MMM 497

No Memorial Day content planned from me other than my invitation to remember those who passed in service to the nation, and that the nation they died for will surely be lost without that same courage invigorating us here at home.


She seems intense.

I have a fire in need of assistance.



Fake redhead, no bonus points.

Looks warm there.

Lucky pole.


  1. Star Wars died the minute Disney bought it, MJ. What you’re watching is the officially licensed un-fan fiction written by people who grew up hating Luke Skywalker and everyone who had the land speeder toy.

  2. It seems to be geared toward pre teen girls.

  3. She seems intense.

    She also seems like a brunette who should go home to her natural hair color. That hue is doing nothing for her.

  4. “Roger that, thank you. ” Lt Michael Murphy’s last words.

  5. Agreed, Lumpy. Rare is the head that is improved by a dye or a bleach.

    MJ, I seriously doubt they are even watching it. I sure hope they aren’t. THE MESSAGE writers don’t actually know how to write S&E female characters at all (and can only write men as emotionally retarded boys or as abused puppies), so they substitute bitchy, entitled, and maladjusted.

    As an aside, boys without heroes are dangerous to civilization, that’s why Disney won’t let them have any. Trying to burn the world down because they think what comes after it will be an improvement.

  6. All our heroes were probably toxic men who raped women. Shame on you for disagreeing with the narrative.

    Probably why so many men want to be women now.

  7. You know what will happen to you if you do this, right?

    I know what will happen to everyone else if I don’t.

    Memorial day wisdom from Maverick

  8. Lia Thomas is finally speaking out on good morning America this week. good for him

  9. Something weird happened in my old hotmail account and all my recent emails are gone, all the way back to 2019. Also, I just sent myself some stuff to my other account and they haven’t arrived yet and I sent them 30 mins ago.

  10. Paula did the Murph on Friday and has been sounding like me getting out of bed in the morning since then. She used her weight vest. She brought fruit bowls today for the “day of” event. I ended up donating $20 to the cause because my wife never has cash and one of my roles in our household is Human ATM.

  11. I have a ProtonMail address but I haven’t migrated my gee mail to it yet.

  12. one of my roles in our household is Human ATM.

    Me, too.

    Re: Disney – Roku keeps pushing Disney+ and the “Turning Red” movie. Big nope from me.

  13. USA USA USA chick looks like a pole vaulter. No eye dear if she is or not but she could be.

  14. TV rots your brains. 99% of the cultural decline from the 20th century onwards can be attributed our ever growing dependence on devoting most of our time and attention to the glowing rectangles.

  15. No word on whether it will carry The Gorilla Channel

  16. couldn’t put up the flags at one of the cemeteries, too windy

  17. always surprises me how many veterans there are, when they read the names. so many heroes. and the 5 flags in the cemetery for those that are still overseas, never made it back

  18. I couldn’t agree with you more Mitch. It’s been a gradual process for me. For years, starting around college and until about 15 years ago, I was just too busy to watch any regular TV except the occasional show. After having cable and becoming a news junkie for years I finally said enough after the 2020 election fiasco. We went to just internet a couple of years ago and had YouTube TV service which was expensive for something we hardly watched. That’s gone too and I really don’t miss it.

  19. I visit our local cemetery a day or two after Memorial Day to see the flags and pay my respects. I just heard the marching band moving through town to the cemetery for the ceremony at the Veteran’s Memorial.

  20. When I was a resident I did have one appointment night with TV. I think it was Tuesday when Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210 were on. My brother, our mutual friend Frank and I would either get pizza or go to the grocery store to pick up fixings for a colossal Dagwood sandwich and watch the shows and have a beer or two. I was definitely on Team Brenda.

  21. Jennie and Gabrielle were top-tier tail.

  22. I’m cleaning the mud room out after it spent 2 months as a cat maternity ward. Already looks tons better after just pulling the mats out to wash ’em and sweeping hard with the Libman. Now to Shop Vac.

  23. Other than college football, which I’m about through with too, I’m in front of the idiot box maybe 10 hours per year. I’d shitcan the whole thing if it was up to me but the bride is addicted to HGTV and a half dozen cooking shows.

    I did sit down long enough to watch The Green Mile. Pretty good story.

  24. I apparently need one of those new-fangled 9 mm guns Biden was blathering about.

  25. “Green Mile” is excellent. I quit reading Stephen King after “It”, but that one I read after seeing the movie.

    Mr. RFH and I saw “Rebecca”, the Hitchcock one from 1940, not the remake. Dame Judith Anderson was super creepy.

  26. I saw the Rebecca remake, thought it was interesting. Just watched A Quiet Place Part II last night, liked it.

    I need a recommendation. I just finished reading Faust, and I have eleven more books on my list. Which one should I tackle next?

    An American Tragedy, Theodore Dreiser
    The Three Musketeers, Dumas
    The Mill on the Floss, George Elliott
    Invisible Man, Harlan Ellison
    Selected Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hugo
    Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston
    Portrait of a Lady, Henry James
    The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingman
    Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis
    Beloved, Toni Morrison

    I plan on reading all of them, eventually, but wonder which I should read next.

  27. I vote either Dumas or Hugo. If you like The Three Musketeers, then read Count of Monte Cristo. I think you mean Ralph Ellison instead of Harlan, unless there’s a book I don’t know.

  28. I did mean a Ralph. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite books.

  29. I have been reading Mini-me’s books for Scotland. All I have left are a play “The Cheviot, the Stag, and the Black, Black Oil” and a book on the Jacobite rebellion. After reading her book on Scottish literature, I may either get the Kindle version or try to find a cheap paperback of “Waverley” by Sir Walter Scott. I have “Ivanhoe” and “Quentin Durward” but don’t think I have anything else by him.

    When I can’t bear tedious crap, I’ve been reading “Wheels Stop”, which is about the Space Shuttle program after the Challenger accident until the end. I did not know the astronaut who deployed one of my experiments was suffering from Parkinsons, and they kept it quiet and let him fly after his diagnosis. Rich Clifford passed away earlier this year. I was just gobsmacked that the doctors didn’t pull him from the flight.

  30. Comment by leoncaruthers on May 30, 2022 12:18 pm
    Jennie and Gabrielle were top-tier tail.


    Can someone start doing a “Top-Tier Tail Tuesdays” poat?

  31. Beloved was meh.

  32. I prefer Zora.

  33. We’re watching Shoresy. Spin-off of Letterkenny. It’s as if the H2 was Canadian.

  34. Friend of mine posted on Facedouche for Harlan Ellison’s birthday on May 27. It included:
    In his book “Stalking the Nightmare”, Ellison recounts an incident that led to his being fired from Walt Disney Productions on his first day of work. At lunch in the studio commissary, he jokingly told fellow writers that they should “do a Disney porn flick,” and proceeded to act out parts in the voices of various Disney characters, unaware that animation head Roy Edward Disney and other studio chiefs were sitting nearby. Ellison claims that when he returned to his office, he found a termination letter on his desk, and his name on his parking space had been painted over.

    When I read it, I thought it’s only a matter of time before Disney actually does a porn flick, and a gay/trans one at that, but chose not to be an asshole and say such on my friend’s page.

  35. Happy Memorial Day. If y’all know someone that served or is serving, thank them for your fleeting away freedom. Don’t let them pass and wait for this day. Special thanks to my step brother Adian that served in the Balkin conflict and had to be ordered to stand down after coming upon a teenaged girl killed by Muslims, covered in the jizz of her killers. I and Max held you while you cried over her when you were home after that. Love ya bro.

  36. I’ve been watching the Corbin shows on Netflix. Sucker for a British Procedural. I love Broadchurch.

  37. True story. I have Dans Man Cold. Sick as a dog. I’m being a passive aggressive POS right now.

  38. Dans Man Cold is a perfect name for a horse.

  39. That looks like a great opportunity to get a traumatic brain injury.

  40. Speaking of brain injuries, where’s Mare been lately?

  41. “Beloved was meh.”

    My only kid who has read it said it was meh.

  42. What about Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew novels?

  43. Or Tom Swift novels 😄

  44. High school buddy. Got married two weeks before shipping out. Wife was preggers and gave birth while he was in Nam.
    Marines, being marines, had him on patrol TWO DAYS! before rotating home…

  45. What’s even crazier is that there is a rider keeping up with that fool on the bike , and HE HAS A CAMERA ON HIS HEAD!!!!!

  46. Dopamine enables real pleasure.

  47. Well, that’s ’cause he has to hold on to the handlebars, Teresa.

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