Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Your model for today was borMarch 17th, 1998 in Winnetka, Illinois, USA. She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 40 – 25 – 35 and 128 lbs. Please grab a snack for Miss Anna Kocnahius.


  1. Hummuna-hummuna

  2. Too many slut tats. Wouldn’t touch with a 39 1/2foot pole.

  3. Anotha contenda

  4. Comment by PepeLp on May 5, 2022 10:25 pm

    Ugh, why is it that most shows are 50% low light scenes, especially the action scenes. Half the time I can’t tell WTF is going on.
    I hate that too. Can’t tell you the number of supposedly great movies, loved by others, that failed to win me over due to that.

  5. My TCM connection is gone with Paula turning off YouTube TV which I agreed to since we hardly watched it. We’ll figure something out before the next football season. It may involve getting a better antenna to watch over the air games and skipping the rest which is okay by me.

  6. Her tattoos look like old school Sailor Jerry stuff.

    I’d pet her bunny regardless of the tats.

  7. Today’s musical selection is a happy tune. Makes me happy, anyway.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. I retweeted my one lone tweet and got suspended from Twitter.

  10. 8/10 would smash

  11. News just gets worse and worse every day.

    But protesting is cool again, so we have that going for us.

  12. Have you all seen the video of George Bush on a zoom call with Zelensky?

    If you don’t already think he’s an effing asshole douche you will.

    He calls Zelensky the Winston Churchill of our time


  13. aww I missed mjs tweet

  14. They want to be sad and pathetic? That image may be … inviting (to some demographic) when you’re in your 20’s. Maybe a few years into your 30s. Then you hit a fucking wall of misery and loneliness. that’s when they become bitter and mean.

  15. GHW Bush is a tool. He flirted briefly with greatest after 9/11 and then everything went to the shitter.

  16. He’s the classic example of what I’m always trying to tell people: class distinctions kill us, not race or gender or whatever flavor they’re selling.

    Bush would have been a middle manager somewhere if not for his pedigree.

  17. Bush would have been a middle manager somewhere if not for his pedigree.



  18. plus the left overshot when they tried to ruin him. let him use his middling career in the air guard to prop himself up with his base. Those throbbing memos made him president.

  19. Stacy Abrams is a millionaire.

    $6,000,000 in book deals and she gets $50,000 – $100,000 per speech.

  20. Bill Maher speaking up, Chapelle getting attacked, people waking up, and Tulsi making more sense (twitter)

  21. Lord Andrew Lindsay
    She the real Obama.

  22. Whoops lol that was for school.

    I meant Stacy Abrams is the real Obama

  23. If you join this org, you get a 20% discount on new Kubotas. There’s a limit on how much spam and junk mail I can tolerate, but for that much money, it’s not a low limit.

  24. 20% is 20%

    Sign up with a new email address for that account only

  25. They need a physical address. It’s fine, for $5k off on a tractor I’ll be a card-carrying cowboy with no cows.

  26. 20% for the “big” guy!

  27. does bugmenot addresses work for email? at least then it would cut down on spam

  28. So far: 1 email telling me my membership application had been received.

  29. I like this one best as a brunette. Would be better without the tats. Still an excellent addition to the ranks.

  30. I have almost never seen hair color change improve a woman’s looks. At best neutral.

  31. Shorts in the woods is her best look.

  32. She’s icky-gross and looks smelly. The Hell is wrong with you guys today.

  33. First picture is her best

  34. laura, you’re looking at your hump again

  35. The scent of boob sweat is not as off-putting to us as it is to you, Lumpy.

  36. I will admit that she looks, shall we say, inexpensive.

    But I’ve eaten Hot Pockets without shame before, too.

  37. Mmmmmm hot pocket.

  38. I like the color of Jen Psaki’s hair.

    Don’t judge me.

  39. Bush endorsing Zelensky as “the new Churchill” has all the same feel as when Catholic mainstream media was pushing Fr Robert Barron as “the new Fulton Sheen”.

    I know that’s some serious inside baseball, but the gist is that it should inspire a LOT of skepticism.

  40. twitter: losing weight is transphobic

    you know what else is transphobic? diabetes, joint damage, heart disease, etc

  41. sorry, fatphobic

  42. I like the color of Jen Psaki’s hair.
    Me too.

  43. I had a veggie muffin and a bowl full of cheese covered broken pretzel pieces.

    The pretzel companies sell you their breakage covered in flavor dust. It’s genius.

  44. I haven’t had a good soft pretzel in forever. Wonder if we still have a place around here that has ’em.

  45. I have almost never seen hair color change improve a woman’s looks.

    Brown to dark auburn, dark auburn to light auburn, light auburn to ginger, ginger to a tasteful red are all upgrades that I will fight you over.

  46. At best neutral, but I take your point.

    Do we agree that brown to blonde pretty much never works?

  47. Ok, I just saw the weirdest thing on comedy central.

    Everyone wants to be mad about something. Now it’s asian American women. Some duo called “Yellow Rage” and their “work of art” “Still Too Much”.

    I can’t find that fine bit of performance online currently, but here’s a bit from last year.

  48. Basically two really angry Asian women who appear to be upset about … everything. And you’re all racists for … everything and they hate you.

    I think that about covers everything.

  49. I’d lay down a Benjamin that neither of them date Asian men.

  50. Me too.

    Yeah, but I like the color of Jen Psaki’s hair without jizm in it.

  51. Oh lawdie, I made it through a minute of that poetry slam thing but only because I was reading the comments which, much to my surprise, were all supportive of their crap.

    neither of them date Asian men

    I’d wager they’re allergic to the D

  52. Ok, I have a story for you guys. You’re going to be super jealous, because … well, here it is.

    I’m talking to Ethan – who is flying to Florida today. He’s kind of excited to go looking for alligators. Then he asks me about crocodiles, and we discuss whether or not they exist in Florida. Then he says …


    Sit down.

    “What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? I think I read about it once ….”

    Well … never in my life has such a moment been delivered to me. Perfect set up. I actually was thinking to myself as I started the delivery — was I really going to make this horrible dad joke? But I couldn’t NOT do it. I was compelled.

    He was a bit angry with me after I made the obvious joke. But I explained to him he put it RIGHT THERE – with a BOW for me. Never does such a thing happen.

    I could go to bed now, because I think I’ve peaked for the day.

  53. He forgave me and said he understood.

  54. The “commercial” or whatever it is on comedy central is … really angry. Perhaps its brand new, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Basically, they hate everyone for assuming they know anything about being asian – or even having read or done anything asian-ish (fuck you, cultural appropriators) . If you’ve ever read an Amy Tan book – FUCK YOU.

    It’s got a weird vibe. For being proud of being asian, they certainly are pissed off about a lot of stuff.


    I wonder who is paying who at his new job?

  56. I’m assuming it was this one

    Take a bow (just not near the chipper)

  57. That’s the one. Chances that you will actually be asked that question w/o any prodding/set up anytime in your life? Never zero, but pretty close.

  58. So, ethan arrives in florida at 10:45 pm.

    Exactly how is he getting to the base, finding a room for the night, etc?

    I have questions. I think I see a rough night for that boy.

  59. So Les Stroud is doing this thing where he watches his old Survivorman episodes as a livestream and does commentary the whole way through.

    Some of the shots he takes at Bear Grills are fucking hilarious.

  60. twitter: panicking about lack of baby formula?

    not everything has to be premade for you

  61. How do you know if you’re an asshole parent out to prove something?

  62. Kill your children then kill yourselves.

  63. remember the scrunt who posted idiotic things on twitter, amanda duarte who deleted her account after everyone dragged her?

    Who is Amanda Duarte?
    Amanda Duarte is a writer and performer based in New York. She started out as an actor in San Francisco and transitioned into writing when she moved to the Big Apple after finding the acting industry hard to break into.

    A blue check who would starve if she had to do something productive in society to get a meal.

  64. make sure to get your whole head in front of the shotgun

  65. “But I couldn’t NOT do it. I was compelled.”

    You did the right thing, Car in, and I will defend you to the death on that point.

  66. “More white women have abortions …”

    Yeah, by total numbers. Now do percentages.

  67. Amanda doesn’t know how math works.

  68. Plus she’s a racist.

  69. maybe if some of these bubble dwellers had to exist in actual society their outlook would change just a bit

  70. 6 year old marathoners are the same as vegan cats and 5 year old transgenders … as the tweet someone posted yesterday says, we all know who’s running things

  71. I’m not a Demolition Man but this doesn’t look like a propane leak gone bad

  72. Not a good look.

  73. More BS.

  74. “Putting faith in Republicans to do Anything, puts a huge strain on my hope muscle.”

  75. not surprised, re: FBI agents

  76. Brandon Straka didn’t enter the capital either, but he’s got probation and community service. He lost his audience too. It’s not about violations, it’s about control.

  77. amazon prime has them too, with different images

  78. twitter: stop stealing black culture, racists!

    MSDNC is a joke

  79. “Many other Republican members of Congress — from Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas — have also made comparisons between the Jan. 6 rioters and the 2020 protesters, essentially placing the causes of anti-Black fascism (what Jan. 6 was about) and antiracism (what the 2020 protests were about) on the same plane. Here, the GOP is trying to appropriate the valor of righteous, pro-Black protest and assign it to mostly-white insurrectionists. ”

    Rioters – protestors

    Antiracism versus anti-black fascism.

  80. Noteworthy but I forgot to note it:

    Sales guy at the tractor dealer agreed with our decision to finance rather than pay cash, since WW3 was about to start and we might not end up owing anyone anyhow, and it would leave us more cash for ammo. He was joking but not really, we both laughed but it wasn’t funny.

    That was 2 days ago. Given the bragging about US intel, a nuke hitting DC on Mother’s day would surprise me not at all.

  81. The Band of Brothers sequel, titled Masters of the Air, will follow the story of the US Army Air Forces’ Eighth Air Force, a group of bombers who served in World War II. Filming has since wrapped on the project, which stars Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Barry Keoghan and Anthony Boyle, among others.

  82. Pupster, I finally listened to the song, good one!

    You must have linked another Turnpike Troubadours song in the past because I was subscribed to their channel already and I had zero name recognition when I saw it.

  83. I don’t think there will be war. People won’t be able to wrap their heads around it.

    But sending them aid and bragging about killing Russians is so unbelievably dumb only Biden would think its a good idea. Word as a Biden.

  84. Wife got a robocall from the base this morning asking her to show up for an “EXERCISE” if she was able. We’re fertilizing the hayfield tomorrow so she opted out, but that struck me as ominous for a sudden call to report on Mother’s Day weekend.

  85. MJ, I hope you’re right, but the Woodrow Wilson playbook says a world war is a fine time to dramatically expand government power.

  86. Have you seen this Jay?

  87. Mike Adams/Health Ranger is convinced NATO/US is going into Ukraine in June. He does talk up a lot of things that never happen and isn’t afraid of a little hyperbole but it made me wonder

  88. I’m genuinely sorta worried that I’m going to regret not getting the little tractor that was on the lot. Might have been my only chance.

    And I should print out the biodiesel refining instructions just in case.

  89. “I don’t think there will be war. People won’t be able to wrap their heads around it.”

    It certainly will cut into the agenda of the left. hard to drum up sympathy for the oppressed when so many evil white people are out fighting “for democracy.”

    “But sending them aid and bragging about killing Russians is so unbelievably dumb only Biden would think its a good idea. Word as a Biden.”

    SO unbelievably stupid. I can’t even.

  90. I have seen it. It’s good, but it’s not Band of Brothers good.

  91. I don’t think there will be war. People won’t be able to wrap their heads around it.

    Rooskis get a vote, too. I get the feeling we’re about to find out just how prepared for surprise nuclear attack. (SPOILER: We are probably not prepared for surprise nuclear attack.)

  92. I seriously doubt there will be war, They knew we were aiding the Afghani’s. But Putin wasn’t in charge back then.

  93. Huh, who would have seen that coming?

    twitter: Megaton McCain’s book release flops

  94. The IC wants a war, the Junta wants a war. Why does anyone think they won’t get what they want here? The only thing stopping it at this point is Putin’s seeming forbearance.

  95. And in even happier news, the Trump Vaccines gave everyone cancer.

  96. Friend of mine texted me about the J&J being put on hold and I replied that it was only a matter of time before the term “Trump Vaccine” was used.

  97. The annual peak and trough of cancer deaths is what stood out to me from that graph aside from the big increase at the end. I would have never guessed there was that much of a cyclical rise and fall in cancer deaths.

  98. Anyone know what happened to The Daley Gator? Looks like Wordpuss tossed it, never really saw anything there that might be over the top.

  99. Has the FBI had a good look? I mean since Ephram Zimbolist Jr.?

  100. Why are we just talking about the J&J vaccine when Pfizer’s own data tell us it’s own vaccine was a shit show?

    Wasn’t the J&J the only non-mRNA?

    This appears to be a Pfizer hit piece on Johnson and Johnson.

  101. I used to work for JNJ, they make crap products too. It’s credo sounds great but starting about the time Bill Weldon met with Obama things started getting a little wonky, accountants were making the major decisions instead of marketing and product development. As long as they’re making money no one will care, but the company isn’t what it used to be.

  102. Put in dozens of J&J knees as a resident, none in practice

  103. i dont wanna make pizza, ugh

  104. dozens

    Just how many do you think you have replaced?

  105. She’s icky-gross and looks smelly. The Hell is wrong with you guys today.

    (Imgur video with sound)

  106. I was 13 years in patient specific products, then 2 years in NPI, then a few months in R&D Jimbro. I can tell you for sure if it wasn’t for the floor personnel that actually made the products the quality would have fallen off far sooner than it did. As for knees, Attune revision was the last project I worked on in NPI. I had it running swimmingly until they decided to transfer excess demand to Cork Ireland where they couldn’t match the quality, rates and low scrap/rework, so they sent someone from Cork to Warsaw to correct that problem.

  107. will follow the story of the US Army Air Forces’ Eighth Air Force

    So yet again, the B24s did all of the work and the B17s get all of the glory.

    Maybe they ought to make a movie about the 15th and tell something new and truthful for a change.

  108. ^ I think the real issue with Attune was that the geniuses in the E.U. decided the edit button on the CNC machines needed to be disabled to prevent machine operators from correcting tapers without an ECO being submitted, generally takes 2 or 3 days to push one through in a hurry, so I mapped a few custom macro variables into the tool offset page of the machine control enabling the operators to adjust as they needed. Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something, I’ll prove you wrong every time.

  109. Quick question. If we’re at the point to safely lift Title 42 shouldn’t we also be at the point to lift the graces allowing for not paying back student loans?
    Jobs are available, all those with loans have to do is take one…My first job wasn’t in the field of my study, but I paid my bills. Why can’t precious snowflakes do the same?

  110. Face good. Tits amazing. Tats gross. Net DQ. Not a contender. Why do great looking chicks disfigure themselves so?

  111. Hey Pup, nice choice today. Agree with MJ, however if she didn’t have the ink I’d call it 9/10 and would smash.

  112. Just how many do you think you have replaced?
    Over the course of all my training, including med school ortho rotations, internship and residency, I scrubbed on over 300 total joints (hip, knee, shoulder). That’s a conservative estimate and doesn’t include hemiarthroplasties for hip fractures in the elderly (about 100 of them). The higher up the ladder you were in your training the more of the case you did. Example: as a student you held the leg and cut sutures either too short or too long depending on the attending’s mood that day and as a senior resident you pretty much did the case while frequently looking at the attending to get a nod or grunt of approval or disapproval as it progressed.

    For a procedure I did so much of in training I did precisely zero in practice.

  113. Heh. Sold more copies than Dr Jill. Agree with lumps.

  114. On Fox right now, a crap ton of clips of liberal women complaining about the SCOTUS leak.
    My parting question, if you’re so opposed to having the baby, why’d you fuck him in the first place?
    What they pounded into our heads on a daily basis in the pen is actions always have consequences and you’re here to deal with those consequences. If you don’t like consequences, don’t take the actions.

  115. DNH, backup site: “”

  116. I trained in the dark ages of residency where you stayed until the work was done and took call every third night. It got easier over the last couple of years as you got more senior and during the 4th year there were two super easy blocks that were each 3 months long. We went to a place called the Massachusetts Hospital School which was a state institution for kids with chronic conditions like cerebral palsy, spina bifida and others

    I guess they renamed it after my old chief after he died. In its heyday it had two fully functioning operating rooms and they actually did surgery there. The goal of every resident was to try and find a kid who needed surgery and to get it done there which was an awful waste of resources but a huge bragging point amongst your peers. That rotation happened for me right after my brother died so I was barely functioning myself. I’d see the kids in clinics in the morning and then walk the grounds of the hospital thinking thoughts until I said fukkit and went home.

  117. Thx Pepe!

  118. Hang onto your saddle horns, on Business right now, prediction that the shit storm hits in 2023, S&P drops 20% from peak to trough. Put off any retirement plans you might have had for the next year or two unless you hit the lottery.

  119. Saturday night

  120. Mare, J&J was not mRNA, but it brings a piece of viral
    DNA into your cell and still causes your body to manufacture the spike protein.

    Same action, different delivery. No difference in my view. It makes you produce a dangerous substance that can be lethal depending on where the injection traveled to in the body or on your individual susceptibility to it.

  121. Her arm looks like a doodle pad.

    In other news I made it to the landing pad. Now we wait for our new home to get built…sometime around the end of summer.

  122. Yeah, the real issue is the spike protein. It’s the warhead in the real virus… and it’s in every ‘vaccine’ so far.

  123. On a recommendation from someone on my Catholic discord, I’m trying to read Lumen Gentium. I’m trying, really, but I’m getting absolutely nothing out of it.

  124. I’m getting something out of the gainzzzz videos Ace posted. The deep squat and hanging from a branch…these are movements of our childhood that are so good for our bodies and kind of transcend formal exercise. They work the whole body in the most natural way. I just hung from the door molding in the kitchen for only about 15 seconds and it felt really good. Dr. John Kirsch wrote a book about it, it actually reshapes and repairs the shoulder joint. My shoulders have been jacked for years, I should get a bar of some kind to install in the spare room for this activity.

  125. I have one of these that I love, Lumps.

  126. TMI3rd was audited for being a COB, I didn’t realize the extent of the BS

  127. Cool clothes dryer.

  128. That has gotta be the worst tattoo of Elvis Presley I’ve ever seen. But hey, she’s got a 40-inch rack, so I’d give her a roll in the ol’ doublewide.

  129. I have only dried clothes on it after using it to get very sweaty, Scott. It’s less than a hundred bucks and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of mine. Just suggesting an option.

  130. ah, west coast baseball, so late!

  131. Sorry, Pupster, both the Easter egg model and the BBF are gross. A schwing and a miss.

  132. **leaves a squishy hug and a Diet Dr Pepper for Sean**

  133. Thanks, roamy!

    Devastating earthquakes rattled Patagonia.

  134. Watching hockey. Pens win. Today sucked

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