bunch of interviews and admitted that they want a single-payer food, medicine, and transportation system with the government in charge of distributing everything and now he needs to go into hiding.

  48. i got the connection using Pluto TV instead, but it’s running behind the blaze tv app. in case anyone else has issues.

  49. wow, that interview with the lady who entered the Uvalde school to get her kids is really damning to the cops.

  50. I know that MJ. My job is to point out THAT FUCKING LIE every time I can.
    We are totally simpatico.

  51. wow, got a reply right back from Blaze! Usually takes them a couple of days.

    Me: This is more of an FYI for you. In the morning, I stream louder with crowder with zero issues. at 11 I tune in to Steve Deace, and that connection begins buffering, and disconnecting over and over. This is from the Blaze app on android phone.

    Quite annoying, and I’m not sure why it is happening. It happens on wi-fi connection, and on the 5G verizon signal I get.

    Again, never on Crowder, always on Deace (blaze tv live)

    Reply (6 mins later):

    Hi Jay,

    We are aware and are working on this issue. Today seems to be much worse. We are so sorry for this inconvenience and hope to have it resolved soon.

    Hmm, they are never that pleasant.

  52. I tried reading it Carin but I was unable to finish because I was laughing so hard

  53. you’re supposed to laugh, it’s Politico

  54. See, it’s sad because there are people who believe that. And they’re allowed to vote and shit. They have their hands on the levers of power.

  55. Dementia-ridden, pedophile mob bosses aren’t ‘relateable’.

  56. Also, Biden is literally the source of all Biden’s problems.

    Well, other than the stolen election, that was a gift some other assholes gave him.

  57. twitter: HR is the devil.

    The woke run HR

  58. monkeypox alert level now 2

  59. I don’t get Tik Tok. I hear that its a kid platform but it’s only middle aged women…

  60. The majority of the stuff on those things are pointless and stupid.

  61. It is also BBF models lip-synching and dancing to shitty pop and rap music. About 1/3 of the gifs I find for Friday posts are tic tok.

  62. I read something at work today that has me very, very bothered. Sorry, not posting details online.

  63. Prayers, Sobek. Knowing your work I don’t even want to imagine.

  64. Did mare email you at work?

  65. Raining buckets today! Even some thunder, though a bit distant. First real good one since I got here. So happy.

  66. “Did mare email you at work?”


    No, but if she had I would ask her to come back.

  67. ThunderCrit or ThunderCunt?

  68. I completely missed this story

    Nice run down of the Clinton Body Count at the end of the article

  69. The most recent ‘suicide’ apparently had a shotgun wound in the chest and was hanging from a rope on a tree limb.

  70. Doesn’t everyone commit suicide by shooting themselves in the chest with a shotgun and hanging themselves?

  71. Like, why go to the trouble at that point? Just disappear the body and be done with it.

    Unless it’s simply meant as a threat and flagrant display of power to anyone else who knows what he knew.

  72. Middleton was discovered hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast to his chest.

    He reportedly used an extension cord as a noose and created makeshift gallows underneath the tree which appeared to be there as a failsafe in case the shotgun blast didn’t kill him.

    Oh, that explains it completely.

  73. Modern Star Wars movies have better writing than that.

    Hell, CW shows have better writing than that.

  74. On the way to work, cheapest gas was $4.90, on the way home same station $5.26.
    Brandon announces war production to accelerate green energy development, which we know will still take years to implement. Meanwhile, everyone involved can’t afford to drive to work 5 or 6 days every week. So green energy is now a non starter, it’d be funny if it wasn’t such a self inflicted disaster on Brandon’s part that affects so many innocent bystanders.

  75. ^ damn. J’Ames beat me to it again.

  76. Everyone know that the only barrier to innovation is lack of government funding.

    May as well use the DPA to mandate antigravity and commercially-viable fusion while we’re at it.

  77. it’s ok DNH, no one saw it when I posted it. They’ll pay attention when you do.

  78. I think I’ll go buy some expensive gas after work. That’ll be fun.

  79. The title is about the camera falling over but it’s not entirely about that

    Watch until 2:20 when he rolls the NASA “pride” video that Roamy hoped none of us would know existed

  80. Brandon announces war production to accelerate green energy development, which we know will still take years to implement.
    That’s the argument they always use about funding pipelines or refineries … “We’re in a crisis NOW! That will take YEARS to have any effect so no pipelines, refinery or drilling can be approved!”

  81. Prediction: before November Brandon & the brain trust that currently holds the majorities in Congress will try to get inflation under control by issuing ~$1500 per month checks to every household to purchase fuel.
    It’s so asinine that you know they’re going to do it. Either that or monkey pox ballot drop boxes and mail in votes.

  82. A Randomized Controlled Trial of Topical Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Thumb Basal Joint Arthritis

    Mother Nature helps thumb arthritis. No word on how long it continues to help or allows people to avoid surgery but it’s still another tool in the chest.

  83. Jimbro the difference this time is Brando killed the means of production before he had a working replacement.
    Mental masturbation over green tech is one thing, those making it happen affording to show up for work to make it happen is another.

    There’s a blip on local news stating at least 1000 people in this state have quit their jobs because they can’t afford fuel to go to & from. I’m not far from that myself, but considering drawing a pension & semi retiring to a 3 or 4 day a week job.

  84. I forgot about reading this earlier.
    Brandon is going to eliminate the tarrifs on China, so we can have even more Panamax ships parked off the California coast waiting to unload!

  85. Maine got ahead of Brandon with the check dealio

    $850 because of a “surplus”. Except it won’t go to those who actually created the surplus. Ben is pissed that he’s not getting his Janet Mills money because we claimed him as a dependent. That $850 was supposed to be for his new iPad! The sooner he learns how government is not your friend the better.

    Did I mention Mills is up for reelection in November? Awfully convenient to release bonus money for her constituents.

  86. Also read earlier that S.D. has closed Keystone pipeline bonds.
    It’s now officially dead, the Phoenix isn’t gonna rise again


    (Imgur video)

  88. Didn’t the last time the government tried to boost the solar industry we ended up with the Solyndra bankruptcy and Obama cronies walking away with millions?

  89. Feature. Not bug.

    Newest solar panel exec? Hunter Biden.

    Go long on cocaine and hooker futures.

  90. sounds like kid rock and tucker had a good time

  91. Gramp Rock.

  92. Kid Rock is 9 years younger than me but looks a lot older.


  93. I don’t have COVID. Just sick. First wave of COVID + at work came back to work, today. Same symptoms, negative test.

  94. Found a snake in the house while I was at work. Guess we have to burn the whole thing down now.

  95. It was scary looking. Erin called her snake friend and came immediately over. It was one of these:

  96. Dean’s edginess rattled Pam.

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