Copperhead Meme

Every. Damn. Day. (nonsense, I make a delicious salad)


  1. Never seen a copperhead

  2. I’ve seen a couple of rattlesnakes in a museum, never in the wild

  3. Looks like Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is becoming more of a longshot. Too many bots. Truth Social, Gab and Parler are delighted at the news I’m sure

  4. He came to burn Twitter down, not to buy it.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. So apparently this happened…

    On Sunday, someone posted to a neighborhood forum that they saw a young man, 18-23 in body armor, strapping on a helmet carrying an AR15 in the Publix parking lot.

    Its an obvious lie meant to piggy back on the shootings and to scare people into thinking white supremacists or chinese supremacists are everywhere.

    On Monday a panicky parent called read the post, and called the police and our kids’ school, which prompted a lock down. No one had any record of it other than a blog post from the previous day.

    What a stupid time to be alive.

  7. Well, that’s not really all that bad, MJ. Remember Clown Summer?

  8. Can anyone name one thing Biden’s done right?


    Even his tweets are incoherent.

  9. I was actually working a clinical at a school nurse’s office when we shut down because two clowns drove by the school in a car. We had to lock all the interior doors and move away from them.

  10. actual clowns?

  11. the new project Veritas is pretty good. sounds like he has the commies all stirred up

  12. I duckduckgo-searched for ‘clown sighting lockdown’ and they are all over the country, pretty much starting and ending in 2016. People saw clowns and shut down the schools. Hard to believe it was 6 years ago.

  13. Can’t remember how it started. Some bad clowns were doing wrong. Then it led to a general hysteria about clowns everywhere.

    People kind of forgot it’s just people in makeup or masks. Cops actually went out looking for clowns who did nothing but drive around.

  14. we ignore the clowns in the White House all the time.

  15. One week until Deftones/Gojira! I’ll post a well known song for you:

  16. I guess those are moral panics?

    We’re still in the pandemic panic and the racism panic, however the latter seems to be receding a bit.

  17. Change is the first Deftones song I ever heard. I didn’t think much of it, and then didn’t think about the band at all after that for years. I heard the band occasionally, that was it. Then I heard a song on the radio in pretty heavy rotation – this was many years later – and it blew me away. Eventually I figured out it was Phantom Bride, by the Deftones. I loved it so much that I went back and listened to their entire catalogue and fell in love with them, including Change.

  18. No comment on the Copperhead Road cover?

  19. you people

  20. phantom bride, meh.

  21. 2000 mules, meh

  22. H2 comment section, meh

  23. I recognize Change, like that one, kinda.


    So, did Quorum Call post a picture of Ron Paul on purpose, or are they morons?

  25. You can’t convince me the clown panic wasn’t stealth marketing for the new version of “It” that was due out around then.

  26. twitter: Sean Hannity is the new Chris Wallace

    Is all this the beginning of the end for Hannity? I haven’t listened in years.

  27. Hannity is a dope. Ham and eggers in the FBI, they’re all squared away just a few bad apples. Best and brightest. Love the government guys.

  28. “No comment on the Copperhead Road cover?”

    I haven’t listened to it yet. I will let you know.

  29. I just want to get to the bottom of this, MJ

  30. twitter: the media is really trying to pin Buffalo to conservatives

    It’s just another lefty racist.

  31. and video game violence is making a return to the intertubes. They say it’s recruiting to white nationalism now.

  32. Can anyone name one thing Biden’s done right?

    He chose my favorite flavor of ice cream.

  33. Considering the amount of woke bullshit inserted into games these days, it would have to be as an unintended reaction.

  34. I scream
    You scream
    Your mom screams
    For Hotspur’s cream

  35. twitter: Hannity going after Barnette

    The most Hannity I’ve watched in a while. Other than the end of the DVR recording of Tucker. do you think he realizes this only helps her with the base, doesn’t hurt?

  36. Millions of dollars spent to CGI deltoids onto Natalie Portperson for every frame of a shit movie that won’t be watched by anyone a year after it hits Disney+.

  37. twitter: Swalwell = CheChe?

  38. “do you think he realizes this only helps her with the base, doesn’t hurt?”

    According to a link at the mothership, her poll numbers are dropping. I can’t tell you that’s because of Hannity’s attacks or for some other reason. If it is, the irony is that her voters are moving towards McCormick, not Oz. Personally, I’d prefer a GOPe McConnel stooge over a pro-choice doctor who pushed transgenderism on children.

  39. twitter: Rupert Murdoch is the problem

    Does MSDNC know his kids run the place, and Trump isn’t president?

  40. Is that the rundown on McCormick, a stooge? Haven’t heard that one. That’s who Schlichter and company are backing.

  41. I think Oz gets it on name recognition alone.

  42. twitter: Finland votes 188-8 to pursue joining NATO

    Why weren’t they in NATO already? They weren’t soviet bloc, and Sweden was notoriously neutral?

  43. “Is that the rundown on McCormick, a stooge?”

    I think so, but I admit I haven’t heard much about him. I’ve heard as much as I need to from Oz. And I like Barnette a lot. Her pro-life stance is compelling and not something that makes me wonder if it’s just for political experience.

  44. I’m reading the leaked Dobbs draft again and smiling.

  45. Finland suffered badly during the Winter War. They exacted a heavy price but the result can hardly be called a victory for Finland. The result was a sort of enforced neutrality.

    If Finland feels it can go NATO now, it speaks volumes about where they perceive Russia to be on the power curve.

  46. Only time I ever watched Hannity was back in the days when it was Hannity & Colmes. I watched because Colmes was so damned entertaining in his own imbecilic way

    I always thought Hannity was a jerk off. Still do.

    He’s that kid in high school who tried to walk the line between being all As, and hoping to hang out with the hip kids. Laughing stock.

  47. Colmes was a caricature, but it was a lot more entertaining.

  48. Monica Crowley was his sister in law, pretty funny. I’ll bet holidays were a blast.

  49. unpopular opinion: if the left hadn’t pushed so hard on abortion up until birth, Roe would not be in danger.

  50. I totally agree with you Jay.

  51. twitter: Graham Allen promotes Black Rifle Coffee, comments ensue

    Chris Loesch is all in on Team Black Rifle. Surprising. Oh well.

  52. The Left was always going to go all in. It’s what they do. They can’t help themselves.

  53. Abortion ghouls: the right wing court is threatening all of our rights now!

    Me: that’s the trap you set for yourself when you build your rights on nothing more than having enough votes at the Supreme Court. That’s why it’s so important that you rely on the actual text of the Constitution.

  54. Digital bath is one of my favorite Deftones song, but I don’t see it on their playlist this tour. Their new album is pretty good too. I think this one is just to show off Chino’s voice:

  55. I haven’t made it through the new album yet. What I’ve heard hasn’t hooked me. White Pony, Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan are all flawless.

  56. This is my current song obsession – great running song. …

  57. that’s better than the Deftones ones

  58. I haven’t heard too much about the manifesto. Howie Carr mentioned that it seemed awfully long for an 18 year old and the grammar and punctuation was unusually correct

  59. I spent a lot of time studying the cover of the Deftones “Around The Fur” CD cover.

  60. I’ve got two guys working on my roof and the dogs are serenading me.

    All. Day. Long.

    Noise canceling headphones are cutting the noise down a little bit but it’s getting old.

  61. twitter: you can order 8 more covid test kits, thanks to Brandon!

    And Hillary wants you to know it!

  62. Inamorata – a woman with whom you are in love or have an intimate relationship lover – a person who loves someone or is loved by someone adult female, woman – an adult female person

    In case you wondered. I did.

    Nice to have such an unashamedly hetero message.


  64. Deace breaking down 2000 mules

  65. Okay Jay, I’m ready to opine.

    I’ve never been much of a country fan, although there are some songs I like. I’ve made an effort to listen with a more open mind and not be reflexively anti-country, but still, that’s where I’m coming from.

    The remake is interesting because of the added verse – I like it. Musically it’s pretty flat. That’s not the point here, the point is to tell the story and not distract from it with the background music. But still, it’s a bit flat. The lady has a good voice.

  66. I liked it sung from a female perspective, and the added verse cemented that. I’ll bet a producer would get more vitality out of her.

  67. Last thing we need is to add Sweden and Norway onto the NATO welfare role. Guess they finally caught on that no one was paying their fair share except the sucker US.

  68. I never used to be a country fan either, but then all my rock stars began to attack me. So I listened to what the people like me had to say. And I liked a lot of it.

    The stories are a lot better in country. Glad they use guitars more, and not steel ones.

  69. Sounds almost like some sort of live version – energy wise, she has no place to go (that’s why it seems live maybe?)

    Does that make sense?

  70. I don’t really listen to music for what they have to say. Unless I’m offended.

    I walked into the gym today and the rap was turned waaay up with some song with repeated use of the N word.

    I put my headphones on and listened to Gojira for as long as I could.

  71. I am usually flommoxed by rap/etc fans. They appear to all use the same backing track – or maybe they switch it between a few. And I thought the strength was supposed to be in the beats.


    No redeeming value.

  72. never got into rap

  73. Ahhh, Hotspur, Hannity was NOT the kid who got all A’s.

    I don’t know if he went to college. There isn’t anything wrong with not going to college, but I think he was your average dumbass.

  74. twitter: Elon sees project veritas video

    Elon is playing twitter. He knows who PV is.

  75. Who the F cares what’s in that milk as look as you feel like a mom now.

  76. One thing I’ve learned the past few years – leftist will stand on dead bodies to make some political point. They won’t even wait for the bodies to get cold.

  77. They also don’t care how cold they are. How many causes of death has Beau been through at this point?

  78. Saturday Night is a great song.

  79. On the way home I looked at the signs at gas stations. Another week, another $.20 per gallon. Brandon thinks he’s winning.

  80. Elon is playing twitter. He knows who PV is.

    Yeah. I’m starting to get the vibe he’s going to walk away, but not until after he’s torched the place. Which would be well played, keeps his money and investors gather torches, pitchforks and form a lynch mob ready to hang the real fascists.

  81. Marsha Blackburn nails it : “they’re doing things to people, not for people.”

  82. I was wondering how he was going to deal with the fact that the whole company is an unprofitable den full of SJW vermin. How do you rehab and redirect a workforce full of furious saboteurs? Some people think the most crazy thing about that PV video is that the engineer says they’re all commies…but to me it was how little they actually work!

    Four hour days? If you’re not up to it, you don’t come to work? Some people drift off for a month then come back when they feel like it?

    Holeee shit!!!

    How much actual productive activity is taking place in there, and at what price in payroll? The fact that nobody’s job seems to be all that critical for day to day business functions is a huge tell. How do they pay for all this sloth?

    It looks more and more likely that the place runs on fraud. It has to.

  83. Not ever going to snack on those microwavable frozen chimichanga’s before going to bed again. Had bad gas all day, now I have the Hershey squirts.
    Sorry, but I had to share this experience.

  84. It would appear this is a LOT of fat to trim from Twitter. Little snowflakes basically have the mentality that they still live at home. Their boss is mommy and daddy.

  85. laura, that was a 4 hour WEEK, not a day

  86. The PV video seems to support what JD said about the bias being a business decision. Even CEO’s face difficulty when trying to go against the wishes of the rest of the BoD’s. Not excusing him, he could have gone public with what was going on, but a yuge paycheck does carry influence on the decisions one makes.

  87. must be nice to live in san fransicko. never have to work

  88. laura, that was a 4 hour WEEK, not a day

    I read that book!

  89. must be nice to live in san fransicko. never have to work

    Hippies figured that out 55 years ago.

  90. I am starting to believe Musk knew damn well the inside truth about Twitter–he’s neck deep in Big Tech, how could he NOT have heard? But naturally the only way to make a hit stick was to bring the goods out where the world can see them, because it’s just like they say, sunshine is truly the best disinfectant.

  91. ^ the flower children are now running that state. And it shows.

  92. Either they’d be forced to own up to the scam in discovery or there was no scam and he was buying a profitable company. It’s a no-lose situation, really.

  93. It’s why these outfits usually find ways to keep outsiders from “buying in” to the inner circle. Twitter got taken off guard; it’s also financially the weakest link, the easiest target. None of the other major players was vulnerable like Twitter.

    The question remains: Will the Twitter revelations carry over into the other major techno-oligarch outfits? I doubt it, but the seeds of doubt for social media may well take root. (And even for Google, which has diversified beyond the one thing but still remains stubbornly dependent on the numbers game for its power and wealth.)

  94. They seem to be desperately trying to avoid discovery, even have the democrat political machine hooking up to their wagon for pull. That in itself tells me what I need to know. My gut tells me Elon walks and hundreds, if not thousands of people have resume’s with a gaping hole in them.
    And as woke dies, explaining how that gaping hole is employment at Twitter makes future employment in the field a bit challenging.

  95. ^ I suppose they could pool their resources an build their own micro blog, like they forced DJT to.

  96. I can hear them now. ‘If an idiot like Trump can do it, why can’t we?’

    I wholly encourage them to invest everything they have in it, mortgage their homes, etc. to come up with the capital!

  97. It’s a no-lose situation, really.
    I saw a few tweets describing how he forfeited some right of review and how he could potentially be liable for billions if he backed out. I didn’t read them too closely because it sounded like lefty wishcasting and assumed Musk was recklessly risking his assets which sounded farfetched

  98. Jimbro, didn’t you know Twitter is teaming with corporate law experts, and Elon is just a rube that knows nothing about business law?

  99. ^ they’re f***ing scared for a reason. They don’t know how to be a one man wolf pack when they land in prison.

  100. Stephen Green has a great weekly column called Insanity Wrap (which he used to run several times weekly until last year) that lays it out pretty well

    The whole thing is great but if you want to focus on the twitter sitch just skip to that part

  101. ^ have you seen these people? It’s no wonder they’re trying to normalize preying on children. They’ll cry if you look at them the wrong way.

  102. If anyone remembers Ezra Kline’s “Jouno-list” they’d recognize the blue check at Twitter. It’s one and the same, only there had to be an illusion of balance to not expose the purpose. Nothing changed but the platform, and if you look at the timing it synch’s.

  103. Double masker at work showed up with a man-bun today. Because of course.

    I think I posted about my nephew’s ex-wife snaring another husband by getting knocked up. She got married in a WHITE maternity wedding dress. Six or seven months preggo. Kinda glad my mother isn’t around to see the 300 pics on Facedouche. (Mom never liked her.)

  104. I suppose they could pool their resources an build their own micro blog, like they forced DJT to.

    Not with their work ethic, they can’t.

  105. Not with their work ethic, they can’t.

    Channeling GW, “work is hard”, but not like your mother likes.

  106. ^ sorry, Mom, not mother. Just put cheese on my burger on the grill, didn’t have time to think about proof reading….like I ever do.

  107. Just curious. Anyone else noticed lower court judges leaning less left in their decisions since DJT corrected the Supreme?
    The “I won’t be popular in the clique” seems to have taken effect. We need to watch those people when job opportunities come up for them.

  108. ^ cancelling is wrong, don’t get the idea that I support it, but I didn’t start it and if the shoe you made fits you, wear it, motherf***er & don’t whine about it.

  109. Beacon cheese burger time, then shut the windows & blinds and toss her cat out. Catch y’all later.
    That’s a warning, not a promise. Have fun!

  110. Hello my lovelies.

    Wow, Memento is a pretty jacked up movie.

  111. I hope he meant bacon rather than beacon.

    I am enjoying the one kitten we kept. She is very cute and playful.

  112. Great memes today! 😊

  113. what channel to watch. Cannot watch Hannity any more

  114. “I supported Dr Oz in this one”


    McCormick in the lead, Barnette in 3rd with 27% in

  115. I’m with you, J’ames. I’m watching Emergency! reruns again, will keep tabs on Citizen Free Press or something.

  116. Wolfman Jack is in this one.

  117. ABC covering “election is stolen!” candidates. Pathetic

  118. They tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power!

  119. You know Leon, if someone posted pics or a short video of a cute playful kitten that is new to the world, many people’s lives would be improved immediately.

  120. now going over gun control, from Buffalo

  121. only a half hour and Sean is off

  122. during the pandemic, 45k died of gun violence!


    We’re dying!

    No wonder libs are scared all the time

  123. he was armed with high capacity tactical gear with a bushmaster and killed black people

  124. Fetterman’s wife gave the speech, now they are saying how tough He will be, lying in his hospital bed.

  125. Donna Lying Ass Brazile landed at ABC!

  126. Pence’s chief of staff is the token republican

  127. nice guys, those Ukrainians.

    Lets give them 40 billions!

  128. she’s down 9 points, watch Oz take it

  129. I’ll see what I can do.

  130. I hope Oz loses, but I expect he’ll win.

  131. I want Oz to lose. I think he’s lying about his abortion stance, and I want Grennell and Hannity to suck it.

  132. YouTube thought I would be interested in this for some reason. The first question is stupid. The second was fun to think through, and I came up with an answer that is mathematically sound.

  133. Oz is going to win.

  134. ‘night

  135. This is nice, we grew up in Portland. It was a beautiful place, then…

  136. Debates ended, referendums began.

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