Hold Meme


  1. -chirp-

  2. I’ve been up for an hour and now I’m jacked up on coffee and pup’s memes.

  3. I made it to 0500 today before Ollie and Rowan woke me. Rowan is a gentleman, he’ll sit by the bed and poke his cold nose on your face to say, “It’s a new day dude, I’m hungry and could use a pee”. Ollie is more of a sit on you, lick your face with his dog-breath tongue and chew on your finger kind of dog.

  4. Pin up cats outnumbered possums today

  5. And Me! Tick was alternately funny and horrifying at the same time.

    I hate frickin’ ticks. I don’t mind giving a little blood to complete the life cycle but the whole disease thing skeeves me out. Same with skeeters. Leeches, AFAIK, don’t carry any common diseases although I’m sure they do if I actually browsed the internet to find out. Leeches are relatively easy to avoid in comparison with ticks and mosquitoes too, so there’s that.

    We were over run with ticks last year, hopefully conditions for a tick explosion weren’t replicated this year.

  6. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/13416474/

    Hog cholera virus
    Myxoma virus

    Both of those sound like fake diseases so I’m not gonna worry too much unless I start hanging out with rabbits and swine

  7. I’m at roughly the halfway point of my temporary bachelor status. The dogs and I seem to be surviving okay. Meal selection has been uninspiring but we’ve got enough reserves that it’s not a problem.

    A nurse colleague of Paula has a sibling hiking the Appalachian Trail, GA to ME, and she planned to hike the first bit of the trail with their group and asked P if she wanted to join them. One of the reasons I love my wife is her enthusiasm for trying out new adventures (SYWM). She watched hours of videos over the winter and learned how experienced hikers geared up and hiked the trail.

    It involved more than $20 of new gear.

  8. Wouldn’t have the tick thing if there were more possums. Just sayin’.

  9. https://pagesix.com/2022/04/22/victorias-secrets-first-male-model-is-never-have-i-ever-star/

    I have no idea who this guy is but I’m sure VS’s target audience does know. I mainly read it to see if it was a tranny wearing women’s underwear (which makes me think of that parody Christmas carol) but then realized they’ve probably already done that and wouldn’t call him a male model in that circumstance. I’m pretty sure VS is on its last legs as a brand but they’ll give it the old Disney try to recover some market share

  10. Excellent point BroTim. We need possums and guinea hens to eat the ticks

  11. I’m jealous of Paula’s hike, I hope she has good weather. I’ve wanted to hike the AT for a long time, I’m not giving up on the dream but at this point I don’t think it will happen unless I develop a level of fitness and discipline heretofore unknown.

  12. So, let me get this straight. This very attractive, successful guy is put on the Victoria secret to help support younger people who are insecure?

    “As we focus on expanding our gender-free offerings and continue to evolve as a brand, we want to ensure our partners not only represent the diversity of our customers, but also embody individuality and self-confidence,” she said in a statement.”

    I’m sure as a teen nothing would have helped my mental health more than another hunk on the cover of magazines. I feel the healing already.

  13. Same here Pups. I don’t think she’ll want to hike the whole thing but after buying the gear I’m hoping she enjoys some other hikes. Her nurse friend Shelby is around the same age with a college aged daughter so she’s able to head out for adventures without too many responsibilities holding her back.

  14. Gender free options … I can’t wait for the VS fashion show to be broadcast. Must See TV, right up there with all the awards shows

  15. Gender free options … I can’t wait for the VS fashion show to be broadcast.

  16. ^my new favorite reaction gif

  17. A man buying anything from Vicki for himself is a galactic gulper of peen.

  18. Victoria secret has always been overpriced crap. And if you have any boobs? They have zero for you. which is ironic.

  19. Oh yeah, Mrs C has never been able to shop there.

  20. Kids are getting hepatitis. (A few to the point of needing new livers.)
    It’s being caused by an adenovirus.
    J&J had an adenovirus vector.
    Couldn’t possibly be related.

  21. The Muppet meme….that’s the H2.

  22. I had a ME CDC bulletin about the pediatric hepatitis issue yesterday afternoon Beasn. Adenovirus type 41 I think.

    Even if it’s found to be “natural” and unrelated I think most thinking adults won’t believe it’s unrelated to the jab.

  23. Excellent poat! Loved the pinup cats for Caturday.

  24. Rocketboy and DIL got the J&J. Ugh. I’ve been begging them not to get a booster.

    Favorite meme today was detergents followed by pinup cats.

  25. Victoria secret looks good on the floor.

  26. Daughter and Mr. B got J&J.

    Ahh, found the link…”rare”. 74 severe enough cases that got WHO and CDC’s attention?


  27. Pin-up cats are a riot.

  28. Off to do some baking. We’re going to attempt doing Easter dinner on Sunday.

  29. Will you have to hide the Easter eggs again?

  30. Still cool outside. I’ve got 2 windows cracked open a few inches each and it’s chilly inside. Time to close one entirely and lower the other one to about an inch.

    Forecast says rain and 50’s for the week ahead. There better be some May flowers or I’ll be pissed

  31. 80F outside. I cannot get my woodpile to burn in spite of some sketchy accelerants.

    Might have to just get to the even sketchier accelerants.

  32. 72 here. Just murdered a bunch of trees with my chain saw. Now I’m resting, bringing down my body temperature and icing my elbows

  33. I mowed down a wall of black raspberry canes that were threatening the southeast edge of the hayfield. Always nice to get the mower running for the first time in a year and assure myself that it still runs.

  34. Kicking ass today.

    Been to the UPS Store twice, the post office, gas station, bank, Home Depot, hardware store, liquor store……’

    Plus I got the lawn mower going and put the snowblower to bed.

  35. I just did a whole bunch of laundry. Neener neener.

  36. Boy 2 is going on what I would classify as his first date, meeting some friends from work for dinner who are bringing a friend.

  37. Great memes.

  38. I did laundry before I murdered trees. And got my seedlings set up under the lights. they had just been in the window.

  39. The funeral Mass was lovely. It was half English, half Spanish. On our way to the cemetery in Hondo.

  40. Hang tough Oso Loco.

  41. Will you have to hide the Easter eggs again?

    Not my circus…not my monkey eggs. They probably did that last Sunday at BIL’s.

    Got some laundry done, baked a cake, got rolls rising. Have to finish cleaning counters, making slaw, baking rolls…last minute child proofing.

    86 outside. Rain and possible storms tomorrow. If that keeps people away…a third time, we’re ordering pizza.

  42. Question for Leon, the rest of you carry on unless you’re in to real sciencey shit.
    Leon, Why don’t I get HAF after eating oatmeal, but if I burn a Sherpa’s Finger, or WTFE, and I’m wasted? Both share “Sativa” in their Latin short names.

  43. It was one of those surprise spring days. I thought it would be coolish with a PITA cutting wind again, but no. Warm and lovely. Abandoned my indoor projects and ran outside like a happy little kid.

    Went to the town mulch pile and shoveled a bunch of leaf compost, came home and spread half of it, used the other half to mix with potting soil and vermiculite to fill some great big potato-growing pots. Cleared another bed in the garden for planting tomorrow, shoveled up some wood chips from that tree we had cut down last Fall, emptied all three compost bins full of refuse that I’ve been collecting since last year, mixed the contents with all the weeds I pulled the last few days, and restacked it so it will heat up.

    I’m gonna huuuuuurt tomorrowwwww, lol.

  44. ^ And no. I haven’t been to Michigan, am not HAF. It’s just a stupid question after seeing Sativa associated with oats on Good Eats Reloaded…

  45. Same reason hempseed porridge is just hippy cereal and not an “edible”, Dave.

  46. Another example: zucchini and pie pumpkins (both are curcubita pepo) aren’t even different species, just different cultivars with wildly different traits. Same idea.

  47. *clicks stopwatch*

    Pretty solid thread-death, there, good hustle, Leon, nice assist, DNH.

    Okay, let’s set it up again, let someone else get a crack at it.

  48. Have to finish cleaning counters, making slaw, baking rolls…last minute child proofing.

    How long do you let the kid rise before baking it?

  49. I love tunnels too. At my old work, you could get around a couple city blocks without ever going outside. Walk in a safe tunnel and just pop up in a different building’s stairwell or elevator where you need to be. It was awesome.

  50. Graveside service was in Spanish. My nephews faces when they were handed shovels? Priceless. Even better, Pete, the gravedigger, taking the shovels away from them and filling in the grave himself. I only barked at my sister once. Emotionally draining. Everyone is getting so old. My cousins from Alabama were here. Aubrey’s husband was looking at us like specimens under a microscope. He had never met most of us. In the rural NM culture, families would hire professional mourners to make sure that the soul received a proper sendoff and heaven knew they were coming. We no longer do that. My Nina, nearly collapsed and was wailing as we held each other. Dan had to support both of us. She made everyone cry. Sheriff didn’t provide an escort, but he hung out by the cemetery to catch speeders. $20

  51. Went to the town mulch pile and shoveled a bunch of leaf compost

    We only have a town whore and you don’t want anything to do with spreading her compost IYKWIM

  52. Haha, lumps. I just saw your digging/tunnel comment. It was painful watching my nephews using shovels.

  53. https://imgur.com/0fn2pRr

  54. Why? They can’t dig?

  55. Everyone is getting so old.
    The human condition

    At my brother’s internment the priest put a symbolic handful of dirt on the coffin which was lowered after we left. At the close of the ceremony as the piper started a tremendous wind swept over the cemetery which I took as a sign from my brother saying it was time to GTFO of there and start the after party. We cleaned the bar at the reception hall out of Guinness, Newcastle and Bass Ale bottled beer

  56. lumps, they didn’t even know how to hold the shovel for the ceremonial dirt tossing. Once they were expected to actually fill in the grave…

  57. Jimbro, reception was at the Parish Hall after Mass…no booze. Getting ready to go to my Aunt Martha’s for my Uncle Eloys birthday party.

  58. He’s gonna take it, gut it, and make it profitable.


  59. *sends resume to Elon for new job at twatter*

  60. We had the traditional Irish wake for Kevin. He was a yung’un when he passed so all my parent’s friends, his high school and college friends as well as my sister and brother’s friends and mine all attended. SRO at the church, cemetery and reception.

  61. This Red Sox lore will have limited appeal but this was something I saw live and still think is hilarious


    A drunk guy throwing pizza isn’t all that remarkable. What was funny was Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo’s reaction to it. Jerry Remy is no longer with us after a long battle with cancer and Orsillo covers a West Coast team now.

    Anyway, if nothing else, watch the video for laughs

  62. I don’t know why that flying slice of pizza is funny but it is

  63. A friend of a friend used to smuggle a frozen bluefish into Whalers games. A very large one. A freakin’ whale.

    If a hat trick happened, that sucker would flop down on the ice.

    He got away with it for a year or two. Funny as hell. I have no idea how he did it.

  64. Dale eventually relaxed peacefully.

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