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  1. 🤣🤣

  2. Bald guy’s shirt earned the lol today

  3. “It’s me, I’m bitches.”

    “only allah can save us from war” hahahahahah

    And, waiting for a text response.

    Plus “red balloon” was fun and educational.

    I never know why (we don’t have to know why on Saturday morning meme poats) but those stuck out. Much like your Mom’s gut.

  4. “With COVID-19 closing in on Joe Biden, the White House is furiously defending its social distancing protocol and bracing for the possibility the president may get it himself.”

    From a Boston Herald article. Makes me wonder if that’s the way they’ll dispose of Brandon. That leaves the Kamala Konundrum of course but fortune favors the bold. A Covid death or incapacitation will justify lockdowns for the midterms … Win-Win!

  5. Shoot, every time I look back at the memes a new favorite pops up (much like your mom’s attention when the navy is in town).

  6. Much like your Mom’s gut.
    Say the word Mare, FUPA !!!


  7. I couldn’t, Jimbro. After my Australians being P888ies remark I thought I should dial the filth back.

  8. wakey wakey

    Lost a ragnar runner.

  9. Lost a ragnar runner.


    Sobek seems to have been training for just such an occurrence.

  10. BRB gonna go dive headfirst into that snowbank.

  11. Kinda partial to the aliens photo. Reminds of an old t-shirt which advertised a fictional band, “Chester Burster and the Face Huggers.”

  12. We got over an inch of snow.

  13. I need to put down some more lime on the lawn …. Better get to it before leons snow gets here.

  14. “Lost a ragnar runner.”
    You check under the sofa cushions?

  15. Shoot a Groomer

    Save a Child

    My new t shirt slogan

  16. Another great poot by teh punster!

  17. I wanna meet bustybob buttertits.

  18. Comment by TeeRoy Jenkins on April 9, 2022 8:28 am
    Shoot a Groomer

    Save a Child

    My new t shirt slogan


    I like it.

  19. The dad rip ass joke had me laughing so fucking hard, it’s good that I’m the only one here.

  20. Painting a dishwasher was my giggle. I bought Mrs P a dishwasher for Christmas our first year married. We’re still fighting over whose turn it is to load it 38 years later.

  21. What’s up, cheese bags?

  22. Same ol curds and whey.

  23. Comment by Sobek on April 9, 2022 9:15 am
    What’s up, cheese bags?

    Comment by Senor Pendejo on April 9, 2022 9:26 am
    Same ol curds and whey.


    Whose turn is it to kick PD’s ass?

  24. FNT topped out at 13.5 live viewers last night, meaning they have at least 5 times the real audience of Tater.

  25. sorry, 13.5k

    capture of the stream is at 109k views and counting

  26. My dishwasher has been mentioning “cleaning” for this afternoon and I think she means it this time around. I can usually count on some distraction but, like I said, I think I’ll be moving shit around later

  27. I did the dishes yesterday, so I think I might be trans.

    I should apply for UBI in San Fran.

  28. I appreciate that there’s a red balloon in the aliens pic and that the artwork behind the dad ripping ass is really appropriate. Could be photoshopped, don’t care.

  29. We close on this place on the 22nd. So from this point forward it’ll be all home improvement all the time. We just had new heat/ ac installed, but old duct work remained and all the “seams” need retaped. I started cleaning and taping yesterday. Then I’m going to remove the 47 thousand feet of television cable run each time we changed cable companies and no longer get use and the 30 year old non functioning water softener system needs disconnected and removed. Here in the next few weeks I get to insulate the crawl space! Fun! (not even a little bit)

  30. Also grateful that’s not Mr. RFH’s idea of a dad joke.

    Speaking of dad jokes, grave mistake was added to the list.

  31. My county is now green according to the CDC, so I don’t have to test before going to work any more.

  32. I’m glad you no longer have to suffer that indignity to earn a living, Rocket Chick. We’re pretty much back to normal here in Charlotte, there is about a 10-15% minority that are clinging to their masks but that’s about it.

  33. We had a frost warning last night, high temperature today in the 50’s. Tomorrow will be 70-something. I’ll have to mow here in a bit, I haven’t tried to do front and back on the same day this year yet but they both need it. Hopefully the lizards are hibernating again, +2 patio and +1 dumpster lizard count yesterday.

  34. You are closing on your own house TRoy? I may be confused.

  35. There’s one co-worker still wearing a mask, in his office with the door shut. **eye roll** He also has a sign on the door, “If you think OSHA is a town in Wisconsin, you’re in big trouble.” I avoid him as much as possible, I don’t even speak to him in the hall.

  36. Which I’m actually kinda grateful that he’s like that, it’s like wild hair colors warning of toxicity.

  37. Ya. Been renting for quite awhile. Owner made us a offer we couldn’t refuse (considering he’s dieing). Got a very reasonable deal. In theory be 20k ahead upon signing. But it’s a hundred years old and some parts need attention (like everything lol). But it’s all about location, in laws are right next door where we keep a eye on em.

  38. 22 degrees here this morning. It will probably hit 70. We’re off to Tucson to visit my mom for a few days.

  39. Ah gotcha TRoy.

    Safe travels Pepe and Penelope.

  40. It was 75 on Thursday and 31 this morning. There is snow in the forecast for the next week…
    WTF, O?

  41. Congrats, Teeroy. Seems like you caught a break on the house deal.

    I know old homes are difficult but like you said, location is the tradeoff.

  42. Did you guys hear that Madison Cawthorn said McCarthy is one of the worst offenders with regard to the drug and orgy parties?

    Makes sense doesn’t it? When everyone knows your dirt, you don’t push back when you’ve been shown the pictures.

  43. Forget the cast iron, look for the art!

  44. you don’t push back when you’ve been shown the pictures.

  45. ^^^
    I learned that term during the Pee Pee Hoax

  46. What does that mean?

    I’m going to be embarrassed, aren’t I?

  47. Russian?

  48. Not impressed by the barn art, but some people will pay big money for scribbles.

  49. Talked to my dad. Last load of laundry going. Birthday card mailed to my favorite brother. A little more research on Scotland. Renewed my car tags online. Now I’m watching the Masters for a bit and trying to get psyched to go declutter the basement.

  50. Kompromat definition, compromising and incriminating material that is sometimes forged or fabricated, used to sabotage or discredit a political opponent or public figure: Kompromat can destabilize the political process and undermine trust in governments and institutions

  51. Just grilled some chicken and fake burgers made from mostly black beans. Chicken is good. Mrs. Pupster and Boy1 seemed to like the bean burgers.

    Going to put off the lawn for another day.

  52. Crossfit this morning, then basically just been cleaning all day. Super fun.

  53. Thank you, Pups.

  54. You heading to Scotland, Roamy?


  56. We don’t have “cable” so I haven’t been able to watch the Masters which I enjoy. I just want a good guy to win.

    I’m trying to organize a pantry and I take one step forward and two steps back. It’s a “room” we use a lot so I want it to also be aesthetically pleasing.

    Why am I putting quotes around “everything?”

  57. Watching The Masters on YouTube. Cut the cord. Streaming tv. Great job, puppeh

  58. Yeah Mare, what Pupster said. I think it was Pencilneck Adam Schiff saying it about Trump and all the news anchors repeated it afterwards.

  59. I’m watching the Masters on the local CBS station with an antenna.

  60. Mare, Mini-me has been accepted into an international studies program this summer in Scotland that will earn her 6 hours of credit towards her degree. We are turning it into a family vacation, to tour around a bit, see her settled, then come home.

  61. It also frees her up to start taking classes for her master’s degree in her senior year.

  62. I just have one statement to make about the whole Will/Jada thing: These people are in terrible, terrible danger…of disappearing up their own narcissistic assholes. I wish they would.

  63. Julian Lennon…another one. Same thing.

  64. Roamy, that sounds fantastic.

    Nice perks having a smartie for a kid. How could she go wrong with the genes she inherited?

  65. What Lauraw said.

    Sheeeesh, these celebrities are just so mentally unstable. And they have the gall to act like we need to know their thoughts on things. Like Sean Penn. He was 100% wrong about that idiot in Venezuela. Now we have to support Zelenski? Ufffffffffff.

    Just pray that the poor people of all countries getting stiffed by their leaders can somehow pull their countries back from the brink. That includes the United States.

  66. Just finished the poat I started for last week. I hope you all enjoy. That means the last two things on my list for today are taxes and procrastinating my taxes. Let’s see which one I do first.

  67. Took me a bit to figure out come honor faith.

    Oh God, taxes.

  68. Celebrated birthday 101 with grandma today. She didn’t look any older than she did at 99, so Heaven knows how long she’s got. She did tell us not to bring presents though.

  69. Sobek, we left work with the intention of doing our taxes, but Penguin hockey (We lost), The Masters (Scottie and Mullet are in the lead), and watching Better Call Saul to get ready for Monday. CoW is an extra in BCS.

  70. That is remarkable Leon, glad she’s still around to enjoy cake. I’m not surprised about the “No gifts please”. My mother spent the last 5 years of her life giving her stuff away.

  71. Her eldest grandchild is 53 and on the verge of being a grandfather himself, near as I can tell.

  72. She’s already a great great grandmother, though. I have a cousin who started a little early (first child at 15) and her eldest daughter has a son.

  73. 101 is cool. My Grammo was “No gifts” from 80 on. She could be really funny about the 4 Gen pics.

  74. If you go to and go to the live link you can watch the live broadcast and other videos of day. Hell, you can watch every shot of any player if you want. It’s actually pretty damn impressive.

  75. Spent most the the first part of the week in the hospital. My wife ended up needing a pacemaker. Went in last Sat night and she got out on Wednesday afternoon. She was going to melt down if didn’t let her leave when they did.

  76. Was looking at the movie post at AoS and saw the title “Dersu Uzala”. Do any of you remember seeing that? I saw those words and something just went “CLANG”. My brain is funny in that it collects stuff, I asked Anita if the words “Dersu Uzala” meant anything to her. She was like; “What? Why does that mean something to me?”
    It’s an old movie that, apparently, impacted us both.But then, we’re old…

  77. Dmitri exploited Romanian peasants.

  78. got morniem

    Anybody got some good sources for REAL olive oil? I ran out recently. I just ordered some really nice certified product from California and got hosed on shipping. I’ll sure enjoy this oil but will never buy from them again. Apparently they only use FedEx 3-day, which is fucking bullshit.

    Looks like Aldi’s sells a certified real product, but their bottles are small, and I’m, you know. I basically drink this stuff.

    From what I’ve read, any EVOO from Australia or Chile is real and very high quality. I tried ordering some from Australia but they don’t ship here. Gotta keep my eye out for those, for sure I will never find them at the grocery store.

  79. Yeah? Nobody else is up this early on a Sunday? Really? Must be all this clean livin’ I’m doing.

    Lol, will be napping on the recliner by 2PM, probably.

  80. I’m a fan of this brand

    I ordered a bunch a couple of years ago and we’re getting near the end of it. Sam’s actually had a good price on the one liter size compared with internet price.

  81. What’s the story, Morning Laura?

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