Saturday memes 05-28-22

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
This is for me.

For Pupster.

For either Osita or Pupster.

For Mare.

For Jay.

For BroTim.

For Lumps.

For Leon.

I waffled on this one but figured Osita can handle it.

Day’s not complete without a “your mom” joke.

Men vs. women.


Oh my.

For all those barbequeing this weekend.


Green energy problems.


Need tree fiddy.

Nemo me impune lacessit.

Y’all have a good day.


  1. TIL “Nemo me impune lacessit” is another way of saying “Don’t fuck with me bro”

  2. I’m hoping the rain holds off long enough that I can get some mowing done. As in, all of it actually. I hate leaving half the lawn not mowed due to rain because no one wants to go back out there a day later and complete the task.

  3. Although your mom is great at completing the task

  4. I vaguely remember the Star Trek episode where there was a captain before Kirk. Probably saw it as a kid and it shook my foundation of Star Trek knowledge up so much I can remember it even now although it’s a bit of a hazy childhood memory.

    It’s a memory on par with my grandfather taking a bunch of neighborhood kids and me to McDonald’s in the back of his pick up truck for a sack of burgers. He sold sawdust to grocery stores for them to lay down near the butcher to soak up the blood. As he drove we all had sawdust in our eyes. You would be reported to CPS if you did that today.

  5. Tree fiddy. (sorry for the g.d. bombs)

  6. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen all the original Star Trek episodes. I watched all of TNG and DS9, then stopped watching Voyager after the Amelia Earhart episode. I’ve seen a few of the Enterprise (Scott Bakula is HHD fodder) but never really got into it. No way I’m paying good money to watch the woke shit they’re showing now.

  7. Excellent work today Roamy.

  8. Other than seeing brief snippets of the newer episodes/series as I scrolled through channels I’ve only seen original Star Trek episodes in their entirety

  9. We’ll be in London for a couple of days during the trip coming up, so I decided to see if there’s any Broadway-type shows worth seeing. They have the “Fawlty Towers Dining Experience”. We watched a couple of episodes of Fawlty Towers before Mini-me left so she’s at least familiar with the humor. One of them was the garden gnome episode which is my favorite.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. good morning shmoops

    Going to have thunder and rain here after noon. Was supposed to go into the shop but I forgot sis is coming over this morning, so my work stuff is put off to Monday.

    I need to clean the kitchen but that’s noisy and Scott is still abed.

    *sips coffee*
    Damn, I should be cleaning the kitchen. Oh well.

  12. Mornin’ folks. Lovely batch of memes as always. Also lovely weather here for the weekend. I may actually be somewhat less insufferable than usual as a result! Imagine that…

  13. We went and saw Top Gun: Maverick yesterday – it was a LOT of fun! Highly recommend it.

  14. you don’t know how true the error message meme is

  15. I’ve heard that from. a lot of people tifw. I look forward to seeing this one.

  16. time for Tivoli fest in elk horn. I’ll be serving sandwiches from 12 to 3. ableskiver and medisterpolse first. the Danes think American Danes are crazy eating them together. it’s basically pancakes and sausage

  17. open faced traditional danish style sandwiches. at least I don’t have to wear a folk dancing costume.

  18. Tivoli fest sounds fun.

  19. Error meme was literally my entire week.

  20. Family in law fn today. Most of the rainbow is represented.
    Hopefully I don’t say anything excessively obscene.
    Pray for Oso.

  21. Tell them you’re only putting up with their faggotry because you love your wife.

    That’s what MJ does.

  22. I like the “Bullshit Free Zone” sign.

  23. So, dead baby deer in the woods. LITTLE. Lucy’s muzzle was a bloody mess. Gutted. I didn’t see anything on it’s neck. Dogs were very excited, but I’m not sure if they killed it, or it just died.

  24. So, tried to rewatch the original Top Gun and just couldn’t do it. After seeing Quentin Tarantino’s “Gayest Movie Ever Made” review a few years ago…I couldn’t get through the first 20 minutes. Ruined it. It probably will ruin it for you too, be warned:

  25. Lucy = killer

    Perfect Country Style Ribs are marinating. I’m going to cut the grass and then start the grill.

    If anybody wishes they were me today, although I can’t recommend it I don’t blame them.

  26. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on May 28, 2022 12:01 pm

    Can confirm.

  27. Can we trade CA for the Ohio LARPers?

  28. In food security news, I had to go to 4 stores to find seed potatoes. They were entirely sold out at Lowe’s, Tractor Supply, and Rural King. Meijer still had them, and I almost bought them out.

  29. Scenery at the Tivoli Fest

    (love the caption)

  30. While searching for Danish women I came across a more contemporary model who might be a BBF candidate

    Zienna Sonne Williams

  31. The rain held off so far except for a brief sprinkle earlier that may or may not have just been a bird peeing as it flew over me. It can rain at any time now because we need it big time. The old grass clippings are bone dry and the driveway was ultra dusty as I drove over it.

  32. Zienna Sonne Williams


  33. We’re getting a solid soaking rain event with much T&L. Noice.

  34. FIRST CUTTING today, people, this is not a drill!

  35. The human skull is the “Hello world!” of the art world.

  36. Windy and super smoky here today.

  37. Great job, Romacita.

  38. I’ve been doing too much today. I need to start pacing myself.

  39. Just threw a 12# brisket in the Traeger unit, set at 180 for now. First thing in the morning I’ll bump it up to 225 until about this time tomorrow afternoon, if it doesn’t hit temp before. Tomorrow’s top priority is making the horseradish sauce for sandwiches.

  40. I’ve seen the patch before but didn’t know its history

    Changing it seems misguided

  41. Leon, if you run into that food security problem again, go online & search availability at other locations. Can’t speak for others in here but if what you’re looking for is available in my neck of the woods, I’d snag it for you and make arrangements to either ship to you or meet someplace. Use zipcode 46725, it’s not my zip, but very close & is midway between Fort Wayne & Warsaw. Basically any stores in a 30 or so mile radius I’m willing to help out.

  42. You had to strike early this year for the seed potatoes at the online sources. I had a browser tab open in mid-April with my selections on it and forgot about it. When I went back 10 or 12 hours later, those varieties were gone, sold out. I had to hurry up and get whatever was still for sale on that site.

  43. FIRST CUTTING today, people, this is not a drill!

    Hay or lawn?

  44. If it’s lawn I’m confident it still qualifies as hay.

  45. Hay. I use the lawn clippings as garden mulch. Garden is getting planted in a few minutes. Just strawberries, tomatoes, basil, and potatoes this year.

  46. Basil will go well with the lamb, you should consider some mint too.

    Curious, when you butchered did you take out the glands? I ask because I’ve had lamb at restaurants & liked it, but buying a shank at the store always ends in disappointment & I lack the skills and knowledge to fix that problem.

  47. Deck’s 1/3 swabbed. It always takes longer first time of each season. More like hands and knees with a scrub brush than swabbing.

  48. Tomorrow is Plantapalooza. I plant many things.

  49. HS is a swabbie that technically doesn’t swab? (Starts singing Pirates of Penzance, because I’m totes not jelly of Fawlty Towers)

  50. Ohio LARPing is amazing.

    I want to see them do Florida.

  51. For old times sake

    Not as funny as his antifa stuff

  52. Ok, I appealed my student loan payments and was given a 6 month loan reprieve. In the meantime, I was sued and my paychecks were garnished. The court did not recognize my reprieve. They took 75% of my paychecks. I had to get a roommate. Fuck these losers.

  53. I pulled glands as I found them, DNH, but they are mostly along the spine, not inside muscle like shank. I’ve already got mint growing in the yard, but I don’t actually like mint on meat, even lamb. Basil is good, though.

    I wildly underestimated. Garden space is 70% vacant and I’ll be getting more starts on Tuesday.

  54. * cough *

  55. Are you going to grow any beans, Leon?

  56. Dan has never watched Yojimbo.

  57. I was thinking I might try beans. Any ‘bush’ varieties you’d recommend? I don’t feel like messing with pole beans.

  58. Bush beans suck. I gave up on them. They are less productive, you have to bend over to harvest, and the plants fag out quickly. Pole beans are actually easier and make way more food per plant. Just bang a teepee of three stakes in the ground for heavens’ sakes. You won’t be getting a backache bending over to harvest, either.
    I have some awesome pole bean seeds. I will send some to you and to Carin, since I didn’t get her those onions I was gonna send.

  59. Okay, will try them. I’ll re-send my new(er) address in case you don’t have it.

  60. Leeks…also so easy to grow, and the variety I have last all winter to use as onions. You need some leeks, you can sow them now, no problemo. Parsnips, that is sustenance for winter and early Spring, you leave them right in the garden and pick a few during the thaws, they just get sweeter and sweeter…beets, I have Lutz ‘Winterkeeper’ seeds that make mammoth tender beets you can pack in a bin full of leaves and chuck in the garage to go get one whenever you want one throughout the Winter…

    *rummaging through seed boxes*

  61. I always have great luck with bush beans. I plant them super dense – like a carpet versus rows. Stagger plant every few weeks to extend harvest. Boom.

  62. Carin’s system is one I have never tried. Sounds good! How big of a space do they take? I like the pole bean small footprint.

  63. They will easily grow very close. Honestly I just sorta toss and press them into the ground. Maybe six inches apart each way?

  64. Oh, that’s about how close I always grew them. I never did the staggered sowings though.

  65. My uncle was in the 29th Infantry Division.

  66. We tried bush-beans once…
    Our 70 year old backs can not do that. We zip-tie 4 garden stakes together and let them grow up the pyrimid. Much easier to harvest.

    Anita got to learn stuff today. Last night she went in at 1900 to watch her episode of “Night Skies”?(or something like that) while she did an hour on the treadmill and something broke, the belt drifted to the left and things got AFU.
    Today, we opened it up and saw the tensioner bolt for the front roller had broken, the right end of the roller had dropped to the rear and caused the belt to skew to the left, interfering with the framing. She went on the web to find the repalacemrnt part and found it for $1.69 with $16.00 shipping.
    I mansplained that it was ‘just a bolt’ and was no big deal. We went to the garage, opened up the roll-around and got out a metal plate, with numbers on the many holes in it. Thos is a bolt gage and the numbers are the size of the bole and the size of the drill for it. Then, I handed her a threag gage and said figure out how this works. Being smart, she got it right away. Okay, how long is it?
    She came up with; We need a quarter inch 20tpi 2″ long bolt.
    Very good! $0.69 at Ace hardware.
    She had no idea that a thread gage existed…

  67. I realize that I am on the left coast and that most of you are sleeping, so, nevermind…

  68. Directors expect realistic portrayals.

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