Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was born December 27th, 1995 in The United Kingdom. She stands 5‘ 11” and measures 342637 and 115 lbs. Please welcome Miss Emily Deyt-Aysage.


  1. I’m gobsmacked, truly a beautiful woman!

  2. Very nice!!!!!

  3. There’s a lot of up and down & side to side motion when she’s walking

  4. No visible tats or unusual piercings as well

  5. Not afraid to smile

  6. How’d you hack Mare’s photo album Pupster?

  7. Definite contender.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. That there is one fine specimen.

  10. Biden’s on another three day weekend. It’s awesome to be POTUS.

  11. I mean, he probably put in a SOLID three days.

  12. 10/10 would smash great smile.

  13. I find a few things fascinating.

    First, Puddinhead was totally divisive and mean as fuck after one of the random shootings. The left wanted more venom and more hate because nothing heals like hate. They love this shit, which is why he read a speech last night. They need to hear that they are good and everyone else is bad after a tragedy for some reason.

  14. And, my hot dog tree is blooming!

  15. My beer trees aren’t doing shit.

  16. I really like the idea of Joe Biden asking his voters to disarm. They commit the vast majority of gun crime so why wouldn’t he start there?

    Once they get to 95% disarmed we’ll consider it too.

  17. We ever find out what the motive was for that Las Vegas shooter that killed a lot of people at a COUNTRY MUSIC concert? We ever figure out what his deal was? No? No clues, FBI?

  18. Lone wolf, no connections, just another typical white male.

  19. Iowa shooting was at the funeral of De’shantay King.

    Not to be racist, but I kinda think this might be gang related. De’shantay was being buried after dying in a ‘dispute’ with police that you never heard about, btw.

  20. Nope, nope, wrong shooting, sorry, this was Wisconsin.


    I’m shocked that we haven’t heard about this future saint yet. I’m sure we will soon.

  22. OK shooting at a medical office building was a black guy who killed his black spine surgeon and two others. It’ll be forgotten by all but the families of the deceased in record time.

  23. I’m shocked that we haven’t heard about this future saint yet.
    “According to his obituary, King was a “superhero” to his four sons, and loved throwing cookouts in his neighborhood and even occasionally renting an ice cream truck to pass out to children.”

    Joe will lick a cone for the superhero when he visits the family

  24. Thinking about all the food plant fires, etc. Are the people who operate large food plants on high alert now? Do you suppose they’re implementing extra security? I hope so.

  25. Just skimmed a WSJ article from a couple of days ago about the buy now-pay later companies that bloomed during the Covid stimmy check era. They’re facing unexpected headwinds which no one could have ever predicted

  26. One theory I heard Bongino saying on his podcast is that the people they’re getting to come in and work are not the experienced workers they had before and they’re missing things that might be dangerous with disastrous results. Seems like a stretch but it’s one plausible explanation I guess

  27. Well, we are going to see a lot more of that as the years roll on and qualified people die off or leave and the generations who emerged from school unable to read or write are given the controls of all industry.

  28. That might explain one or two, but we’re at what, two dozen now?

  29. Don’t forget all those who were simply given high grades and matriculated for the sake of ‘equity’, Laura.


    Why would anyone hire a black kid who went here for a job requiring a high school education? You’d have no way at all of knowing they’d managed. Even at the height of affirmative action, it was just easy admission to schools, the dirty secret was that the graduation rates for those folks was terrible, so you could at least still trust the diploma.

  31. Chicago High School Will Introduce Race-Based Grading System

    Depending on their race, students will not be disciplined or see their grades slip for missing class, misbehaving in school, or for failing to turn in assignments. Black students will be given the most leeway while their White and Asian counterparts will receive no such leniency.

    There’s your proof.

  32. ‘We got to go.’

    This is our top communications official in the US.

  33. Big Ag Corp is requiring masks at HQ and nearby facilities again starting Monday.

    They really are trying to pull this shit again, at the start of summer.

  34. Yes, masks are up out here. Lots of people wearing them again. Lots of parents have them on their kids.

  35. 5’11” and 115. Helium tits and hydrogen hips evidently.

  36. all those who were simply given high grades and matriculated for the sake of ‘equity’
    Paula regrets not pushing the special ed status of her oldest. She felt like if he was in the special ed group he might miss opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to him following high school. As it was he had coaching with his homework all through HS and even with that barely passed.

    So not really for “equity”. He was graduated just to get him out of the school system and off their books.

    She feels like if she put him in that category early on he would have had access to more resources going forward rather than having to continuously allow him to fail for the ever changing cast of social work types that deal with him now. Again, looks like any other kid, talks a good game but ultimately is unable to perform everyday tasks with consistency.

  37. Seeds arrived! Many thanks, will plant tonight or tomorrow.

  38. Erin is 115 and she is tiny.

    No way.

  39. That teacher video is insane. Groomer toy to start the conversation about gender identity.

    Its just the pedo-lolli redux.

  40. Yeah, 5’11” and 115 lbs and looks like that, I gotta call bullshit.

  41. Not only is Erin 5 foot nothing , she is very slender. Probably a size zero. she may currently hover closer to 110, but there is no way in the law of physics that this chick was 115. She thinks you’re all fools for believing it.

  42. So Groomer teacher “Jack” up there just reeks of masculinity.

    I’m more giraffe than she is male.

  43. She should identify as a middle schooler for life. That’s she seems like.

  44. Biden’s on another three day weekend. It’s awesome to be POTUS.

    Less chance of him making a bigger mess of the country from home. At least I try to assure myself of that.

  45. Pfft, his “staff” (the Pennsylvania Avenue Politburo that actually runs things) will be merrily wreaking havoc in his absence.

  46. Speaking of Politburo, has Leon ever considered naming the chicken coop the poulet bureau?

  47. I have not. I don’t know that I’ve ever considered calling it anything but “the coop” and “the chicken pen” for the adjacent fenced area.

    I’ll add names after I have multiples.

  48. Where were you when we were naming and painting the sign for my coop?

  49. I have a sweet sign for my coop. Erin painted it for me. She’s very artistic.

  50. She thinks you’re all fools for believing it.

    *daydreams about Emily thinking about me*


  51. She lives all the way over in the U.K.? Dang it. She will probably never get the chance to meet me then. Tough loss for her but those are the breaks. Sorry Emily.

  52. Where were you when we were naming and painting the sign for my coop?

    Probably in my office.

  53. Trying to plant All The Things but it’s easy to get way too much sun today. Keep taking breaks.

  54. I dropped little man off at art class today and a crazed homeless man was wandering around the parking lot. A mom that we know was also dropping her kiddo off and wondered if we should wait until said homeless man left. She asked me if it was strange that she thought this way.

    She’s from Australia.

    I told her, nope, crazy people are dangerous. We should wait to leave until all of the kiddos are in and the door is locked.

    I could tell she needed reassurance that it wasn’t wrong to think that way. The crazy guy was black.

    What the fuck have we done? It’s ok to trust your instincts even if society tells us not to for some strange reason.

  55. I assume you have a Portuguese sausage tree.

  56. Laura, it’s nice that you get some sun. We just had the coolest, wettest May since 1948 and headed into June with the first week dropping as much rain as the average whole month. By the end of the month, we’ll get the equivalent of Novembers rain. Summer here will start on July 5th…

  57. 23 CoWs are COVID+. The 5 I interact with regularly, are all boosted and previously tested +.

  58. Jimbro, stole your link. 🤪

  59. Today’s musical selection is worth a click, southern rock blues but with an uplifting message.

  60. I think y’all are spoiled with all the young supermodels with big bewbs. I think I’ll post a couple weeks of skankey fat hoes for a reset.

  61. That’s a pretty good idea, Pupster, thanks.

  62. FNT is in formal wear for the evening because it’s ep 200 and Alex Jones is gonna be on soon.

  63. 13k watching live. A YT show about comic book movies.

    CNN+ got 10% of that number on its best day.

  64. 14k

  65. Alex finally admitted to being Bill Hicks.

    And a FTM transsexual.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  67. 15k

  68. Deck Dick

  69. All I could think of when I realized her name was Emily was the model we had a long while ago who prompted the category of “Emily’s Dull Affect”.

  70. We are overdue for entries from the Rosetta Memorial League…

  71. I think we should re-brand the Whitehouse “the poulet bureau” as long as Brandon occupies it, given all the finger pointing and chicken sh*t excuses for his policy blunders.

  72. Mmmm….chicken fingers.
    I’d rather have chicken fingers than chicken nuggets.

  73. Sorry. I think the Prozac is starting to work. Either that or I really am starting to lose it.

  74. That’s quite the dick of cards.

  75. 17k.

    Trying to get the rollbar folded so we can park the tractor in the garage instead of the barn.

  76. in Dubuque for Home Free concert. Glad to see y’all woke up

  77. Ughh. Kelly Ann leading The Five tonight, the grid runs deep on both sides.
    ….the parallel universe answer to Carville/Matalin, only less entertaining to be around during holiday family dinners.

  78. * grift….I need to get a new ISP & quit using this damned phone.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  80. Emily diet sausage will be the 2022 BBF world champion. Mark my word.

    Thank you, autocorrect!

  81. Biden admin: we’re going to fill gaps in the border wall.
    Hmmm, what caused that shift in policy? Also, what gaps? Areas that have zero effect, so they can say ” see, it doesn’t work”?

    Also, it’s the odd numbered week of the month, so we’re back to “Putin price hikes”. Next week is an even week, so back to corporate greed.

  82. That’s why I primarily use .45ACP. Lungs are gross and slippery.

  83. I’ll never understand the anti gun nuts. They freak out over 9mm, but .357 can be far more powerful in a factory load and is .003″ larger in diameter.
    I guess that’s why I chose a S&W 629, to put a little distance between myself and what they harp about.

  84. I’ll never understand why the get away with making shit up and don’t get challenged with facts.

  85. “For God’s sake, do something”

    That from the guy that stranded thousands of Americans in Afghanistan. Can’t wait til 2024 to see him kissing hands & shaking babies on the campaign trail.


    church shooting was a breakup situation. Killed his girlfriend and her friend, then himself, in a parking lot. Targeted killing, he had been arrested, and that was the cause of the breakup.

  87. I’ll never understand why the get away with making shit up and don’t get challenged with facts.

    They do get challenged, at least I challenge their b.s. But when faced with a challenge, instead of facing it the left takes after the brave sir Robin and bravely runs away, or runs to their collective hoping the hive mind can create a cogent argument which typically ends in the “hate speech” ad hominems they claim to oppose.

  88. It’s the Dems who get the pass after making shit up. Fact checkers only work on GOP statements to show how they’re false.

  89. Fact checkers stealth edit their own fact checks, then claim missing context.
    When I was young & impressionable my parents called that lying and made me eat soap.

  90. ^ & times were tough back then, too. I didn’t get a fresh new bar of soap, I got the one with hairs stuck to it.

  91. Ours was Fels Naptha. I think today a parent would get arrested for that.

  92. So Biden is going to grovel at the Saudi crown princes feet for more oil after calling him a murderer.
    I know it will be painful, but hoping the SCP tells Biden to go fuck himself, face to face, live, on international news, no bleeps for language.

  93. My Jeremy’s Razors shipped.

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  94. I still use Fels Naptha lye soap to wash up after working with bloodwood, because I developed an allergy to the dust. Allergy has become so intense F-N no longer does much good, so I now avoid bloodwood & related species.

  95. was it this one hs?

  96. I forgot about the Jeremy’s Razors deal. I have been using Walgreens store brand razors for a while. I still have a bunch of old Gillette blades, about a year’s worth if I actually used them which I will at some point – they already got their money so that’s that. I’ll check out Jeremy’s again.

  97. LOL No, but I’d def buy it.

  98. I bought an “epi lady” for the better half back when they came out, because she REALLY wanted one. Did nothing but complain about it & quit using it. I found it a few weeks ago & thought ‘saves big bucks’. I threw it in the trash a minute later.

    Okay. I’m lying there, gonna take a bite out of a bar of Fels Naptha.

  99. In Mitch World News Tonight we signed closing papers for the Vegas house. Yay! We finally have progress on the Florida house: windows are installed and the roof shingles are on. Hopefully insulation is coming and after that the sheet rock I’d guess. Also I’m beginning to learn macramé. In sports news, local pool hall has reopened and I’m spending time there. Playing better than I should be too. They are trying to get a league going so I will probably join it and get some socializing time in.

  100. Have been thinking about protesting the new blog header about 9mm. Happy I didn’t. As fact checkers like to say, missing context. I completely missed Preezy douche nozzle saying exactly those words.
    Christ, Vlad. Launch the Satan two’s and spare us, please.

  101. I just made a batch of Cyn’s cookies.

    Easy 3 Peanut Butter Cookies

    I hope she is doing well.

  102. I hope she’s doing well too. I miss her.

  103. Don’t make those with M&Ms in them. Too rich.

  104. home free concert was pretty good. Tamest crowd ever.

  105. Desmond especially respected pragmatism.

  106. ww

  107. Two minutes of hate thwarted with a leash.

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