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Dateline MI

It would seem that Carin has had enough of waiting for grandchildren. She has learned from Tushar to take the kids to court instead.

I like weird laws – it’s an indicator of the health of the legislative body. There’s a correlation of sorts.

-In Thailand, you can’t leave your house if you are not wearing underwear. Tucker Safety Act

-In Scotland, if someone knocks on your door and requires the use of your toilet, you must let them enter.

-In Japan the “Metabo Law” law requires men and women between the ages of 45 and 74 to have their waistlines examined once a year and seek medical treatment if they’re too fat.

-In Switzerland, flushing the toilet after 10 pm in an apartment building is illegal.

-Driving a dirty car is against the law in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk.

-In Melbourne, men are banned from dressing up like a woman.

-England prohibits people from dying in the House of Parliament.

-China it’s illegal for the Tibetan monks to reincarnate without the government’s permission.

-In Victoria, Australia, only a qualified electrician is allowed to change a light bulb. It’s illegal to change it yourself unless you are a qualified electrician.

-In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.

-In British Columbia, it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

-In the Philippines, you can be charged with the crime of “unjust vexation”.

-In Champagne, France, you can’t pee in your neighbor’s mouth.

-It’s a legal requirement to own a burial plot before you die in Sarpourenx, France.

-Running out of fuel on the Autobahn is illegal.

-In Switzerland, it is illegal for a man to relieve himself while standing up after 10pm.

-In Australia, it’s illegal to name any animal you plan to eat.

-In Cannes, France, it’s illegal to wear a Jerry Lewis mask..

-In York, it is legal to kill a Scotsman within the ancient city boundary, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow.

-In Portugal, it’s against the law to pee in the ocean.

-In Italy, anyone considered “obese” is forbidden from wearing polyester.

-In Indonesia, the punishment for masturbation is death by decapitation. (someone pass this on to Xbrad…)

-Africa and the Caribbean, wearing camouflage prints is a serious crime, and can be considered uniform forgery.

-Petrolia Ontario rule states that no yelling, shouting, whistling or singing is allowed at any time.

-Sri Lanka taking pictures with your back to the statues of the Buddhas is considered a great offense.

-Australia getting patrons too drunk at the pub is met with heavy fines.

and finally for mare…

-In Florida having sexual intercourse with a porcupine is illegal.



  1. Dolores always prefers payment in kind btw.

  2. Having some trees cut down around the latest iteration of casa d’monkey. A friend is letting me borrow a chipper.

  3. I see cut and paste from the phone doesn’t work so goodly

  4. That’s one humungous wood processor

    I bet your mom will be jealous

  5. jam’s is bigger

    wakey wakey

  6. Nice post! Interesting stuff. Interesting, silly stuff.

    Good morning. We got a big jerb in NY state today. Gonna be a long day.

  7. Well life is getting interesting.

    After not being able to tell us anything about a completion date on the home we’re building for 9 straight months, the builder sent an email and told us we’re closing in 30 days.


  8. That’s one humungous wood processor
    I bet your mom will be jealous

  9. Leftest honestly post shit about women dying of ectopic pregnancies and how Kavanaugh is going to be blamed for all of it.

  10. So … missing girl in Pontiac (my guess is a druggie on a bender, TBH) her “missing” poster features what is a highly filtered image.

    Blink blink

    Honestly some of these filtered pictures DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE YOU.

    How is someone supposed to recognize anyone from a filtered image?

  11. I was just invited to a house party. Does anyone have a good sangria recipe?

  12. Carin, at least one of those filter programs basically allows them to hack your phone. Of course, I have FB friends who are happily using the filter despite being warned.

    I’m sad this morning. Friend from college just got her 4th booster. She got the J&J first, and her horrible doctor convinced her that it didn’t work (because none of them work, derp) and that she needed the full Moderna vax, both shots, and now the Pfizer booster. She’s already had covid. At least she doesn’t have any kids, or she’d be lining them up to get multiple jabs.

  13. 1 pregnancy in 50 is ectopic. So we need to abort all of them?

    currently if they are dying, abortion is legal. Plus, is this late in pregnancy?

  14. sounds like my doc, roamy. at least my one word answers on the subject preclude any followup on the subject. Might be my resting bitch face when he says it, too.

  15. since when is Kavanaugh the tip of the spear on anti abortion?

  16. Bleeding from ectopic pregnancy causes 10% of all pregnancy-related deaths, and it’s the leading cause of first-trimester maternal death.

    Ok, now how many deaths is that?

  17. Double-vaxxed friend in VA, age 47, has a cataract.

    Probably nothing to do with it, just a weirdo one-off thing that happens sometimes, but I held my tongue either way.

  18. Anyone see the pics of the red sky in China?

  19. But literally NO ONe thinks ectopic pregnancies are viable. Cranks, perhaps. Complications from them are from undiagnosed.

  20. 1 pregnancy in 50 is ectopic.

    That sounds high. I’ve only known one woman who had one.

  21. I make great sangria

  22. Roamy’s numbers jive with mine

  23. Pretty sure that falls under “for the life of the mother”, too.

  24. I don’t think ectopic pregnancies would fall under abortion. Would that be safe to say, catholic H2ers?

  25. multiple sites with the 1 in 50. Some 1 in 40, and others 1 in 100.

    Maybe they mean self fixed too? aren’t some of those miscarriages?

  26. 1 box red wine. 2 packages Hawaiian punch kool aid. Sliced fruit.

    Dump in bowl. Done!

  27. Jay, no, an ectopic pregnancy wouldn’t fall under a forbidden abortion. Life of the mother and no chance of being born at all.

  28. so, non issue, like the rest of the stuff lefties complain about.

  29. That’s the whole reason I moved to Florida!!

  30. Tell me again how companies just have to start drilling, Peppermint Patty, you lying bitch? Now your gay minion can continue with your lies:

    Canceled leases in Alaska and Gulf of Mexico, amid high gas prices. They are TRYING to tank the economy.

  31. that’s a lefty site, so all the drooling lefty minions won’t automatically have an epileptic fit before reading it.

  32. 4th handmaid in that line is a dude.

  33. Do you know what I hate (besides everything in politics today)? Is the attempted gaslighting of the public by saying, “thank God I’ve had the 4th booster, I have covid and it’s like a cold but it would have been so much worse.”

    Hey, dumbass, eff off. No, seriously, eff the hell off.

  34. Okay, I’m not a snob, but if I’m a public figure and especially a supreme court justice, I’m living in a gated community with a guard at the gate. FFS, this is ridiculous.

  35. MJ, that puts you in a spot but I’m happy you’ll be in your beautiful home in 30 days.

    Good luck, sucker.

  36. I am ultimately glad I didn’t build, I just wish I hadn’t lost money on the land I bought and sold.

  37. We’ve built homes and the emotional roller coaster you go through with financing, selling your old home, paying for upgrades (up the ass), possible need for storing everything, change of closing, the punch list, getting the contractor back after he’s paid, yes, it’s all a pain but inevitably worth it if you enjoy the outcome.

    But it is a roller coaster.

  38. Wait, I am a snob, I’ve lived in 4 gated or guardhouse communities.

    But, come one, shouldn’t a target like a SC Justice live in an area easier to protect?

  39. Mare, they are easy to protect. This is deliberate non-enforcement.

  40. Jesse Kelly asked about using homemade formula. A doctor replied that it’s too dangerous. Not enough vitamins, could have a bad result.

    WTH did we do in the past? He said vast majority of women breast fed.

    You can’t win.

  41. Do you know what I hate (besides everything in politics today)? Is the attempted gaslighting of the public by saying, “thank God I’ve had the 4th booster, I have covid and it’s like a cold but it would have been so much worse.”

    It’s one of my favorite things ever.

    Thank god I used this condom, otherwise I would have gotten her all the way pregnant, not just a little.

  42. The mother-effing feds are opening an investigation on Elon Musk.

    Holy Shit, what obvious political warfare.

    Did they investigate Bezos when he bought the Washington Post?

  43. WTH did we do in the past? He said vast majority of women breast fed.

    You can’t win.


    Also, infant mortality rate was higher. If you don’t produce enough milk. you have to take meds you don’t want to transfer to the baby, you simply don’t want to, this whole shortage is manufactured bullshit and there is no effing way Biden could win an election again. NONE.

  44. Comment by leoncaruthers on May 12, 2022 10:48 am
    Mare, they are easy to protect. This is deliberate non-enforcement.


    Oh, I get that, but don’t you think that a justice with two brain cells would say, at this time in America, I need more protection for myself and my family, it’s just common sense.

  45. twitter: H2 cooking show

  46. At least she was wearing an apron

  47. water on a grease fire is always fun

  48. Those who think that America will inevitably have to break apart because the political divides are too wide…are correct.

  49. as long as I’m on the right side of the fence!

  50. Kathy Barnette up next on Deace

  51. i like how the govt is sending baby formula to the border, where none of those have ever used it, probably.

  52. I wish Rosetta was around to know we have a category named sissymaryrosettacunt.

  53. I was just invited to a house party. Does anyone have a good sangria recipe?

    Yeah, a bottle of Mount Gay Rum.

  54. According to the Babylon Bee, my life verse is Judges 3:31 –

    And after him was Shamgar the son of Anath, which slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad: and he also delivered Israel.

  55. Sobek’s POL

  56. But it is a roller coaster.

    Fucking builders are crooks.

  57. WTH did we do in the past?

    Well, I sort of feel that way too, but to be fair, the infant mortality rate prior to the early part of the last century was pretty high.

  58. Ted Cruz is on Team McCormick, the other opponent to Barnette

  59. Better than Grennel.

  60. fair point, HS. But how much of that is due to formula? Rather than ready access to hospitals.

  61. Who else thinks Psaki will bomb on MSDNC, because even democrats know she’s lying.

  62. twitter: Jesse Kelly from the top turnbuckle


  63. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 12, 2022 1:21 pm
    fair point, HS. But how much of that is due to formula? Rather than ready access to hospitals.


    Not the point. Some women don’t produce enough milk…wait WTF are we talking about this? The problem is the FDA (the government) being dumbasses again and we’re giving away 40 billion and we can’t get formula. It doesn’t matter the reason why we want or need it. This is America, if you want to use formula for your infant it should be available.

  64. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 12, 2022 1:21 pm
    fair point, HS. But how much of that is due to formula? Rather than ready access to hospitals.


    But to answer your question, poor nutrition, from being poor has always been an issue. If a mother has poor nutrition she may not make enough milk. Failure to thrive is caused by a few things one of them being babies not getting enough calories.

  65. “Sobek’s POL”


  66. I investigated a failure to thrive case once, where the provider thought growth hormones were a suitable substitute for actual food.

  67. Bro Choice, Bro Freedom

  68. Sobek, I don’t know how you did it. But I’m glad there are people like you who can investigate and not be wrecked by it all.

  69. Donald Trump’s POL pic

  70. there will be no press coverage at Brandon’s baby formula news conference.

  71. It makes no difference to a democrat whether we suck babies’ brains out or starve them to death.

    They aren’t worth a shit until they are old enough to vote anyway.

  72. Trump statement on Barnette

  73. It’s 88 degrees here.

  74. been 90 for 4 days now

  75. Mental illness.

  76. trans man is terrified of becoming a “forced incubator” because he’s a man with a uterus. And a vagina, I assume.

    Hey, here’s an idea. If you are “foching” a women – that isn’t going to get anyone pregnant. And if you’re a “gay man” – having sex the gay-male-way isn’t going to knock you up either. Really, go all in if you are a trans man. Enough of this fakery.

  77. Sounds like a lot of people who never learned about diversification

    Time to buy?

  78. why are you limiting options, bigot?


    you read that right. Kindergarten. Masturbation assignment.

  80. it’s at some really weird school founded by finnish immigrants, Namgis First Nation

  81. i like how the govt is sending baby formula to the border, where none of those have ever used it, probably.

    My take on it, it’s probably recalled formula that was in a government warehouse, bureaucrats refused to return it, so Brandon is now poisoning the kids Obama & Trump would have detained in cages.

    Wanna have fun? point out to lefties that Brandon is intentionally poisoning immigrant babies with recalled baby formulae. Trump was more humane using cages.

  82. the infant mortality rate prior to the early part of the last century was pretty high.

    Which may explain a lot of the societal idiosyncrasies we’re seeing these days.

  83. This story is from 2016

    In the intervening years I’m sure Big Formula knocked a lot of niño y niña off the tit

  84. In Tel Aviv tonight. Kinda quiet for a ‘party town’. I think it’s a bit tense over the ‘friendly fire’ shooting of an AL Jazeera reporter a couple days ago.

    Lots of cops/soldiers on the streets, but I think that’s normal for here.

  85. Nailed it. In Spanish.

  86. Nailed it.
    He must be one of those Spanish language disinformation purveyors that The Ministry Of Truth warned us about

  87. Univision is pretty D propaganda. They must be hearing from their viewers.

  88. Part of the Whitehouse solution to the baby formula shortage is to import more.
    Anyone else remember about 15 years ago, in China, one or more manufacturers were spiking formula with melamine to falsely raise the protein content, which led to a crap ton of infant deaths?
    If you think the FDA can walk into a facility in China and do an audit, unfettered, like they can here, you got another thing coming.

  89. I don’t know how the algorithms work but every time I go to Twitter I get a lot of suggestions to follow Dan Crenshaw. NO and stop suggesting it. He’s an attention whoring dick.

  90. Holy shit I’m not giving my grandchild formula from China.

  91. You used to want to make babies with Dan Crenshaw.

  92. Dan is a perfect example of why term limits are needed for both chambers as well as taking the $ out of politics. When he started out he was good, but D.C. is a toxic environment that affects all who dwell there too long. Sad what the place did to him

  93. Not ready to go to bed, but not feeling the late night club vibe (it’s 1 am here). Grabbed a couple of beers from the corner store, going to finish one of the geekier books I have on kindle from Ace’s book thread – ‘off to be the wizard’. Liking it so far.

  94. ^IIRC, the Chinese baby formula scandal had effects outside of China, at which time China was just entering global commerce, so it embarrassed the government. Quite a few people got marched out behind their facilities for the traditional bullet in the back of the head.

  95. Fly back to Chicago around 1 am tomorrow night, going to spend the day checking out beach talent while doing the ‘fitness circuit’. They have small workout stations up and down the boardwalk.

  96. Caught 30s of Hannity smearing Barnette on the way back from the grocery store. Thoroughly done with that ass.

  97. No Hannity for over 25 years. He annoyed me.

  98. I honest can’t recall a single original thought that Hannity has had in the last several years.

    The movement has passed him by. Gutfield, Clay Travis, Jesse Kelly and others have eclipsed him.

  99. Yeah, I mostly still have the Fox station for the local guy in the afternoons, I was just too late to the store today.

  100. Have VH1 on in the background, it’s ‘non-stop nostalgia! The ‘00’s!’

    I remember very little of this and have never seen most of the videos. I was busy in Iraq/Afghanistan for most of the decade, but I did listen to a lot of music over there.

    Guess it was my garage rock/ power pop phase.

  101. My current Spotify power pop playlist:

  102. LOL. Brandon is the only person that can beat Ronald Reagan in 2024

  103. Oz is a narcissistic pos. But orange man is a deal maker. He’s good at juggling over/under calls in order to advance his goals if even incrementally.
    PA voters are some odd mf’ers. (No offense Chief )
    Teh Trump may have the right of it.
    If Oz wins tho I’ll bet he will turn on the repubes within two weeks.

  104. Re Crenshaw – he was a shill from the start. Beck or sexton or someone did a pedigree on him.
    He was part of a Soros backed Young Progressive gang back in the day.

  105. Hannity and Colmes was a good show back in the day. As soon as I hear his voice now I change the channel.

  106. What’s her face in South Dakota lasted a grand total of two fucking days when we put her in DC in ‘10.
    I detest lying scumbags.

  107. At some point the pendulum will swing back to honesty.
    Even if it’s our ideologic enemy. … honesty is refreshing.
    This peppermint patti form of bold unapologetic lying is tedious.

  108. Mare – you didn’t bang a porcupine today didja?

  109. Does a furry chick in a Tails costume count?

  110. “”Greg Norman on Killing of Jamal Khashoggi: ‘We’ve All Made Mistakes’””

  111. Classic dick sucking.
    I wonder if Norman gave the sheik a nutsack shave before strokin it.


    (Imgur video with sound)

  113. Welp. I was right, that was a long day. We just got home from work. Holy sheeeeiiiit.

    Summer workload starting to ramp up.

  114. I had to pull a tick off HotBride’s left butt cheek today. And I’m still only pre-med.

  115. Why not two?

  116. Send it in, Hotspur. Lyme disease sucks less if you know sooner.

  117. We didn’t know to do that. It’s in the septic tank now. 😦

  118. If you really loved her, you’d go get it.

    Seriously though, iirc it takes a while, the tick has to be on the victim sunk into their flesh and really chewing on you for hours before Lyme gets transmitted.

    But there’s lots of other tick borne ickies. Keep an eye on the area and if she shows redness, a rash or a bull’s eye, get to the doc for some antibiotics.

  119. Evenin’

  120. Now you’re scaring me. But will do.

  121. Check her butt often.

  122. Trust Scott, he’s pre-med.

  123. Sorry to spook, I just watched a Survivorman director’s commentary where he talked about African ticks not scaring him, but any tick in North America he saves and gets tested. Our hayfield is pretty tall at the moment so I immediately thought of our little one.

  124. Everyone is.

  125. Except Jimbro.

  126. I don’t remember who, but someone called Hannity a poor man’s Rush. Not even that any more.

  127. Deborah’s extremities remained paralyzed.

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