Sure Jam, Blame the Power, Uh huh


  1. Oi!

  2. Evidently the official snow total was a flake or two over 14 inches.
    Your mom…. Ecstatic
    Residents without power… not so much.

  3. Lots of free firewood laying around for anyone that wants to take a little drive.

  4. Charon’s Charters

  5. All the guys who have chainsaws have been living for this moment. Well, not “ALL”, just a select few who will have colorful stories to tell about their missing limbs in future days

  6. Your mom was a groupie for Snicker’s Dick Vein and The Pocket Weenies on their Cheese Fondue Tour back in ’81

  7. After opening a few emails this morning including this one I can see that wordpuss has changed their format/layout once again.

    Sometimes I think their design engineers make changes just to justify their employment and not to, call me crazy here, improve the user experience.

  8. *rearranges blog furnishings and personalities*

  9. OK, the sofa is now in the kitchen, Mare is the hunchback, and Leon is a murderous garden gnome that kills with a shovel…so at least one thing has remained constant.

  10. Does the oozing ever stop?

  11. Nope. Isn’t it great? Really keeps the ants off!

  12. wakey wakey

  13. But the smell.

  14. is the power on yet?

  15. also, where are the likes for the first picture, a j’ames original. took minutes of my life, people!

  16. You’ll get used to it *sprays Febreze on Mare’s tarp/garment*

    Don’t forget, you have an appointment with the groomer tomorrow afternoon for bristle removal. Gonna hurt like a bitch, not gonna lie. They use pliers and a torch.

    Wow, I never had to experience that pong from the other side, you aren’t kidding *sprays more Febreze and also Lysol*

  17. maybe al bladez will travel up with his electric chainsaw for youtube fame

  18. Thanks for the poat, Jay. You are now a small female crossfitter. Just thought you’d want to know…and shave your legs if you’re gonna wear that skort today….and maybe, I don’t know…tuck a little better.

  19. moooom, Laura’s talking to the hump again


    This is a long read but it’s pretty good. And when you get to the end, you’ll realize that there are people who will never get it. No matter how they try to rationalize things, they simply won’t understand that it’s not 2003.

  21. I need to starch my conical hat later.

  22. Paywall MJ

  23. Jay, she’s talking to me. It’s me.

  24. “I am not an animal!!”

  25. “I was not the only Palin supporter in 2008 who hoped that she would balance her populism with a respect for the establishment and its views of how politics ought to be conducted. We were wrong. What we missed—and what Palin understood—was that the establishment and its rules were on their way out the door.”

    /ears perk up

  26. Continetti is SiL to Bill Kristol, so take everything he says with a bag of rock salt.

  27. “What is less noticed is that the so-called Great Awokening had a right-wing doppelgänger—an online “dissident right” or “alt-right” emerged that promulgated neo-reactionary and white-nationalist views that would have made Sam Francis proud.”

    Oh really? Aside from press reports of such, where is this?

  28. “Black Lives Matter did not exist in a vacuum. It operated dialectically with the alt-right, radicalizing politics and dissolving the social bond, especially among young people online. These extreme views imperceptibly insinuated themselves into the political mainstream, shaping the contours of thought, action, and debate.”

    Bzzzzzt. sorry. As I said, this exists in their minds.

  29. The end is fucking depressing, MJ. Good read with apparent flashes of insight, ultimately written by a dope. I now believe those flashes of insight were BS, just bait for the rubes again. “I’m on YOUR side, always have been…but alas, we were wrong…” etc, go eat a bag of dicks, dick. Another establishment lure.

  30. It wasn’t paywalled for me. Boo.

    I’ll sum up. Populists are bad, the real conservatives who have voted for democrats for over a decade are good.

    Weekly Standard cruise ship cucks are the real heroes. Those icky intellectuals at Claremont are just plain awful. Especially Michael Anton. Gross!

    Kissing my wife and tasting peen is the true sign on a confident man.

    Ok, perhaps that last one was made up.

  31. “Please click ads here again, u guiz. And get VIP memmership 4 exclusive content!”

  32. Continetti summarizing conservationism for the last 30 years is a fail.

    Hard pass.

  33. And so, even as the institutional Republican Party gathers strength ahead of this November’s midterm elections, the intellectual right is confused, conflicted, uncertain, and anxious. The consensus of a generation ago is no more.

    I’m sure it looks like that from his chair.

    But there yet remain conservatives who … Who believe that Donald Trump’s post-election behavior disqualifies him from office … Who know that our (far too big) government is not some totalitarian regime …

    As a new consensus struggles to be born, there remain conservatives committed to the principles and institutions of the American Founding and to the ordered liberty at its heart. And we have our work cut out for us.

    Well, the battle lines are drawn, fella.

  34. Still don’t know what Trump did that was so wrong. I know they think he fomented an insurrection from burner phones, which is bullshit. He’s a brash businessman with a filter set way higher than anyone likes, but he gets things done, because you CAN run government like a business. When you’re not afraid to make decisions.

    Still waiting to hear what was wrong with correctly questioning that CF of an election.

  35. I’m glad he walked off Piers Morgan interview. It will be cast as bad, but it isn’t.

  36. January 1995, a Republican became speaker of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years—and the GOP found itself in control of the Senate for only the second time since 1955. Almost immediately, ideas that were incubated within conservative think tanks and publications coursed through parts of the government that had been immune or allergic to them for years if not decades.

    And Bill Clinton was served up with the one thing that will cement his legacy, a balanced budget. After fighting it tooth and nail.

    I hate republicans.

  37. Still don’t know what Trump did that was so wrong.
    He exposed them as liberals.

  38. twitter: Even Charles CW Cooke is earning his NR “cred” now

    Another sensible voice gone. DeSantis revoking Disney privilege is a win.

  39. Where are the tits?

  40. look down, HS

  41. Morgan also tells Trump the 2020 vote “was a free and fair election. You lost.”

    “Only a fool would think that,” Trump shoots back, the promotional clip shows.

    “You think I’m a fool?” Morgan retorts.

    “I do now, yeah,” Trump responds.

    Go Trump


    Wonder if there is any chance Starbuck can get back on the ballot, he’d be great!

  43. Ooh, new personality day! If I’m Mare, I will definitely try to calm down for once, just to set the precedent.

  44. Assign yourselves, I gotta get ready to go somewhere. I’m Roamy today, and I’m super smart and cooler than all of you put together.

    *flounces off, thrashing my long curly locks to Metallica*

  45. So how does fasting work. I barely ate for four days and then went out last night. Ordered a medium rare steak and truffle fries. Today I feel…not so good.

    I’m certain I’m doing this right, I just want your opinions.

  46. I pity the jackass that has to be me today.

  47. “…the intellectual right is confused, conflicted, uncertain, and anxious.”


    Hold on there little fella, you’re calling yourself and your ilk, the “intellectual right” you can call yourselves whatever you like but that doesn’t make it so.

    Your track record for being right tells me you’re not an intellectual.

  48. Those who crunch numbers think that Disney will end up having to pay 200 million MORE a YEAR in taxes in Florida because they wanted to protect their pedophile employees (and executives).

    Go woke, go broke.

  49. If I were you today, Bro Tim, I would start by giving myself a big hug.

  50. Probably just something junky in restaurant food, MJ. A lot of steakhouses marinade in canola oil. That or your enzymes ramped down too much during the fast. Usually best to start with a small, simple meal after a long fast to get things moving again.

  51. Everything I’ve ever read about breaking a fast corroborates what Leon said.

  52. Maybe sip less peen while you fast.

  53. I’ve been “fasting” this week, too, but not in any organized or intentional sense. My appetite just dropped off the charts. There’s no way this is healthy.

  54. Comment by Sobek on April 21, 2022 10:35 am
    If I were you today, Bro Tim, I would start by giving myself a big hug.



    Bro Tim, I heard someone say to someone else when they were hard on themselves, “So and so, give yourself some grace.”

    We are messed up creatures. We have all screwed the pooch on money issues, relationships, work, diet, everything.

    Being optimistic about the future after taking the lessons of the past is one of the ways to prevent implosion. Look forward.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  55. Dang it. I wanted to be Hotspur today! But it seems Hotspur remains Hotspur.

  56. twitter: Even Charles CW Cooke is earning his NR “cred” now

    Another sensible voice gone. DeSantis revoking Disney privilege is a win.

    Oh now you know … sensible republicans act civilized and reasonable and lose in the end. That’s how it’s supposed to go.

  57. I wanna be Jimbro. What is it exactly that he does?

  58. I’m not smoking any cigars.

  59. Joe Biden’s mind is fine, why do you ask?

  60. I wanna be Jimbro. What is it exactly that he does?

    Amputations. I’ll let you borrow my shovel after I clean it up and put the edge back on the blade.

  61. um, why would a steakhouse marinade in canola oil? it has no flavor. It has a high smoke point, and helps to adhere rub.

  62. Also, I want this on the record: there’s no shame in being a short man. I myself am a short man.

    Paul Krugman’s failing is not that he’s a short man. He’s a small man.

  63. Paul Krugman’s failing is not that he’s a short man. He’s a small man.


    Nailed it. The point, not Krugman, that would be gross.

  64. It’s cheap, Jay, and it helps a steak look “juicy”. It might be margarine in a lot of cases… but that’s just more canola or worse*.

    *soybean oil

  65. oil helps a steak brown

  66. I know, I just use butter. For safety.

  67. I understand the concerns about soybean oil, but canola?

  68. Is it weird that the CEO of BlackRock is a guy named Fink?

  69. Canola oil is garbage, Jay.

    All seed oils are…didn’t you know that?

  70. What is it exactly that he does?
    1. Small Town Man of Mystery
    &. Cattle Dog Wrangler
    M. Comic Book Aficionado
    8. Dishwasher
    X. Cigar Critic

  71. Canola’s got the same sorts of problems as soybean oil on a lipid basis, Jay. It’s not the same from a xenoestrogen perspective, but it’s got the same omega-6/omega-3 imbalance, and it’s another one of those “foods” that’s basically just an industrial waste product. It literally didn’t exist a century ago.

  72. o how does fasting work. I barely ate for four days and then went out last night. Ordered a medium rare steak and truffle fries. Today I feel…not so good.

    I had a guest tell me that a steak was too rare and that made him sick?

    Maybe you’ve turned into a big pussy like that young fella?

  73. Other than olive oil I’m not sure what other ones are okay.

    I’m all ears

  74. We have olive oil and butter that we actually use often. There’s a container of coconut oil and ghee that we’ve had for a while which gets used rarely.

  75. CNN+ is no more

    Chris Wallace’s mangina hardest hit

  76. Saw a meme the other day that noted white rhinos (one of the world’s most endangered species) were more numerous than CNN+ subscribers.

  77. Yo, why they gotta be white rhinos?

  78. I had a guest tell me that a steak was too rare and that made him sick?M

    Yeah, “too rare” is an impossibility.

  79. I’m just telling you what his mommy girlfriend said.

  80. Just knock the horns off it, sweetheart.

  81. Yo, why they gotta be white rhinos?

    It’s Africa. That’s why the white ones are in danger.

  82. Can you just make up/say anything?

  83. of course! otherwise how will you get what you want?

  84. There are some other words for people who are nuerodivergent.


  85. These come to mind too:


  86. I’ve come around to thinking that 80+% of “autism” is just assholes who wanted an excuse not to learn social skills or basic hygiene.

  87. I watched 64 seconds of that video. That was all I could take.

    The case for bullying has never been stronger.

  88. There is autism and then there is “autism”.

    there are plenty of people who have varying degrees of fitting in with others. I don’t know why we had to make a diagnoses out of it.

  89. Right, I’ve met actual autists.

    They generally can’t tell you that in well-formed sentences.

  90. The butter they slather on steaks in steakhouses is what does me in. I have to specifically say “no butter”, when I order.
    Tastes meaty, not chemically like restaurant chicken does.

    Maybe the truffle fries were a little rich for your shrunken tummy…and too much slathered, like your mom, beef.

  91. Jimbro, olive oil, coconut oil, and butter.

  92. woo wee ace put blaster on actual blast in the comments.

  93. That seems to be working just fine for us. I always wonder about making a cake or brownies with olive oil but we don’t make those all that often.

  94. he butter they slather on steaks in steakhouses is what does me in. I have to specifically say “no butter”, when I order.
    Tastes meaty, not chemically like restaurant chicken does.
    Maybe the truffle fries were a little rich for your shrunken tummy…and too much slathered, like your mom, beef.

    I still say too much peen sipping.

  95. Coconut oil is better for baked goods in my experience. More of a neutral flavor or at least a better complement to sweets.

  96. But I mean it in a nice way.

  97. Why do they all look the same?

    It’s so funny that ‘unique’ is so ubiquitous.

  98. I still say too much peen sipping.
    It was vegan peen. I think.

  99. Same as what everybody else says except I also use real lard, beef tallow, and chicken fat. I use avocado oil as my go-to flavorless oil. Virgin coconut oil that still tastes like coconut is great in any chocolate recipe. It just melds with the chocolate flavor, you can’t taste coconut.

    Canola oil is rapeseed oil that has been treated to various obnoxious paint-thinner type chemicals and heat and is rancid on the shelf. It is one of the ubiquitous oils in commercial food and behind a lot of inflammatory diseases. The food industry did a real mindfuck on us all years ago, with glowing commercials featuring golden fields and talking about it like it was some kind of health food.

  100. Oh, and like olive oils, most avocado oils on the market are fake.

  101. I buy chosen foods brand directly from their website and keep extras in the fridge or freezer.

  102. I don’t want rape in my mouth.

  103. My mom made the most awesome pies.

    Her secret was the crust. She used lard.

    Nobody’s pies were as good as my mom’s.

  104. I don’t want rape in my mouth.

    Then tell us where you do want it.

  105. LOL

    Disney has Desantis rape in its mouth.

    So, Mickey, how do my dictate?

  106. The grandmother for one of my patients who was his guardian used to bring in baked treats over the last several years of his life. I could tell she used real butter or lard in them because they were so good.

    He had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that I diagnosed when he was 5 years old. I saw him a few weeks before I got done at work. He died a month later at age 22. That news hit me in the feelz.

  107. Lard. Best tortillas and sopaipillas are made with lard. Pie crust. Waving from Type II 👋🏻

  108. In your mom’s mouth, duh.

    Or Disney’s, I’m not picky.

  109. I watched the video linked above for a few mins.

    So much dumb here. Hard to unpack it all.

  110. This Ryan Long guy has to have had Ace as a major influence on his comedy. Such similarities in how he puts things, phrasing, the exaggerated sarcasm especially.

    Just hit me today that he might have been reading AOSHQ when he was a kid! Mothership launched almost 20 years ago. Seems like yesterday.

  111. and I was reading Little Green Footballs before Charles fucked that particular chicken, upon which I switched to AOS

    2009 in here, interesting.

  112. Wonder how fox nation feels about having Piers on now? Hannity will get to the bottom of it with Lindsay Graham tonight.

  113. anyone else sick of hearing Miles Eric Dyson lecture us on the voice of white supremacy?

  114. I had to look him up. Cuomo, Fauci, Zelensky, Just a bunch of guys I would call Daddy.

  115. oh you’d love Ryan Long

  116. Trump statement on CNN+

  117. twitter: CNN+ funeral televised

  118. So was CNN+ intended to fail all along? Huge loss to the corp, but they got to shed a lot of dead weight by shifting them over to it, and the “loss” might be a great tax dodge.

  119. Been home sick today. Wound up ordering food. Food got here, dogs got loose. I don’t chase well under best conditions…they would not respond. Eventually one of Gracious Hosts returned, corralled them, got them back. I am exhausted and stressed and food was cold.

    $20, stoopid doggos.

  120. HEY. Why can we have nice things like the Ukrainian Snake Island commemorative stamps? A stamp with an ordinary citizen flipping Brandon off would be a big seller at the post office, could possibly prevent the postage fee increase that’s on its way.

  121. M-She-U update for Mjolnir

  122. This week can’t be over with soon enough. Made a huge $ mistake at work. Found a crap ton of tool holders that we have just 3 collets that fit them, I bought those 3. Since shit gets lost so easily around there & I was light on work I decided to make a rack to store those collets and more as I buy them. Did a fantastic job making a solid model of the simple project, programmed it, NX initially said about an hour & a half machine cycle. Then the only finishing tool I had for it broke. I’m famous for 1/2 gig cnc mill programs. I resorted to my fame, our mills can only hold 1/4 meg in memory and we can’t stop feed programs, my predecessor didn’t buy that capability when he purchased the DNC software.
    Long story short, after 12 hours I successfully made a $2500 collet storage rack that measures 6″ x 10″… Christ, a chunk of 2×6, a Forstener bit & my drill press in the toy shop could have made it in half an hour.

  123. ^ drip feed, not stop feed. No idea why autocorrect has issues with the word “drip” other than its creators were victims of public education.

  124. On the news right now ” Biden climate czar: we need to get rid of fossil fuels”.
    Okay, I’m down with not feeding that fossil. Saves us from waiting until 2025 to get rid of him, but Mr. climate czar I think you’re cruel.

  125. Abolish fossil fuels, quit feeding the elderly!

  126. Soylent Green….or is it Cabrini Green? Feed the elderly to the young.

  127. End gerontocracy now!

  128. Harold Ford said he’d happily support Biden if he ran again (on The Five). I was pretty surprised by that.

  129. Then he said if the old Crank Bernie ran – that would be a good idea because he “has more energy” than Biden.

    uhm … ok.

  130. I saw that too. If Harold’s a stock market player he probably is heavily invested in Mitt and hedges….if I’m gonna lose, it won’t be a big loss.
    He’s a peen sipper. Not willing to go full blown ghey, but a little sipping here and there keeps everyone appeased.

  131. the five is still on?

    Dana turncoat still on there?

  132. Also, Car in, thanks for reminding me of Harold’s last name. I started off with a Ford, had one by each domestic maker and found Ford to be the best over time. Now I’m pisses at Ford. Anyone want a ’66 mustang with a 408 cid Windsor engine, Tremec 5 speed tranny, about 500 hp? Will pass almost anything on the street except a gas station. I’m leaning toward Toyota now, there’s more made in USA parts in them than the domestics.

  133. Does anyone know if that bill also gets rid of their self government where pedos get cover?

  134. Good God, professional boxer and convicted violent criminal by Indiana standards wails the snot out of male Karen that wouldn’t stop agitating him on a cross country flight.
    Why the hell are we being oppressed for being obnoxious asks all the Karen’s?

  135. LOL. According to Politifact, Brandon uses his whole hand to point.
    Sure, I get it. I use just one well chosen finger to point when I hear his name or anyone associated with him.

  136. ^ Dave supports Snake Island defenders! Now give me Snake Island commemorative stamps USPS!

  137. Just one last cheap shot.
    Given Lori Lightfoot ( no relation to Gordon), should Chicago be renamed ” Golan Heights”?

  138. OKay, I was a bit premature above. One last question.
    After seeing the opening of Tucker, why, exactly is the “N” word prohibited in ALL cases? Seems appropriate, change my mind.

  139. I believe the deal in Florida is tax based. This isn’t an exclusion zone like the Oklahoma reservation situation. There isn’t cover for pedos. Police presence might be affected though, not sure.

  140. now a plane crash into a General Mills plant in Georgia. more and more food places

  141. Tucker did a segment on all the food plants going boom. Yikes. Potato shortage already and two huge facilities at either end of the country were gutted by fire.

  142. Huh. I woke up with a fantastic mustache, a spoiled rotten golden retriever, and the key to a Dodge Challenger. Wonder who Vmax is now?

  143. One of my nephews works at that plant. He’s okay, thank God.

  144. Sure nice to know that when we are possibly under secret attack on our food supply, the nation is headed by a stupid and senile criminal.

  145. …and the FBI is more interested in investigating parents that speak out at school board meetings.

  146. mmmm Lauren Southern looking hot on Tim Pool tonight

  147. Appears to be a small plane that had engine problems and crashed shortly after takeoff from the Covington airport. Didn’t hit the plant, hit the tractor trailer yard.

  148. Good deal, I still give squishy hugs as Vmax.

  149. Daniel excitedly read prophecies.

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