2. Great memes, Pups!!!

  3. That bookcase chair looks more functional than comfortable

  4. I enjoyed that dog challenging me to a dance off.

    If only I could dance, I’d kick his ass. Well, probably not.

  5. Paula is off doing this today

    It’s at Bowdoin College, home of the Polar Bears hence the name. Just a short one in preparation for the bigger one she’s doing later this year

  6. Most of the dog memes apply to my pack and I found myself looking at my motley crew wanting to share the meme but just simply scratching behind their ears when I refilled my coffee instead

  7. Ben is working this morning and then doing a flight around 5 different airports in Maine with his instructor as prep for his check flight.

    I asked him about fuel for the flight and whether he’d need any. He said only if the tank got below a certain level it would be needed as a safety measure. Then he volunteered the info that Avgas is above $9 per gallon!

  8. There’s a lot of extra redness on that milky white thigh where the dagger was held by her garter. Something tells me there’s more to that story than a simple picture can explain

  9. I’d like to ask Leon about that hanging bar thingy he showed a pic of last night. Like what are the other parts of it for.

    Also, I don’t get the one with the ‘check on your friends’ welding thing with the big…whatever that thing is.

  10. Wakey wakey

    I have a bar that hangs on a doorframe. Works just fine.

  11. Basic model but they make fancier.
    pull up bar doorway Heavy Duty chin up bar trainer for Home gym doorway pull up bar or dip bar – up to 32″ door

  12. That’s really all I need. I’m not going to be doing dips or whatever.

  13. The horizontal bars at waist height are for dips.

  14. I had a door bar but no doorway in the old house liked it.

  15. There are different sizes and fancier ones for more money (but less than the one Leon has). Some are adjustable, etc.

  16. You can do dips on a bench/chair etc.

  17. I’ve seen too many gifs and videos of that doorway bar failing. Also the standard door is 36″ wide I believe. Have you considered installing a stripper pole?

  18. I just want to hang for a minute here and there. Maybe swing. That’s it.

  19. Also, I don’t get the one with the ‘check on your friends’ welding thing with the big…whatever that thing is.

    It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the killdozer guy, who destroyed his town with an armored bulldozer. Had a beef with the city and the local powers that were screwing him over permitting, zoning, started out when he bought a property at auction that some other person wanted to buy, that other person was a friend and crony with the mayor and local power brokers.

  20. I’ve got one of the doorway hanging bars. All I can really use it for are neutral and underhand pullups. The one door in the house where it isn’t a nuisance is narrow enough that I can’t get an overhand grip.

    Check on your friends is the Killdozer.

  21. It’s true. I’ve been hiding my true identity as a pogo sapiens for years.

  22. (Hostages cue up the furry jokes I just walked into in 3…2…1…)
    (No goddammit I’m not a furry)

  23. I do not recommend swinging on a doorgym. Many a viral video has come of this.

  24. Didn’t Joshua Chamberlain teach at Bowdoin?

    (Too lazy to look it up.)

  25. Yes he did

  26. Not kidding, Hunter Biden’s password was analf**k69.

    It’s not possible for this guy to be more disgusting.

  27. *furtively resets WordPress password*

  28. Not very secure. Would have been my 3rd guess I think.

  29. “*furtively resets WordPress password*”


  30. Hey guess what! I finished the music post that I started almost a month ago!

  31. Just got word from Paula after the race. Her initial report was “Felt good, no muscle cramps, no mud butt, don’t have times yet”.

    Then 20 minutes later a printout of her time/place which are preliminary since people are still finishing due to a staggered swim start.

  32. Laura isn’t at revolution level yet, if killdozer didn’t land

  33. time for tasty tacos

  34. Had a dream Kim Jung Un was groping Jaqueline Bisset on an airplane or train (long tube with passengers anyway) and nobody would do or say anything and she was outraged. Then Vladimir Putin stood up and punched Un in the face. Un tried to fight back but Vlad decked him again and he was out cold. That probably started WWIII or something but I don’t remember anything else.


  35. Celebrating Siete de Mayo?

  36. Someone get Mitch a taco, he’s hypoglycemic!

  37. No idea what this is about. Pray for Oso to know

    Skip to 2:55 for the stripper pole scene which seems oddly out of place with the rest of the video but may in fact make perfect sense.

  38. So, why do lesbians jack off with plastic dicks?

    That seems like a valid question for the gender identity crowd.

  39. Because metal dicks take too long to warm up.

  40. Wood dicks cause splinters

  41. Sometimes they use glass or silicone.

  42. or a member of the cucurbita family

  43. “member”

  44. Oy. 26-year-old son of my dad’s neighbor dropped dead of a heart attack this week. Maybe it wasn’t the vax, I don’t know his status, but that doesn’t seem normal at all.

    May I say thank you again to all the Hostages who convinced me (and by extension Mr. RFH and Mini-me) that this vax was bad shit.

  45. Was it you who also mentioned a 32 yo who died after a heart attack? Same guy or different one? Either way, too young


  47. Hey guess what! I finished the music post that I started almost a month ago!

    How are ya feeling there sport?

  48. “How are ya feeling there sport?”

    Annoyed that I have to work from home when I’m clearly not sick

  49. Well I for one welcome our new Science-Based Overlords.

  50. I’m clearly not sick
    That’s debatable. Oh wait, you’re not Hotspur.

  51. I received the annual JNJ pension funding report in the mail today. Went to the website and used the calculator. If I start drawing it in January I’m only down a little under $400 a month opposed to waiting until mid 2028 to draw the maximum I could receive. What I’d get drawing in January would easily make payments on a new truck w/o impacting my take home from work. Current mental state, I don’t know that I’ll be around in 2028, decisions, decisions…


  53. Lizard count +3

  54. When you described your mustang, it sounded too nice to be a daily driver, Dave. But yet, I wonder if driving it makes you happy? I’ve got a POS project car that makes me giggle like a school girl, even though it is unpractical and kind of risky to drive.

  55. Had someone stop & ask about the ’66. Told him it’s my retirement project and not for sale. He seemed dejected as he walked away. I should have also told him it only needs some minor cosmetic work, fresh paint and it’s fuel economy isn’t measured in miles per gallon, but instead is measured in gallons per mile, that’s why it’s always sitting there.

  56. Holley 850 double pumper with mechanical secondary’s. Seems a bit big for a 408 cid engine, but I’ve tried a 650 and 750, wouldn’t run right with either.

  57. Pup, I don’t have a picture of it on this laptop, have one on my laptop at work. If I remember to Monday, I’ll post that picture.

  58. I’d like that Dave.

  59. When I think of Lara Logan I don’t think of her as depicted next to Kyle. I will now.

  60. Laura is a dish

  61. Woodchuck cunt +1

  62. count

  63. I’ve never seen or thought about woodchuck cunt.

    Now you are.

  64. Uh Hotspur…if autocorrect came up with “cunt” for you….

  65. Um, guys….

    Elon Musk is planning to fire 1,000 staffers at Twitter as soon as his purchase of the social media platform is complete.

    It’s believed he will fire many of the firm’s woke staff following the transfer of ownership which will take around six months, after which Musk is likely to wield the ax.

    But then within the next three years, Musk anticipates making thousands of new hires, swelling the ranks to around 11,000 employees, up from 7,500 currently.

    Much of the new talent is likely to be in the field of engineering. [emphasis me]

    Polish those resumes!!

    I can’t think of a better way to de-wokify a place. Engineers are brutally pragmatic, woke culture must necessarily die anyplace their population is high enough.

  66. Lucky for Twitter staff they’re located in California, the state will take care of them.

  67. … envisioning former Twitter employees, current box wine winos dropping trou & pooping in Elon’s driveway.

  68. Perhaps I’m getting my hopes up too high. For Twitter employees this must seem like the movie “Trading Places” in real life for them, only without the happy ending.

  69. Jimbro, yes, that was my neighbor here.

  70. Mr. RFH’s co-worker passed on Thursday, but that was a long battle with ALS and a relief at the end, poor man.

  71. Different neighbor just finished restoring a 1957 Chevy Bel Air and was driving it around the neighborhood. I waved at him to stop and show it off when I was getting the mail. Sweet car.

  72. I’m not sure I’m up to a Musk job. I hear he’s very generous but has very high expectations. Maybe when I was 30, but I’m not sure I want to work that hard at anything I don’t really love doing, and I don’t love computer work as much as I used to.

  73. that was a long battle with ALS and a relief at the end, poor man.
    I get what you’re saying, but if he has a surviving spouse someone else’s life just became a living hell. Prayers for all.

  74. if you feel that your “community” is marginalized, perhaps before blaming everyone around you, you should ask yourself if you or members of your community have alienated those in other communities and brought it upon yourselves.

  75. 40+ years of affirmative action and French kisses in your ass from the federal government, Barak Obama takes office and now you want reparations for things that likely never happened to your personal ascendants, your pigmentation makes you entitled to them? No. Grow up.

  76. ^ not you, Mare. I think you got it.

  77. Yikes! just went out to the kitchen to get stuff ready for dinner. Looked down in the veggie drawers and holy cow there’s a lot of stuff I forgot about.
    Looks like tomorrow’s priority is a trash bag & getting the bleach out to scrub the inside of the refrigerator out….

  78. Mare, I first saw Chet when he was giving updates about his parents during their COVID quarantine. Then, I found out he was a rapper that appropriated black/Jamaican culture. He makes me laugh.

  79. Oso, I sure like his stance on Covid…and not apologizing.

  80. Me, dos

  81. Big squishy hugs, Romacita. Will you be carrying to Mass tomorrow? 🤪

  82. Horses gotta run…

  83. My second favorite take on the reversal of Roe is “men will become pro-choice once hook-up culture goes away!” Wait, didn’t you just say we’re all trying to impose Christian sharia? In what way is “we’re not gonna have extra-marital sex anymore” a threat to what you assume about us?

  84. Wow. Rich Strike was all FU.

  85. “we’re not gonna have extra-marital sex anymore”

    Wait, there’s extra?

  86. Hey, there’s a Holz tweet in TWIP…is that *our* Holz?

  87. Wait, there’s extra?

    Twofer Tuesday’s. She probably just forgot to tell you.

  88. “Wait, there’s extra?”

    If you treat her right. Try washing the dishes without being asked. It’s nature’s aphrodisiac.

  89. 💩Now I have to check on our Holz who is all Twitter all the time. Along with Wiser and Texas Jew. Lately, PJ

  90. Yep. That was our Holz.

  91. If there is going to be massive inflation, does it make sense to borrow, use the money to buy some kind of durable commodity, and then eventually pay back the loan with inflated garbage dollars?

  92. Are you guys buying precious metals?

  93. Just in the form of orange-painted tractor.

  94. Put everything into forever stamps.

  95. Lately it’s been collectible coins now and then, not strictly bullion. I picked up a modest store of bullion (junk silver, gold and silver eagles) a good many years ago. My coin dealer has had me as a customer for close to 20 years and gives me a fair deal. He’s making money as the middleman of course, just not as much as he’d charge an infrequent buyer

  96. holz?

  97. Dayton, OH represent at the HQ

  98. Herr morgenholz? Am I spelling that right?

  99. oh is that him? wow

  100. I don’t know, I’m asking.

  101. aaaanyway g’night

  102. Went to the local bank the other day, to put the ‘new’ title to my ‘totaled’ Subaru in the safe deposit box. “Let me get that out for you. It seems to be stuck.”
    ME: “I’ll get it.”
    There’s 30lbs of silver one ox rounds in there that I bought at $5. The box is a little heavy…

  103. Dominic entirely rejected Presbyterians.

  104. Comment by lumps on May 7, 2022 7:19 pm
    Hey, there’s a Holz tweet in TWIP…is that *our* Holz?


    What is TWIP? And who is Holz?

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